Help Translate Kodi Add-ons!

Have you ever wanted to help the Kodi community? The TVADDONS forums are calling for people to help translate Kodi add-ons for the benefit of those non-English speaking users.

The TVADDONS forums posted this morning about needing help from the Kodi community to translate Kodi add-ons. If you’ve ever wanted to help the Kodi community or have ever been frustrated that your favourite add-on isn’t in your native language, read on below for how you can help out to translate Kodi add-ons!

Have you ever wanted to give back to the TVA community but don’t know the first thing about writing Kodi addons? Have you ever wanted to contribute to the community but don’t have a dime to your name? Do you wish that your favorite addon was in your native language? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this announcement is definitely for you!

Today we’re announcing the creation of a new TVA Translation Team on Transifex and the creation of translation projects for many of our most popular addons. At this time the following addons are available for translation on Transifex:

  1. 1Channel/PrimeWire
  2. Alluc
  3. Genesis
  4. SALTS
  5. XBMC Karaoke

As more developers have the time, we’ll be making other TVA addons available for translation as well.

If you’re interested in translating any of these addons into a language you speak, or even if you just want to review translations in a language that you’re familiar, then head over to Transifex, sign up, and join us. If you know nothing at all about development, that’s not a problem; no technical knowledge is required. When you sign up, make sure the use the same username you use in the forum so that you’ll get the recognition you deserve.

How-To Join the TVA Translation Team:

  1. Sign Up at Transifex (use the same username as you do here)
  2. Head to the TVA Translation Team Page
  3. Select the addon you want to translate and request to join that team
  4. Select the resource for the addon (most only have one) that you wish to translate
  5. Select the language you wish to translate
  6. Get to Translating!

If you have any requests or questions about this call to translate Kodi, please feel free to reply to this thread for help signing up on Transifex or help on providing translations.

Special thanks to tknorris for spearheading this project!

If you need more information about how to translate Kodi, get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook or the TVADDONS forums today!

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