NordVPN Android TV Install & Setup Guide

Download, install, and setup the NordVPN Android TV VPN app on your box today and protect your Android TV connection while using Kodi or any other APK. Setup is easy and the native APK is very easy to use.

Android TV VPN setup is not like it was a few years ago where no native application existed and you were forced to setup your connection at your router. Now, a native NordVPN Android TV APK exists so that you can download, setup, and protect yourself all within the Android TV interface, which is the most popular method for using Kodi.

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NordVPN Android TV VPN Features

The NordVPN Android TV App has the following features:

Secure Browsing

CyberSec support detects and blocks harmful websites so that no malware can infect your device while the NordVPN Android TV app is active.

Quick VPN Connection

Quickly connect to over 4000 fast VPN servers in 60 countries. Keep your VPN connection and private data safe.

Unblock Kodi Content

In some countries, streaming websites scraped by Kodi providers are blocked outright. In the UK for example, some service providers have restricted half or more of streams used by these providers – we did an analysis on it. Enable your NordVPN Android TV connection and unblock the internet today.

Stay Anonymous

NordVPN has a commitment to customer privacy and keeps no logs of any activities.

Customer-First Features

NordVPN has some great features with their customers in mind. The company has 24/7 support if you have having trouble and a free 7-day money back guarantee so that you can see how easy it is to setup your NordVPN Android TV account without worry. They also give you unlimited bandwidth.


We’ve created an extensive Kodi VPN guide that outlines the benefits and needs of a VPN for your Kodi environment.

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How to Install & Setup NordVPN Android TV App

  1. Sign up your NordVPN here. Click Get it Now and follow the steps to create an account and complete payment.
  2. Once you have your account, power your Android TV hardware and then click on the Google Play Store icon. You may have to sign in if you’ve never done that before (it’s easy!)
  3. Click on the Search icon and enter in “NordVPN” (no quotations). 
  4. Click on the NordVPN logo in the search results. Click Install. You may be asked to confirm install or verify permissions, which you should say Yes to.
  5. After the NordVPN Android TV VPN App is installed, it will be found in your devices Apps section.
  6. When you launch the NordVPN App, you will be asked to login with your credentials you setup in step #1.
  7. The tile interface makes it easy to configure settings. If you don’t care where you want to connect, the Quick Connect button gets you into a secure connection as fast as possible.
  8. Once connected, minimize the application. Each Android TV remote has a button to activate the app switcher. Use this to head back to the home screen or into Kodi. Your connection will stay active and secure.


And that’s it! Your connection is now secure and you can use the NordVPN Android TV app to access all of Kodi.

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  1. I followed this set-up and it does not work on kodi , the IP still remains un changed even though the android tv box shows its IP did.

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