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The Kodi Velocity add-on from the BlazeTamer repo has been released and brings a whole new multi-source movie and TV show add-on for Kodi users! Click here to find out what features it has and how you can install the Kodi Velocity add-on today!

May 16th Update: BlazeTamer has pushed v1.1.2 of the Kodi Velocity addon. Those of you who have updated to the latest version of Kodi can check out Velocity and let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!

Kodi Velocity v1.1.2 Change Log

  • Added more providers
  • Faster source returns
  • Dialog updates during source returns


After a few weeks of speculation, teasers, and hints on Twitter, the BlazeTamer repo has released a brand new add-on for Kodi called Velocity. Velocity is an add-on that grabs movies and TV show data from different sources around the internet.

The Kodi Velocity add-on uses Trakt as the backend database so even without an account, you get a ton of great movie and TV links when you use the add-on.

With a Trakt account, the Kodi Velocity add-on opens up a whole new set of features, including:

  • Add shows to your watchlist, where they remain until you watch the show.
  • Add shows to your collection, which works similar to the Kodi library integration without depending on Kodi’s backend.
  • When you add TV shows to your collection, you can filter by episodes you haven’t watched yet and see the next episode.
  • There is an area with recommendations on what to watch based on your history.

To install or find out more about Trakt, click here!

In addition, scrapers can be enabled and disabled within the add-on settings.

Make sure that you install the Kodi Velocity album via the official BlazeTamer repo (instructions below) as it is required to receive auto-updates in the future to the add-ons and the sources used in the add-on.

Note: If you find that movies don’t work in the app, you may live in the UK where Primewire and 2Movies sources are geo-blocked. In order to watch movies, you will need to use a VPN to change the location you appear from. You can get 25% off at IPVanish VPN right now with promo code “KODITIPS” if you want to try it out and see that it works! Click here to sign up at IPVanish.

Note for Real-Debrid users: As long as you have Real-Debrid setup in your URLResolver according to our guide, all links in Velocity that use Real-Debrid hosts will work for you in the faster premium speed.


NOTE: The Velocity Kodi addon no longer exists and cannot be installed.


Kodi Velocity Trakt Setup Guide

  • First, make sure you have a Trakt account setup from Trakt.tv
  • In your web-browser, go to http://trakt.tv/pin/7558. Login with your account.
  • Trakt will ask you if you want to authorize your account with the Velocity add-on. Click the green AUTHORIZE button.
  • Write down the PIN that Trakt provides you.
  • Launch the Kodi Velocity add-on you installed from the BlazeTamer repo, go to Trakt Settings, then click Click Here to Authorize Trakt and enter in the PIN you received above, then click Enter.
  • That’s it! You can verify that your Trakt account is synced by hovering over any movie or TV show, clicking menu, and clicking Add to collection, which will add the show to your collection.


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116 thoughts on “Kodi Velocity Add-on – BlazeTamer Repo – Velocity Tips”

  1. Hello,

    Need help, have tried two days, to no avail, have the account set up, but on velocity and I have added it from blazetamer repo as well, but still getting trakt log error 403 forbidden will not play. and as well, see on velocity settings trakt aurhorization have pin but no where to put that part, what to do, really disappointed with this now. Please walk me thru and help, above info. did not, thanks.

  2. I use Velocity on my Firestick and love it. All of a sudden it has stopped working and says there was an error and to check the log. Anyone experience this and know how to help?

  3. Don’t like that they took the History folder off of the TV shows section. I had a ton of them in there now its gone.

  4. Hi all,
    I have installed Velocity as well and linked to trackt TV. velocity says it’s been enabled and when I click on a movie to watch I get a blank page. SALTS works well and so does Phoenix but can’t get Velocity to work?? I’m in the UK, any advice would be fab

  5. I am having the same problem.Have installed velocity,but when try to play a movie or tv shows the page is a blank(no streams).Please help

  6. Hi guys, I loaded velocity on my android box (kodi) but when I choose a film or to show and it goes to the links page nothing appears. Can anyone help, cheers in advance

  7. I just recently bought the Leelbox Q1 Plus running Android 5.1 and Kodi 16 and also just learned how to download shows using Velocity and I love this feature. Great work on this addon!
    I do have a couple of issues I need help with though.
    I can only download to the internal storage which is very limited. After doing some reading, I understand this is a limitation of Android that prevents me from downloading to anything external by USB so I bought a 32 Gig micro SD thinking I could download to this internally and still the same problem. I can see the SD but I can’t download to it.

