News: UK Turk and Others Remove Their Add-ons!

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UK Turk, NJM Soccer, and others have removed their add-ons after a malicious Kodi group has stolen their hard work. Keep reading below to see UK Turk’s message to everyone and find out how you can help out the Kodi community.

April 22nd Update: The VidTime add-on has returned online! Administrator Vinman released this message on Twitter with the announcement:

VidTime will be returning today… and will not be piggie backed by any addon again… hopefully this bullshit will cease.

No need to reinstall just be patient.. we’ll tell ya when its back up..

We’re up and running. Thanks for your patience.. Sorry but the said addon in question is blacklisted with us. VidTime wont allow it on device.

Let’s hope that other developers will follow suit so that we can get some great add-ons back!

Update #2: The VidTime add-on has also been pulled until “Team Anonymous” is done.

Update: More Kodi developers have taken their work offline! If you want these great add-ons back, we have to take a STAND as a Kodi community and let “Team Anonymous” scum know that they are not welcome.


A Kodi group called Team Anonymous has stolen the hard work of multiple Kodi developers and Kodi developers are pulling there add-ons in protest until something happens:

The following add-ons will be pulled until “Team Anonymous” is gone:

A message to Kodi users:

  • DELETE the Team Anonymous build and add-on now. Don’t support a team who wants to ruin the Kodi community.
  • Make sure that they hear loud and clear about the damage they are doing to the Kodi community. The information is in UK Turk’s message below.

Here is the message from UK Turk:

Dear Turksters,
As you might be aware over the last few days or so, there has been a so called addon (i use the word very loosely) called Anonymous Group that has taken it upon themselves to copy & paste every single popular addon into their addon without asking for permission & then claiming they are doing it for the Community because we are supposed to be making money every time you guys click on a link which is absolute Rubbish!!
You might say what are you moaning about because the Channels, Movies, Tv Shows are all stolen in the first place & there is no honour among thieves, this might be true but what you have to understand is ive spent over 3 years of my life bringing you guys content which is either hard to find over the internet or you just cant get hold of it, i have made it easier for you guys just to turn your box or your PC on and click on something & you can watch it without disturbance or annoying adverts or popups and if something is not working i always fix, the man hours of my time ive spent i cant get back but i was happy to do it for you guys with no self gain on my part apart from a free kebab here & there lol
Now this Leech has not only copied & pasted the addon but also has published every single addons lists to the public including mine, this i wont TOLERATE so talking with metalkettle i regret to inform UK Turks has been pulled for the time being & other Devs & playlisters will be following suit
I did not want to do this as i was prepared to play the Cat & Mouse game with this frogspawn but after what he has done i have to protect myself, So please dont blame me or mettlekettle if you want to point any fingers point them at Marc Michelli his fb profile is
and his group is

Once again i am sorry it has come down to this but if we dont take ACTION now there will be no community left and all that will be left will be the sharks that are taking your money or dodgy unstable addons that dont put the work in & are here today & gone tomorrow.
So please be understanding to the cause & vent your frustrations at the proper channels
Thank You for your Support & i hope to see you Guys soon when this has been resolved
UK Turk

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About Ryan William

Ryan is a content writer and SEO specialist. He has interest in all things technology and has published over 2000 posts on the internet. At Kodi Tips, his focus is on hardware, software, crypto games, and how-to tutorials.

150 thoughts on “News: UK Turk and Others Remove Their Add-ons!”

  1. Hi UK Turks, is it not possible to do what Openload do with their links? Authorising through Captcha? I remember when their links were copied Openload made you watch some pigeons!

    Just a thought, but hope your back soon.

    Thank you for your hard work.

  2. Come back soon everything that’s good some idiot tries to ruin what a sad person he is needs to get a life

  3. There’s nothing worse than someone who steals other hard work and tries to pass it off as there own. I haven’t been on kodi that long and was just getting into using it and your add on was one of the best. Will miss it but not for too long hopefully before the dickheads realise they can’t win.

