cCloud IPTV Shut Out to Kodi Users

The cCloud IPTV has returned with a brand new back-end and strategy for providing a long-term IPTV solution for Kodi users! Read on to find out more.

November 2 Update: cCloud has temporarily closed its doors to Kodi and Plex users and creator Bane has called for help from users to keep the service up and running.

Last month, cCloud 0.6 re-launched with over 1000 channels and a new model that would mean 100% reliability as long as the community was willing to help provide live streams for everyone. Read the message from Bane below on how you can upload streams and bring the add-on back to Kodi and Plex.

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We have been forced to temporary disable our service to Kodi and Plex since we are seeking help from you the users to keep the service up and running. CCloud TV is suppose to be community based IPTV service but the community is not helping with the upkeep of nearly 1500 channels. We have been forced to disable until the comunity helps.If you would like help to keep the project alive.Please go to where we have step by step instructions on users like you can help out. We apologize for the inconvivne but we had not choice to disable the service thanks for understanding. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment below or chat is us at to until then just wait for it…



A few months ago, we featured the cCloud IPTV as a possible Stalker alternative, iVue Guide had been updated this afternoon to include guide integration support with cCloud. The service, which is an open-source IPTV offering, relies on a development team as well as the general public to update the IPTV database with working links for the rest of us. The service came down when somebody changed the password to the public pastebin, which was used to keep the channels updated.

Now, the cCloud IPTV has risen from the dead with a brand new model designed to keep the cCloud IPTV around for a long time. Read the entire message from the cCloud IPTV founder below and follow our guide to install the cCloud IPTV Kodi add-on today!

Note: If you do not choose to read the message below, know that the Kodi add-on is currently being redone to include ways for reporting and replacing dead IPTV links with ones that work. This functionality is in the VLC and desktop versions of the cCloud IPTV stalker. Until the new Kodi add-on is released, the existing add-on works fine for viewing channels, but there is no way to report dead links and help out the community with new channels.

cCloud IPTV Installation Guide

  • From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > <None> and enter in “”. Click below and give it a name such as “PodGod” (you do not need to do this if the Podgod repo is already installed.
  • Go back to the Kodi main menu and navigate to SYSTEM > Add-Ons > Install from zip file
  • Select PodGod and then click on
  • Wait for Add-On enabled notification
  • Select Install from Repository > podgod repo > Video Add-Ons > cCloud > Install
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification

That’s it! You now have cCloud.

How is cCloud working for you? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook if you feel that this is truly an IPTV Stalker alternative!

cCloud IPTV Features

  • Channels include live TV, movies, TV shows, premium radio, and news channels.
  • If you are looking to get an idea of what channels are available, here is a Pastebin link that may be outdated slightly but should give you an idea of what is availabole. Click here.
  • The official website of cCloud is
  • The next update for cCloud will see it teaming up with, which is a service that allows you to stream any torrent file!
  • cCloud has survived DMCA notices and has been deemed legal thanks to its Disclaimer notice for copyright owners. cCloud does not host any of its streams. cCloud is a simple cloud based media player used to sync stream links which can be found anywhere on the web.

cCloud IPTV 0.6 Rise Message From Creator

The future of IPTV has arrived!
cCloud IPTV v0.6 Rise (Preview)

Introducing all new cCloud IPTV Framework. All of the credits for framework goes to CA and Birds where we have all worked as team to build the future of cCloud TV and IPTV.In this preview release we are launching all new cCloud IPTV web version for VLC and Local. We have built not just new look for it but we built something way beyond it so below i will be talk about the awesome new features smile emoticon

The purpose for preview release is to unite the community to provide stable IPTV service built by no one else but the community it self. In this release i’m planning to have unlimited numbers of channels from all around the world an to make this possible we have built some good tools where community will have chance to help out on IPTV links. As you all know cCloud IPTV depends on IPTV links only and to manage all of the links is big challenge specially when knowing the fact the IPTV links doest’t last long at all so to have the service up an running all of the time we needed more hands to help out so we built the all new web app which works with all of the platforms such as web version for cCloud IPTV, Plex and of course Kodi. My vision towards the new release is to build the biggest database of IPTV links where user can stream live tv on almost any device without having to do much. So imagine as one network to provide IPTV service from all around the world built by no one else but you the people..

