How to Fix Unmet Dependencies Kodi Error, Add-ons Not Working

Curious about the unmet dependencies Kodi error? What does it mean and can you fix it? Read on for more information about unmet dependencies in Kodi.

Sometimes, when you go to install a new Kodi add-on or repository, you might be met with an Unmet Dependencies Kodi error. Other than the message it gives you, this message offers no solution to fix your problems.

The unmet dependencies Kodi error implies that the add-on you are trying to install is looking for “dependencies” that it cannot find in your current version of Kodi. Every time Kodi is updated to a new version, it comes with some new features that cause us to want to upgrade.

Behind the scenes, back-end libraries and databases (also known as dependencies) are updated to the latest version in order to work with the latest operating systems like Android and OpenELEC. Add-on developers must make sure that they reference, call, or use this information in the correct way, so they update their add-ons and repo to work with the latest version of Kodi.

Luckily, fixing the unmet dependencies Kodi error requires a few simple steps or verifications:

Unmet Dependencies Kodi Solutions

Make sure that ALL of the following is true:

  • You have the latest version of Kodi (v16.1 as of December, 2016).
  • You have the latest firmware on your Kodi box. Check for updates in your Android settings menu.
  • Your version of Android is v5.1 or greater (NOTE: Android v4.4 is technically still supported by Kodi v16.1 but that OS is over 3 years old now with outdated dependencies not guaranteed to work, so for that reason we cannot give any help to those users on Android 4.4 as tracking down where the problem lies is impossible).
  • You are trying to install the add-on or repository directly from the repo source and not any other method such as Addon Installer, Superrepo, or any other Kodi “app store”.

There are very few people who have issues if all of the above is true, so make sure you update accordingly. As Kodi v17 comes out and officially drops Android 4.4 support, we think that this problem will come up more and more so make sure you upgrade.

If you need a new Kodi box with a newer Android OS (and therefore newer dependencies installed), check out our post here which we’ve verified will all work with Kodi 17 and onward.

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  1. I’ve been trying for a week to Update Phoenix and the unmet dependencies keep popping up. I need help going through the steps n I want my DIGIXSTREAM to work again.

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