Elysium Kodi Addon Install (Formerly Zen)

Install the Elysium Kodi addon, formerly named Zen, and get a nice multi-source TV and movies add-on for your Kodi system.

January 18th: The Elysium Kodi addon have been updated to 2018.01.18. This version fixes an issue some were having with not being able to update to the 01.15 version. Elysium is one of the best currently active multi-source Kodi addons and is definitely worth checking out if you don’t have it installed yet.

Elysium Kodi 2018.01.18 Change Log




The Elysium Kodi addon is the rebranded Zen addon, formerly developed by Schism. After Schism retired from developing the addon, the Noobs and Nerds community decided to step up and continue development on it. To avoid confusion in the name and give Schism a break from question, the addon has been rebranded as Elysium going forward.

Elysium (Zen) started off as an Exodus fork, meaning it is a multi-source addon similar to Exodus that pulls content from a wide variety of websites. The addon has taken a life of its own though and has turned into a reliable source for content.

In the future, the scrapers in the Elysium Kodi addon will be replaced with NaN scrapers, which is used by the Bob addon to return links. This will make development of both Elysium and Bob Unleashed consistent and easier in the future.

The add-on is part of the Noobs and Nerds repo.

NOTE: Elysium stores no content within the addon. It only knows how to search the public internet for data and information.



How to Install Elysium Kodi Addon

This addon is a third-party Kodi addon not supported by the Kodi Foundation. Though Kodi add-ons don’t store any files or host any content, streams from this addon are scraped from websites that fall in a grey legal area.

Because it is not legal to stream this content in every country and location, we are not posting a how-to guide on this website. We believe that this is the safest move for KodiTips.com because we know that there are parties looking to crack down on websites promoting piracy and we are not one of those.

KodiTips.com has plenty of add-on installation guides for things that are completely legal and we encourage you to check out our home page for more information.


What do you think about the brand new Elysium Kodi add-on? If you have any feedback or need any help, let us know on Twitter or Facebook and we will do out best.


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200 thoughts on “Elysium Kodi Addon Install (Formerly Zen)”

  1. I have created my own api key and was able to use the Elysium addon, but the next day it has disappeared! Can I fix this?

  2. If I click on movies, or tv shows it’ll pull up the list of “popular” “in progress” etc. if I click on ANYTHING no screen comes up, no movies, no Tv shows. I have uninstalled, reinstalled… watched video after video to no avail. Someone please help before I have to go back to CABLE!!!! >:C

  3. MPAA still suing consumers for cheap easy resolutions they can’t conceive in the form of streaming media from a centralized source. Netflix has the idea and MPAA just can’t grasp the concept.

  4. @Twenty, Elysium works just fine if you generate your own API key. Not every link works of course but there plenty of others that do.

  5. i have just ONE question ! You test before you publish an article ?

    Because the Elysium dont work since last version we have “No Strream available” !!

    please keep serious !!!

  6. Whenever I click on anything to watch it is only giving me sd versions and no HD any ideas as to why this is?

  7. Exodus was saying there were no streams for the new episodes that aired this season and the titles were red. I uninstalled Exodus an installed Elysium thinking it was an add-on issue but Elysium is the same way. New episodes of this season only. It doesn’t matter what show it is. In Elysium the new shows are a yellow color instead of red. But in both add-ons the old seasons all are shown with white lettering. Any ideas how to fix this?

  8. Recently updated to kodi 17.4 and now elysium works perfectly ,seems that updating to latest version is the best answer

  9. If you can’t use the search function change your API Key to:


    * If you have to type out the key those are zeros in the key. *

    This will also fix 720P, 1080P, and 4K streams not showing up.

