Covenant Kodi Install Guide: New Exodus Addon

The Covenant Kodi addon is the brand new generation of Exodus, arguably the most popular Kodi addon in existence. Find out about Covenant today.

Important Covenant Kodi Note

Covenant is no longer being developed or maintained. You will not receive any support for Covenant. Streams are not considered to be reliable inside of the addon. Please check out the following links:


The Covenant Kodi addon was one of the most popular Kodi addons in existence. It is a multi-source addon, which means it searches the public internet and retrieves streams, displaying them in an organized format. The advantage to the multi-source addon is that if one website goes offline, the addon still has other sources to pull content in from.

Covenant scrapes over 50 websites for links. It has integrated imdb, trakt, real-debrid, premiumize, and ororo support. 

For those of you who already have Exodus installed, you can uninstall Exodus from your Kodi box. Exodus will not be receiving updates any further and all new support will reside in Covenant.

NOTE: Covenant stores no content within the addon. It only knows how to search the public internet for data and information.

Check out our KodiTips forums today for your home to discuss Covenant and all other Kodi addons.

Check out information about the Covenant addon below.


Covenant Kodi Latest Update

November 2nd: Covenant has been updated to v1.1.28 with the following changes:

  • 15+ providers created, updated, or deleted.

Other Recent Changes:

  • Greek, French and Italian language updates
  • Update Croatian strings
  • Added more metadata returned from streams if available.
  • Fixed bug where shows added to your Kodi library wouldn’t update automatically
  • German source bug fixes
  • Better progress bar while scraping
  • Improved addon responsiveness
  • Change the colour of your premium sources
  • Added 3 new providers



Covenant Kodi History

Covenant is the direct and official fork of both the Genesis and Exodus Kodi addons. Genesis was originally developed by Lambda and was the first popular multi-source Kodi addon.

The popularity of Genesis grew immensely through 2014 and 2015, when the addon came pre-installed on Kodi boxes from China promising “free TV” to buyers. The increase in popularity caused some sources in the addon to fight back against Kodi users by intentionally breaking their source because Kodi users do not give streaming websites advertising revenue that browser users do.

In the middle of 2015, lambda took Genesis offline and rebranded the addon (its first fork) as Exodus. Exodus had the same idea but with some key changes:

  • Streams were presented in a randomized order so that one source was not getting hammered by Kodi users.
  • Library integration was removed in favour of Trakt, a better third party library tool.
  • Provider websites were moved to a central dependency called URLResolver. This meant that resolvers could be updated in URLResolver and would work in all addons using this dependency.

The addition of URLResolver was key for the Kodi community as a ton of new addons have popped up to use the dependency to offer links.

In early 2017, lambda retired from the Kodi addon community and Exodus support was taken over by a collection of developer. In May, TVAddons went offline following some legal action taken by Canada’s top media companies. The new developers who had taken Exodus over decided to rebrand the addon as Covenant to respect the old legacy and moved the addon into the new Colossus Repo.

Library integration has returned to Covenant and also website sources have been moved to a central dependency called Covenant Module, similar to URLResolver but for sources. Today, the Covenant Kodi addon is the biggest Kodi addon available.


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Covenant Kodi Key Features

The features list of the Covenant Kodi addon is quite extensive. If you are new to Kodi or would like a general idea, check out some of the key features below:

  • Over 50 media sources scraped by the addon.
  • Special categories for movies and TV including most popular, latest releases, special genres, sorted by rating, and many more.
  • Support for non-English streams, such as Greek, Spanish, French, and more.
  • Full Library integration. Save your favourite media titles to your Kodi library for quick access and updating.
  • Full support. Trakt is a third-party library and tracking tool. Click here for more information.
  • Full support for many popular account-based services, including Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and more.



Covenant Kodi Tips

Check out some of the Covenant tips we’ve compiled from hundreds of questions and feedback submitted to us on social media.

  • Watching old content in Covenant – The Covenant Kodi addon searches the public internet for media. The older and more obscure the content is, the less likely it is available on the internet. There is nothing you can do about this. A private usenet server, such as Easynews, is the best way to view old and obscure content.
  • Seeing more streams in Covenant – Some users want to watch new content but still have trouble. Here are some common tips to improve your experience:
    • If its a movie you want information on, make sure it is out on DVD. If the movie has just come out in theatres, stop searching Covenant for anything.
    • If you live in the UK, your internet service provider may be blocking access to over half the available content in Covenant. Click here for more information.
    • If you have an Android TV box, make sure your OS version is AT LEAST 5+. The Covenant Kodi addon is not supported on Android 4.4
    • Make sure that you have at least Kodi 17.0 or greater (latest version is always preferred). Covenant is not supported on Kodi 16 or less.
  • Seeing only trailers in Covenant – If you commonly only see trailers when looking for streams in Covenant, click here.
  • Categories sections not working – Have the category sections in Covenant, such as People Watching, In Theatres, Most Popular, etc, stopped working? Click here for information on how to create your own TMDB API Key, which is responsible for retrieving this data in Kodi.
  • GVideo links not working or missing – Gvideo media links are popular because they are fast and in good quality, but they are often prone to being removed from the internet. Click here for more information.


How to Install Covenant Kodi Addon

This addon is a third-party Kodi addon not supported by the Kodi Foundation. Though Kodi add-ons don’t store any files or host any content, streams from this addon are scraped from websites that fall in a grey legal area.

Because it is not legal to stream this content in every country and location, we are not posting a how-to guide on this website. We believe that this is the safest move for because we know that there are parties looking to crack down on websites promoting piracy and we are not one of those.

