Cached Torrents in Kodi: The Ultimate Guide For HD Streams

This is the ultimate guide to accessing and streaming cached torrents in Kodi. 

If you don’t know yet, the cached torrenting feature through Premiumize and Real Debrid allows users to stream HD media files stored in torrent or magnet files right within Kodi.

These streams are in high demand within Kodi right now, and for a few good reasons. Let us walk you through cached torrents in Kodi and everything you need to know today!

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  1. What are Cached Torrents?
  2. Cached Torrents vs Traditional File Hosts
  3. Cached Torrents in Kodi
  4. FREE Cached Torrent Links
  5. Cached Torrent Kodi Addons
  6. How to Setup Premiumize in Kodi for Cached Torrenting


What are Cached Torrents?

Let’s break things down in simple terms so that even the easiest person can understand.

A torrent file contains information about users around the world who are all “seeding” (or storing or hosting) the same file around the world. It does not store any content, just information and addresses of those people who are.

Torrent files in Kodi show the location of users who are seeding media files. When you access that file inside of a torrent client, it works to download or stream the file from all of the listed seeders.

When you downloading or using this file inside of the torrent client, you become one of the users who are seeding its contents. This is why torrenting can be dangerous, since anybody can in theory see if you are seeding copyrighted or grey-area content.

Most guides will recommend the use of a VPN when torrenting so that you protect your real connection and identity from whoever may be looking.

A cache is a software component that stores data the first time it sees it so that future requests can be served faster. 

If you put cached torrents together, it means that Premiumize is storing the media content from torrent files in a central spot so that it can be served to users quickly when requested.

Cool, huh?

Essentially, once one user loads a torrent file into the Premiumize cloud, Premiumize stores all of the good stuff and can quickly serve media to any other user who requests it.

A similar function is performed in Real Debrid. They support magnet links which are just like torrent files but look more like links to a website on the internet.


Cached Torrents vs Traditional File Hosts

So it all sounds great, but why is it better than traditional files hosts on openload, vidzi, or the countless other hosts?

Well, every individual person that connects to those hosts to stream a file has to download the entire thing off the server as they stream.

With a cache torrent, the Premiumize cloud service only has to download the entire file once. Once it is stored in the cache, it quickly gives users access as necessary.

Traditional file hosts don’t store large files (which means high quality) because it takes up too much bandwidth as more and more users stream from it. 

Many free file hosts have gone offline or have gone to a pairing process (openload, thevideo, etc) in order to keep up their ad revenue with growing demand.

Torrents can easily be uncompressed, high quality, multi-channel, and perfect quality. Seeders store the files all around the world and share their internet connection to others accessing the file. The process is fluid and smooth.

Not quite convinced? Let’s have a summarized look at some advantages of cached torrents in Kodi.


Better Quality Media

As we already talked about, torrent files don’t have the same drawbacks as file hosts for bandwidth. Therefore, torrent files can be better quality and uncompressed.

In a world of 4K televisions, fast internet speeds, surround sound, and home automation, some users want the BEST possible quality in Kodi.

You Do Not Need a VPN to Hide Your Connection

Unlike regular torrent processes where you share your connection with other users while you download or seed those files, you do not expose your connection at all while accessing cached torrent files. 

Premiumize accesses all the information it needs and stores the end media file, so that you can anonymously stream from its servers.

Instant streaming

If you’ve ever streamed a torrent file before, you’ll know that you usually have to wait until the entire file is downloaded from the seeders and put together before it plays within Kodi.

Not with cached torrents! If Premiumize has seen the file and cached it, it will play instantly.

No torrent client needed

Thanks to the Kodi media player and ResolveURL dependency, you don’t need a torrent client to act as a middleman for you to decode torrent files.

If you subscribe to Premiumize, then you are setup and ready to go.

Add Your Own Media into the Premiumize Cloud

If you want to upload something obscure or rare to the Premiumize cloud that there is no stream of via traditional file hosts, you can do that!

Torrent files only contain data and as long as one person is seeding the file at the end, you can download it, add it to your Premiumize cloud, and let Premiumize cache it for you in Kodi.

We have a step-by-step further down this guide to help you out!

