How to Use the Axie Infinity Marketplace: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide we will be going over the Axie Infinity Marketplace, the official place to buy and sell Axies, Land, and Items from Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is the most popular play-2-earn (P2E) crypto game today.

Below, we will go over:

  • Axies, their usage in the game, and important stats to understand
  • The different components in the Marketplace and how to filter and use it
  • Key tips, stats, and metrics you should look for in the marketplace when you are looking to buy something.

If you have any questions about the Axie Infinity Marketplace let us know down below in the comments!

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My Review

I love that Axie Infinity is a simple concept with unlimited possibilities. Axies are relatable and the battling component reminds me of all classic RPG games. The Axie Builders program is an awesome way to drive future iterest in the platform with new mini games and integrations.

Features We Like

  • All Axies are unique.
  • There is a growing game world to explore with your Axies.
  • Battling requires you to have some knowledge on the strengths an weaknesses of your Axies.
  • The Axie Builders program has some exciting mini-games in development for Axie Infinity.
Best ForAll Crypto Gamers
BlockchainEthereum + Ronin

What is the Axie Infinity Marketplace?

The Axie Infinity Marketplace is the official Marketplace for Axie Infinity, a popular play-to-earn crypto game. In Axie Infinity, the goal is to breed Axies, which are basically little digital pets. You then use these Axies to battle against other users to try and earn coins that can be used to upgrade your Axies to more rare versions.

In the Axie Infinity Marketplace you can:

  • buy and sell Axies used for battling
  • buy and sell Land in the game
  • buy and sell items used in the game

The marketplace is the official home for all Axie Infinity NFTs and is a spot you should become familiar with if you play the game.

If you are confused, don’t worry. Below, we go through all of the different components in the game that you should know about.

axie marketplace axies

Axies in the Marketplace

What are Axies?

Axies are animated digital pets used in Axie Infinity. You can breed, train and fight with them in order to earn coins and level up by playing the game.

In Axie Infinity, Axies are considered NFTs which means you are the unique owner of that specific digital pet. You must purchase 3 Axies from the Marketplace before you can begin battling against other users.

Once you start battling and winning those battles, you earn coins which allow you to breed your Axies. This will increase their rarity in game and in the Marketplace.

Axies have unique components to them that are important to learn:

  • Classes
  • Body Parts
  • Purity
  • Genes
  • Abilities
  • Breed Count
  • Stats

Below, we break down these components in more detail and show you where to find them in the marketplace.

axie marketplace specific axie page


There are a total of 9 classes in Axie Infinity. However, Dawn, Dusk and Mech classes do not have their own Body Parts (we will go over these later).

The 6 main classes are:

  • Aquatic
  • Beast
  • Bird
  • Bug
  • Plant
  • Reptile

Each class of an Axie is important for battles against other users because each class is strong and weak against other classes. Whichever Axie has the advantage will deal 15% additional damage in battle. Whichever Axie has the disadvantage will deal 15% less damage.

Also, when an Axie of a certain class uses a card from its own class, it gets a 10% attack and shield bonus (Plant Axie using a plant card).

The three “secret” classes in Axie Infinity are:

  • Mech: offspring of a purebred Beast Axie and a purebred Bug Axie
  • Dawn: offspring of a purebred Plant Axie and a purebred Bird Axie
  • Dusk: offspring of a purebred Reptile Axie and a purebred Aquatic Axie

These Secret Classes are very hard to breed as it is a specific combination of purebred Axies. Since they do not have their own Body Parts/Card, they are a little weak compared to the other 6 classes. To fix this, they get bonuses added when playing cards from classes they share advantages and disadvantages with.

  • Mech: 7.5% class bonus for Beast and Bug cards
  • Dawn: 7.5% class bonus for Bird and Aquatic cards
  • Dusk: 7.5% class bonus for Reptile and Plant cards

Body Parts

Each Axie has 6 body parts:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Horns
  • Mouth
  • Back
  • Tail

Each body part determines the card that the Axie can use in battle except for the eyes and ears. These do not have a card attached to them.

The different classes have tiered cards for each body part, and each of these cards will help you out differently in battle. Remember that playing cards that match the class type will give you a 10% attack and shield bonus in battle.

These do also stack on top of the other 15% advantages/disadvantages that the Axies have.

axie marketplace body parts


In Axie Infinity, Purity means the number of traits that matches the Class of the Axie. The higher the number of traits that match, the more “pure” the Axie is. If you have an Axie that is 6/6 in matching traits, it would be considered a “purebred”.

These are very hard to come by.

The higher the purity, the higher the value of the Axie is in the Marketplace. These are rarer due to their breed-ability.


For each body part an Axie possesses, there are 3 genes attached to it:

  • Dominant (D)
  • Recessive (R1)
  • Minor Recessive (R2)

The Dominant gene is what determines the body part that is physically present on the Axie. When you breed Axies together, each gene has a chance to be passed down:

  • Dominant: 37.5% chance to pass down to offspring
  • Recessive: 9.375% chance to pass down to offspring
  • Minor Recessive: 3.125% chance to pass down to offspring

When Breeding, it is important to look at each Axies class and genes and decide what you are looking for in your new Axie. You can use this information to buy specific Axies that would be better to breed with.


axie marketplace axies abilities

Breed Count

In the Axie Infinity Marketplace, the Breed Count is the number of times that an Axie has already been bred and produced an offspring. Each Axie is only able to be bred a maximum of 7 times.

The lower the breed count, the more valuable the Axie is. If you have a low Axie out of 7, it is more valuable on the Marketplace.

axie marketplace parent children


In Axie Infinity there are 4 primary stats.