  4. Hi Turks
    I have tried thr website but it’s not running his Facebook page doesn’t tell a lot Really looking forward to UK TURKS returning and DO APPRECIATE all your hard work 😓 if there is anything I can do to help please let me know and if you have a Paypal account let us know and I’m sure people will contribute a little as a Thank You for your Brilliand web site UK TURKS I KNOW I WILL.
    good luck sorting this hope to see UK TURKS BACK SOON !!!!!!

  5. Turks and the rest of you are the best channels please sort it out and get back on again soon we all miss you

  6. You folks are awesome!!! Don’t fully understand how this Kodi thing works but do understand someone out there is spending lots of their time doing something for many many others. I’m in debt to you for giving me and my family awesome programs to watch. Hope UK Turk comes back quickly.

  7. Is there anything we can do to help things along? No one comes close to UK Turk’s documentary listings and this, for lack of a better word, sucks.

  8. Hi Guy’s how do I block out these dishonest individuals & there site, I’m not a tec person but I’ll do what ever I can to help, I really miss UK Turks, need them back soon…

  9. We no who are the thieves who stole your uk Turks.we are a large group of guys.who are wizards, in computer land.we all watch uk Turks, and we are going to pay them a visit,a surprise visit.keep looking over your shoulders guys.the flight and vacation will do us thieves be prepared. From your friends across the pond.

  10. Thanks for all your awesome work. I am behind your decision, but hope it is resolved and you are back up and running soon. Great add-on and sorely missed.

  11. I truly hope youll be back soon, you do awesome work and we don’t need unscrupulous people ruining it..come back soon!!

  12. Great add on… Community surely appreciates your effort and hardwork. Fully support your stand and look forward to enjoying your add on again into the future. Thanks again mate…

  13. Omg! Absolutely gutted that you and so many others have pulled out,turks is our favourite got the best of enerything.Hope your back soon,when the A—h—s realise NO-ONE wants their???? stuff,chin up guys

  14. U.K. Turks was the only one I used had the best of everything , really hope you get back on track soon mate best wishes

  15. UK Turk is a great addon… rely on it for international news, football and a myriad of other things. Hope to see it back online and this issue resolved soon.

  16. UK Turks does a great job, thank you..
    is uk turks still down, iḿ getting a message saying check log?

  17. I really like UK Turks streams, but I’m confused that there is not a way for add-ons to be encrypted in some way. I suppose this is more of a question cuz I don’t know anything at all about how this works. There is no question that it’s wrong to copy&paste some ones hard work.
    It does nothing to further evolve Kodi at all. I have heard the argument that it’s all stolen anyway but so what that doesn’t make it right for some scum sucking bottom feeding wanker to steal by copy&pasting it. BTW in my opinion if this was so easy everyone would be doing it, its not easy and its hard time consuming work that is done for free. It aint like a torrent or pinching a copy of software in my opinion, this is not a gray area it’s just plain wrong to steal UK Turks work so STOP doing it idiots. I wanna thank UK Turk for all his hard work up until now and hope to enjoy more in the future.

  18. Please can you tell me if anyone elses UK Turk gone down because I cant seem to get mine to work it was working earlier.

  19. Sorry for all your hard work being stolen, a big loss to us all hope it’s resolved soon, one of if not the best for sure missing it already.

  20. I agree with this UK Turks was a great place to come and worked very well. Please let us know when you come back. It’s a big loss.

  21. Hi, Like Miklo I am also relevantly new to Kodi and all this streaming stuff (also retired with a bit of time on my hands). I found UK Turk to be one of the best addons. Love the live TV and the amount of concerts available is absolutely brilliant. However, I have struck a problem I reloaded Kodi from scratch on my laptop the other day, now I cannot install UK Turks. When I press install nothing happens, am I doing something wrong or is it block because of the trouble you are having with this “Team Anonymous”. Hope this makes sense and I would love to get it back up and running soon.

