Kodi Keeps Shutting Down, Freezing, Crashing Help

Do you have an issue where Kodi keeps shutting down, freezing or crashing on you? Here’s some information you need to know about why Kodi crashes and how you can fix it!

Kodi is a relatively simple piece of software. It is a database that does nothing without a skin or add-ons added onto it. Some users have messaged us on Twitter or Facebook to ask us why their Kodi keeps shutting down, freezing, or crashing. Often, we get no other details.

Kodi keeps shutting down most frequently because an add-on, skin, or configuration change is causing an error to the Kodi database on startup;.

Let’s have a look at possible reasons why Kodi keeps shutting down.

General Tips:

  • If you bought a pre-loaded Kodi box, do not contact us. We here at KodiTips.com try to teach you the proper way to install repositories and add-ons and we can’t be responsible for box builders who take it upon themselves to advertise Kodi as a set-it-and-forget-it media centre. Contact the box seller for support.
  • If your Kodi keeps shutting down or freezing directly AFTER you take an action, go to the source of your action. For example, if Kodi crashes immediately after installing a new build, skin, or add-on, you’ll have to talk to that creator for support. We’d be happy to direct you in the right direction on Twitter.
  • The older your Kodi box is, the higher chance Kodi will crash or freeze. New add-on updates are optimized for the newest version of Kodi and old versions are not support. Kodi 15.2 should be the absolute oldest version you should run and still expect support.
  • ONLY install Kodi add-ons from their official repositories.

Kodi  Shutting Down, Crashing, or Freezing Fix

The majority of Kodi issues are caused when Kodi doesn’t like something about your userdata folder, which is home to all information about your add-ons, skins, and settings. To fix Kodi, try the following:

  • Locate your userdata folder and move it somewhere away from your Kodi directory. The table below will help you find your userdata folder.
Operative system File path
Android Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/ (see note)
iOS /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/userdata/
Linux ~/.kodi/userdata/
Mac /Users//Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/ (see note)
OpenELEC /storage/.kodi/userdata/
Windows Start – type %APPDATA%\kodi\userdata – press
  • With your userdata folder gone, start Kodi. Does it start properly? You’ve just confirmed that something in your userdata folder is the cause for Kodi keeps shutting down.
  • Move folders from your original userdata folder back into your new folder until you move the folder that causes Kodi to crash again.
  • Congratulations, you’ve found the culprit!

Do you have more questions? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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30 thoughts on “Kodi Keeps Shutting Down, Freezing, Crashing Help”

  1. this article doesn’t explain nothing and polute internet WAN, lie on fact that Kodi is becoming a big shit with pedant devs and dirty source code from beginners devs.
    Kodi (xbmc) was great (interface was allways unlogic and dirty), but now it is a big shit and it doesn’t crash because of addons… it crash because yougs bad devs team are to bad and to much pedants.

  2. No matter what addon i use on kodi on firestick, every 4 to 5 mins during movie or tv shows, kodi shuts down and goes back to the home page of the firestick. I don’t think it is the router.

  3. This is a garbage article… Doesn’t show you how to fix anything. Please delete it from the internet.

  4. Box kept freezing. I noticed it was quite warm. Simple solution, I now keep the box on its side to allow more airflow. It works better than ever. This may not work for all issues but worth a try.

  5. My problem is with kodi 17 on ubuntu. ( I don’t know if this happens on windows because i use 15.2 on windows )

    The problem occurs randomly during playback if i turn up/down volume, pause/resume video or put mouse cursor on screen kodi freezes and does not unfreeze i have to force it closed from terminal. The log doesn’t provide any useful information and kodi does not produce a bug report.

    I never had this issue on 15.2 and i cannot downgrade it took me ages to setup kodi installing the addons and customising and now i’m stuck with this.

  6. i need help the box i got in the living room freezes and i lost
    one of the apps exodus for watching movies, if anyone know how i can
    fix this please help

  7. I solved following problems.You can try too.
    (1)Go to System-Setting-Video-Accelration- Check off Amcodec option. Restart Kodi 2 times and checked if AMCODEC is off.
    Now I am not receiving message””unfortunately Kodi stopped working””
    (2) If Video/film or  tv channel not playing then remove antivirus and install MX video player and VLC video player for Androids.

  8. My Kodi box works ok apart from when i change the tv source back to Tv and then back to HDMI1 (tried on ports others also) i get the message Android is shutting down and it powers off, this can happen when in Kodi or the desktop. So each time i swap sources the box will always power off which i getting annoying, is this a setting at all as other Android boxes i have come across have never had this issue.

  9. Kodi crashing – Displaying “Unfortunately, Kodi has stopped” message
    My android box (bought 3 weeks ag-MBOX-M96X-AMLOGIC S905X-upgraded-A53. ANDROID 6.0 -Model M96X- 64Bit) came preinstalled with Kodi 16.1 .
    I deleted and reinstalled Kodi 16.1 Jarvis.Now getting this message”Unfortunately, Kodi has stopped” message””.I reinstalled twice but same problem. Other non-Kodi items are working great without any problems.
    I am newbie.
    (1)Steps for how to move userdata folder away please??
    (2)Some one advised to “” Disable amcodec.. inside kodi for the time being
    How can I do above 2 steps??

  10. How can that android folder be moved with the remote control? I don’t have a mouse connection probably like everyone else.

  11. Any ideas why kodi w very now and again goes to a black screen only for a few seconds then resumes it’s self,even when in paused mode many thanks

  12. ian

    The problem you may be having is the software on the box is old and not supported anymore and is programmed to come up direct to Kodi xbmc, you may be able to get at what you need by going to add ons and look for android apps and see if you can do anything there if not new box up-to-date software look at the system software it should tell you the date of software

  13. I have the qtt tv box and when istart kodi its fine for a little time then just keeps throwing me out of kodi,every else on box work can some pls help

  14. iv got a friends kodi box turned it on to connect to the internet pressed the home button did not go to home screen so i cant connect to internet to sort his problem out it seems to be stuck on the build that was already on the box can you help me it is a mx kodi box thanks .

  15. New to this and would appreciate the advice. Steps for how to move userdata folder away please? Have an android box, but after a little while I get the “unfortunately Kodi has stopped working.”

  16. right to the spot!
    moved userdata folder away,
    opened Kodi successfully,
    got a popup to remove broken add-on
    and thenmoved back the folder- Kodi’s back to business…

  17. Hi
    Please can you help
    I brought my kodi fire stick came Friday used it yesterday, but it keeps cutting off when watching movies.
    Screen goes grey!
    I’ve tried to make sure the stick in TV which it is.
    I’m using exodus too.
    I’m not very technique at all, so getting extremely confused with Internet help!
    Kind regards

  18. Try to put the settings of screen saver to over an hour period.
    Also set the energy parameter to high.
    That worked for me

  19. Fixed my problem using Kodi on Peppermint 6. When backing up and then restoring after an OS change, even if it is just a re-installation of the same OS, your UUID will change. Backup/Restore does NOT take this into account so you will be trying to use your old UUID on basically a new install. Won’t work if you try to access your local files. After deleting the old path for locals, I created it anew and it now works like it should.

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