Amazon New Fire TV Kodi Details: 4K HDR Support

Available today, Amazon has a brand new Fire TV with 4K and HDR video support, the 3rd generation of the popular Kodi box. Read the details below and buy one today.

December 4th: Amazon has released a nice promotion for those who want to get the new Amazon Fire TV this holiday season. The regular device is $70 but for just an extra $5 more, you get an indoor HD antenna which lets you stream local channels in your area.

In urban areas, this antenna can give you 30 or more free live HD TV channels in some cases. Pair the antenna with a DVR and storage solution like the HDHomeRun for a full cable TV replacement.

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Available to buy today, the brand new 3rd generation of the Fire TV Kodi box. The new Fire TV comes with 4K and HDR video support, meaning that you can now stream the highest quality of videos on your Kodi box.

The new Fire TV has also received a price cut to $69.99 and there are rumours that there will never be an upgraded Fire TV Stick. The new box comes with an upgraded 1.5GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, and an upgraded Alexa voice remote. Amazon has gone very aggressive with the new Fire TV, which is $100 cheaper than the latest Apple TV recently announced.

The updated Amazon Fire TV has a smaller form factor and also comes with no ethernet port included on the device, similar to the Stick. If you need wired ethernet (we recommend it for live streams but not replays), Amazon has also introduced an ethernet adapter alongside the box which can be purchased for an extra $15. As a bonus, Amazon is selling the Fire TV in bundles with an antenna which can help you stream live local channels.

Buy or check out the new Amazon Fire TV Kodi Box via the links below:


The new Fire TV should be one of the hottest media players of the 2017 holiday season. In addition to Kodi, you can install hundreds of other media apps. If you have an old generation Fire without Alexa voice support, now could be the perfect time to upgrade!

In addition, Amazon has also introduced a whole lineup of new Echo devices:


To install Kodi on your new Amazon Fire TV, check out our guide here.

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13 thoughts on “Amazon New Fire TV Kodi Details: 4K HDR Support”

  1. I would never buy this. Only one I am going to buy is the New Fire TV cube when it comes out, Also that one will be more than worth it at $120 around there

  2. I’m also getting stutter and lag trying to watch kodi 4k on my new fire TV 2017. I got slightly better results using spmc but there is still noticeable stutter and lag on all sources. My internet connection is definitely fast enough, no buffering. Picture quality is great, it’s just the frame rate driving my eyes crazy. I’ve adjusted many settings within both apps. Hopefully there is a fix soon otherwise I’m going to return it because I bought it specifically for 4k hdr 10.

  3. I am also noticing a small visible stutter with kodi 17.5 on new fire tv 4k. The movie streaming and overall browsing on kodi itself is also a bit stuttery. I am not sure if if it’s h/w issue or software

  4. Any solution to the not smooth playback? Fire tv gen1 works great… This one has small but visinle stutter, any options to change this?

  5. I had the same issue with the kodi install. Then I used the es downloader and it worked. Now I’m having a problem getting the Xenon build to work. It looks like it installs but it doesn’t appear anywhere. kodi doesn’t show up either but I can browse to apps to launch it.

  6. i am not able to install KODI on the 4K HDR 2017 fire dongle. the error is ” no application found to install the apk”. any workaround for this issue? i really like kodi and use it a lot.

  7. This is not the new fire Tv, this is a revamped version of the fire stick, The new revamped version of the fire tv won’t be out until late this year and it’s supposed to act as a echo also, this is the new fire stick that’s why this version has no Ethernet connection, Amazon just changed the way the stick looks, The New Fire Tv has a completely different look also, it looks like a cube that has speakers on it like the echo.

  8. @Anonymous
    Well said. It pisses me off all over the net you see android box and whoever selling it call it Kodi boxes.

  9. It isnt a kodi box you dumb shits so stop advertising it as such
    Its a fire tv,theres no such thing as a kodi box,kodi do not make or sell boxes
    Change your shitty clickbait title and wording

  10. Can somebody in the know explain to me how much better the new fire TV is?
    The original fire TV was Qualcomm Snapdragon 8064 Quad Core 4x @ 1.7Ghz and a Qualcomm Adreno 320 GPU,
    the second generation was MediaTek 8173C Quad Core 2x @ 2GHz & 2x @ 1.6Ghz and a PowerVR Rogue GX6250 GPU
    both with 2 GB or RAM,

    Now the new Fire TV has Amlogic Quad-core 1.5GHz | ARM 4xCA53 and a Mali450 MP3 GPU
    still with 2 GB of RAM

    Now this is all confusing to me as it does not seem to be apples to apples. My question really is, if I don’t care about 4k streaming, is this leaps and bounds better in every way or will I not notice and difference in performance in standard definition and menu navigation.

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