  22. WOW that really SUX that some ass klown would copy&paste all your hard work and then try and take credit… I recently am new and just installed UK Turk and it is very cool so thank you so much for your hard work. As I said I’m new to streaming and it was very nice to find UK Turk cuz it has something for everyone in one place which makes it easy to navigate the streaming minefield. I’m retired ( watch alotta TV)and was so tired of paying my cable company for a bunch of channels I didn’t even want, so to cut the cable cord except for my internet connection is way cool and helpful. I have some libraries of old American TV shows which are difficult to find I wish I had a way to share them. For example I have Mr. Lucky the whole first season (only ran for 1) I have Peter Gunn, Amos and Andy, also I have Twilight Zone if any one has any suggestions on how to share I would be open to that. I would especially like to give these to UK Turk to show my appreciation for the hard work that was done and continues to be done. Thanks again for some very cool streaming channels.

  23. Ukturks – can u add me on Twitter? Also any joy in finding full 10series of dream team or a 3part show from 1993 called all in the game. Many thanks for a top notch add on u have, use it all time

  24. We are away for the weekend now and on the box we have here it is working spot on! So will have to update our home box when we get back. Thanks

  25. Shortly after making my first comment i saw uk turks add on updated. If you go into system/add ons. Select uk turks and manualy update the app. Mine worked within 5 mins on a firestick.
    Have you tried that. Also do a reboot.

  26. Well with help I’ve managed to uninstall and reinstall UK Turks, but it still says the same in UK Turks listings, that is favourites and search.

  27. On the UK Turk lists it just says at present on my TV, Favourites and Search. Are there any channels listed yet.

  28. I think the point has been made already.A lot of people are behind the original “Legitimate” producer ok UK-Turks. But the point is laboured over. If the add on is not up & running soon,this discussion will be Moot and forget about Uk Turks.!

  29. UK Turks is one of the best on kodi and I 100% agree with what he and others are doing.
    real developers don’t need to steel other peoples hard work so just goes to show how fucking thick team anonymous are .

  30. We are totally lost without the service proved by Uk Turks. Those stealing your work should shame themselves!!! I hope the issue is resolved very soon.

  31. I sent that Prick Marc Michelli a stinking message telling him what i think of his antics Totally back the hard working developers like NJM And UK Turks, i have been told now that the anonymous sports has now been taken down so Please Uk Turks come back on your one of my fav addons

  32. This BS , so what if all the channel provider’s and movie/show producers decided to quit because of piracy.

    You are crying about something you stole?? Whats the other addon I put thhat ish on mine and enjoy it anywayz

  33. Although I agree with most things other users have mentioned above and the fact that Uk Turk And NJM SOCCER are widely used by me and a lot of others I can’t see any point in withdrawing them
    I know stealing someone else’s hard work is not on but come on let’s face it the content itself is stolen UK TURK logo is stolen from Cadbury etc. at the end of the day we WILL get our content from somewhere. So please let’s kiss and make up bring our favourites back on line.

  34. You dont realize how good something is till its gone (UK TURK BEST ADDON OUT THERE) and all though im missing it i agree with what you have done .

  35. Which repo is team annonymous so i can make sure its deleted im running on wookie lite so im not sure please let me know and i am fully supporting the strike lets show our support people !!

  36. hi i agree with everything you say he is scum but we do appreciate the hard work you guys do for us i hope he foocks of soon and life can get back norm

  37. Fully support your stance Turk, really appreciate all yiu devs do for the communuty so do what you need to do, we backing you likecwe hsve always done!

  38. Totally agree with you, it was the best add on quick and east it’s not the same any more only watched UK-Turks Gutted ain’t the word

  39. Turk on behalf of the FB Group Foxtel Bring Back NHRA we are sorry this has happened, but understand your reasons. We use Kodi and your add-on to view Fox Sports 1 as this shows the NHRA. This is the only way Drag Racing fans from around the world can see it.
    We hope you will be back soon.

  40. I am with you 100 percent UK-Turk.I hope soon will everything works again and you are back.
    Marc Michelli : I spit on you.
    Rest in HELL !!

  41. big fan of the UK Turk, my most used feed, the hard work much appreciated for all the old collections, sadly missed already. 100% with you. Hope your back soon, need to finish a few of the series I can’t find anywhere else – goodnight sweetheart x

  42. With you 100% UK Turk. Thanks for giving us such a great add on through you hard work. Hope this is soon resolved and you are back up and running.

