CinemaVision Kodi Add-on [Beta Released]

The Kodi team announced today that a new add-on called CinemaVision will be released soon and it is a direct replacement for Cinema Experience!


September 6 Update: The CinemaVision beta has been released and is available for download and testing. Read the official announcement below and go to the CinemaVision website to download and try this out!

The first CinemaVision Add-on Beta is up in the Downloads section of the site! Please test it out, and provide feedback. Don’t forget to give us logs if you run into issues. Keep in mind, this isn’t the finished build. There are some things that we’re still working on. That said, it should be mostly functional. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, get in touch with us on Twitter!


Cinema Experience is a Kodi program add-on that allows you to have the full cinema experience when watching movies on Kodi with add-ons such as Genesis. It allows you to show movie trivia, trailers, dolby headers, and authentic movie theatre openings before your movie starts.

Cinema Experience hasn’t been updated in over a year and many users find it clunky, slow, and not convenient to setup.

Now, a new team is hoping that CinemaVision will pick up the pieces and do what Cinema Experience couldn’t. Here’s what they have to say about the new add-on.

What is the CinemaVision add-on?
The CinemaVision add-on is a direct replacement for the Cinema Experience add-on. It will recreate the same experience you get when you go to the movie theater, and allow you to easily customize and share your theater experience with the community. You can use the default configuration right out of the box, or create your own configuration including video bumpers, trivia slides (video and still), trailers, audio format bumpers, ratings bumpers, commands and actions.

Why are you trying to replace the Cinema Experience add-on?
The last developer of the Cinema Experience add-on, giftie, has been MIA for about a year as of this writing. Last we spoke to him, he was dealing with real life issues, and didn’t have time to continue development. After listening to the issues that the community was having, we decided to take responsibility and pay a Kodi developer to write an add-on from the ground up. We wish giftie and Nuka the best, and will do our best to carry on their legacy in this new add-on.

What versions of Kodi will work with the CinemaVision add-on?
Only Kodi versions 14+ will work, and we do not plan to add support for older versions of Kodi.

Will home automation support be included?
We plan to include support for Event Ghost, RPi.GPIO and Z-Wave. Other home automation solutions will be considered as the demand for them increases.

How difficult will the CinemaVision add-on be to configure and get working?
It won’t! Our goal is to have the add-on work straight out of the box with CinemaVision content. If you want to change that content, you’re absolutely free to do so. We have a ton of content available on our website, and are adding more all the time. We’re also making it easy for you to share your entire preshow configuration with the community.

How difficult will the CinemaVision add-on be to customize?
Again, it won’t! We’ve hired a fantastic developer who is a member of the Kodi team. We took all of the feedback from the community, and handed it to him. As a result, he’s created something that’s incredibly simple from an end-user perspective that we absolutely love, and we think you will too.


CinemaVision is days away from getting a beta release. If you want to get an idea of what CinemaVision will have, you can check out Cinema Experience in the official Kodi repository.

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