    Also, the downloaded shows I now have on my internal storage will play just fine but Velocity will not let me Delete, Move , Rename or Copy. They seem to be stuck there permanently and I’m almost out of storage space.

    I do have my Settings configured to allow the renaming and deletion of files.

    Any suggestions?

  8. @Nadine. Well, you need to install it again. How did you get it the first time? You might can do it from the Apple store. If not, google it. I am not familiar with Apple TV so that’s all I can help with.

  9. So I just somehow wiped out Kodi on my Apple TV! How can I reinstall and get it back!! Please help!! And I’m a newbie so please easy to understand instruction

  10. Yes I am using an Apple TV and I believe my Kodi version iS 14.2 ( not sure if I’m giving u the info as I’m new to Kodi.) I found this info on the system info and summary tab. I am not sure of my addon version, can u tell me how to find this?

  11. @Nadine Henry. Apple page? First of all, you need to give more information about your KODI version and addon version. And you are running an Apple TV?

  12. @Anonymous. OK, I guess I was wrong again, there are movies on Velocity and I checked a few and work fine. Now, I have a Real-Debird(RD) account and most of the sources were RD, maybe that’s the issue? How about TV Shows, can you watch those?

  13. So everytime I try to watch a movie in velocity I select the movie, it says waiting and then shuts me down out of velocity and brings me back to the main Apple page! Can anyone help me fix this issue with velocity?

  14. @Anonymous. Wait a minute. I think this is the way it suppose to be, Velocity doesn’t have movies yet, still in progress, only TV shows. For movies, i would suggest Exodus, Specto Fork on SALTS, the first two have forms on this site.

  15. Hi yes other streaming a work on things like Genesis and another one, can’t remember name. Salt nor velocity won’t stream thoigh

  16. @Anonymous. Well, streaming I can check. Any particular movies you are trying to watch? How about other addons? Do they work?

  17. @Anonymous. Not sure I can help, I don’t do downloads, just streaming, sorry. You might want to get to TVAddons forum, there is a whole thread out there for Velocity addon and a BlazeTamer is a very responsive developer

  18. I have velocity add on but none of the films will stream. There are no options to choose from. When I click to upload a film just get taken back to a blank screen. I have downloaded it three times to make sure I have done it correct. It’s there as I said but I can’t watch anything. I am in the uk don’t know if that’s anything to do with it

  19. @Anonymous. Wait a minute, I think I’ve confused this addon with what a furk addon. No, I don’t think you need a paid account, there is no account.What is the problem again?

  20. No I haven’t got q paid account. So I need a to pay to enable me to get films is that correct?

  21. Hi everyone. I have just got my fire stick and followed videos and to download fusion which had velocity within it. I have velocity but no films with stream. The round thing just goes around as it to steam but then it just to an empty screen. Would any one have any idea what I could try to put this right. Thanks in anticipation.

  22. when I find a show or movie and click on it no links show up any help would be greatly appreciated

  23. I’m experiencing problems with sorting. TV shows and movies that were in my Trakt lists before installing Velocity appear in the correct sort order in my Velocity Custom Lists. Those I have added through Trakt after installing Velocity show up in my Velocity Custom Lists, but they are at the end and appear to be in the order I added them in Trakt, not sorted at all in Velocity even though in Trakt they are sorted correctly. Also, the sorting function (side bar) within Kodi/Velocity does not work on my Custom Lists, and neither does the Velocity Configuration sort setting. So, is there a setting somewhere else that I am missing, maybe one that does not have a UI to configure but rather a config file?