  43. I don.t mind if UK Turks is down for a wee while.
    The team that brought you this free add on have put in hard work.
    And people tend to get angry if someone is stealing your work.
    Lot of haters on here, but I hope its back on soon.
    Ps How do i delete the anonymous add on please.

  44. I am missing my uk turks please put back on dont let the assholes win all the people that put together everybody’s work do so for there own gain respect the hard work that uk turks and metelkettle have put in

  45. What’s the best thing to do to help ruin the fool. I don’t know what build add on to delete.
    I only run paradox

  46. Your stuff is on hit, to bad these guys cant do there own work.Keep up the good work. This new wave of want to bee’s need to step back. You have my respect.

  47. There are some twats about… 100 million percent support for UK Turks, my fav addon. Go and do some fucking work yourself Team Anon, better still just fuck off… keep up your fine work UK Turks…

  48. Fully support the action taken here and only hope that this is resolved in a way that maintains Kodi and all of the excellent addons. Perhaps the devs could devise a system where users need a personal pass code or registration system could prevent this nonsense.

  49. My support goes out also whatever the community needs i can help. Also i understand the developers put in mad work so people can enjoy there work. Mad respect without the developers an community we wouldn’t have this entertainment bad enough we are being monopolized day to day month to month threw other services. The community is big very big, but alot of people dont get whats going on. What ever it takes i will try an help

  50. I’m going to miss Turks,great build,let’s all get together and let this other asshole we don’t want him on kodi,or anywhere else for that matter.please come back soon yours is one of the best.

  51. Soo let me get this right.. The devs steal from the big movie, tv and music cooperations. They get mad. Dont steal our stuff! Antipirates are put into place to stop this. But devs and other pirates stick to the mindset “this should be free for everybody” But when someone comes along and steals the devs work. Then there is hell to pay? Hacking, bullying, herassment etc. And they are shutting down on us – the user. Trying to get them on the bandwagon against this copycat.
    Dont get me wrong. I absolutly love the Robin Hood/Pirate ideology. And I appreciate my preferred addons very much – like 24/7 much. What I dont like is Robin Hood telling the people of Sherwood what to do, if he is to rob from the rich. I believe that the people will stay behind the true originals. The brains behind these addons. 3rd party addons is a thorn in the big cooperations eye. Why should there not be any thorns in the devs eyes? Its all over. People making money on installations – cheating others. But hey, when it comes down to it. Devs, you me – we cheat a lot of people too. Its a big market. Get the best product out there and the users will be there and they will be gratefull as fuck! Im stayin with the originals #phoenix but I dont appreciate being held hostage and told what to do! I appreciate the freedom that piracy stands for!

  52. It is sad UK turk is gone for now, you always get those loser who ruins it for everyone else, UK turk you are a great guy for giving your time for our intertainment, plz let me know wat I can do to fight with these scums

  53. I should point out, with reference to my earlier comment, that I do fully support the devs and consider their add-ons and repo (in the case of Metalkettle) as some of the best and most reliable. I was simply questioning whether withdrawing their add-ons was the best course of action. Please don’t lump me in with some of the ingrates on this thread!

  54. He uses the name twlizer in a lot of his online activity ..Someone with knowhow needs to ddos attack the fuck out of him

  55. Ignore the comments of the last three ungrateful ingrate morons.Know that the vast majority of Kodi users support u as evidenced by the supportive comments far outweighing the negative

  56. Did you ever think that the guy that just left kodi is doing it on purpose. To ruin it do not let them keep the people happy. If yours are better than theres you have nothing to worry about. I do not see anything that you are complaining about here a community function. It is suppose to be free. If it is why are you guys mad. Why would you care so much. The only people ruining KODI is you guys. Suck it up. Otherwise you guys will be a thing of the past and be left behind as others move ahead. No one will want your stuff. Smarten up do your thing for the love of the community.

  57. Get off your high horse your ruining the community by pulling this nonsense. You do not do it for nothing. You get to watch what you want as well. Put them back on and stop being a baby.

