Lambda Genesis Update; Genesis Not Dead

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Some websites have been incorrectly reporting that both Genesis is dead and lambda is gone from the Kodi community. TVADDONS administrator s7eele has set those rumours to bed with clarification and a hint at what is to come.

After some Kodi websites and Facebook pages started to claim that lambda and Genesis were gone forever, TVADDONS administrator s7eele has posted a clarification on Genesis’ future and a hint at what will come in the future from lambda.

Read the full message from s7eele below and let us know your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook!

Our guess: Reading between the lines of the message below, we believe that lambda’s next update (whether it is called Genesis or not), will only contain medium quality (MQ) links for free and all HD sources will come from Real-Debrid style source. Low transfer speeds from free HD sources cause a lot of buffering and complaints, which unfairly fall back into the lap of lambda, who has no control of the file hosting websites. Keeping the HD sources to debrid eliminate most playback issues and provide a solid experience for everyone.

If you are interested in signing up for Real-Debrid in preparation for lambda’s announcement, you can view our full guide here or sign up here.

While lambda has still not decided whether ‘Genesis’ will continue or not he and the code have certainly not been idle. Regardless of the name the community will be enjoying his efforts in the not too distant future. When ‘it’ is released it will be significantly different from the ‘Genesis’ of the past. The major difference being that it will rely on debrid services for most HD content. With so many installations around the world this is the only way to deliver reliable HD content. If your not familiar with them, debrid services provide you with premium access to a multitude of file hosters or cyberlockers through one account or ‘portal’. We recently released an article on the subject in our blog:

These services will improve your experience with the last version of ‘Genesis’ (v5.1.4) and it will almost be a requirement for HD content in lambda’s current/future efforts. As the article linked above indicates, many of the other awesome add-ons here support debrid services also so it will improve your experience in those as well. We don’t have much more detail on ‘Genesis’ or lambda’s other efforts at the moment but we will provide it when it becomes available. This brings us into a very important topic.

We are aware of recent claims made across all social media claiming that ‘Genesis’ is dead or that a new version has been released. TVADDONS is the official home of ‘Genesis’ so official announcements will be made here on our forum. If it isn’t from lambda himself or TVADDONS staff it should be summarily ignored. As indicated above, lambda has not made a final decision but he hasn’t gone anywhere and he continues to develop amazing code. Look to this post for future updates on ‘Genesis’ and ignore any claims coming from other sources.

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Ryan is a content writer and SEO specialist. He has interest in all things technology and has published over 2000 posts on the internet. At Kodi Tips, his focus is on hardware, software, crypto games, and how-to tutorials.

15 thoughts on “Lambda Genesis Update; Genesis Not Dead”

  1. For the time being, don’t waste your time. Real-Debrid actually has only a few working links of HD content. Most of the ones I’ve tried are non-functioning and forget about getting a response from them on why that is the case. The ones that do work, the quality is medium to low. And if you are looking for something older, forget it. Things may be going in this direction, but as it stands now, Real-Debrid is VERY POORLY supported. Sad to say, I think the days of free hosters is about over, and Genesis will be the next one to be pretty much non-functional. When using Genesis, even when selecting the POPULAR shows which should have PLENTY of sources, most buffer horribly or just plain don’t work. This is not the fault of “Lambda”, the more popular streaming becomes, the slower it’s going to get. Things are going towards a “pay-to-play” setup and I think most people are ok with paying a few bucks for something reliable. Unfortunately, there’s really nothing available yet. Let me RESTATE what I said, this is not the fault of “Lambda”, but just the way things are heading. Would be great if someone came up with a reliable, all-content-available sort of setup (other than something like Amazon Prime, iTunes videos, etc : in other words pay per show). Imagine being able to pull up last nights tv shows in HD, last years blockbusters in HD, or last decades favorite sit-com in HD….. Meh, maybe one day.

  2. what I what I want to watch is older from the 80s or 90s and there is no HD….what happens then ? I have also noticed that when I click on airing today for tv shows…its only coming up with a few now…before it used to come up with at least 20 or more… genesis starting to go down ? I know its not being updated but the scrapers are still working…so im not sure what it is exactly

  3. Nothing still on genesis. Dizilabs sezon diki HD sources are gone .surprised more hasnt been saod recently on this.
    I got real debrid recently and happy i did. HD reliability. I was going to try furk after finally finding a place to pay but didnt. Question to r.poole or anyone, will furk have all repeatable links like all debrid and real had ?
    Because dont want to pay twice for the same results.

  4. I also use real debrid and highly recommend it. 1080p with 5.1 for anything reasonably current. 720p for older stuff.

  5. Peter, I use Real Debrid and Furk,as I want top quality HD links with 5.1 surround sound – both these services have worked excellently with Genesis for the past year and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone who wants ‘quality’ links. There are a few shows that don’t appear,but in general all the popular new tv shows are available.

  6. great idea for lowering standard quality to MQ and leaving HQ/1080p for realdebrid links. would minimize negative feedback even though the problem resides from low bandwidth hosting

  7. Mary, Most addons come inside a repository. Certain addons are inside certain repository’s.
    You download the repository, install it, then get the addon you want from inside the repo.

  8. Greetings ; I have trying to download Canada on Demand and it loads , but when I click on it , comes up script error . Solutions please . Thank you

  9. Hello Mary ; I , like yourself , am not an expert . Far from it . In fact I am 73, only had a PC for 3 years , and a Kodi XMBC tv box a week . I am so sorry you had a bad experience in the forum . I had some problems getting streams to load , so I went on You tube and googled my problems . I finally had enough and took a deep breath and did a factory reset . Made sure I had Fusion tv-addons . Once I found my way it pretty much did the work for me . It is so much better . And yes , Genesis is great . Good luck Mary . Happy streaming !!!!!

  10. i clicked the link the person running your social media posted with the caption “read the official word here” only to find a click-bait like title and an advertisement for your mobile app posing as an article. as an adament fan of this site, it leaves a pretty bitter taste in my mouth

  11. Hello, Could someone explain to me the benefits
    that I would gain if in I was to use the app?

    You used the word “repository” in this email you
    sent me. How is a repository diff than an Add-on?

    I want to learn more about this kind of stuff so
    I can get the most out of my Xuum, but when I reached
    out in the Kodi forum to try to get some advice or something,
    all I got was yelled at and I was told I was the kind of
    person that you hate. I was told only if I was an expert
    that I should be in this forum.

    If there is someone out there that could kindly help me I
    would really love to meet you.

    I am glad that Genesis is not dying.,however it could use a
    few more documentaries.

    Thank You, mmarlys 😉

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