1Channel Kodi Add-on Install Guide (Primewire): Movies + TV

1Channel Kodi add-on has been one of the longest running single-source Kodi add-ons. It takes streams directly from Primewire, one of the largest TV and Movie websites on the internet today.

March 22nd: The 1Channel Kodi addon has returned and with a brand new update, v4.0.06. The default address has been fixed and errors have been fixed to make the addon functional again. Install 1Channel via the guide below!

In a world of constantly changing Kodi add-ons and streaming websites, Primewire has always been a constant and the 1Channel Kodi add-on has always been equally as great. The 1Channel Kodi contains media stored on file hosts on the public internet.

Though the 1Channel Kodi add-on only grabs files from one single website provider, don’t be fooled. Primewire has a huge database and multiple links for every single file. They are quick to upload new content as well.

Looking to install the 1Channel add-on to access all of Primewire’s content? You can find it in the Kodibae Repository.


For 1Channel setup tips and to optimize the links shown in the addon, check out the options below:

1Channel Kodi Settings


  • Domain – Check in your web browser that you can access the domain shown here. If you can’t, change this option and test again until you find a working link. The addon will not work if you can’t access the website in your country! You may need a VPN to access the provider.
  • Use HTTPS (Krypton Only) – If you are using Kodi 17+, enable this option to display secured links.
  • Enable Custom Domain – If the provider website has changed to something other than one listed in the domain options above, enter it here.


User Interface

  • Playlist Sort Order – Change what order each playlist is sorted by (date added, popularity, or alphabetic)
  • Set Default Views – Change your default views in the addon if you know what you are doing.


Video Playback

  • Automatically play sources – Automatically play links without selecting the file host.
  • Source selection method – Changes how results are displayed by the addon.
  • Automatically mark videos as watched – Adds a watched indicator after you complete a link.
  • Mark watched percentage – Change how much you have to watch before a stream is considered “watched”
  • Enable sorting of sources – allows you to manually sort sources by your preference


Performance – Custom performance options to change the way data is loaded by the addon. Advanced users only.

Library Integration – This section allows you to setup the 1Channel Kodi addon for library integration, similar to Covenant.

Label Formatting – Change how metadata is displayed by links returned in the addon.

Database – Reset or reload database and cache options.



How to Install 1Channel Kodi Addon – Standard Method

  1. Click here to download the Kodi Bae Repository from Github. Save it somewhere you can access within Kodi.
  2. From your Kodi home screen.
    • ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
    • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  3. Select Install from Zip File and choose the repository.kodibae-x.x.zip file you downloaded in step one. Wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  4. Select Install from Repository > Kodi Bae repository > Video Add-ons > 1Channel > Install
  5. Wait for Add-on enabled notification


How to Install Kodi Release Hub Addon – Git Browser Method

If you don’t already have the Git Browser Kodi addon installed, click here to read our guide and then come back here and use the instructions below.

  1. From your Kodi home screen.
    • ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
    • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  2. Select My Addons > Program Add-ons > Indigo
  3. Navigate to Addon Installer > Git Browser > Search By GitHub Username > **New Search**
  4. Enter kodibae into the search bar and then click OK. Select repository.kodibae-x.x.zip from the list, making sure you select the highest revision of the repository.
  5. After the repository has installed, click Continue when you get the popup.
  6. Back out of the Indigo addon and navigate to SYSTEM > Add-ons > Install From Repository > Kodi Bae Repository > Video Addons > 1Channel > Install
  7. Wait for the Add-on Enabled Notification


1Channel Popup Message

Note that when you install the new 1Channel Kodi addon, you will receive the following popup message when it launches:

This update is developed by www.tvaddons.co loyalists!

TVA can no longer support 1Channel so we are updating it for the users.

We are anonymous. We do not need your support. They do so pls follow @tvaddonsco on Twitter.

After a few seconds, the popup disappears. There is nothing malicious about the addon.

If you haven’t heard, TVAddons is in the middle of two court cases – one in Canada and the other in the USA. Their original domain names were seized by the authorities and popup messages like the one in 1Channel are to raise awareness for their new domain.

1Channel was originally developed by TVAddons developers.



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81 thoughts on “1Channel Kodi Add-on Install Guide (Primewire): Movies + TV”

  1. My regular old version worked fine until ISP Rogers updated the modem that changes your ip address all screwed up. I cant even use netflix. Im going to make them change my modem back to the old one. They gave me a new one for an upgrade but the new ones generate a scrambled ipv6 address. So you cant pair sources with your device.

  2. Someone posted or reposted this June 12/17…. it does not work. I downloaded k3l3vra from this site, but it’s 1.0.0 not 2.5.78 like it says in the instructions. It will not update once installed or pre-install either. Is there something that I missed or does this just not work period???
    Thx reply appreciated

  3. This is way you can’t download everything, when it first comes out. Plenty of other sites to choose from, most basically have the same movies.