  58. so what If he stole your links not hard to find links online as for I don’t do it for the money haha yeah right he spend hours a day finding links,adding them and fixing them(out of the kindness of his hart) there is no honour among thieves only cry babies crying when someone steals there links which he’s got from someone else in the first place used uk Turks a few times it was shit poor quality streams most of them not working or buffering (480p buffering on a 150mbs) keep up the good work

  59. I see people asking what can we do? well the links are there to his page so message him and tell him what an arsehole he is and total scum of the earth. I deffo will be.

  60. Wow!! What did I miss? I enjoy and check out new addons and enjoy the best ones like UK Turks everyday. Never heard of this Anonymous Build. I do follow Kraz and also didn’t see where he promoted the build. A huge lost for us. Hope it can be corrected soon and also Thanks UK for being a huge part in making Kodi such a great platform. Keep Hope Alive!!

  61. Cant agree more with your comments. Those who take others hard work and then pass it off as their own, due to misconceptions seriously need to look in a mirror. We are 100% behind you!

  62. Behind you 100% Too bad idiots like Vitor who posted earlier and a couple of others just don’t get it.

  63. I fully agree and support the DEVS in their decision, battle and war against these thieves. Though I am slightly afraid it will be counter productive, where your add-on is offline, the stolen one may still work. Since people are selfish, they will choose the one that work and don’t care about you as DEV. I will not support that team / “addon” and will continue without your addons until further notice.
    Hope to get rid of that little scum.

  64. sad to see the community like this, but for sure the decent users are behind you 100%. idiots like this need t be purged from our comunity and sent to hell in a hand cart. Keep up the good work and the good people will wait for you all to return.

  65. I never install this type of add-on and have certainly not installed the two in question, but I am struggling witgh the logic of “forcing” thye Anonymous dev to take down his add-on by going on strike. In my view, surely that will do the opposite. The dev in question just won’t care and the ordinary users will be the ones to suffer. Indeed, they may even install the anonymous add-on to access the stuff that has been taken down. Certainly lots more people have heard of this add-on now. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t make sense to me.

  66. sky make movies mr a steals them, mr b steals from mr a, then mr c steals from mr b, and mr b cries all his hard work has been stolen, thats how i see it

  67. Totally agree with UK Turk !
    Have left plenty of messages with the Leech!!!
    Hope to see you back soon UK Turk
    Would be happy to donate to you as you do a great job mate.

  68. Love UK Turk and all the other devs hope this is sorted soon and yes anyone who has the Anonymous Build Delete,Delete,Delete.

  69. UK Turk is great, behind you 100%. Just after I put a request in for Murder she Wrote too!
    Hope you are back soon.

  70. Completely agree keep it down until this is resolved kodi was set up and built for a sole reason for ppl to enjoy free streaming.

  71. Without the developers of add ons we wouldn’t have Kodi like we know it. Support the developers and let’s get rid of the scum who steal their work. Keep up the good work guys. MKB (KodiAddicts group)

  72. By taking down your site you are spiting all the followers that have enjoyed your hard work not the prick that is stealing your work, I’d leave it up and running and your faithful army of followers will stay with you. I’d say only a small percentage would add his build. So what if he is stealing add ons everyone knows your the brains behind all the hard work going in to building uk Turks

  73. I think you spot on mate lets find this tosser and get it sorted he is f*****g it up for us all just because he,s not as smart as you pal cheers for all your hard work over the years PLEASE DON,T LEAVE US LOL

  74. I love UK Turk, it’s one of the best add ons out there, and it has been withdrawn because of one persons stupidity, lack of consciousness and lazyness! There must some way he can be stopped, surely!

  75. UK TURK so sorry that you have had to take this action but i fully understand your point. There is always some lowlife stuffing it up for everyone else. I appreciate all your hard work and TURKS was my favourite Addon . Hoping this can be resolved and TURKS is returned. Keep up the good work

  76. UK Turk, you have a awesome addon., I agree with what did., support you all the way.,
    Some douches need to banned from the kodi community … Come back soon.

