Looking for an Amazon Fire TV VPN or Fire Stick VPN setup? Follow our guide to protect your connection and access all Kodi add-ons with a Fire TV Stick VPN.

NOTE: The guide below will only work for Generation 2 Fire Sticks.

Contrary to belief, installing a great Amazon Fire TV VPN or Fire Stick VPN is easy and only takes a few minutes of work. Amazon Fire TV’s do not come with the Google Play store like other Android boxes, so you need to sideload VPN software. We highly recommend IPVanish for the following reasons:

  • IPVanish v3 has been built natively for Android TV, including Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  • IPVanish has one of the largest VPN network footprints with over 30,000+ IPs, 600+ servers in 60+ countries.
  • Every server listed is a physical installation (most providers geo-spoof).
  • Zero-Log policy. This means that NO traffic laws from any customer are kept ever.
  • Tier 1 network, meaning IPVanish owns the entire network, hardware, software, etc
  • No throttling or blocking of any traffic, ports or protocols.
  • Unlimited bandwidth/unlimited usage.
  • 24/7/365 Support &.money back guarantee

The IPVanish app is natively built for Android TV, which means you can use it with the default Amazon Fire remote.

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If you want to install a Fire TV VPN/Fire Stick VPN today, follow our easy VPN guide:

How to Install Fire TV VPN or Fire Stick VPN Guide

  1. Sign up for IPVanish by clicking here. You will use your Username and Password later to get your Fire TV VPN/Fire Stick VPN working.
  2. Download the IVPanish Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick APK by clicking here
  3. Download and install adbLink on your computer (Windows / Mac OS X 10.7+ / Linux)
  4. On your Fire TV or Fire Stick Stick, navigate to Settings > System > Developer Options and turn ON both Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging
  5. Write down your Fire TV/Fire Stick IP address by going to Settings > System > About > Network
  6. Launch adbLink on your computer
  7. Click on New, enter a Description for your Fire TV, enter the IP Address in the Address field, then click on Save.
  8. Click the Connect button, and verify that your Fire TV Stick’s IP shows up in the Connected Devices box.
  9. Click Install APK and pick the IPVanish APK file you downloaded earlier. Click Yes to confirm installation.
  10. When it’s done, you’ll see a popup that says Installed. You should now see IPVanish VPN in the Apps section of the home screen of your Fire TV or Fire Stick,
  11. IPVanish v3 is built natively for Android TV, so you can launch your connection in the IPVanish app and it will stay active when you switch apps to Kodi, Netflix, or any other Fire TV app.

And that’s it! You will have a reliable Fire TV VPN or Fire Stick VPN setup on your box and ready to protect you in Kodi or any other app.

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Unlimited bandwidth
Tier 1 hardware (no speed slowdown)
Log-free, so you can’t be tracked
7 day money back guarantee
The ability to be configured right at your router, for a hassle-free experience.

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