Kodi on Apple TV 4; MrMC Released

Dec 10, 2015 | Kodi Featured, Kodi News

MrMC, the first app designed to bring Kodi on Apple TV 4 has officially been released! Click here to get all of the details for Kodi on Apple TV.

MrMC, the first app for bringing Kodi on Apple TV has officially been released and is available through the tvOS app store! At a $5.99 price point, MrMC brings a fork of the Kodi software to the Apple TV, allowing you to play media from your home network through the Kodi interface.

MrMC (Kodi on Apple TV) Feature List

  • Stream videos, music, and images from your local network storage
  • Digital audio pass-through support
  • Internal database storage to host and retrieve media metadata
  • ffmpeh transcoding of media

The real power of Kodi on Apple TV is the use of third-party add-ons, which are not currently available on the Apple TV version of Kodi. It is rumored that a complete version of Kodi, with support for extensions, is in development that could be side loaded onto the Apple TV via Xcode 7.

However for now, MrMC is the closest we have to a full Kodi on Apple TV experience. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook if you have tried MrMC and what you think of it!


With the release of the Apple TV 4, Apple has released the tvOS to allow developers to come up with new apps for the Apple TV 4. For us Kodi fans, the obvious question is when will Kodi on Apple TV 4 be possible? The Kodi software will probably never be approved by Apple because it contains too many prohibited features that go against the terms of service for the App Store like python add-ons, which are the basis for many of the most popular Kodi add-ons.

However, MrMC from the Kodi forums is going to be releasing a fork of Kodi, which strips out all of these app store sins and creates a version of Kodi on Apple TV 4 that should be Apple compliant and accepted into the store. While python add-ons will not be accepted, the media center features and official add-ons for Kodi will be available. You will also still be able to take advantage of many Kodi features, such as:

  • play all of your media through Kodi on Apple TV
  • Optimize your settings
  • Use official Kodi add-ons such as USTVNow
  • Use PVR features

Even better, once MrMC gets app store approval, the developer is going to open it up for other Kodi devs to work with and improve on its functionality!

Kodi on Apple TV is going through its final touches before it will be submitted to the App Store and available for download. When MrMC is available, Kodi Tips will let you know!

What else would you like to see regarding Kodi on Apple TV? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook today!

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