FYI: Indigo Add-on Removes Other TVA Tools, Installs Itself

Some news we want to share: The new Indigo Kodi add-on appears to delete add-ons from your Kodi setup and installs itself in its place. Read on for more info.

UPDATE: The Indigo add-on has been updated with a warning message about what it deletes.

NOTE: We are staying impartial on the debate over whether an add-on has the right to uninstall or install anything without user’s permission but we believe it is the right of everyone to know that Indigo deletes add-ons on your Kodi box and installs itself without your permission.

The new Indigo Kodi add-on from TVADDONs replaces some of the other add-ons released from that group including their wizard, maintenance tool, log uploader, notifications tool. However, it appears that the new Indigo add-on goes a step further than just replace those add-ons.

Users have noticed that Indigo deletes add-on and automatically installs itself if you have any of the individual add-ons that make up Indigo. If you previously had any of the following add-ons installed, you will notice they’ve been deleted and replaced with Indigo.

  • Addon Installer
  • Hub Wizard
  • XBMC Notifications
  • Fresh Start
  • XBMC Hub Maintenance
  • Hub Maintenance (Disabled only – Installed in the XunityTalk repo)

Most concerning might be that the add-on deletes add-ons from a “blocked” list which includes Hub Maintenance from XunityTalk, a fork add-on of a similar one by TVA.

The timing of this is peculiar, after lambda recently retired after putting code into Exodus that used users to attack another Kodi repo and add-on without their permission.

How do you feel about the TVADDONS Indigo add-on deleting add-ons add-ons in order to install their own without your permission? While not malicious at face value, this does raise a concern about how easy it is for a Kodi developer to install or alter your Kodi box without your permission.

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At we always want to make users aware of what is out there in the Kodi world and let you, the readers, decide what is right, wrong, good, and bad.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook how you feel and if we can help you out.


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27 thoughts on “FYI: Indigo Add-on Removes Other TVA Tools, Installs Itself”

  1. Pissed off with TVaddons, just went to Kodi 17, downloaded Indigo and lost my Kodi plus all my addons

  2. have had nothing but problems with watching movies and live streaming since indigo was added. keep having error messages with indigo and other programs…not happy at all

  3. I am new to Kodi Firestick and just installed it along with Exodus. There have been a huge number of Kodi / Exodus users that have not been able to get movies and tv in the last couple of weeks. Someone on the website forum ( I think) said the following……… “I Added Indigo, agreed to all, chose “rejuvenate kodi”, restarted and Exodus is back up and running after being inoperable for about 5 days…open load is working too”.
    Anyway, I came here to find out about Indigo, and was bummed to see the negative posts. Since my newly installed Exodus is not working for me, I am debating if I should install Indigo with the hope that it will fix my Exodus. Probably nothing to lose at this point. What do you think?

  4. Zane your a dumbass. my kodi worked fine until indigo. indigo ruined my kodo, now i have to reload everything. you are the dumb people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What absolute morons some people are.. Why all kicking up a fuss because they want to replace their own addons lol dumb people on here !

  6. My experience with Kodi was great, or rather until Indigo took over! Now I’m having many various issues! Indigo seems to be degrading Kodi, rather than creating a more stable platform. We should have the option to remove or keep what we choose, such as the old “Maintenance Tool”. I’m not opposed to change, just make sure that those changes are more productive and less intrusively disabling.

    I feel it’s important to note that Indigo has potential. Lets hope they don’t leave it as is!

    Maintenance Tool (Superior) vs Indigo (Inferior – at this time)

  7. I used indigo to rejuvenate Kodi 17 and now nothing is coming back. I restarted to install from zip file and is showing that my old add-ons are updated but “instal from repositories” is not showing anymore and I cannot see the add-ons nowhere.Now I have only the apps left.I regret I use Indigo this thing is not working properly and I don’t know how to get my agg-ons back.please advise.

  8. What’s the point of the developer keeping Indigo when nobody wants it. They should do the right thing and go back to what we had before and then happiness returns.

  9. I did this add on totally lost kodi now going to get kodi put back on my fire stick should not be allowed to delete my files bang out of order.

  10. you cant remove indigo if you have the maintenance tool installed……you must uninstall the maintenance tool first then you can remove indigo…..however you cant install the maintenance tool without indigo so you will have to do without both. Which is fine cause the maintenance tool becomes uninstalled the same day you install it.

  11. I never heard of this Indigo virus before, and don’t like it at all. Please tell me how to uninstall the Indigo virus, and the two huge icons that they put on my screen. Thank you

  12. Changing YOUR device and setup without your permission is MALWARE! We should be given a choice. They have the right to discontinue what they offer but NEVER seeking out content on MY DEVICE is absolutely crossing a line. I will avoid the at all costs unless they release a clear apology. Minimizing a wrongdoing just cost someone a HUGE election. You dont want to be seen in this very negative light. Fix it. Then we’ll get over it. If you don’t, YOU may not get over it.

  13. totally screws with me. I can’t get in Kodi, Stuck at the Indigo page. Where is the uninstall and restore??? Very unhappy

  14. Indigo add-on is just shit!! please comeback our kodi tools,Im getting really furious with Indigo i don’t like it at all is shit!!!

  15. Is Indigo Down ? Can’t use Addon Installer ! I have no clue how it installed itself anyways ! Please , can someone tell us how to remove it ? Thanks !

  16. How can I completely remove indigo? I have been trying to install fusion repo and always finish up with plugin.program.indigo. so can’t install the fusion adds I want. Barrie

  17. You guys are crazy, the only add-ons they’ve removed are their own add-ons. And they’ve been removed because a single new add-on contains all the functionality of the older ones – do you want duplicate add-ons on your setup?

    But go ahead and boycott if you want, you’ll not get very far without tvaddons imho.

  18. I ran into this problem recently today, started doing some searching on the web as to why it kept on coming back. I totally agree with everyone here, They don’t have the rights to uninstall and install anything on MY device without MY permission.

  19. Boycotting TVaddons because of one developer’s addon would be about as stupid as boycotting Facebook because of a single person’s Facebook page. Addons from TVaddons is what makes Kodi worth the effort. All alternatives pale in comparison. Even if you avoid TVaddons you will most likely just be using repackage version of the same plugins from the same developers. Which would make it an even bigger concern for privacy and security. So instead of blaming TVaddons because of a couple independent developers that abuse their system why not blame those specific developers and boycott the addons and developers that are the problem. Do you part to help by notify TVaddons so they can fix these problems.

  20. It is a no brainer, no body has the right to get unauthorized access to your device to install their products. The cell phone service providers do that all the time the hell with that practice, make yourself be heard, it is the least we should do.

  21. yes,lets Boycot TVaddons who in the hell do they think they are..lets fight back..and fight for Kodi..and leave us alone..and let us do what we want..

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