The Covenant Kodi addon can be found in the Colossal Repository, which is stored on Github.


Covenant Kodi Settings

After installing the Covenant Kodi addon, you’ll see a ton of options to configure and customize the addon. Some key configuration changes you can make are listed below:


Settings: General

  • Providers Timeout – This option changes the maximum time you will allow sources to return content. A lower number will speed up searching but may not bring back all streams.
  • Info Language – What default language would you like info metadata to come back as? The default is English.
  • Providers Language – If you want to return streams in other languages, check out the options here.
  • Flatten TV Seasons – Instead of TV seasons being separated into folders, this option places all episodes in a single screen.
  • Hide Movies in Cinema – Hide movies not released on DVD yet which aren’t available.


Settings: Playback

  • Default Action – The default option is “Dialog” which means you have to pick your stream manually. Change this to “Auto Play” if you want Covenant to automatically pick the best stream.
  • Max Quality – Use this settings to enable or disable 4K or HD streams from being shown.
  • SD Hosters in Auto Play – If this is disabled, the Auto Play function below will never play an SD stream. This greatly increases the chance that you will see the “No Stream Available” dialog.
  • HEVC – Enable or Disable HEVC streams, which display HD video in smaller file sizes, but aren’t supported on older Kodi boxes.


Settings: Providers – Use this section to enable or disable specific providers.

Settings: Accounts – Use this section to sign into your special accounts such as Trakt or IMDB.

Settings: Library – Click here to check out our feature on full Covenant Library integration.

Settings: Downloads – Use this section to configure and setup downloads in Covenant.

Settings: Subtitles – Use this section to manually enable subtitles in all of the streams you view in the Covenant Kodi addon.


Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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328 thoughts on “Covenant Kodi Install Guide: New Exodus Addon”

  1. Tried to download and install covenant on kodi (V.17.6) it didn’t work. Rather now randomly when I open kodi I get a black screen or I get a message saying preparing for first run. Android is within the right version as well. Would like to upgrade as exodus only shows links from primaries currently.

  2. Is there anyway to fix wrong tv episodes being played. Like you’re trying to watch season 1 episode 1 and you get episode 7 or something. Is this due to a DB error anyway to fix it?

  3. hi
    the same here
    I have been struggling tp download Covenant- I have managed to install the repositories containing it, the Colossus one, and I’ve even tried to install Exodus instead. But I come up against the same problem every time-when i try to install i got Errors!!!
    is that the last updated version?
    I tried this link and it is working 100%?

  4. Well, Here we go.
    Ares Wizard download is Dead (Non of the sites work anymore to download it).
    Colossal is GONE, Covenant GONE. WOW Not much left anymore. Doesn’t seem like anyone cares anymore. So Sad……

  5. 1.1.29 worked. 1.1.30 broke it: AGAIN: Over 700 sources; really?

    I’m on three different platforms, so it’s not that: OSMC(Kodi17)/RPi2 for the TV, Kodi17/Android(5 & 6) for the VR Headsets, and Kodi16/Ubuntu14.04 for not too much these days.

    Back to Exodus: AGAIN.

  6. I’m trying to install this manually, directly from github. Does anyone have a list of required dependencies, I’d like to install those manually as well. Thank you.

  7. Finally working and stable imo! Not all streams are good enough but hey… it is getting better i think… just watched spiderman in HD quality no problem smooth stream!

    So i guess i was a bit worried and dissapointed because of the fact i deleted Exodus and installed convenant…

  8. When trying to watch a show, I click on the episode & it goes to the first show in that season.
    How do I fix that?
    Kodi 17.5 covenant

  9. Today I was watching a show no problem. I had to do some running around and now I’m trying to find it again and it’s not there. I know before there was a ‘hide watched option but I cannot find it anywhere. Please help

  10. This addon had not miss a beat 4 me this week been off work watch flims lots of tv still no 1 addon so stop kic it and get know how 2 run kodi

  11. What is script.module 1.0.024 like? Does it fix issues? I see an update for it but don’t want to install it if it continues to cause Covenant to work like crap like it has for the last while…

  12. Either Bob or Patience.
    Could please put the link down for the new script.module 1.0.023 on Covenant v1.1.28. because all I can find is the script.module 1.0.021 on the I website:
    Would appreciate it very much. Thank You in Advance. and…. Thank you to whomever wrote Covenant. It’s bee great for me and I will continue to use it for as long as possible. Thank You

  13. Hey Bob. I update to the new script.module 1.0.023 on Covenant v1.1.28. I normally have Default action set to Auto Play but I changed to Directory but I’m not able to duplicate your issue. Everything seems to be working fine for me.

  14. Correction, the new covenant module seems better.

    But a problem still exists where if a stream fails to play, it doesn’t always try the next stream in the directory list.

  15. Today, I noticed Covenant module upgraded from 1.0.021 to 1.0.023. Covenant is v1.1.28.

    The 1.0.023 module on Github contains files with date stamp 6 Nov. ie. it may not be the same as the one quoted to work on 5 Nov.

    Sadly, 1.0.023 doesn’t seem to fix the problem for me on KODI 17.4.

  16. Wow I see this is the website all you whiners go to complain about a kodi addon that has been created to help you people get FREE movies and TV series. Instead of a thank you for all their hard work you complain when they have a minor set back. You should all be ashamed!!!

    Just update the script.module.covenant and Covenant works just fine.. There has been rumors this may cause Bennu to stop working. I’m assuming this is why Covenant hasn’t pushed an update with the new script.module. If you’re just looking to get covenant working, this will indeed fix it so you won’t need to bitch and complain anymore.