  24. The issue I am experiencing is after authorizing takt I can get the tract functions to work once. When I return to the add on later I have to reauthorize. I do not have this issue with Exodous. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any Ideas?

  25. I am a new user of Kodi. I developed my library using SALTSand found it wanting. Exodus is gone with Geneais so tried Ice and Primewire. After much trial and error I have finally settled on Velocity and use it most of the time for TV and Movies. Works wonderfully for me here in Canada. I will continue with it as my main addon for now. I will be adding on a VPN. I hope to become a ‘kordkutter’ to reduce my cable bill from over 200 to a max of 100 this year and further next year. Us retirees need to cut costs and setting up Kodi is mentally stimulating. I recommend it for all you out there over 65.

  26. Hi, i really like this addon and it runs fairly smoothly. I seem to have an issue with adding things to the watchlist? They don’t seem to save to it. This is the case for both films and tv. Any suggestions to help rectify this issue?

  27. Maybe not for Velocity per se but just wanted to know from BlazeTamer if 2 Movies Evolved is going to be supported or not in future. Tried to use it last night and it errored out every time. Late last night I read that this addon ‘isn’t supported’ but just wanted to pass along this info to see if true or not. This is one of my favorite addons so hope there is support moving forward.

  28. I’ve down loaded Velocity and when authorised Trakt TV with it. When i click on the TV series and then an episode, it displays nothing. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Also, the download feature does not seem to be working properly.

  29. Here’s a tip for you Koditips why do you and the rest of your cave dwelling ilk stop spouting on about these great new developments that quite honestly don’t work. just because it’s free doesn’t justify wasting my time when it’s quite obvious you know nothing about nothing. why not try some honesty!!

  30. www2 works fine right up until confirmation of email addy, at which point the network again blocks access. I’ll check with a VPN here to find out if there’s a problem with RD, or perhaps I’ll check with RD. As far as Exodus, yeah, have already set it up…looks like a winner! Will have to see how it compares with SALTS, which has lots of nice extras, like ordering streams by quality, RD, direct, etc., as well as ordering scrapers and disabling the useless ones. Thanks for your help, Igor.

  31. @JT,
    Hey JT. Not sure about VPN blocking or messing RD service, it might work instead of RD, meaning will do the same, you might want to talk to VPN support team. As far as ororo.tv in Portugal, the only thing my friend suggested is to try www2.ororo.tv/nl.

    Alos check new post about Exodus addon by lambda, plaed with it for about 15 minutes, very impressive. Not sure about your ISP though.

  32. Hey Igor, regarding using a VPN as you suggest above, do you know anything about problems with VPNs messing up Real-Debrid service? (BTW, any luck with your friend regarding ororo and Portugal?). Thx…jt

  33. @mike. Yes, most likely that’s what happening, you ISP is blocking the site. Forget about Genesis, it is not supported anymore, lambda dropped it. There is Genesis Fork addon, which is a copy of Genesis and it’s looks a little better and hopefully the developer who took it over will support it but Read-Debrid links don’t work for both of them. Lambda, the deverloper of Genesis just released his new addon, called Exodus, I will try it later today. But you might have problems with any addons due to your ISP blocking it. Have you tried VPN service? Apparently, it will let you used blocked sites but I have never used it and it’s a paid service, of course.

  34. This is great. I have been trying to get the kids add-on to work but it won’t pull up the kids list..it worked for about 10 minutes and now I just get the “check the log for info” error. I use trakt and set up a kids list

    Anyone else have a problem with these lists showing up?

  35. @Igor i tried black sails nothing. even the ones i used to watch on genisis are not coming up. i get the listing for them, pick which show or episode i want, then usually you would get a list of sources but i just get two dots at the top. which is the back button. any help would be great

  36. @Anonymous
    Thank you, great advice. A little “heavy” but I got 200 movies. The only question is are there more than 200( I used “Trending Movies” section? Still better that 20, obviously.

