Kodi Library Integration Tool Addon: Add Anything To Your Library!

The Kodi Library Integration Tool is a program addon that allows you to add anything to your Kodi library. It builds in library integration to any and every addon, even if that addon doesn’t support it natively!

Why is Kodi library integration cool?


When things are added to your library, it is accessible from your home screen. The default Estuary “movies” and “tv show” areas will be populated with your library and easily sortable and searchable in a number of ways.

As well, TV shows that get added to your library automatically update and notify you when a new episode is ready to watch.

Trakt is a really good global favourites option for Kodi, but local Kodi library integration is still highly sought after by users.

Interested in getting the Kodi Library Integration Tool addon? Below, we have a full guide on how to install and configure it today.


How to Install Kodi Library Integration Tool Addon

  1. Download the LibraryTools Repository and save it somewhere you can access in Kodi.
  2. From your Kodi home screen, nagivate to  Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
  3. Select Install from Zip File and choose the repository.librarytools-x-x.zip file you downloaded above and wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  4. Select Install from Repository > LibraryTools repository > Program Add-ons > Library Integration Tool > Install
  5. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

By default, the managed folder is in the addon userdata folder. You may open the settings for Library Integration Tool if you want to choose a custom managed folder instead.


How to Configure Kodi Library Integration Tool

  1. Run Library Integration Tool for the first time. You will get a message letting you know the managed folder was configured.’
  2. From Kodi Settings, go to Media Settings > Library > Videos
  3. If you are using a custom managed folder, add it as a source here, otherwise add special://userdata/addon_data/script.library.integration.tool/
  4. Set content for ManagedMovies to Movies and check “Movies are in separate folders that match the movie title”. Set content for ManagedTV to TV shows. If you plan on using your own metadata, you may want to select “Local information only”.

DISCLAIMER: Do not directly edit the contents of ManagedMovies, ManagedTV, or managed.db; you need to use the Library Integration Tool menu to edit these items.


How to Use Kodi Library Integration Tool

Adding content to your library is fairly simple once you have the addon installed.

First off, launch any Kodi addon you like. Search or navigate or find a movie or TV show. When you are highlighted on the title, press the menu (‘c’) button to bring up the context menu. You will see two new options:

Add Selected Item to Library: This option will add the current title to your library. Easy!

Sync Directory to Library: This option will take the entire directory you are on and add it to your library. New items will automatically get added and if a title is removed, it will be removed from your library as well! If you were to sync an entire “Most Popular” directory, you library would automatically get updated every time the addon updates its popular playlist.


When you run the Kodi Library Integration Tool, you’ll be able to see and manipulate all of the content you have added to your library.

To force an update to your librarydirectories, open “View Synced Directories” from the main menu and choose “Update all” at the bottom of the list. This action will reload all synced directories and automatically find old managed and staged items that have become unavailable, and new items to stage.

Depending on how many directories need to be loaded, and which plugins you use, this may take a while. Once the tool is done loading all the items, it will ask for your confirmation before proceeding.


Give the Library Integration Tool and try and see if you like using Kodi’s built-in library features.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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