News: Lambda retires; Exodus to live on; Full Summary & Details Here

Some big news in Kodi world, as a series of events has caused Lambda to retire. Click here for a full summary of how things went down.

Some fairly major news: Lambda has retired today after a fellow developer noticed some malicious code in the Exodus add-on and called lambda out. We will try to summarize everything that happened in the most impartial way for those curious. If anyone has any details they would like to clarify, get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook.

It all started when Schism, developer of the Zen add-on (which is a fork of Exodus and uses a lot of its code), noticed and called lambda out for some code in Exodus that appears to send multiple requests to StreamHub’s server (StreamHub is another fork of code which uses most of its code). Lambda was using Exodus users to automatically put strain on StreamHub’s github and server every time they used Exodus to search and didn’t let them know. (source)

People using Exodus code as a basis for their add-ons is nothing new, but it appeared that lambda is fed up with users who change little or no code, call the add-on something new, and release it under a new name.

On the TVADDONS forums, lambda defended his actions with a series of messages:

I am in the bridge of retiring or doing this.

Like I said they try to find my identity and give me legal trouble.

I have no choice to protect myself.

If this won’t help me to defend myself I will retire from these and focus on my legal add-ons.

I don’t say it’s a good thing lol, but they wouldn’t have less trouble from primewire lol

What we miss as addon devs is that we in reality ddos attacking the sites we scrape, it depends on the number of users an addon has, an addon with many users is in reality doing this.

And I wouldn’t if they didn’t try to expose my real identity and give me legal trouble.

The reason for not adding this on the changelog is that this would give them what they want, attention.

I am developing addons for.7 years, I have a very valid reason for doing this that have to do with MY REAL LIFE SAFETY.

And I am happy this happened, this way I can see clearly who is a friend or a foe for me on this scene 🙂

I am developing this addon for many years, it’s the continuation of Genesis.
All these years this community was a nice place to be a part of.

I didn’t wake up one day, after all these years and told myself, let’s try to add some calls to a specific site.
It was a bad desicion I made after all this time and the stessful months I had, and I am sorry about that.
As long you follow the GPL license and don’t remove Exodus credits from it I never had any problem.

Unfortunately all these months I’ve seen add-ons taking my code and removing the credits from it, like it’s their playground. I do understand that we are talking about addons that help on copyright infringement, but this is something I couldn’t tolerate anymore.
Also lately I’ve seen some weird private messages from specific people threating me on presonal level.
Most of them are on social media right now talking about how evil I am.

I just couldn’t deal with all this stress anymore, I made bad desicions that I shouldn’t take and I am sorry about that.
I think this is the time for me too leave, this whole thing is changing me as a person, so it’s time for me to take care of myself and leave this scene once and for all.

I want to thank everybody who stood by me all these years.
It’s time for me to move on and I hope the team to take over my beloved addon.
Take care everybody

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However, shortly after, the TVADDONS twitter account posted:

As a result of recent incidents with an abusive box seller, lambda is retiring. His latest version of Exodus is verified to be clean.

The development of Exodus and Phoenix will continue at the helm of other members of the TV ADDONS team. It will grow and improve!

Many devs have been reaching out to show their support to lambda for his work, their feelings on him giving up so easily, and everything in between.

What does this mean for Exodus? Well, Exodus is built on a solid base of code that uses URLResolver to pull streaming links. This base was why other developers have tried to take fame away by forking the add-on and changing very little. Exodus doesn’t need to be updated much in order to function, as URLResolver is the real backbone of the add-on and is maintained by multiple developers in the community.

What do you think, was lambda right to use the Exodus community to attack a developer who forked Exodus and he claims was attacking him personally?

If we get any more information, we will pass it along.


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22 thoughts on “News: Lambda retires; Exodus to live on; Full Summary & Details Here”

  1. That’s a shame that you are leaving us! You are truly a unique and solid developer. I wish you all the best in the future. You will truly be missed.
    Good luck!

  2. Wishing you all the best your addons are the only ones we have chosen as are personal best over the years. Good luck and thank you.

  3. Lambada I do hope this retirement is only temporary. I have see. Far worse done in many businesses. Exodus and Genesis are the only two apps I use and if they were ever to be fine well I wouldn’t have need for the box sellers. Your a genius and like Nikolai Tessa are being unfairly persecuted. And look now how much we rely on teslas inventions vs his opponents. Best wishes and prayers for you.

  4. Lambda !! Exodus is awesome!! I hope after a break you decide to return. You and others have changed television. You will be missed but not forgotten…

  5. Sorry about your problems. The more successful you are the more people attack you. Good luck in the future.

  6. Feeling sorry for Lambda for going through all of this shit all because of one fucktard who STOLE his code and decided to be a major git and to be ”holier than thou”. Schism can go fuck himself.

    We’re with you, Lambda. Chin up.

  7. The guy that developed zem add on sucks anyway his add on is shit. He is just jealous that lambda is smarter and way better at his job than that a hole that owns the zem add on.I will say to their face the developer of the zem add on that their add on is straight trash. Exodus rules and it will live on!!

  8. This is unbelievable!!!! People were stealing his code and they are the ones who accused him of something??? This is unspeakable!!! At least they could contact him privately rather that to bring all this shit out. What are moth..r fuc…rs!!!

  9. I totally understand why Lambda wants to quit… if it’s affecting you like that, you gotta go. If things get to you and you start doing stuff you regret, it’s time to take a step back. But I do not get where TVAddons is coming out putting the words ‘box seller’ in there… that seemed left field to me, in all fairness. All the best to Lambda and I respect him for manning up.

  10. All done for free
    People ripoff the code
    Then bitch about the code
    Threaten you with possibility of exposure…look at the guy from Kick Ass. He’s fucked!!
    I’d bail as well, only take one bad apple to ruin the fun for all.
    Thanks for all you’ve done for all of us, some of us appreciate your effort!!

  11. Good day I’m not sure where to leave this comment so I’ll try here my NBA on demand keeps telling me no stream available does this also have something to do with the shutting down of his addon if not how or where can I find that information from on getting the NBA on demand to show

  12. I did notice recently under addon info in Streamhub that they do credit Exodus and Phoenix for its code. Well, too little too late. We’ll miss you Lambda. You’re a straight legend!! All the best!

  13. The guy wrote it, he can put in what he wants. People should stop stealing code and passing it off as their own! I hope Lambda will reconsider, Exodus is by far the best Kodi addon.

  14. Although two wrongs may not make a right, I don’t blame lambda at all for what he did. We have a right to protect ourselves. I also want to thank lambda for all he has done for the community and wish him the best. He will def be missed!

  15. I hate people who fork stuff and don’t follow the GPL.

    Lamda has every right to put whatever he wants in his code tbf.

  16. well its very sad that lambda feels like this ,we as a community should stand together instead of using someones code and saying its theres ,I feel on a personal level people who try to upset someone just because there addon is bit better,i wish lambda well and all the best hes made some fantastic addons for which will never be beaten

  17. Im sorry that this shit keeps happening to you Lambda. I want you to know you are an amazing what you do and I love your addons. Good luck on your future endeavors.

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