  17. Convenant sucks big time… imdb list is empty, subs not loading. Streams are not found or bad, bad quality… is there a way to get back to Exodus? I am using the Durex build but i don’t understand why they replaced Exodus with this peace of junk

  18. Most tv shows show several streams available but nothing loads. Also, why is the tv show Outlander not listed in Covenant anymore. I watched the first 2 episodes of Season 3 and now Outlander is no longer listed…for any of the seasons.
    Very frustrating.

  19. I rolled covenant back to 1.1.16 and it works but a tiny bit slower. I am slowing try to upgraded 1 bit at a time until I get to Covenant 1.1.22. Also rolled back URL Resolver to 3.0.32.

  20. I truly wish I knew we how to fix this fcking shit…
    I knew there was something wrong with covenant…
    I’m going to play around with this and see what I can do..
    anyone have a step by step let me know..

  21. Having the same problem as everyone else. Since the update, I’ve had nothing but problems. No streams available, or the the stream just shuts off half way through. Tweaked settings, gone through everything that’s been suggested, still got nothing.
    Utter crap!

  22. Hating covenant now! Shows lots of sources but they won’t play. If i do get one to play it’s crappy or shuts off. What is going on?!

  23. wtf? ever since the update i can barely get anything to stream. when i do, there are significant buffering issues. horrible update. makes covenant unusable

  24. just stoP updating and the thing will be perfect mastely all updates dint change anything sept broke it once fixed leave it as that and only really update if broke but all udates are broken the thing

  25. 1.1.27 Trakt no longer works? Tried to re-authorize and nothing? Server links aren’t loading and having issues… I’ll be sure to uncheck auto-update…
    Have not tried 1.1.28 unless there is a need to update…
    Why is it with updates they usually cause issues to something that use to work?
    Are the Devs not fully testing these updates?

  26. Ugh!!! 1.1.27 fixed it and now 1.1.28 messed it up again…same prob 1.1.26 caused…27 fixed it and 28 broke it again. Please fix this. Thx.

  27. People saying the app was still broke even with update 1.1.27 I have no idea what you are doing because that update fixes it. THIS NEW UPDATE 1.1.28 BROKE IT AGAIN!!!

  28. Oct 3rd Covenant will still not load movies . Shows lots of links but none work . I have tweaked all settings to what they should be and still nothing . Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling same issue . Updated repo and reinstalled still same issue . if you can’t fix it right don’t throw updates around saying that it will fix it . Is covenant done or what . Pretty sad when other addons are out performing the supposedly go to main addon . Get your shit together who ever took this over . And yes I’m running a up to date box wit hnewest Kodi build and was working fine all along except for last 3 addon updates . Covenant is slowly becoming JUNK

  29. WOW YOU GUYS HAD TO MESS WITH IT AGAIN HUH? when they updated to 1.1.27 IT WAS BACK WORKING FINE NOW YOU UPDATED TO 1.1.28 AND THE PROBLEMS ARE BACK!!! LEAVE THE APP ALONE!!!! I wish I did not have auto update on!!!!!! Come on!!!!

  30. Things been screwie since update 1.1.25 . Now update 1.1.28 is pretty much the same wont play certain streams .It scans and says how many streams available but wont play them ? This is still by far the best add on !!!

  31. Anyone have luck improving covenant? It’s still not working for me. Any other add-ons that work better?

  32. I was a fan of Exodus and using it untill today… i decided to delete Exodus and install convenant… okay i noticed that there is no 720p stream available for walking dead season 8 ep 02… strange only sd quality this sucks… because Exodus still came up with 720p streams… so why is this not available in convenant????

  33. Hi. It’s not working for me either. Finds the streams but when you try to play them nothing happens. So frustrating. Please help.

  34. Still not working. Made and API. Like suggested and still nothing. Stream are provided and when I select them nothing happens!

  35. 1.1.26 stopped it for me then 1.1.27 got it back. but now 1.1.28 killed it again. I stopped auto update on my one box to keep it at .27 and still works but don’t update it to .28 if you want it to work. Tried to downgrade on other box but doesn’t work.

  36. It’s trash. Wish these guys would stop promoting it. Spend a ton of time sorting uninstalling and reinstalling only to get sources that don’t work. Hopefully it will get back to where it was. Can’t hardly find any TV content in HD anymore.

  37. Covenant not working. other add-on’s working fine though. hope it is a temporary setback. not sure how the search improvements work. i see a list of common searches above my keyboard but clicking on them does nothing – still have to type entire search in anyways.

  38. Trying to open Trakt on covenant, and get a loading dial for collection. It takes a very long time to open collection, download streams, and try to watch. Download 1.1.27, November 1, 2018, 9:23 PM, PST. I have tried restarting my Internet, deleting covenant, restarting fire stick and KODI, and have also tried to completely restart fire stick. As of today purchased VPN, and it doesn’t seem to help. Elysium not working either. I still have a first generation fire stick… Could that be the issue? Thanks for all your help!

  39. Updated to the new 1.1.27, it worked on the first show I tried and then back to not working. It loads the list of providers and then when I click on one it does nothing. Everything worked fine last week.

  40. Covenant is working but now a lot of “mywatchseries” come up and about 98% then don’t work or run super slow, anyone else have this problem?

  41. Hellos. So I have updated Covenant with the 1.1.27 and the same problem is persisting… I can see the sources, but I click on one nothing happens. Did I miss something? I did exit kodi all together and then come back in, but it’s still not working.

    Thank you in advance!

