The URLResolver Kodi add-on works in the background to improve your Kodi experience on almost every popular Kodi add-on. What does the latest Kodi URLResolver update bring to the table? Read on to find out!

November 21st: A further update on the URLResolver Kodi dependency. The Looking Glass repo pushed v4.0.11 out through their repo. The reason for this is because the fake v4.0.10 version added XXX adult resolvers into it and Team Looking Glass thought it would be safest for users to update everyone to a safe non-XXX version. v4.0.11 has 2 other minor, safe, changes as well. There will hopefully be an “official” source for URLResolver and maintained into the future soon, but for now you can keep v4.0.11 from the Looking Glass Repo if you have it.

November 21st: Just a quick note to warn users that there is a fake update of URLResolver out there. The fake version is v4.0.10 and it is not affiliated with anyone to do with the original URLResolver. We believe the “kodil” Repo and a few others have picked this up.

If a random person wants to take over an addon, the proper etiquette is to fork it with a new name and let users decide if they want to install. Pushing unsolicited updates to URLResolver automatically updates it for people who have the repo installed. You should always know what repositories you have installed as automatic updates like these could contain malicious code to take advantage of those who have URLResolver installed and are waiting for an official update.


The URLResolver Kodi add-on works in the background of Kodi (called a dependency) to decode file hosts in order to play the root movie or TV video stream. If you are new to Kodi, you probably notice that a lot of add-ons use the same filehosts – Gvideo, clicknupload, zshare, dizilab are some of the popular ones. The URLResolver Kodi add-on knows how to navigate through these hosts, clicking through captcha’s and virtually retrieving the streaming file which you see in Kodi.

URLResolver is automatically installed with any add-on that uses it, so you probably have the latest Kodi URLResolver update on your box without event knowing it.

URLResolver Kodi newest changes:

  • Every resolver has been reviewed and fixed, as needed
  • Every defunct resolver has been removed
  • new resolvers have been added
  • Simply-Debrid is now supported
  • Google’s ReCaptcha Version 2 is now supported (“I’m not a robot” checkboxes)
  • New method of simplifying ReCaptcha has been added
  • FilePup’s resolver has been updated to a hoster supported method (meaning less frequent breakage)
  • Simplification across the board to make adding resolvers easier

You probably already have the latest Kodi URLResolver update already, so you can go and enjoy the changes jsergio has made!

You can view URLResolver settings and set things like priority and premium accounts up by navigating to SYSTEM > Add-ons > SYSTEM > Dependencies > URLResolver > Configure.

Still confused about URLResolver? Get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook and we will try to help!


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