What is the URLResolver Kodi Add-on? Kodi URLResolver Update

The URLResolver Kodi add-on works in the background to improve your Kodi experience on almost every popular Kodi add-on. What does the latest Kodi URLResolver update bring to the table? Read on to find out!

November 8th URLResolver Kodi Update:

URLResolver has been updated to  v5.0.42.

Check out the full list of changes below. If any of the addons you have installed used ResolveURL as a dependency, they will be receiving the new update!

URLResolver Kodi v5.0.42 Change Log

  • Code Base changes
    • hmf improvement
  • Resolvers Added
    • uqload
    • videobin
    • idupto
  • Resolvers Fixed/Updated
    • onlystream
    • thevid
    • gofile
    • fembed
    • uqload
    • videoapne
    • vidorg
    • speedwatch
  • Resolvers Removed
    • rapidvideocom
    • openload
    • streamango
  • Languages Added/Updated
    • Norweigan


Previously, URLResolver added torrent and magnet link support for Premiumize and Real Debrid. That means that you’ll be able to access cached torrents in Kodi with URLResolver now.

URLResolver was originally created by TVAddons (source: http://fusion.tvaddons.co) and they store the official version. A few other repositories may also be hosting the addon update.

If you have either repo installed, your URLResolver should update to the latest copy automatically.

If you’d like to contribute to the URLResolver code, click here.


The URLResolver Kodi add-on works in the background of Kodi (called a dependency) to decode file hosts in order to play the root movie or TV video stream. If you are new to Kodi, you probably notice that a lot of add-ons use the same filehosts – Gvideo, clicknupload, zshare, dizilab are some of the popular ones. The URLResolver Kodi add-on knows how to navigate through these hosts, clicking through captcha’s and virtually retrieving the streaming file which you see in Kodi.

URLResolver is automatically installed with any add-on that uses it, so you probably have the latest Kodi URLResolver update on your box without event knowing it.

URLResolver Kodi newest changes:

  • Every resolver has been reviewed and fixed, as needed
  • Every defunct resolver has been removed
  • new resolvers have been added
  • All Debrid support has been added.
  • Simply-Debrid is now supported
  • Google’s ReCaptcha Version 2 is now supported (“I’m not a robot” checkboxes)
  • New method of simplifying ReCaptcha has been added
  • FilePup’s resolver has been updated to a hoster supported method (meaning less frequent breakage)
  • Simplification across the board to make adding resolvers easier

You probably already have the latest Kodi URLResolver update already, so you can go and enjoy the changes jsergio has made!

You can view URLResolver settings and set things like priority and premium accounts up by navigating to SYSTEM > Add-ons > SYSTEM > Dependencies > URLResolver > Configure.

Still confused about URLResolver? Get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook and we will try to help!


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70 thoughts on “What is the URLResolver Kodi Add-on? Kodi URLResolver Update”

  1. Great article! I’ve been using the URLResolver add-on for a while now and it’s really helped me streamline my Kodi experience. Love the new features in the latest update, especially the improved video quality. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The #1 reason why many addons stop working is because the links to the repos go down. Because many use their own websites and they go offline and the code is lost.

    offshortgit was a popular website for many addons that no longer works so many addons will no longer update or work without adding a yet a new repo that contains the code.

    To any addon developer with a brain, Stop using your website unless you know it’s going to be up for a long time, Don’t use free hosting because accounts can be deleted without warning.

    Just publish your code on github then everyone gets the same updates.

    Create 2 repos, 1 for release and 1 for development that way users can contribute to the project. That is the whole point of open source…

  3. Can’t add real debrid account on the latest version of IRL resolve only on kodi for the xbox one. Probably due to it running the alpha of kodi 18, hopefully this gets fixed soon for it to work there. Works fine on other platforms

  4. For about a week I hav been having the following issue on only one of my android boxes: when selecting a source I get a temporary authorization for debrid regarding the URL Resolver. But I am logged in and authorized thru debrid, and the issue persists. Anything I need to do? (Still running Jarvis 16.1). Thanks.

  5. The problem that I have is that for every TV show I watch in every season there is always streamango at the top but everytime time it’s only for the first episode and yet it’s present in the every episode but it’s always the first episode of that season.

  6. yogg. With the current environment of takedowns and the developer not updating URLResolver himself, if you wish to blindly update without questioning, please do go ahead. As for myself I would prefer to ask and get confirmation. Only 2 or 3 updates ago, someone else updated it with xxx sites and every repo picked it up.

  7. Guys I know how to fix it… guess many people don’t get you’re psychically NOT seeing the urlresolver button.. under dependencies.

    Here’s the URL download it, then go to add from zip file.. and URL resolver WILL be there.

    This might be a slightly older one I believe a 4.0 came out, so try to google universal url resolver 4.0 source/zip .. and install same as above.

    let me know if this helps, because I’ve seen no one tell people to ADD the url resolver manually since it’s missing in some BUILDS.

