Best IPVanish Promo Code – 50% off!

For today only, February 24th, there is an insane IPVanish promo offer live: 50% off one year plans! The sale is to celebrate the birthday of IPVanish. Click here for more details.

Starting for 24 hours at 9am EST, there is an IPVanish promo running that gives you 50% off one year plans! Normally $78 USD, this offer gets you one of the best and most reliability VPN services for only $39, just over $3 per month! This deal is only for new subscribers and is the best IPVanish promo you will see all year.

Click here to access the IPVanish promo Birthday 50% off. No code necessary, just follow the instructions in the link.

IPVanish is one of the best Kodi VPN service available. A VPN hides your internet traffic by making you appear as if you are from another location. This allows you to stream or download torrent files without any worry about getting caught. You can also use this to make it look like you are from other countries and visit blocked websites and gain access to local Netflix content.

IPVanish boasts the following great features:

  • IPVanish has one of the largest VPN network footprints with over 25,000+ IPs, 250+ servers in 60+ countries. Every server listed is a physical installation (most providers geo-spoof).
  • Zero-Log policy. This means that NO traffic laws from any customer are kept ever. Feel safe knowing that you are surfing the web and streaming Kodi content anonymously.
  • Tier 1 network, meaning IPVanish owns the entire network, hardware, software, etc. This is a major competitive advantage that makes IPVanish the fastest (and most stable) VPN globally.
  • No throttling or blocking of any traffic, ports or protocols.
  • Unlimited bandwidth/unlimited usage.
  • Free mobile and desktop apps.
  • Multiple simultaneous connections allowed.
  • Unlimited server switching.
  • Kill switch for iOS.
  • 24/7/365 Support.
  • 7 day money back guarantee.

IPVanish has dedicated software for whatever operating system you run Kodi on: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu, Chromebook, and also straight at your Router.

When using the software on your operating system, the process is simple:

  • Download the software for your operating system and install it.
  • Launch the app and enter in your username and password.
  • By default, a VPN network is chosen based on your location and you can flip the switch in the corner to enable your service.
  • If you would like to manually pick your VPN network, you can choose by city or by a map instead.

If you want to have a completely automated experience, we recommend setting up your router with IPVanish, which will allow you to permanently be behind your VPN service with no hassle or any manual logging in each time you want to use the service.

Click here to access the IPVanish promo Birthday 50% off. No code necessary, just follow the instructions in the link.

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  1. Really apperciate the information you have shared and it has been really helpful.
    Your services are undoubtly unmatched for the price and quality that’s offered.
    Sharing such information is caring and please do share such thing in future too as we all benfit from it.

  2. I was ready to subscribe to IPV, and then I started reading the forum there. All kinds of problems with loss of net connectivity or being able to stream various films, problems with software, problems with servers. Looked at other VPNs as well, esp. those rated higher than IPV where I’m living. Wondering why kodi is pushing it. Any comments from users of IPV (unbiased if possible) would be greatly appreciated. 39€ not bad, if it really helps with kodi. VPNs obviously have other benefits (for example, I can’t even connect to ororo tv website where we are living presently…blocked by our tele/cabo network). VPN would most likely fix that, IF the network didn’t block the VPN…yes, they can actually do that in some cases, simply by saying something like, “looks like you’re connected with some other network, so we are blocking you while you figure out what that is”…which is of course the VPN. Again, not dissing VPNs, just wondering what kind of experience others have had, esp. with kodi. TIA…

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