  37. @mike
    I got shows, tried “Colony” and “Black Sails” season 3, works perfect, tons of links, RD and regular ones. Which one you were trying to watch and where do you live?

  38. i can get movies but cant get tv shows. click on episode and it dosnt show any links. tried lots of popular shows still the same

  39. or you could just go into addon settings, and increase the page size to say ..200 and get all the videos on one page , no need for a next page button…

  40. @Alan

    Yes, I see, you are correct, there are only 20 titles and no next pages(it says 3 pages on Popular section).
    Well, I’ll go to TVAddons form and see if there is a thread for this addon and if there is, will see what people are saying.

    But at this point, if you have a trakt.tv account, you can browse trakt.tv site for a movies and if you like something, add it to your watch list there. And if your Velocity addon set up with trakt.tv(I just did one one of my Android boxes that didn’t have that), you will have it on your trakt.tv Watch list a not just for this addon but for all addons that have trakt.tv settings. Or you do the same on SALTS and it will do the same.

  41. @jt
    sure, JT, let’s go there. Just post some kind of comment on ororo.tv thread, i will get a notification about it and will reply

  42. @Igor…thx for the feedback. Yeah, sure, send me the sign-up link. Don’t mind going to the ororo thread if you think there’s more to learn there. Thx again…jt

  43. @Igor
    Maybe i am missing something. So when you are wanting to watch a movie and your not sure what you want to watch, so you go into popular movies, for example. Of all the 100’s of movies out there you get a list of 20. if you don’t want to see any of those 20 what do you do? go to another category and see that list of 20, many of which are the same as in the first list. For me I am done at that point, as there is nothing more for me to do. With a larger list or next page i can at least keep browsing until I find something interesting. Most of the other addons have a way to keep browsing as far as you like till you find something.

  44. @JT
    They used to have issues, not anymore, as long as you have a subscription. You can have it for free but you will be limited to 3 episodes at night and a few movies. If you like the quality but want more than 3 episodes at night, then you can get a premium. I can send you a link to sign up, you really have nothing to loose here. Most of the TV shows and movies they have in 720 HD. Personally, I find that you might have more 1080 from, say SALTS but it is constant buffering because of the back end servers being to weak. So I prefer 720 and no buffering vs 1080 and constant buffering. I use ororo.tv every day for about 2 hr at least and on weekends 5-8 hours, have no problems whatsoever.
    Maybe we shouldn’t talk about ororo.tv in this thread. KodiTips has a thread dedicated to ororo.tv, we can switch there.

  45. I was going to try out ororo.tv, but they’ve had some problems with overbombed servers, apparently many from “fake” (?free) subscribers. I wouldn’t mind paying $30/yr either, if it’s really worth it. Are you pleased with your ororo subscription and convinced that what it offers is better than what you could find for free?…esp in terms of 1080HD? Thx….

  46. @JT

    I am not sure but I am suspecting this is a back end issue. If I have 50MB download speed Internet and a a powerful device that KODI got installed on(like my NVidia Shield or 8GB RAM laptop) and both of them connected to the cable modem via Ethernet, which means I am not losing any internet power and I still can’t stream 1080 source or it’s buffering all the time then the problem on the server that cannot upload fast enough. That’s why there is no problem with 1080 HD or 4K quality from cable companies or the companies like Hulu, Netflix or Amazon: they have very powerful servers and 1TB Internets but we have to pay for it and the selection sucks. Here we have everything for free, pretty much so you have to play will all that until you find what works for you or settle with the best source as far as addons. I am all set with TV Shows, ororo.tv provides everything I need even though I have to pay like $30.00 a year for the premium subscription ,which i don’t mind at all, I will blow $30.00 on some useless stuff anyway. And I don’t mind to pay another $40.00 or so a year for RD if it will give me a better quality and better service. Hack, I paid $130.00 for the cable TV and had nothing to watch or watch with commercials or record stuff and everything you touch there cost money. I had Hulu and Netflix, cost me close to $200.00 and what did I get? Whatever they give to me, not what I want. Now I have a freedom to watch what I want and freedom is not free. I mean, I watched “American Idol” season 1 just because I could. “ER” season 1, I mean come on.
    Well, seems like I have derailed somewhere.
    What I was trying to say is you need to play with it and developers will make it better, they just need the time since they are doing it’s all for free.