  8. hey guys. URLReslover has an update to 4.0.16 in TYVAddons, Exodus and XunityTalk repositries …. is it a safe update or a spoof

  9. Real debrid is setup and authorized but as of today it doesn’t work. Can’t re authorize it either comes up with a error to check log

  10. Help!!!!!! my URLResolver not working, I can’t update it and to any old or new version 4.0.15 or las, I got message that the update failed

  11. Has tv addons raised more than $5 for its court case? Tech Nerds how much have you contributed? TV addons is going down , folks.


  12. To the idiot pretending to be MPAA.
    Do you think they would have a dumb ass like you working for them?
    Tvaddons is already in court.
    You mean tvaddons are in court already you illiterate fool.
    You just showed how stupid you really are.it took me 2 minutes to get your information.
    Keep it up and il be posting you’re name and address.
    Now crawl back into your hole you little vermin

  13. Install the url resolver i posted above… then click UPDATE, it will update to eldorado 4.01 .. and enjoy fellas!

  14. Guys I know how to fix it… guess many people don’t get you’re psychically NOT seeing the urlresolver button.. under dependencies.

    Here’s the URL download it, then go to add from zip file.. and URL resolver WILL be there.

    This might be a slightly older one I believe a 4.0 came out, so try to google universal url resolver 4.0 source/zip .. and install same as above.

    let me know if this helps, because I’ve seen no one tell people to ADD the url resolver manually since it’s missing in some BUILDS.


  15. No one wants to do their own research. They just complain. I wanted to say a big THANK YOU , for all the hard work that y’all do. And no pay. You guys are FANTASTIC. Great work…

  16. I love that there are people on here bitching about something that is free. And anyone who helps them is not getting paid. If you are not intellectually curious, then you will find Kodi difficult to navigate and maintain. But if you enjoy learning and staying up to date, Kodi and movie streaming is as good as it gets. I love the “what is” questions, is your Google broke? And the dumb questions also, “Do I have to have my TV on to see a movie?”. If you can’t laugh at yourself, go back to your coloring books. And thanks to everyone on here who helps out, you have an enormous amount of patience.

  17. I had the same problem yesterday when I updated Exodus from the Smash repo.
    I could not update the urlresolver. Then I checked the urlresolver & it showed it auto updated from the Smash repo. I was able to reauthorize Real-Debrid & now it’s working.

  18. doesn’t work had to use ares wizard to get update but the new updated version will not allow activation correctly . The timer states 120 secs but it only gives you 20 secs to do it

  19. Looks like the URL Resolver is broken as well. Attempted to reauthorize URL resolver and each time the process failed with Real-Debrid.

    Anyone figure out a way to get tot work?

  20. Bogus must be a liberal. Liberals always attack anything that represents liberty or freedom or individuality. Anything that isn’t collectivism where he is automatically included. He sounds like a little 8 year old girl that caught her brother touching himself, AAAAAAMMMMM IM TELLING MOOOOOOMMMM!! MOOOOM THESE GUYS ARRREEE TRYING TO EXERCISE THEIR ABILITY TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES AND MAKE SOME THING UNIQUE WITHOUT LETTING ME KNOW TOOOOO!! Statist punk !

  21. So tell me, since tvaddons was taken down this DL does not, will not work???

    I need it, please tell me how to make it spawn.


  22. My computer did the same thing went I clicked on the download file. I didn’t even get to start the download before my computer went completely hay wire!

  23. After I go into add-ons there is no system for me to configure my url resolver ?
    Please can you help ?

  24. Why do you allow/request comments when you haven’t answered one in almost 12 months? Perhaps you answer privately or maybe I don’t know how to see replies. I have a problem identical to Anne September 1, 2016 but if you answered her the reply isn’t displayed.

    While I do appreciate having the free service, when I purchase something advertised then can’t get necessary help to use the item it is a little frustrating.


  25. Please can you tell me why I am being asked all the time for authorisation for my network before I can watch any movies?

  26. The option to update the URL Resolver is greyed out and am stuck on version 3.0.29. How can I open up the option to get 3.0.6?

  27. Best add on ever. Great live tv now an crystal clear movies… amazing. Learn how to use the box haters!!! Figure it out .

  28. What kind of site is this!! I discovered it in my browser. You offer to “HIDE” PEOPLE OR TELL THEM HOW TO HIDE?? WTF!!?? I AM TAKING SCREENSHOTS OF THIS CRAP!!! WOW!!!!

  29. What can you do if the menu sequence SYSTEM > Add-ons > SYSTEM > Dependencies > URLResolver > Configure doesn’t exist in my installation of Kodi (Confluence skin)?

  30. I keep getting update failed. Can anyone help me as I can’t watch anything. Says there is an update but gives me error

  31. URLResolver won’t update to version 3.0.1. I downloaded the urlresolver version 2.0.13 beta 8 that you posted on Mar 30th. I have tried to shutdown kodi and reboot by box and start up again. It shows there is an update, but nothing happens when I try to update the urlresolver. Any help would be appreciated.


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