  42. Covenant was not working on 10/31 they dropped a new update on 11/1 that has FIXED COVENANT IT IS BACK WORKING!!!!

  43. Covenant was working fine all day. I left the house for a couple of hours to take the kiddo out for Halloween. I came back to the no streams or failed to play errors for anything I try to watch. The progress dialogues act completely normal. It “finds” a source, the dialog disappears, and it acts like I never clicked anything or says “no streams available.

  44. no sources available in covenant since today 31 october…
    Have tried multiple fixes, still no stream available Version v1.1.26
    Hope they realize soon they fucked up this new version 😉

  45. I can’t stand when they put a update out and it just screws EVERYTHING UP LEAVE THE APP ALONE!!!! Paying for debrid which is amazing and no stream available? People love to just mess with stuff And the guy saying he followed a guide on YouTube dude you should already have disabled hosters with captchas off and you should be clearing providers and cache on a regular basis. If you are not doing that I am sure that stick is running terrible

  46. Gotta love it when it says there’s 171 streams and finishes searching and then says there’s no streams. Is it possible to revert back until it’s fixed?

  47. Same issue, find the show and click on the episode and it looks like it is searching and then come back no streams. Any ideas

  48. Same here. Keep getting the no streams available error no matter what I try to watch. Everything was great before the update.

    Also, I looked up the issue and already tried the “fix” that’s on youtube… Went into Covenant Tools. Cleared providers. Cleared cache. Adjusted providers timeout to 20. Disabled hosters with captchas. Changed max quality to 1080. That was supposed to fix it and people say it has IN THE PAST. But something about the update made it so that fix no longer works.

    I wish they’d quit making updates to Covenant. It was working great serving it’s purpose, but they can’t leave it alone and now they’ve screwed users.

  49. no streams working after 25 update always working fine till start doing updates then things start to not work is the suppost to update to make things better not worse

  50. Same here since updating to 1.1.25 … when Covenant is launched, kicks to the files/add-on menu screen – that’s as far as I can go.

  51. Since updating to 1.1.25 nothing will stream. No sources can be found after clicking on the episode. Anyone else have this issue?

  52. Kodi is working well so u r not 1080 link rr well u need 2 stop crying and stop kicing kodi !on my littie firestick had now 4 2year footbalsl films it not miss beat

  53. Something’s wrong with the ipdate. I keeo receiving “Covenant error, check log” pop ip. It was just working this morning

  54. TorontoPaula,

    1channel is SD. It’s not that these addons don’t work, they all work. They are just junk with mostly SD, maybe two or three 720 streams that require openload and sometimes those streams don’t even work. Kodi overall has become shit in 2017.

  55. I don’t know why any of you bother with this. I still use 1channel by Primewire and it works perfectly fine. I still use Kodi 15.2 and it’s fine. I also have a special kodi fork Weplayer by Wetek on my Wetek Core which is the best box to buy anyway, free online updates and 24/7 tech support and 2 year warranty. their fork is better than kodi.

    Kodi not working then use SPMC or some other “fork” of kodi, if you can’t get 1channel to work change your modems settings, remove ipv6, use ipv4, accept http, not just https. I have no issues. Maybe I should start fixing boxes or make a website with real info. I just use superrepo, I don’t know why anyone uses fusion or any other addon.

  56. all these addons are low quality now. none are 1080p anymore, very few 720 on the most recent content and they all use that crap openload where you have to prove your not a bot. WTF happened to Kodi?

  57. ummm this stupid ass tutorial doesnt have the instructions how to install. Eversince tvaddons died and all the authors scrambled, all these addons are on various repos, i dont know which is the official so i can get the latest versions of SALTS and COVENANT. the new tvaddons site is garbage too.

  58. with my OCD you had me searching everywhere uninstalling and installing covenant from different sources because your version typo… most recent version is not 12.1.21 but if there is point me in the right direction please

  59. Thank you very much Bob! I was stumped as to why I couldn’t get any sources to load despite installing all the way back to Isengard on Kodi releases that the device supported. <3<3<3

  60. If you are having problems with no or few streams working with Exodus and Covenant lately, and and you are using KODI 16 or earlier on android , you need to update to KODI 17 to fix the issue. It is because KODI 16 doesn’t support SSL2.
    If your android 4.4 box does not support KODI 17, then try FTMC 16.2 which is a fork of KODI 16 which includes a newer version of Python with SSL2 support. MyGica Media Centre 17.1 based on KODI 17.1 will also work on android 4.4 but may not play smoothly on some hardware.

  61. Covenant update v 1.1.18 working with the following issues:
    1) SUBTITLES NOT WORKING from any source (OpenSubtitles, Subscene)…I’ve got the message “Failed to Download Subtitle” (Elyseum subtitles are just fine)
    2) I’ve to click two or three times in order to play a movie/TV series, because I’ve got the message “No stream available”.

  62. Currently covenant isn’t working not sure what’s happened. It’s always good to source out a few programmes incase one is down.
    Elysium works good as a back up.
    Covenant v1.1.18 currently not working.

  63. So exodus suddenly stopped working after working faithfully for 2 years, but now Specto suddenly works. I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m glad something works.

  64. I can get smash installed but as soon as I try to install colloid repository or even ares project kodi crashes and restarts.
    Any ideas?
    I have version 15.2 of kodi

  65. Anyone else observed with Covenant or Exodus 4.1 that if you use KODI 16.1, there are often no streams or fewer streams available compared to when using KODI 17.x ?