  10. Had issues this morning, think I fixed it by going into TV calendar, pick yesterday’s date and highlight a show, use the context menu (key c) and select browse series. Takes ages to look up but you get all the seasons come up eventually. After that I was able to search and the other menu choices such as New Movies worked. Hope this heros

  11. Nothing on elysium works for me But exodus, covenant and some others work for TV shows only. Anyone know why movies dont work/populate but why TV shows work (even new tv show episode populate)? Is there a error on the user end or its the site/build blocking movies? Anyone have a tutorial on trouble shooting… Dont need ones on how to install the site. Why does it work for some and not others?

  12. People who say Elysium doesn’t work clearly are not using it properly. Since the 2017.8.8 update (you need to update the repo not the addon) it works fine. The non search function was caused due to API key error. This is now fixed. I strongly suggest anyone with issues follows @noobsandnerds on twitter.

  13. I just solved the same prI Ken on my amazon fire stick. My Elysium did not auto update. I had to go to my Addon repository, then video add ons, then elysium, then update, then select the. Updated version from noobsandnerds. Now it works like a champ.

  14. It worked as perfect as Zen did……….at first, now it does not allow you to conduct any searches, however, anything previously watch (from when it worked) you can serum access through “In Progress”, other than being able to do that, Elysium is now a dud, hopefully something replaces out bc I loved Zen & I loved this one at first!

  15. Finally got the update. It didn’t auto update. I had to go to the install page for Elysium and click on updates. Working fine now. Thanks soooo much!

  16. Aug 9/17 Elysium was my go to addon. Hasn’t worked for two weeks. Opens fine but nothing inside that I click on works. I have it installed on both Jarvis amd Krypton. I tried manual installs and wizard installs all with same results. No auto update yesterday. Bob never works either. Also noobsandnerds.com homepage loads a blank page only. Any solution in sight? I appreviate all the work the Devs do. Fingers crossed this will get fixed. Thanks.

  17. Yes update 2day and working on my box and my mum firestick thank u 4 the update it was my mum who rang me 2 say it was working that her no1 addon nice 1( devs)

  18. Mine works updated automatically version 2017.08.08. Some people I know could not update. Even tried to delete and reinstall the repo still no luck?

  19. Also stopped working for me, and also on the Android box I have set up at my dad’s house. Same symptoms, clicking most categories returns nothing, search doesn’t work. Only categories that work are the populars section and the in progress section and I suspect it’s only the cache that was downloaded before everything stopped working.

  20. Elysium stopped working with tv shows about a week ago for me. Today, did a complete reset of Fire Stick, reinstall of Kodi, reinstall of Elysium and now nothing on Elysium works. Show update as 2017.07.20.

  21. Elysium has been having issues for the past few days. The only thing still working from what I can see, are the “Populars” in the movies and TV shows you’ve added to the watchlist.

  22. I uninstalled and reinstalled Elysium and it’s still not working. Won’t search for any tv shows or anything.

  23. I have followed the instructions to the “T” and nothing happened. I deleted and re tried. The repo downloads and shows all the categories. Once I select a category ie TV Shows and then select New Series then NOTHING happens. I tried this for every category and NOTHING shows up. So long story short is this still good or not? I loved it and used all the time but now nothing. Thank you for your time

  24. This is getting old..i have the correct version of elysium but it is either freezing or the menu options dont show any movies or tv and you cant search for movies..and if you finally get a movie then most of the time it wont play and theres no hd options..and if it does play it usually is only for a minute or 2 and then pauses for 5 minutes.. Any suggestions?

  25. not working uninstalled n re installed app doesnt even show up in my apps anymore still have the app but wont show up on my apps n wouldnt search or play anything

  26. Yup, no cigar fellas. Does not work as many have now stated. Nothing good lasts forever. I saw it coming. Now, the fire stick is no better than a Roku streamer. Sources are being slammed down just like the torrent industry. Might as well toss the stick in the garbage.

  27. Was working a couple days ago and now when you click on new movie link it does nothing.
    Or TV link etc.

  28. Nothing seems to working, no searches, just working icon then disappears. Is this one down as well like a lot of them?

  29. Just installed Elysium on Kodi 17.3 as instructions above. Menus all there but not content loading under movies of any kind .

