TotalXBMC Forums Rebranded As NoobsAndNerds

The TotalXBMC forums have been sold to a new group of Chinese owners, who have moved the servers to China and rebranded the site as NoobsAndNerds forum.

TotalXBMC was the official website for Total Installer and Community Builds, as well as some Kodi add-ons like OnTapp-TV. Longtime administrator whufclee announced that he is leaving the site, which gains over 20,000 new members per month!

The new NoobsAndNerds forum promises to keep the same philosophies as TotalXBMC and will still provide support for Total Installer and Community Builds, which will not change as part of the hand-over process. And because the NoobsAndNerds servers are now located in China, some of the rules on discussing third-party add-ons promise to be lighter.

To read the farewell message from whufclee, read below. To check out the new NoobsAndNerds forum, click here.

Thanks and farewell

Well it’s been a great ride and I’ve loved every minute of it but due to other commitments I feel I can no longer continue in my role at TotalXBMC. The site has gone from strength to strength and I’m so happy to see the community all coming together as one – I never thought I’d see the day where we’re getting 20,000 new members per month but amazingly that’s where we find ourselves at the moment!
Those of you that have been with us from the start will already know why the site was created but for those of you that are newer to the scene I think my very first post on the original forum sums it up pretty well (Taken from May 29th 2014).

Although that original post on our old forum was just a little over a year ago it feels like a lifetime ago and I’m very proud of what’s been achieved in that time. The original ideas and ethos of the site has remained and I’m leaving safe in the knowledge that both the team and the amazing community we have here will continue to grow and help one another.

What’s happening to TotalXBMC and Total Installer?
TotalXBMC is no more (in name at least) and the new owners have renamed it to I’ve been helping them reorganise the forum to how they want it and I have to say it is SO much better than how I had it laid out! The new owners have assured me the ethos of the site will remain unchanged and it will still remain totally unbiased – the same great team is still here and I can assure you they won’t allow anything to be compromised. It’s still your site and you get to choose the direction it takes but I can tell you the new guys have some amazing ideas up their sleeves and you’re certainly in for some great things. Don’t worry the existing forum and portals will be merged into the new site and your posts will not be lost in the move. Total Installer wiill be staying and although I’ve now retired from the project I’ve shared the code with the new guys and helped fix some bugs so it’s now in their hands and I look forward to seeing what they have planned. I wouldn’t leave unless I thought you were all in very good hands, the new guys have shared their future ideas with me and I think you’re really going to like them. Please be patient and help out wherever you can as the new site will no doubt have a few teething problems during the move to a new server and I’m sure the team could do with as much help and support as they can get!

I’ll pop in whenever I can to say hello but I’m not going to be anywhere near as active on the forum as I’ve previously been – I just have too many other commitments to take care of. Be safe and I hope you enjoy the new forum, oh you may want to take a look at the site rules – the new owners aren’t quite as strict as I was lol.

Thank you for being the best community on the web, although the past 2 years has been ridiculously hard work you guys have made it all worthwhile 🙂

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