  66. Only few providers are available for each movie if running on kodi 16.xx. More/full providers are available if using kodi 17.xx
    My tvbox only support 16.xx please solve…

  67. So you’re a kodi page that is too scared show its viewers how to install the single most popular app for kodi? Guess there’s no reason to bring traffic to your page, then.

  68. Installed Colossus and it’s working great Full HD videos. I haven’t had a problem yet, maybe it’s because of the regional settings that most people have issues….idk

  69. I miss the days when this site actually provided install & uninstall info on various add ons, now it’s as useful as watching a tv that isn’t turned on. Stop being scared & provide the info! I could understand being scared, if you were actually an add on provider! Now i have to go to You Tube for everything 🙁

  70. Why do I have voice narration on certain shows. And I cannot figure out how to turn it off. I can only find text subtitles. It’s very annoying

  71. The new generation of Exodus, which was the new generation of Genesis, etc. etc. etc. How long before the new generation of Covenant? I give it 5 months tops.

  72. why every time i go to watch a movie it has no provider links only youtube same thing with exodus what happened to all the provider links that use to show up?

  73. I have Kodi 17.4 and downloaded Covenant HOWEVER every time I try to run a movie, Kodi freezes and then shuts down. CAN ANYBODY PLEASE HELP ME???

  74. Hi. I can’t download covenant. I do everything it says to do on u tube but when it gets to end, it says it can’t connect to the server. Is this happening to anyone else?

  75. I’m having trouble with movies skipping. Seems to be sound only. I have installed and uninstalled and reinstalled kodi and covenant. Please help

  76. I installed Kodi 17.4 and got covenant however every time I try to run a movie it just freezes and kodi shuts down. Any reason why? Help please

  77. Help please I installed Kodi 17.4 and installed colossus and covenant. However every time I run a movie Kodi just SHUTS OFF. I have to re start the app but the same thing always happens. PLEASE HELP. Thanks

  78. My very first time updating kodi and installing a build so as a woman I’m clueless and a rookie in this guys lol ,but I installed covenant and nothing would play in tv shows or any other categories nothing would open. Also every time I tried to stream movies it said I had to get authorization so I went on YouTube bituonline tech explained how to remove that authorization problem. However It too solved the streaming problems everything plays now all the tv shows movies etc works perfectly … hosters with captchas option turn it off hopefully this works for you guys 🙂 Look him up

  79. This covenant app was easy to install! But why is it saying “no stream” alllll day today?!?! Will this ever get fixed?!

  80. I already have covenant installed but this morning all the cover images are gone and I cant stream anything. When trying to update covenant, it says update failed. Anyone have the same issue and can help to fix? Thanks

  81. Hi – I already have covenant installed but this morning none of the shows have any “cover picture” and nothing will stream. I tried updating covenant to the latest version but it says update failed. Anyone encountered same problem and know how to fix it?

  82. Do u post any guides on your website? I was sent here thru a link on google for a how to guide on how to install a cartoon add on and turns out u don’t post that, so had a look at what u do post and it seems there is stuff all, what do u do?

  83. As of this morning my covenant is not working a 100%. But when i went to Kodi a message box opened saying that this is my last update for Exodus. Whoever ran the add-on says that they wish someone would take it over. I never got an update for covenant and when i check i don’t see any updates available.

  84. I had to reinstall from the Noobs and when it comes up I have boxes with X’s in them every where. Anyone know anything about this?

  85. Okay I install Covenant from the Colossus repository I did everything that was said to do and it’s still coming up Covenant error check your logs I mean I don’t know what else to do anymore it won’t play anything

  86. Stop naming your article “install guide” if its not an install guide. Annoying enough trying to get things working then having to go through articles like this is even worse if your going to promote an addon by mentioning it in the first place then there’s no difference in providing install instructs. Either way your still promoting the addon

  87. I really trying to figure out the point of this website, it use to give great info as how to install apps, now it’s like watching clothes dry 🙁

  88. Anyone have problems where the only links in all the apps that come up are in CAM? No 1080s no HD. So frustrating!

  89. I’m finding covenant to be a East of my time. Half the movies or show I go to watch have no streams. I don’t run into this with specto.

  90. Once I select a new movie from the list it only brings up 1 – 2 minute movies snipits???? Please help, need movies for kids to watch during hurricane Irma!! Thanks

  91. When I get to “New Movies” it just spins. What gives? I’ve tried everything from clearing cache, reinstalling kodi and the builds within. Any help would be appreciated.

  92. Mine won’t install from zip I get error msg it failed to install. Getting frustrated I’ve got several add ons vpn one for buffering but my kodi keeps shutting down in middle of movie constantly and going back to menu. Then I can only ff on 1st level to get to spot I left off on and shuts down again 😠😠

  93. I updated my Kodi to 17.4 and added conenant to my video add on’s. everything seems to be working until I choose a movie to watch, it just sits there and does not show providers or load any movies. Does the same on all my video add on’s. can someone please guide me through what to do to fix this?

  94. Been trying to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for two weeks on Covenant without success. Either the links don’t work, or the quality is pure crap, even though it says 1080p or even HD. Sign that Kodi isn’t worth it anymore?

  95. Roku is one of the popular Media streaming set-top box that allows the user to stream music, tv series, movies on their TV with ease. Most importantly, Roku is powerful that other media streaming options because it provides the best content from Top Channels, so you can enjoy different options by connecting your Roku device to the Internet through wired or wireless connection. Presently, Roku comes with numerous advanced features and functionalities, and you can find massive models. Now, most people prefer Roku to enjoy more than 3500 channels with high quality.