  30. I still cannot get tv shows to open except the tv calendar and the movies people search and search are not working. I’m not tech savvy so most of the discussion is over my head. Is there anything I could be doing (step by step) as my elysium update is enabled or are we still waiting for the maintenance updates? HELP!!!

  31. Just quick fyi. This update is a bit of a pain to get installed properly. You really have to remove the add in in, remove the source THEN start from scratch to add source, add repo, add Ely repo, then add video add in, Elysium. Took me 4 tries to get the “a” on the end new update, before following all steps after removing source, I kept getting the “t” at the end off the version number. But seems working fine now.

  32. PLEASE HELP!! Elysium is fast becoming my go to add-on. I have created a watch list (the internal Elysium watch list — not IMDB) of the tv shows we regularly watch. I successfully backed it up but After a Kodi update, I can’t restore my backed up watch list. How do I get that to work? Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  33. I would make elysium my go to addon if trakt worked, my collection is in trakt so I need trakt to get my shows, films.

  34. As The Scotsman says.
    Shows Traxt but cannot highlight it to activate Trakt…….
    Otherwise looks good…..

  35. I’ve done it all right. but it still wont work. it says its been enabled but still wont work. it shows all the tv networks but when I click on one nothing happens. it doesn’t take me to a new window or anything it just stays on the same page as if I didn’t click on anything.

  36. On Jarvis 16.1 message “installation failed” when trying to install repository from NoobsandNerds repository? What is the problem? Is there any solution?

  37. Elysium error message not compatible addon or marked broken respository. How do I fix this on Jarvis

  38. I just installed elysium and it worked fine, no problems at all. All I did was follow the instructions.

  39. I installed Elysium on my t95z after Exodus became clunky and barely functioning. I got it up and running, but for some reason it won’t show up on my home page as the add-ons that came with the build. Did I do or not do something or should I uninstall and reinstall ? I can access it from the add-ons list which works, but not very convenient. Help a old fart figure this out. Semper Fi.

  40. I install it from a different repo and it’s working great on 2 of my android boxes. No problems seems to work better than exodus.

  41. I can’t get it to install on my phone but I know it works because it runs fine on my StreamSystemsUSA.com tv box along with 190 other add-ons but they auto update them for me over the air maintenance-free. I just can’t install it on my phone.

    A different site said that the link above is an Old Link and the so-called New Link they had did not work either. Somebody please tell me what the new link is the one that works.

  42. Not sure whether there is any point is asking a question here cos it’s rare you get anyone to answer. Anyway, I’ll give it another go. I’ve installed this addon but there are no movies listed accept the only two I watched using Exodus. I’ve emptied the cache and restarted Kodi but no change. I’m using Amazon Fire TV stick. Any suggestions to getting this addon to work? Any help would be appreciated

  43. GUYS

  44. I want to replace my zen icon with the new elysium on my menu. Any idea how…..not too tech savvy!

  45. Is noobs and nerds down now too? My Elysium add on isn’t working and I can’t restall it either!

  46. Help! I haven’t been able to search or use any of the TV programs in the last two days. Starts to search…or open the TV section and then goes back to the menu. How can I force the update to happen??

  47. is it just me, or is Elysium so much slower than Exodus..?!! going through the menus is simply a painful and lumbering process.. how come other add-ons (exodus included) are so much more responsive….

  48. Hi Y’all
    Started from scratch and have the “t” version with the fix and still have the menu problem, I can load a program from favorites but no searches from any menu, weird, any suggestions, thanks

  49. Hi, i had it updated and today it is just putting error message and dose nor want to work …please fix it!

  50. Just updated kodi and downloaded Elysium. But clicking on categories it just has the loading icon and kicks it back to where I was. Can’t get into any tv or movie lists

  51. Unable to search or get shows from the categories, shows that I added stream great but can’t add new ones

  52. Elysium is working great here. Trakt tv does not seem to work with this platform. Does it autoupdate? I am losing some servers? Thanks 🙂

  53. I just installed elysium on a new fire stick and everything looks like it should work but when I choose a an episode from the list of providers, I get a “no stream available” message. On every single one even though there are clearly a bunch of available streams.