  47. @Al…you’re absolutely right about 720HD being very different in quality from different add-ons. Don’t know why that should be or if Kodi and the community might have some way to standardize what these numbers should mean if they are used (perhaps with some kind of filter?). It also seems to depend at times on the movie or series. But again, 720HD should give the same quality across the board. At the same time, it is frustrating to get 1080HD results that >90% of the time cannot be accessed or streamed (or on the other hand, give only Turkish subtitles, for instance…if the film is available with Turkish subtitles, why not without them?). Is there something to be done to access these 1080HD streams? Who or what determines that? Is it a system or network problem?

  48. @Alan
    Well, personally I don’t see what the difference between having a “Next Page” and not, you still have to go through all the movies to find the one you want unless you are using a categories. Are you saying that 20 movies or Shows that’s all you got? I haven’t tried that, will try this weekend but if that’s the case then yes, that’s not very convenient. How about different Genre? Same thing?

  49. @Al
    Personally I found that this addon has much better quality for RD stream than Genesis and SALTS. Not much 1080 but enough 720 which works perfectly for me. Last weekend I watched “Hateful Eight”, tried it on Genesis and SALTS, quality wasn’t HD, more like SD. So I watched it on 2MoviesIvolved via RD, 720, worked perfectly.
    Yesterday tried it on this addon, worked as good. Didn’t watch the whole movie but I got excellent quality for 720. I don’t watch a lot of movies, there are not too many good new one, watching TV Shows primarily but from ororo.tv but I pulled a couple just to try from this addon, works good, great quality so so far I am impressed.
    TraktTv also works good but I set it up a few weeks ago, when I got an email from KodiTips about it. There is no place for the password, BTW, just TraktTV id

  50. I’ve noticed that when browsing under the movie or tv show section that the list only has 20 items with no ‘next page’. Does anyone know if there is a setting I am missing to expand this? with only 20 movies or shows to browse you pretty much have to know what you are looking for and search for it by name. This is not the best way to browse for me.

    Thanks for the nice add-on….

  51. Yes, I decided to go back a few days later, and there it was in the list…why it didn’t show up the first day?…don’t know. Looked at sources and quality of streams briefly to try to see if Velocity has any benefit to offer over others, eg, SALTS or Entertainment Hub or TRW etc. So far, haven’t found one, but my ears and eyes are open.

    As to trakt.tv, I’m assuming you already set up an account with them, yes? Once that’s done and your ID/PW have been entered in the addon, all I’ve done with each of the addons using trakt.tv is to click to authorize, upon which I was given a trakt.tv link to go to for the authorization code. From my experience, the link for all the different addons using trakt is identical except for the last /four digit number. Going there gives you an authorization code which you input and enter (Done), after which you click on Authorize. I’ve had problems with nothing happening and having to redo, days when trakt.tv servers were apparently not functioning, at least at that moment. I also recall that on one of the first occasions I tried to authorize it, I expected an immediate response, and when it didn’t happen, I clicked on Authorize again and then tried inputting the number again, and authorization failed. Going back later and waiting, it authorized. It takes several seconds for the authorization message to appear. Beyond that, can’t help.

  52. @jt Btw, I just read your previous comments. Were you able to get Velocity going? I installed it through “Addon Installer” under the “Featured” category. If you don’t have Addon Installer, I can give you directions.