  96. Covenant was working fine now when I click any category in movies or shows the laid bar comes up for one second and goes away. Nothing happens. Any fix. What’s the issue I’m having

  97. How do I get the ‘Collection’ to list my ‘Trakt’ list. I was getting hangups while using Covenant and so cleared the ‘Cache’ as this used to work, but now I cannot display the list of programs that I used to get. I reset my Trakt account, so thats okay, so what do I do now?

  98. Ok, I have Covenant installed and working correctly.
    As this is being hailed as the next Exodus, I would like to point out a very annoying failing that makes Covenant inferior (for the time being, at least).
    With Exodus, when you have your stream list for your searched movie/episode and you select a stream that turns out to be laggy and you want to select a different stream. You stop the stream and are automatically returned to your stream list that you selected said stream from. With Covenant, you have to search for streams again, the streams are returned to you in a different order from the previous search, so you are not sure which streams you have already tried.
    It was easier with Exodus, being returned to your original stream list, as you could just work your way down the streams until you found one that worked well. With Covenant, it sometimes takes ages, with a lot of re-searching (which adds to the time, making searching stressful) to find a working stream.
    I don’t understand, if Covenant is technically Exodus, why the developers have left out this important feature which was one of the reasons Exodus was my app of choice.

  99. Just got my kodi jarvis 16.1 box last month, and already cant load or find covenant to download, everything I’ve read leads me to something I dont see. What can I do?

  100. Must be something wrong. When I attempt to update, (even forced), the version that is listed is 1.1.8. Any other ideas to get the 1.1.9?

  101. Hey guys!
    Need your help!
    Just downloaded Covenant but when I tap/ double tap a movie or TV show I want to watch, it doesn’t do anything..
    Do I need to download something else to make Convenant work?

  102. I have covenant and have had it ever since it started but shit every single movie we try to watch is “no stream available”. Like there are NO movies on this bitch. It hasn’t had a new movie to watch in a long time. What’s the deal?

  103. Some of the latest tv shows i like to watch come up red and are unwatchable? Whats going on and how do i fix this issue

  104. Link must be dead, because it sure ain’t working. Github is broken too. Recommend a second look at the links to get the links right before going GA.

  105. Hi

    I was hoping someone could help. I have installed covenant but when i use the search function it brings up the tv shows i want but once i click on them to watch, it brings up the first tv show i watched on covenant. I was able to find that the path is showing my search for previous tv show. Can anyone advise how i stop this from happening


  106. To Shea power is indeed on covenant are u searching under tv shows and yes u can have both exodus and covenant. By the way they were all leaked online even finale

  107. I installed Covent from ares wizard. It work for a day and started say incompatible. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it from colossus and it still keeps saying incompatible and when I click on it broke in respository…. I’m using kodi Jarvis android box. Please help

  108. I have covenant but I can’t find the show Power on covenant. I did find out that Power is on Exodus but I took it off. Tried to reinstall it with covenant and I can’t get exodus. Can I have them both? Why isn’t Power on covenant? I’m so confused and hurt I can’t see the show. What do I do? Please help

  109. I am receiving an error plus the website shows when I try to download the zip

    Item not available
    The item is not available due to issues with the item’s content.

  110. I managed to install covenant but all the source always stuck with buffering .. ussually the good one is with gvideo , but no longer gvideo available …

  111. Is there any way of getting a moderator to delete the spam comments with links to junk websites? Maybe? Just maybe?

  112. I have Covenant installed, but it is doing the same thing to me that Exodus and Elysium are doing. Everything appears to be working, but when I try to see any titles, nothing shows up. It basically gets me as far as the menus right before it lists titles you can play… For instance, I can go to “Watch TV” then “Networks” but when I click on a specific Network, it acts like it is loading, but it never shows me the titles and just stays on the network menu. I’ve tried movies, tried searching, tried my list, but nothing will load up. Any ideas?

  113. I am also having the same problem with downloading and saving of movies and series….how do I fix this?

  114. I can’t download and save movies or series like I can with Exodus. I have mapped the path and enabled downloads in the Covenant settings. Anyone have this issue?

  115. SOLUTION: Update from My Addons, Addon Repository, and choose a repository. Click UPDATE. This worked for me to populate the lists and some vids now work. This worked until I reset my router and now no streams can be found!

  116. @Al

    I downloaded from colossusrepo in file manager and unzipped it. So can’t see that a downloading to a stick and then on to the box will make much difference. I still have every repo empty (or not communicating with servers). Anyone have a fix?

  117. Try going directly to the site and dl’ing it to a flashdrive and add from zip file in Kodi, at least that is the way I did it and it works fine, been using Covenant for days now no prob.

    @Taylor Sounds like you are either trying to play 1080p and not letting it dl enough (the light gray bar should be visible), once you start a show/movie put it on pause for a couple of minutes and then try watching it, or the sources you are trying to use aren’t fast enough.

  118. Downloaded covenant and am able to start a show or movie however everything is skipping thesecond it starts playing Sound is fine but the picture is very jerky… any advice on how to fix this?

  119. Nothing appears in the repo when it is installed. I am having this problem with every repo and every channel. Everything is empty and nothing loads. Anyone know what is going on? Is there a something blocking all access, a code somewhere won’t allow a connection to any server or something??

  120. Can’t open anything clicked on year 2017 it says please wait and it doesn’t open anything past that

  121. anyone else not able to download films from covenant? Ive tried everything, the download option wont come up when i give a download location to either my usb or a folder in my computer

  122. Dave – Setting playback default action to ‘Directory’ (in the case of Covenant) does enable downloading but it doesn’t address the issue where some links stream fine but downloading doesn’t. It isn’t an all or nothing scenario. Links that don’t provide headers are the ones that will stream but not download. wants headers (size).