  4. I don’t know what is going on but Openload has taken over my movies. I can’t play anything. It keeps telling me to go to olpair.com and select pair. When I do it freezes my compuret and tells me it has detected a virus and not to shut down. But olpair seems to be the virus. What is going on? Are you aware of this?

  5. For the past week or so, I no longer see movie or TV show information. I get a , ” No information available ” message. Artwork wasn’t showing up either, but I fixed that. Can anyone help with this?

  6. Trying to install primewire with the latest version and nothing shows up in add-ons. Everything is typed in correct. With the new layout I checked everywhere and nothing. Tried 3 times.

  7. 1channel is not appearing in my video add ons. Premiumize cloud is the only option. Same thing with other add ons I have installed. Am I missing anything? I have Nito TV and Kodi. Please help.

  8. Everything falls apart for me when I have to go to my home screen and select “system.” That doesn’t exist. Now what?

  9. I was able to use it yesterday while in Canada. Came home and tried to use it & I get the same answer as before I left. failed to connect to url….

  10. hate to point out the obvious but, this website has been blocked by order of the high court…..or at least if you type primewire.ag in your search that is the message you get.so i guess it’s gone !!!!!

  11. Sorry people, no help from me. I need some myself..
    Followed instructions of Video maker.. step by step. But still no final ‘add-on enabled’ notification and no 1Channel.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this??

  12. I can’t connect to 1 channel keep getting 1channel error check the log for more information. I can’t find this log on my android box. Everything else works but this. Can someone please tell me how to fix this.

  13. I have not been able to use 1 Channel for over a month it say it can’t connect to URL. I have to android G boxes.Can someone help?

  14. Same Leo problem as noted above – driving me crazy for days. Tried everything and visited multiple chat forums for advice. I now used custom domain primewire.co, and enabled Premiumize Cloud as suggested in a couple of comments here – and 1Channel now works! Leo is finally out of my life and living room!
    Thanks guys – great advice. Not sure what Premiumize Cloud does but I think I’ll leave that icon alone. Does anyone know if I should do anything in that folder?

  15. This worked for me. Instead of uninstalling it I went through the steps and updated using the tknorris new version.

  16. Primwire has been blocked by the ISP and when you go into orimewire.at there is a high court order with a list of proscribed sites

  17. My screen went black when trying to install from zip file and when I go to home and back into Kodi it is still black. Any suggestions, and thank you for your time.

  18. Ok everyone this is wgat i did and it worked for me.
    Install from repositary
    tknorriss Release Repositary
    Video add-ons
    Premiumize Cloud (Enable)

    Got it to work
    No more Leo 🙂

    Hope this helps

  19. Go back to your Home Screen and then to SYSTEM > Add-Ons > Install from Zip File > “Fusion”

    When I go there and click on “Fusion” nothing happens, it doesn’t work.

  20. I went to install from zip and found the tknorris repo and installed it. Then I went to install from repo and in the tknorris repo there was one item that was not enabled so I enabled it and there was an update available for 1channel so I installed that. After that 1channel worked no more message of no sources found it loaded up fine from that point. Hope that helps you figure it out!

  21. Now running version 2.5.72 and it still can not find any sources. Please let me know what I need to do to make this work again.

  22. Thanks!! Your info helped me get 1channel working again. It has been my main source for tv and movies but stopped working on May 135th then on the 145th it came up as no sources found no matter what tv show I tried. It is now working again and I am grateful for your tips. Thanks again!

  23. Tried the new irk and it still didn’t work as well as all of the other directions. Any news? Also how to I send my logs to TK?

  24. I had the same Leonardo problem, nothing would play at all. It wouldn’t let me update so I uninstalled Channel 1 then reinstalled it following the directions above, pretty simple, even for someone not so tech savvy as myself. All seems to be working now, thanks so much!!

    Did the same notthing changed even rebooted 🙁

  25. I had the same Leonardo problem, nothing would play at all. It wouldn’t let me update so I uninstalled Channel 1 then reinstalled it following the directions above, pretty simple, even for someone not so tech savvy as myself. All seems to be working now, thanks so much!!

  26. I am in the same boat with that decaprio thing.I have fusion so how do I add the tk repository please help

  27. Thank you! I already had fusion, so I added the tk repository. When I did that 1channel updated on its own and I was able to play videos again.

  28. Update fails every time i try. uninstalled it and re installed it and its won’t install it.

  29. clynn I had the same, updated to newest version through kodi settings and now it works, only I have no sources so that’s the next step.

  30. All I am getting regardless of movies or tvshows selected through 1 channel is a picture of Leonardo dicarpro telling me to go to primewire.ag. I cannot view anything on 1 channel.

  31. I had 1 channel previously installed. I attempted to update manually with no luck. I then uninstalled 1 channel and the tknorris repository and reinstalled all of it but I still get the old version and errors of no stream available. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks ahead of time!

  32. Fixing the main add-ons is great and please don’t think I am not grateful BUT at some time can you please get the comment makers photos to not cover the comments.

  33. In the last step… there is NO file that has Tknorris Add-on repository, it is tknorris INSTALL repository.

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