Sky Kodi Not Working Fix For Broadband Internet

If you have broadband internet from Sky and Kodi add-ons are not working for you, check out our Sky Kodi internet fix below and see if it helps!

If you have Sky Broadband Internet and you are finding that you can’t install Kodi add-ons or they constantly come back with no streams or missing information, there may be a fix for you!

We recently did a study and found that Sky users were being blocked to a large majority of scrapers.

Sky Broadband comes with a service called “Shield” which offers online protection and helps you control what content your family can view on the internet, according to the Sky website. The issue is that it allows Sky Broadband to pick and assign content to different age groups without you knowing, blocking you from accessing Kodi and other internet websites.

Follow the steps below to disable Sky Broadband Shield and see if our Sky Kodi internet fix helps you access all of Kodi.


How to Disable Sky Broadband Shield (Sky Kodi Problems Fix)

  1. Sign in to with your Sky iD and password. If you’ve forgotten yours, you can retrieve your Sky iD details or reset your password.
  2. Choose the age rating you’d like (PG13 or 18) and then Save all settings when you’re finished. 
  3. If you’d prefer to disable Sky Broadband Shield completely, when you are logged in, scroll down the page and select Switch off.

And that’s it! Hopefully you can now access all of Kodi without any restrictions.

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12 thoughts on “Sky Kodi Not Working Fix For Broadband Internet”

  1. Would like a fix for amazon fire Kodi stick please. Can’t connext even though it says it’s connected. I’m us Sky broadband

  2. Would like a fix for amazon fire Kodi stick please. Can’t connext even though it says it’s connrcted.

  3. I’ve tried this but Kodi still can’t find wifi. I’ve tried all sorts. Any more ideas? My Kodi worked fine before I signed up to Sky broadband.

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