  53. @jt Sorry, I didn’t mean any disrespect by saying “As long as you have it properly setup in your URLResolver it should work.” I’m new to forums. Here’s what I did to setup RD: went in “system settings -> add-ons -> System -> Dependencies. Found URLResolver in that list. Right click (or press “C” on the keyboard or whatever brings up the context menu) and clicked on Configure. Under the tab “Universal Resolvers” find the section “Real-Debrid” change the setting to 90 instead of 100 and “Enabled” on (should be by default) and “I have a Real Debrid Account” on too. The first time you’ll try to play a RD link, it’ll ask you to go to a website and confirm you want to allow Velocity (and other add-ons) to use your RD account.

    As for the 1080 or 720, I’m seeing a lot more of the 720 than 1080 (about ten 720 to one 1080). I’ve only been using RD for about a month now and still testing it out. Now that you’ve pointed out that there isn’t that many 1080, I see your point when you’re wondering if it’s worth keeping. I found the number of 720 and 1080 links to be the same in SALTS too. I remember reading somewhere that RD was upgrading something this month so it might be something to do with that? Hopefully we get more 1080 links soon.

    Have you (or anyone) been able to get Trakt.tv to work in Velocity?

  54. With RD, are you talking about 1080HD or 720? If it weren’t “properly setup” (sic) it wouldn’t work at all. Yes, it should work, and it does to a degree. But it’s hard for me to tell if there is any benefit when few to no 1080s will stream, and I’m getting just as fast a response from non-RD sources.

    BTW, before you respond again to someone, you might think about how you want someone to respond to your question about Trakt.tv. Is “As long as you have it properly setup…it should work” the kind of response you’re looking for? The golden rule is golden for a reason.

  55. Awesome add-on! I’ trying to authorize Trakt with Velocity but the “Click here to Authorize Trakt.tv” is greyed out. What am I missing? Has anyone else been having this problem connecting to Trakt.tv?

    As for the Real-Debrid issues, I’m not having any problems streaming HD content from RD. As long as you have it properly setup in your URLResolver it should work.

  56. Has anyone downloaded anything on this app,I can’t, it says movie added to download, go to manage downloads,but nothing there?

    Think this will be a great app.

  57. Has anyone addressed this “failed to install a dependency” issue? I have scoured the web for input, but can’t seem to find anything. I’ve seen this on multiple Android boxes. What are the dependencies? Why won’t they install?

    I could be wrong, (as I often am), but it seems this all began when the latest update came out. My Addon information box tells me there is an Update available, but won’t install it because of the dependencies. Some help would be appreciated.

    By the way, big thanks to Blazetamer for putting this Addon together. Great replacement for Genesis.

  58. Same as B. Wayland, keep getting “failed to install dependency” on my laptop. Working on all my other devices though.

  59. I appreciate all the work involved in putting something like this together.
    However I do need assistance as when I try to install, i get the message “failed to install a dependency”.

  60. Hello and thanks for this addon. It looks great!!!
    However I am having some issues to make it work on my android box. On my computer it works great, but on my android box when I select the episode it doesnt move to the panel where select the link I pretend… it just stay at “working” (it the whell turning around). What should I do???

  61. can’t get 720hd stream for velocity addon on movies….why? sources just don’t open for me to choose 720p

  62. Movie 13 hours The secret soldiers of Benghazi is listed under box office but the movie that shows is not 13 hours.

  63. Anomynous on January 15, 2016 at 8:42 pm

    You don’t speak for anyone but yourself and you sure don’t know what you are talking about.

  64. Just trying to authorise trakt.tv in velocity. I have visited the url and retrieved the pin, but the remote (and I’ve tried 2 of them) won’t move down to the cell that says Next/Enter Pin. Any ideas anyone?

  65. This addon has improved since the newest update and now my Real debrid links show up but no Real Debrid HD links.

  66. The Velocity trakt account will not add to my library. I had to reinstall genesis. I thought this was a genesis replacement.

  67. Exited and went back…same thing. Have tried twice again now. When the blazetamer’s repo is enabled, add-ons are all updated. The BTRepo is uptodate (3.1). But again, when I go into the BTRepo and click on Video Add-ons, Velocity is not on the list. Help, please….