  123. To fix the downloads issue in this addon and similar ones made from the same code base just go to the addons settings and in the video playback tab change “dialog” to Local or what ever its called, anything but dialog …forget the option you see it. Now the context menu will work when choosing a movie/tv link

  124. LCFC1884 – I’m not a coder but in looking at the code I believe I understand what is happening. The methods used for playing a link and downloading a link are quite different (for obvious reasons). When you try to download a link the module which appears to rely on being able to retrieve headers for the desired link. No headers = “Download failed – No response from server.” So playing a link doesn’t require headers hence it works while trying to download the same link fails.

    Given some links aren’t returning header data it looks like the link validation method for downloads needs to be changed to something that doesn’t rely on headers being returned. Doubt it would be as efficient as what is coded now. As I said, I’m not a coder so I may be off.

  125. Having the same problem as ADC set up as required but still unable to download anything and getting same error “Download failed – No response from server”.

    Any help out there, please?

  126. Hi, I download Kodi 17.3. and installed the interface skin Aeon Nox and installed Convenant (file manager, add-ons>add-on browser>install from zip file; and > install from repository>video add-ons etc…) I have Covenant 1.1.2 installed.
    I also highlighted Unknown sources in “System> add-on”, I highlighted Unknown sources.
    As mentioned by other user I configured:
    add-on settings -> Playback – set Default Action to Directory * add-on settings -> and highlight Downloads then Ok.
    I noticed when I highlighted download it appeared the categories Videos and movies. Should they be sitting to a special folders? Mine are on the “—-” When I clicked on movies its appeared these following list:
    External storage
    Network File System (NFS)
    Root files system
    UPNP devices
    Windows network (SMB).
    Should I ignored this section?
    When I opened convenant, and choose a movie or a TV show, the streamed are downloaded. However, when I clicked on one of the providers on the list (ex: Putlocker, solarmovie,Ymovies….) , no movies or tv shows are downloaded. Therefore the system doesn’t work. I started to have this few days ago with Exodus and still have the same problem with Convenant, Elysium, Phoenix, Spectro or any other video add-on. Anybody knows how to fix this problem.

  127. Just a quick add. Do get that when you click on a stream to play Covenant will find the first live stream (very nice thank you).

  128. Steams are ok but downloads aren’t. Can select a source and it streams fine. Can then select the same source and select ‘download’ and get an error stating “Download failed – No response from server”.

    Am I missing something in the config?

    * add-on settings -> Playback – set Default Action to Directory (special shout out to Dave C)
    * add-on settings -> Downloads – enable downloads and set valid paths for movies and tv.

    Kodi 17.3 on Win 10

  129. Hi there, I’ve just installed covenant after deleting kodi and re-installing it with the newest version, when I’m clicking on an episode of something it’s loading but then it’s coming up no stream available or no content available anyone know how I can fix this?

  130. Hi guys, i don’t have add-ons button in settings-system..any idea where i can go to enable the source from unknown data?

  131. I get “can’t connect to repository server” error al the time?!
    i can download the zip file but then can’t connect.
    any ideas?

  132. Hi, after installing from zip following the instructions it’s not enabling into repository? Anyone know why?

  133. Still having so many issues with not having any good streams and buffering all the time with the tv shows

  134. Install was great!
    I connected trakt easily as well.
    I can’t see any fan art, big panel, or panel on view type but only for those associated with trakt. It works with the other movies, just not trakt.


  135. OK so I finally figured out the problem with downloading streams.
    Go to add-on settings -> playback and set Default Action to Directory. then when you find the stream to download right-click brings up the menu and you are able to download

  136. I have installed Covenant successfully and it works great except even though I have enabled download videos it won’t work. Usually in Exodus when you find the stream you want to download, right-click would bring up a menu where you clicked on download. In Covenant right-click does nothing. What do I do.

  137. Seems that there might be an isue with Covenet / My TV Shows / Collection – I cant get Covenant to go into the tv show collections listing attached to my trakt acct. I even re-authorized trakt acct. Anybody else having the same issues?

  138. Brilliant. Download was easy enough to follow even for me. Seems like it’s all working just fine. Thanks x

  139. I have kodi 16.1.

    Followed instructions exactly five times on my Amazon firebox

    Still giving me issues connecting to directory error????

    Rebooted kodi. Cleared cashe etc

    Please help. Doing this on my tv not via computer

  140. Hi everyone,,, im having issues with a warning window saying” Kodi has stopped working and windows will let you know when a solution has been found” anyone know what’s going on here and what the fix is thx

  141. Anyone else have the issue of not being able to get any zip files to install? I’ve deleted all old files and reinstalled Kodi numerous times and not no zip files will download. Please help. I feel like I’ve tried everything. It use to work just fine then Exodus crashed and I haven’t been able to get any movies or shows from anywhere since. 🙁

  142. need help installing colossus on a mac, get as far as install from zip but nothing happens when i click the icon

  143. I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for the repository to load. Someone said 5min its. Definitely not 5min. Anyone else having this problem?

  144. Movies not working, click new movies and lists 5 and that’s it, was same on exodus for the past week

  145. Fresh install of Kodi and Covenant and when I click on any category it just loads and refresh and does not list any movies or tv shows.

  146. Something is going on with Elysium. Won’t open movies. I’ve had it downloaded for weeks! Anyone know what’s going on?

