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Summary: The cCloud Kodi add-on now runs off the cCloud framework, which means that when live TV links are replaced, they will automatically be replaced in the Kodi add-on as well. In addition, only live links will display for Kodi users and dead ones should disappear mostly.

cCloud TV preview update for Plex and Kodi has arrived!

Last week, I was forced to temporarily disable services for Plex and Kodi users so I could call out for help. However, the web app still remained active so new helpers could get into to the system. After the service was disabled, the results were shocking. While most of the users were complaining about service being down, there were other users who believed in the project, and volunteered on helping build the future of IPTV, where community unites on building a free and stable IPTV service for everyone for life. I would like to personally thank all of the users who volunteered to help, on building a stable IPTV database. I have said this before and will say it again. I’m NOT asking for any money, and I NEVER will. I work two jobs and have enough money for food and shelter because, that’s all I need. I have spent many days and nights with no sleep to work on this project because, I personally believe in it.

To keep everything running, it’s NOT easy, trust me. My brother from another mother CA, the creator of the cCloud TV Plex app, has been helping me build the cCloud TV Framework. He has been staying up nights as well and then there is my another brother from another mother Podgod the creator of cCloud TV for Kodi who had some family emergency occured recently but he still made sometime to work on the new update no just him CA and one of the bird had some family emergency occured but even then they all have been making time for the project. I would like to thank the current cCloud Birds and past cCloud Superheroes. Where they have been taking time from their personal lives to make sure all of the channels are working and if not, finding replacement links for those channels. We all are taking our personal time better future of IPTV. We are now famIly where we all are looking out for each other and cCloud TV project.We all know, it’s really hard for everyone to make time for projects like cCloud. however, as humans we are always there for each other. We always unite as a community in different ways such as work, school, church, social media and any other place where we all unite. Even though we might not always know everyone we do interact with almost everyone everyday because it’s the way the life has been programmed, we as humans or any other living thing on earth have to work as a team to live in this universe, and in my opinion, the cCloud TV project is another way for us to unite.

Just SIMPLE copying and pasting skills. This is all I’m asking for, just help out on the channels that YOU as users, want to watch. You can share your favorite channels with entire communities from around the world. Community Cloud TV (cCloud TV) was built for you the people… I will try my level best to continue to unite the community to do the impossible, to make social IPTV service where users don’t depend on one guy to manage everything, when knowing the fact that one guy will end up giving up if he was to do it by himself. I have tried, and I have failed doing it alone because reality of IPTV service is, it’s NOT stable, especially when links doesn’t last long, which is the reason why IPTV service’s come and go, it’s just too much work for one guy.

It’s time for you guys to step in, and help out, if you want free stable IPTV service. We have built the tools for the future of IPTV and now it’s time for you guys to use them. We have tried to make everything simple as possible, however if help is needed then i will personally help out, if you do get stuck somewhere. You can also send me an email at: [email protected]. If you would like to help out, Please go to where I have written a step by step instruction on how all of the process works, Finally a big thanks to Caz Wallace, who made a good step by step video as well. email me like I said before or, you can chat with the community using cCloud chat at Following are links and description for new updates until then, enjoy, share, let’s unite and let the fire rise smile emoticon

Now let me talk about the awesome new features for Plex and Kodi. cCloud TV for Plex and Kodi now works with cCloud TV Framework. If you don’t know what cCloud TV Framework is, Well in general it’ the cloud based system where the magic of cCloud TV service happens. cCloud TV Framework was built the future of IPTV where it started using the cCloud TV web app and now it just got an even more awesome with new update where it now supports Plex and Kodi plugins. So let’s say if you were to replace an offline channel with work channel using web app or if you just added an channel that was not on the database using public uploads, then cCloud TV web app as usually will sync the data in mininutes and now with new update it will also send data to Plex and Kodi plugins within estimated 30 mininutes. cCloud TV Framework update for Plex and Kodi will only send the channels that are online so users will not have to go through the process of clicking offline channels. The Framework will be updating data for Plex and Kodi every 30 minutes for now and soon the time will be improved. This is preview version of Plex and Kodi which is being released for testing purpose where you guys can help us by improve by simply reporting bugs at and of course help the project will IPTV links.

Here is breakdown for the update:
1) ONLY online channels will get exported so there will be less hit and miss channels.
2) Offline uploads links will get automatically updated every 30 minutes.
3) Public uploads will appear every 30 minutes.
4) Language, Country, Category support has been added.
5) Filters support has been added.
6) If you previous had cCloud TV for Plex and Kodi, both of the plugins should have automatically updated on last Friday.
*Please note there will be little pause when retriving data from the Framework. This is NOT a bug but it’s just the way data is being generated for all of the users using token system. If you do not see the channels list, Please wait couple of mininutes so the data can be synced properly. After waiting couple of minutes if the channels still doesn’t show up, then please restart your Kodi or Plex so the data can be synced properly and for any other bugs, Please report to us by simply going to

Currently not all of the channnels have correct status, Due to the reason some IPTV links server returns status as active since the player for the stream will be there but there will no streams at all which will require us to manually check if link is desd or not. When data does gets sends to Plex or Kodi most of the channels will play and some of them won’t since status is not 100%. Framework is still under development so yes there will be bugs here and there.As we all know nothing is perfect but we will try improve the service and fix bugs so as we move along with the project.

*Recently reported bug*
-On Plex or Kodi if you do notice error saying “It may take 24 hours to view or download this” we are aware of the bug and we will have working solution soon for now if you wait an hour after the error occurs it should be working fine. This issue is caused by high amount of traffic so please stand by we will have fix soon thanks smile emoticon

Following are links for the new updates and their version numbers.

Plex v0.16

Kodi v1.3.3

Please enjoy share and thanks for reading my long post smile emoticon


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  1. It looks fantastic! So many channels and they all look great! I feel a bit greedy asking for Good Food since there are so many things there to see, but hopefully someday that will be there too. It is an amazing amount of work you have done Bane, and I for one really appreciate how much time and effort you all have spent on putting this together.
    Thank you!

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