  68. Just went through the process, Blazetamer’s Repo enabled, click on Blazetamer’s Repo, but when I click on video add-ons, Velocity is not on the list, only 4 choices: 2 Movies Evolved, Cliq!, FamilyFun Flix, FrightPix. What did I miss? Do I need to Exits Kodi and come back? (I’ll try that now.) Thx.

  69. It´s a great addon but for me somehow the new tv shows don´t have any links, like the newest seasons won´t work at all. Does anyone else have this issue?

  70. Looks like a very promissing addon, but as some others mention i also don’t get any HD links with my realdebrid account? 🙂 Great work though!

  71. Anomynous, we all are waiting for your perfect addon that works.
    You have no idea about freeware.
    You should report bugs to the developer in exchange of allowing you to use his program for free.
    The real problem is people like you, Kodi community would be a better place without people like you.

  72. @Paddy
    What doesn’t work?????? If you can be a little bit more specific, maybe somebody could help you. If it works for one person and doesn’t work for you, then addon itself has nothing to do with it. It didn’t work for me, I’ve posted detail(!!!!) comment, got an advice, used it and it worked. Why don’t you do the same thing?

  73. Damn that’s a bit harsh. I will agree that people who develop the addons shouldn’t be so sensitive. This is only rev.1 and the addon has tons of potential. I’d like to see the real debrid fixed and add more sources especially hd. Thanks for developing it and I look forward to rev.2 .

  74. @FOAM
    Great advice, man! After I did that, looks like it’s working pretty good. Tried 2 movies. old and the new one, worked pretty good

  75. Mike, if the only reason these guys are blowing and going about their addons is to get worshiped then they should shut down and go home to mommy where they will get praised. It is all well, good and appreciated that people put forth a little effort, but the idea that every time an application gets complaints, comments, recommendations or criticism their their egos will be irreparably crushed is just crap. This is the whole problem with the Kodi Community now is all these cliques and cry babys that have been adulated mostly for pretty amateur code work by a bunch of snot nosed clowns who would not recognize an acceptable application if it slapped them silly. All of this crying because someone made a comment that didn’t make a god out of some half baked application is also crap. The truth is the vast majority of the Kodi third party video add ons are pretty much junk. No one has to be nor needs to be afraid to comment on an application, especially after some guy brags it up for weeks before release. If you can’t take the heat get the hell out and leave the applications to someone who knows what the quality effort looks like.There are plenty more capable who can get things done. No one is so significant as to start ordering people to just shut up and deal with a crap application. This is exactly the kind of garbage that is turning this community into a complete joke. Given that anyone with a web browser can watch TV and movies online without Kodi or application should serve to remind a few just how priceless this whole charade is.

  76. I agree a lot of people complain about these addons . but they dont realize it takes a lot of effort to maintain and update these addons . B happy with what you get and not what you dont .

  77. Disgusting ! The moaning has started already ! This is a FREE service . If I made this addon and saw these comments I would shut it down and say f**k the lot of you.. How about saying thanks ?!?

  78. Got similar thing, no Real-Debrid links. Set up TraktTV, got my watch list, tried 2 movies, didn’t pull anything, just “working” forever.

  79. Great addon- tons of potential here- Have real debrid account set up on my system but not seeing any debrid links. In fact I see no hd links at all so far. Am I doing something wrong?

  80. KodiTips,
    thank you, guys for your notifications, love them. Yes, sometimes those addons feel a little bit disappointing but, hey, it’s a free stuff and I am waiting for your emails all the time!!!

  81. You should update the repo to the 3.1
    Still, there’s problems downloading the addon.
    After much wait, finally installed, but nothing special on the addon.
    No library integration, no premium sources, no download option, no subtitles, and so on.
    But let’s not forget that this is just the first release. I am still excited waiting for what is coming for this addon.

  82. I have followed this guide and opened an account on Trakt,have tried this on windows and Android,but Velocity won’t download more than 1%

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