  147. I am not able to get any videos. Started with Exodus now Covenant…any suggestions? TV shows work.

  148. Download covenant both ways, using Aries and the other. Both still not working. The add on opens, you can go to tv shows or movies. But no stream is available. It also doesn’t show the year along the movies. Like it’s suppose too. It just has a (0).

  149. I was getting a fail to load dependencies last night and tried to install this morning and it loaded immediately.

  150. I had all the same issues as everyone here so I tried ares installer. After I installed ares it took literally 1 min to be up and running with the repo and covenant app. After it was installed it had a couple issues so I went to the repo and just updated and restarted kodi and all was good took about 4 min to do just add the souces to get the ares zip file

  151. I’m using the fire stick for Kodi and when I try downloading from zip file there is nothing there how might I fix this

  152. Have successfully installed Covenant..but now having trouble with Trakt..nothing will save and I also cannot access any of my previosly saved tv shows or movies..anyone have suggestions?

  153. I have kodi 16.1 will it work on there cause it’s blank or should I keep trying? I turned it off for over 5 min and nothing.. Or should I try kodi 18?

  154. Was getting empty zip folder too.

    Followed instructions above from jeanguy2 on 13th July at 6:47.

    Covenant now works a treat.

    Once downloaded from browser, dont forget to go to:

    Install from zip file > External storage > Download

    to see the Colossus repo zip!

  155. jalahith – are you trying to do this on an Android Box?
    If so, once you have done the Add Source bit, to install the zip file on the android box, power off the box (eg take the power cord out) for 5 minutes and then try again.
    Should work first time (after the 5 minutes of the android box being powered off_.

  156. Thanks jeanguy2…your advice to restart and open a browser for the zip file was spot on. I appreciate it. I used es file explorer/favorites/yahoo to load right from the browser.

  157. I’ve tried it manually, I keep getting “Could not connect to repository”. I’m guessing it’s the luck of the draw and it will be available once the initial surge has subsided.

    In the meantime, Elysium works great.

  158. Having done the Add Source bit, all I had to do to install the zip file on my android box, was to power off the box (eg take the power cord out) for 5 minutes and then try again.
    Worked first time after the 5 minutes of being powered off.

  159. Thanks for the comment about restarting after entering the addon. Works fine now. I guess that sometimes the answers are simpler than we think.

  160. Used Ares Wizard to install Covenant and its repository. Had to restart Kodi before the Covenant interface was revealed, but it’s working like a champ.

  161. Installed repo manually, yet had issues installing addon. Then, used Ares Wizard to successfully install addon…working wonderfully!

  162. update: i used ares wizard to download covenant. I turned device off then back on and the covenant app worked. woo woo

  163. i am trying to install from depository. says “could not connect to repository”
    do i just keep clicking that link and it will eventually work or do i need to uninstall and reinstall?

  164. Scratch that. realized I was doing it wrong on that.

    Went to install from repo and used Colossal and tried to install covenant. Getting errors on both pc and android phone. PC indicates failed to connect to repository and android phone gives dependency errors when i try and install covenant.

  165. Installed using Ares and it said installation of Colossal was successful. Went to my addons and Colossal wasnt there. Found it in the list of all addons and when I click it there is no option to run it. It allows you to click up but when i do it says it Failed.

    Any advice?

  166. Worked fantastic on my PC, but failing to install
    On my android devices
    Could be timing but I just thought I would share.
    I will just keep trying.

  167. To that last comment. I did the same thing with the Ares Wizard, and nothing was in the covenant addon just like you said. So I closed Kodi and reload it. And then covenant worked fine.

  168. Followed suggestion to use Ares Wizard. It installed the repository, then used it to install the addon Covenant, which it told me was successful. When I go to use it, the logo is there, but I do not get any text in any of the choices – only little squares with no text following. When I make an error (easy to do!), I get an error message (I guess) with no text. Comments?

  169. I was able to download the zip file to my computer and installed from zip file. Covenant fails to install from the repository.

  170. Since been trying to get this one my boxes with kodi 16.1 and even though it says it will work it will not. My boxes with 17.3 had absolutely no issues so if u don’t have kodi 17.3 it will now work for you.

  171. I keep getting a failed to install from .zip message while trying to install on my android! Help!

  172. Update: Finally got it to install, just keep trying. Now here’s the weird part, after many attempts all i got was dependency error, then suddenly it changed to add-on installed~no idea what happened, then i went to add-on section & installed it, it took a few attempts there also, before it finally installed. But it works ok now, but it was like trying to dig a ditch, with a spoon LOL.

  173. I downloaded the zip manually and it’s still not working. When I click on it from “install from repository” I get a “could not connect to repository” error.

    Been messing with it for over an hour hoping I’d catch a working window, but I guess I’ll have to wait to check it out.


  174. Folks getting empty repos upon kodi log in for zip install, need to reset their network dns. To do so shut down and restart your device. Now, open a browser on your device or a phone and navigate to “”.

    Once there download “Repo” Go back to kodi and install repo from downloaded zip. You can then carry on from above step 6.

    You can also try to install again from the site using the normal kodi install from zip procedure after clicking on “tco” since your “dns” is now reset.

    Site is taking a lot of hits and server is overloaded. Be patient, you will eventually succeed. Add-on is great and worth the effort and wait. Remember, Exodus was a very popular add-on, so folks are flocking to get the new Covenant add-on.

    Alternatively you can also flush dns by insuing “ipconfig /flushdns” in at windows command prompt. Also see here for flushing dns using various browsers.

  175. Zip is there but takes a little time to show up and won’t install repo. I’ll wait a few hours and try again.

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