How will community help?
In this release, We have built two types of database one is default managed by Birds and you the community and other is just the community it self. So when you go to new the version of VLC or local you will be able to see the status for all of the links or channels. If link is offline, then you the community have option to replace the link for that channel with working link which will send data from web app to Plex or Kodi automatically within seconds which will be supported in the next versions for Kodi and Plex however your link will be still sent to Kodi and Plex by Birds manually using pastebin database which will soon will switch to cCloud’s server to speed up process all done automatically. The second feature is public uploads which works similar to youtube so i call it youtube for IPTV it be found at where anyone can upload any working links they want and it will automatically will be published to cCloud server which goes through process of checking status for the link. If the link is online, then it gets published to cCloud’s server automatically.If it’s offline or duplicate link, then it will be denied by server so the purpose behind this feature is to give you…more control over the cloud so we can all together can have stable IPTV streams to depend which is known as cCloud(Community Cloud) TV.

We still have long way to go to finish rest of coding for Flash, HTML5, Kodi and Plex which should be releasing soon as well. In this version i would really appreciate it if you guys can provide us some feedbacks and report bugs by simply going to i would like to thank for your support

So here we go, To get access to new the versions for vlc and local, Just simply go to and select your computer type for vlc and all of other devices will point to the local version which works on smartphones, tablets and list goes on and on.

Before you ask, Where can i get current version for Plex and Kodi so below are the and links for current versions.



I would like to personally thanks my brother from another CA who has been staying up all nights to work on the framework:)

And Birds

I didn’t forget you all. They have done it again they have been keeping all of the channels up to date on daily basics and top of that they have helped us to make the framework with good amount of feedback. Birds i would like to thanks everyone one of you for helping me keep the project stay alive. Because without stable streams, All of the coding we have done will not worth anything so once again thank you Birds for helping out smile emoticon

We have all put in a lot of hours and love to make this version to make reality and i hope you guys will love what we have built for you and i’m looking forward to your feedback ,bugs reports so together we can all build the future of IPTV. I would like to say thanks everyone one of you for supporting my project. I had never imagined that it will come this far but we have done it together so thanks again and let the games begin smile emoticon

*One of the new awesome hidden feature in all new vlc is multi-audio support and let’s see if you can spot more*



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  1. cloud keeps kicking me out. Saying failed to play check log log for more information about this message. Any suggestion???

  2. ccloud keeps kicking me out from live feeds of any channels. Channel starts to play, error pops up saying it failed to play, click to close error message box, video stops playing. Any suggestions?

  3. I installed cCloud TV on a Fire TV stick but all I get is empty pages. Exodus works fine. All software are latest versions.
    I’m guessing my isp is blocking me but I’m a newby so don’t really know.
    Anybody else having this problem?

  4. I am happy as a lark. Paid my last dish bill of sixty dollars out of my social security. I think it’s awesome

  5. The addon was just a mess of broken links with the odd one working.
    It really needed categories e.g. Countries, Entertainment, Sports etc

  6. Rather counter productive. They need Kodi users to contribute, but to allow this to happen they’ve shut down Kodi access? So they now expect people to contribute channels for a service which they won’t be getting? Where’s the point in that?

  7. Admin,

    Thank you for clarifying that this cCloud TV v0.6 is the all new WEB VERSION for VLC enabled browsers, smart phones, tablets. This is not the upcoming new release for the KODI community that is still being built.

    Really appreciate it if you guys can provide feedbacks and report bugs by simply going to

  8. cCloud doesn’t update to Ver 0.6
    I’m showing Version 1.3.2

    Is this correct??

    I’ve installed from the PodGod Repo 1.7 on Windows Kodi 14.2

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