How to Use the KodiTips HD Movie Search Tool

HD Movie Search is a brand new tool created by KodiTips to help you know if any movie in the world is currently available in HD quality to view or not!

Read how to access and use the the tool in this guide!

Ever since we shut down the KodiTips app for iPhone and Android, we’ve gotten a lot of requests on social media to bring back one feature that the addon had: the ability to see what new movies were released in HD.

We’ve taken that concept, made it smarter, simple, and have integrated it right into the site!

On the top banner of the site, you’ll now notice a link to the KoditipsĀ HD Movie Search tool.


How does the Koditips HD Movie Search tool work?

Information on what movies are available in HD never seem to come from a single source.

Some websites on the internet manually keep track of this information.

Sites like Amazon and IMDB keep track of DVD release dates, but most movies also leak out in HD before those dates.

The Koditips HD Movie Search tool compiles information in real time of a variety of sources to determine if your search movie is available in Kodi in good quality.

Don’t worry about how it works too much. Give the HD Movie Search tool a try and you’ll be happy how simple and accurate it is!


How to Use Koditips HD Movie Search Tool

  1. To use the HD Movie Search tool, head to the tool via the links in this guide or by using the link on the top menu.
  2. When the tool opens up, enter a Movie into the search bar and click onĀ Submit

  3. First, the tool returns you up to three search selections so that it’s on the same page as you about what movie you are looking for. Click on the poster or the title of your movie to search and see if that movie is available in HD quality.
  4. The next page shows you if the movie is in HD or not!


What next?

Well, if the movie you searched for is available in HD, it means that you’ll find it in good quality using any of the best Kodi addons.

This tool gives you that information before you have to launch Kodi and manually search for yourself.

Now you can search movies that recently came out in theatres and find out when a stream better than CAM quality is available!


Comment below or get in touch with us on Twitter if you encounter any bugs or mistakes in the Koditips HD Movie Search tool and we will have a look!



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