Watch NixToons Online Kodi Anime Addon Install

watch cartoons online kodi anime

April 19th: The Watch NixToons Kodi addon has been updated. Click here for the details.
The Watch NixToons Online Kodi is a huge source for cartoons and Kodi anime, both new and old. Watch Cartoons Online on Kodi today with our guide below!

Kodi 1080p Movies Add-on Install Guide

kodi 1080p movies

August 4th: The Kodi 1080p movies addon has been updated to v2.2. Click here for details.
The brand new Kodi 1080p Movies add-on from GrantWilt brings a nice reliable source for free 1080p movies to Kodi. Read on for more information about the Kodi 1080p Movies add-on.

How to Install Film Emporium Kodi Add-on

film emporium kodi

August 4th: Film Emporium has been updated to v2.1.8 with a brand new source. Click here for details.
The Film Emporium Kodi add-on is a smooth single-click movies & TV add-on that lists the quality beside each link and works reliably. Read on below for more information.

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