Contest: Alfawise H96 Mini Kodi Box; Android 7

The Alfawise H96 Mini is an Android 7.0 Kodi box ready to tackle the newest version of Kodi. Packed with features and shippable to anywhere in the world, come check it out! Enter our contest to win one yourself.

The Alfawise H96 Mini is a nice new Kodi box that checks off all of our requirements for Kodi 17 compatibility:

  • New Amlogic T962E CPU Chip
  • Android 7
  • Dual-band wi-fi support
  • H.265 video support and decoding
  • RAM = 2GB
  • Available around the world

Right now, the Alfawise H96 Pro is only $60 USD for 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM which is a great deal for a high-spec Kodi box.

The Alfawise H96 comes in a compact black blog with gold trim and includes the Kodi box, power adapter, HDMI cable, and remote (batteries not included).

Setup of the H96 Is one of the easiest we’ve ever encountered. Simply power up the unit and you will be instantly greeted with a familiar (if you’ve seen an Android box before) tiled interface with the Kodi icon. Simply press this to launch Kodi. There is no setup time other than configuring the date and time in the Android settings.

Playback is smooth as expected on the S912 chip and Android 7 looks to be a solid platform for Kodi to run on top of.

Check out the specs of the box below and then enter our contest to win a free copy!

AlfaWise H96 Mini Specs

  • CPU = Amlogic T962E
  • GPU = ARM Mali-450MP
  • OS = Android 7
  • RAM = 2GB
  • Hard Drive = 16GB (expandable up to 2TB with an external hard drive)
  • H.263, H2.64, and H.265 video support
  • 5.1 surround sound audio support
  • 802.11 abhnac wi-fi support + ethernet port
  • Bluetooth support
  • USB 2.0
  • Available in a US, UK, or EU power adapter


Click here to check out more information and to buy the Alfawise H96 Mini

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  1. I got the same result until I double-checked. You have to make sure you’re choosing the right Alfawise model (Alfawise H96 mini), otherwise you’ll get an error message saying the code isn’t for the right product.

  2. Are people outside the u.s. allowed to enter. Or more importantly will they be willing to post to the UK if it’s a UK winner?

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