  54. TheSaintP. I’ve discovered – you have to enable downloads and setup the download directories for BOTH movies and TV. You are also right with playback action. When you’ve found a movie/TV link that you want, click “Menu” on the remote, or “C” on the keyboard and “Download” is the first option. You get to confirm from there. Having said all that, I just realised you’re not using Krypton 17.3. Hope it works for you, anyway!

  55. I downloaded Elysian fine, but it does not work at all. I can navigate all the screens, but anything I try to play just doesn’t work. It displays a Kodi loading icon, then just reverts to the previous screen.

  56. Thanks for the workaround. Elysium is working for me. I have been waiting since 6/7/2017. Zen is still intact. Thanks again!

  57. Everything working really well, search functions all work, created my watchlist, linked to Trakt, only thing I cant fathom is on exodus I could go to progress which took me direct to next unwatched, cant find that in Elysium

  58. After upgrading Kodi from 16 to 17, Zen became buggy. Elysium is the same. I think the issue is that Kodi 17.x is not as compatible with Linux as the earlier 16.x. I am using a PC with Linux OS, 16G RAM, and SSD. Internet is 50Mbps via cable. I’ve tested on 2 version of Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) OSs. Elysium crashes, while Exodus and Specto work fine.

  59. Does not have the correct structure – is the message I get when trying to install from the zip file.

  60. for downloads I selected –
    menu “downloads”: enable downloads =
    menu “playback”: default action = Directory”
    I am using Jarvis 16.1 and still can’t see the download menu option after that.

  61. How do I download with Elysium? I’ve enabled and setup downloads, but I don’t get the menu options as in Exodus.

  62. Hi, movies are working fine but cannot get any t.v shows. It does not even go past the search screen or any other, like new t.v. shows for example.

  63. Hi. My name is LucyBee. I followed the instructions for The Elysium add on. Its working 👍. Thank for the help.

  64. Yes, what about TraktTV and Real-Debrid? I have it set up in KODI and it seems this addon sees it but I don’t see any RD links. Anybody tried that?

  65. Trying to get zem TV Asian tried everything they just vanished any information how to get it back and running. Really missing the Indian/ Bollywood music any help

  66. Agree with

    Anonymous on June 10, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    updated repo to 1.8 through aftermath wizard bob Addon updated fine, it removed zen but when I try and install Elysium it goes to 1% then stops. I can not install it Help?!?

    Any ideas what to do and what is going on?

  67. updated repo to 1.8 through aftermath wizard bob Addon updated fine, it removed zen but when I try and install Elysium it goes to 1% then stops. I can not install it Help?!?

  68. ALL are temporary and constantly changing, more so with all that crack downs. Either get used to the constant changes, updates, downtime etc or just MOVE ON!

  69. First rule about Kodi add-ons. You do not talk about Kodi add-ons. Second rule you do not talk about Kodi add-ons

  70. noobsandnerds.com is affected by a hosting issue – I believe its the same issue that supremebuilds.com are having

  71. Do you want to make it any easier for addons to be shut down or what?

    If people can’t figure out how to search and add their own repos or whatever then bad luck!

    Giving an open guide to dumbasses is also giving an open guide to those that will close you down!

    Learn from what happened and shit the fuck up!

  72. It does not work does not work nothing is a pity that an addon as good as zem ends up in something that apparently so far does not work and the repository can not be installed for those who try to put it for the first time osea seems qye something tam bueno find it fucked

  73. On June 7, everytime I try to install something it’s say can’t connect to repository

  74. http://www.noobsandnerds.com cannot be found on the network (at this time), so the above procedure cannot really even get started. I do not have the knowledge to state if it will be available again – at all. I tried to install Specto and Bob from that source – no luck at this time.

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