  • HP (Health Points): This determines how much damage an Axie can take before being knocked out. The higher the HP an Axie has, the more damage it can take.
  • Speed: The Speed stat determines turn order and priority when battling another Axie. The higher the speed, the higher the priority in battle order. If two Axies have the exact same speed, turn priority is determined by this formula: High Speed > Low HP > High Skill > High Morale > Low Fighter ID. Lastly, the higher the Speed of an Axie, the lesser the chances of enemies hitting you with Critical Hits.
  • Skill: The Skill stat determines the bonus damage of combos by using multiple cards at once. The higher the Skill stat on an Axie, the higher the damage of combos.
  • Morale: The Morale stat determines Critical Hit chances, Last Stand chance and the number of Last Stand ticks. Critical Hits double the damage an Axie deals and the higher the Morale, the higher chances of dealing Critical Hits. Last Stands helps survival of an Axie. If an Axie receives fatal damage it can enter Last Stand mode which allows it to continue attacking.

The base stats of an Axie are determined by their class and you can increase these stats by breeding Axies together and also by the different cards you play.

There are a lot of different components to Axies because they are so critical to the Axie Infinity crypto game! Learning the different components above will give you an advantage when you want to buy, sell, or use your Axies in the game.

axie marketplace stats

Buying Land in the Axie Infinity Marketplace

Land is a very sought after asset in Axie Infinity and the cost of land depends on a few different factors such as location. Land located near the center of the map is considered better, as a lot of adventures and events will be located there. Your Axies also travel faster on land that you own.

Owning Land will also be a way to earn passive income inside Axie Infinity. You can build different structures and buildings on Land that you own in order to earn crafting ingredients, housing and other resources.

Only ¼ of the Axie lands have been sold so far, so you do still have a chance to buy chests in the future when more land is introduced into the game. You can also head to the Axie Infinity Marketplace and search Land and see what others are selling. You can buy plots of land from others for ETH.

The environment is the most important factor when searching for land on the Axie Infinity marketplace.

axie marketplace land

Environments in Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity takes place on the land of Lunacia. There are 4 different Land rarity tiers and each plot of land consists of 64 blocks (8×8):

  • Savannah: marked orange on the map
  • Forest: marked green on the map
  • Arctic: marked white on the map
  • Mystic: marked light-blue on the map

Land is a new feature in the Axie Infinity game and all the gameplay components have not been built out yet. To start, land in Axie Infinity has these uses:

  • Production
  • Resource Gathering
  • Building
  • Trading

Over time, more land features are set to be added. New jobs and social activities will be based on land and strategic battling and gameplay will be added after that.

Items in the Axie Infinity Marketplace

axie marketplace items

There are multiple different items for sale on the Axie Infinity Marketplace. Each item corresponds to one of the 4 environments on the map and there are 4 rarity tiers for each item.

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Mystic

The rarer the item, the more expensive it is to purchase. Rarer items will also have higher effects on Axies.

When you click into an Item on the Marketplace, it will outline the Effect that it has on an Axie. Some items will increase Critical Strikes, some will boost Morale, others will increase Health or the amount of damage it can take from opponents.

There are two different ways to purchase items through the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

  1. Some items will be on a bidding system when you submit a bid and after a specified time the highest bidder wins.
  2. There is also a Fixed Amount where you can click Buy Now and purchase it right away without bidding and waiting.

If you are looking for a good land and item strategy in Axie Infinity, you want to acquire land and items that are the same type.

axie marketplace item details

Bundles in the Axie Infinity Marketplace

You are now able to buy and sell bundles on the Axie Infinity Marketplace. What this means is you can bundle together different items as well as plots of land to sell together instead of individually. To do this, you simply go to an item in your inventory, click Bundle with Other Items and you can select up to 19 items/land plots.

You can list items individually and in a bundle at the same time. If an item in a bundle sells, all bundle auctions containing that item will automatically be cancelled.

axie marketplace bundles

What is The Lunacian Express in Axie Infinity?

Lunacian Express is a brand-new event available in Axie Infinity. You can now send your Axies away to live in the wild and you will receive a limited edition land item and a chance to win other amazing raffle prizes.

If you do decide to send an Axie off, it is gone forever and cannot be used in future battles. It will also be removed from your Inventory.

This is considered a key lever in the quest for economic balance in Axie Infinity, but also gives the user a chance to receive exclusive gifts that you can’t get anywhere else in the game.

axie marketplace lunacian express

How to Buy Items on the Axie Infinity Marketplace

Head to the Axie Marketplace and you will be able to filter by a multitude of things in order to buy items on the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

If you wish to purchase an Axie, click into the one you want to buy and you will see specific details such as:

  • Breed count
  • Stats
  • Body Parts
  • Abilities
  • Parents and children
  • Sales History

Click on Buy Now to buy your Axie. You must have Ethereum in your Ronin Wallet to complete the purchase.

You can also purchase Land, Items and Bundles in the Axie Marketplace. Filter by the different rarity tiers, environments and classes to find exactly what you are looking for and build the best Axie you can for battle.

How to Sell Items on the Axie Infinity Marketplace

Selling items on the Axie Infinity Marketplace is very similar to buying. Head to the Axie Marketplace and click into your Inventory. This is where all of your Axies, Land Plots and Items will be. Click into what you are wanting to sell and it will give you two different options when selling:

  • Auction Based: You can set a minimum and maximum selling price and also a time limit for the sale.
  • Fixed Price: Set a price and your Axie will be listed for sale on the Axie Marketplace for that amount.

Once an item has been sold your wallet balance should be updated with the amount it was sold for. You can also cancel your sale by clicking the Cancel Selling button on the Axie/item you have listed.

Hopefully this Axie Infinity marketplace guide was helpful for you.

Let us know if this helped you navigate the Axie Infinity Marketplace and also let us know if you have any questions and we can try to help you out!

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