Cached Torrents in Kodi

Okay, so you are subscribed to Premiumize and you are ready to access HD content via cached torrents. What now?

What you need is an addon that supports cached torrents. In order for Kodi addons to work with cached torrents, they must have their scraper side and resolving side setup.

Scraping Side

A few addons have added scrapers for torrent sites. These scrapers are queried every time you search for a title in Kodi or click on a title via one of the standard playlists (Most Popular, Trending, etc).

These scrapers search a few torrent sites for files that match your query name. When it finds a file that matches your query, Kodi stores that information and presents it to you in the “source select” screen.

Resolving Side

When you actually pick your source to stream, your Kodi addon sends your request to a resolver which knows how to decode and play your file inside of the Kodi media center.

Some addons (see below) handle resolving of torrent links in Premiumize internally. Other addons pass off resolving to ResolveURL.

The resolver grabs the media file from the Premiumize cloud and sends the cached torrent file stream to Kodi.


Cached Torrent Kodi Addons

Now we get into the good stuff!

What addons in Kodi support cached torrents?

Most Kodi addons today support cached torrents:

Both of these addons are excellent and they work great. Thanks to cached torrents, you receive real 4K, multi-audio content in Kodi regularly with very little buffer.

As of ResolveURL v5.0.22 released on December 20th, 2018, ResolveURL handles Premiumize and Real Debrid cached torrents decoding.

FREE Cached Torrents Kodi Access

Premiumize is one of the top premium services for Kodi. In addition to many file hosts with HD links, it is one of the best sources for cached torrent files. One complaint from users is that its price is a bit more than what Real Debrid currently offers.

However, Premiumize offers FREE access to cached torrent links in Kodi. This means that you can sign up for a free account, sync your account in Kodi, and then access free HD streams.

To get free cached torrents access, follow the instructions in the next section to setup Premiumize in Kodi and then in ResolveURL. You do not need to go through the payment part to get a premium account.

When you sync your free Premiumize in Kodi, you can then install Seren and view premium HD links!

How to Setup Premiumize in Kodi 

First, head to the Premiumize Website and then click the Sign Up button in the upper right corner of your screen.

Enter in your Email Address and desired password and then click the Register button. You can also sign up with a Facebook or Google+ account on this page.

A confirmation link will be sent to your email address. You must click the link in this email in order to activate your Premiumize account. When you get logged in, you must click Extend Premium and follow the payment process in order to get Premium access to Premiumize. If you have bought a voucher from a third party reseller, you can also utilize that with the Redeem Voucher button.


How to Setup Premiumize in ResolveURL

resolveurl kodi

Once you have your Premiumize premium account setup, here is how you activate it in Kodi in the ResolveURL dependency.

  1. From your Kodi main menu, navigate to Settings (cogwheel) > System Settings > Highlight the settings wheel at the bottom left and change to “Advanced”.
  2. Head back to your Kodi main menu and then navigate to Add-ons > Manage Dependencies
  3. Select ResolveURL.
  4. Press menu (‘c’) > Configure > Universal Resolvers and scroll down to
  5. Change the Priority of your to 90 (or something lower than 100 so that Premiumize links appear at the top of your search queries).
  6. Click on Login. Enter your Customer ID (this is found in your main login window.
  7. Enter your Pin (this can also be found in your account page)
  8. Click OK to exit out of the Resolver and save your settings.

And that’s it! Premiumize Kodi is setup and the next time you use an addon that depends on either ResolveURL, you will see Premiumize links returned inside of Kodi.

When a scraper adds torrent support, you will automatically be setup for cached torrents in Kodi.


How to Setup Premiumize in Seren

seren kodi
  1. Launch the Seren Kodi addon.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Open Settings Menu
  3. Under the Accounts tab, toggle the option to Enable Premiumize.
  4. Grab the API Key from your account above and enter it into the spot in Kodi. Make sure that Torrents are enabled.


How to Setup Premiumize in Gaia

  1. Launch the Gaia Kodi addon.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Accounts > Settings
  3. Scroll down to Premiumize and turn the toggle to Enabled.
  4. Enter in your User ID and pin. Make sure that Encryption is enabled.


Hopefully this helps everyone understand cached torrents in Kodi better.

Comment below or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter today and let us know if you need any help or assistance.

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