  77. WTF… What is your problem? Your add-on wasn’t stolen by anyone… The only thing they made was some builds where your add-on had a place! You should to be proud of that and thank them for that… None credits were stolen… You must be very little and now you just saw your chance to appear… Advice: get a real life…

  78. kraz is promoting this addon on on his youtube channel.everyone get on it and put him to shame.

  79. Ahhh great , spent all day looking for forward to loosing myself in some top notch documentaries you had 🙁 come back soon please and thanks for the hard work put into it!…surely not down forever??????? 🙁

  80. Whilst I totally disagree with team anonomous and these tactics, and would never use their addon or give them the time of day, I’m also gutted these addons have been pulled and gutted for the creators too who I very much appreciate. Someone has just made a point to me that I would like everyone to consider, what if this is Team Anonymous is just a premier channel provider (not sure if I can say the name) trying to disrupt? Or, what if it isn’t them, but they now hear about this and decide to do it in order to get users retaliate, or get the community back to buying pay for to channels? We do need to stand together, but we also need to think hard about options and support we can offer to ensure this doesn’t continue

  81. Team Anonymous needs to get there fucking ass kicked
    low life motherfuckers
    i just hope all kodi users will not use Team Anonymous addons

  82. Have messaged the ashore who is fkin things up for all us users who appreciate all your hard work please keep it up many thanks from one happy user.

  83. I am with you guys because dev have put number of years behind these add ons and someone comes and try to make easy money out of it is just not acceptable…

  84. Firstly thanks to you and all the other guys for providing us with these great addons.
    I thing all addons should be removed so that there is fuck all on Kodi until these dick heads remove their skin.
    Kodi lovers should NOT use their skin.
    Hope you’ll all be back soon…

  85. You name it and your supporters in the thousands will help drive this oxygen theif away. Hopefully clubbing together it won’t take to long.

  86. I had just found your war films and James Bond stuff and really enjoying them. Such a shame but you must do what you must do! I will do anything I can to help and hope you are back soon. Thanks so much for the service.

  87. Totally agree with what your doing but don’t see how you will catch them and what’s to stop others doing the same,without njm,turks and Adrian there’s no point in watching sport so I guess you’ll never be coming back.Good luck I’m off to sell my andriod box ???

  88. I’m with you guys on this, everyone should make there displeasure known to Team Anonymous by deleting the so called addon or verbally if you have contact with these ppl.

    Many thanks to the true devs, hope we can enjoy your efforts again soon

  89. Totally stand by you arm in arm in the fight against justice. Why somebody thinks they can just take another’s hard work and take credit for it is totally wrong on so many levels.

  90. Sad news, but I totally understand: Just when things are going well, some chancer decides to get in on the action and spoils it for everybody. Hope you’re back soon.

  91. Sad situation mate…Hope it gets sorted soon UK Turk was always the place to go for something to watch when in a retro mood…lets hope that the Fuckwombles out there who try to take credit for other peoples work take note and at least ask permission before they screw other peoples hard work over

  92. NO! NO! NOOO! Turk has the best addon (imho) on kodi! how do we ban this thieving SOB that’s stolen his work? what a sad day. Ill support Turk anyway I can. Cheers from Canada Turk, I hope you’re back with a vengeance soon bro!

  93. How do you block them ….is it just delete the site ? if so how to know when it’s back up and running

  94. I stand with the developers also. I have pulled all of my builds until these assholes pull the addon.

  95. Who the fuck is Captain Grammer? Could you keep your lecture to yourself. This issue is for the men and not boys. I advise you look else where because UK Truk is fighting a just fight and should not be joke with. Stealing from someone is a serious crime and is not acceptable in any community.

  96. Who the fuck is Captain Grammar, i guess one of the Team Anonymous could you please keep your correction to yourself. This guy is saying something that concerns faithful Kodi users and it should be taken seriously. You can look else with your child’s play. @ UK Turk you are fighting a just cause and we’ll watch your back for you. Keep it Up!

  97. well said…you put the hard work in and somebody else just hijacks it…

    100% behind what you’re doing.

  98. Please learn how use the correct “their, there, and they’re” when publishing an article.

  99. Totally agree, you put all the work in, and you do all this for free, so we have great entertainment, Big thanks for all you do, and back any steps you take

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