Check out our wired Fire TV Stick ethernet connection guide below and get less buffer while you stream on Kodi today with a hardwired internet cable.

The number one reason users buffer on Kodi is because they don’t have a wired internet connection. Luckily, you can even get a wired Fire TV Stick ethernet connection even though the device has no ethernet port! Follow our guide below and get better use out of your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The amount of latency on a wireless internet connection is 10x worse than a wired connection (60ms vs 750ms during our testing). This means that no matter how fast your internet connection is, Kodi will buffer in order to “catch up” its stream. Add in the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which only has 1 GB of RAM and this means your Stick has to work extra hard to load a stream in to memory.

Luckily, the 2nd generation Fire TV Stick has a micro-USB port and there is a solution to use this port to add a wired Fire TV Stick ethernet connection to your device!

First off, check out this UGREEN Ethernet Adapter cable on Amazon. It converts micro-USB back to USB and also comes with an ethernet port right on the cable. Even better, this cable IS SUPPORTED by the Amazon Fire TV Stick and can be used to get hardwired internet to your Stick.

After you have the cable in hand, use our guide below to setup your wired Fire TV Stick ethernet connection.


How to Setup Wired Fire TV Stick Ethernet Connection Tutorial

  1. Disconnect your Fire TV Stick from the TV and unplug its micro-USB power cable.
  2. Connect your UGREEN Ethernet Adapter. If you are confused, the micro-USB male end on the adapter plugs into the female plug on the Fire TV Stick and the male USB plug on the adapter plugs into the female slot on the Fire TV Stick power supply. Plugging your power back in to the wall and the Fire TV Stick into the TV should leave you with the center ethernet adapter open.
  3. Turn on your Fire TV Stick. When it’s powered on and at the main menu, plug your ethernet cable into the ethernet slot on the adapter. Your Fire TV Stick should recognize your new wired ethernet connection with a prompt in the corner and should connect automatically because wired connections take precedence over wireless!
  4. If you want to verify that you are on your home wired connection, head into the Network Settings, hover on the Configure Network option and verify on the right hand side that it says Wired (Connected).


And that’s it! With a cheap ethernet adapter off the internet, you can remove one of the biggest limitations with the Amazon Fire Stick and get a wired Fire TV Stick ethernet connection. This will give you faster speeds and less buffer in Kodi.

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