Genesis 5 Tips; Genesis Hosts Order

Reliability of Genesis 5 can be instantly increased by having a proper Genesis hosts order. That is, the order that certain file hosts appear when you pick a show or movie can affect your Genesis experience!

NOTE: Genesis hosts order has been updated for Genesis 5.0.8. If you are having trouble finding reliable and working links in Genesis, try the recommendations below! Personally, the default Genesis hosts order have been working fine for me so only try this if you are having trouble streaming with Genesis 5.0.8.

There has been some criticism over Genesis 5 and people have been complaining about unreliability in some of the hosts. Most of this has to do with how good Gvideo was, which used to be the first link for many of the TV shows in Genesis. With Gvideo hit and miss, many other hosts have been having trouble matching the quality.

User rambounchained over on the TVADDONS forums has been using Genesis 5 over the past few days and has come up with a Genesis hosts order that should improve Genesis 5 for everyone. They generally match the Genesis hosts order that I have setup on my Kodi box, and I don’t have nearly as many problems as some of you are reporting so I highly recommend checking them out!

Changing your Genesis hosts order changes which hosts appear first when you try to watch a TV show or movie. Some of the new Genesis hosts that are ranked high are just not as reliable as others right now and this is causing most of the problems.

These Genesis hosts order settings can be changed by hovering over Genesis in your video add-ons, pressing the “c” context/menu button, and going into add-on settings.

Movies Tab – Disable the following:

  • Alluc (720×404 is often listed as HD, so actual HD files are skipped in autoplay)

TV Tab – Disable the following:

  • Ororo (resolver issues)

HD Hosts Order (sorted from fastest to slowest)

  • MrFile
  • Gvideo
  • Yify
  • Dizimag
  • VK
  • Muchmovies
  • Videomega
  • Turbovideos
  • Openload
  • Vidplay
  • MovieTV
  • Moviefarsi

SD Hosts Order (sorted from high quality down to low quality)

  • Openload HQ
  • Mrfile HQ
  • Uptobox HQ
  • Dizimag HQ
  • Turbovideos HQ
  • V-vids HQ
  • Skyvids HQ
  • Gvideo HQ
  • Mightupload HQ
  • zStream HQ
  • Vidspot MQ
  • Streamin MQ
  • Allmyvideos MQ
  • Vidto MQ
  • Streamcloud MQ
  • Letwatch MQ
  • Divxpress LQ
  • Filehoot LQ
  • Beststreams LQ
  • Vidzi LQ

Setup your Genesis 5 add-on with the hosts order mentioned above and see if it helps your Genesis 5 setup! Once again, thanks to rambounchained from the TVADDONS forums for his order.

Have you found other hosts in Genesis that work better or worse? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook and we would be happy to pass that information on!

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  1. This is the right site for everyone who would like to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a fresh spin on a topic which has been discussed for ages. Wonderful stuff, just great!

  2. Is there any way to use the megabox hd app( on Kodi. This is one of my favorite applications. I have been using the application on my android phone to watch movies and tv shows. Now, I want to use this on kodi. If there is any possible solution for this, please let me know. Thank You.

  3. I have problems with no stream also I tried a lot of things people said to do but nothing has worked so far I really starting to think nothing is going to work anytime soon I imagine one of these days someone will figure it out but I also think by then another device will come out that’s better than kodi I hate to say that cause even know it has it’s problems alot of people still like it I watch it every day when it works I seen this box that’s coming out it might even be out but u pay for it (don’t know how much it costs) and its supposed be better then any box that’s already out there one fee like I said that’s just to buy it then you get all cable channels free and everything kodi has I know it’s hard to believe but I know I’ll give it a try well I got off the subject of the no stream movies with kodi but I just wanna let everyone know there’s better products coming out so hang in there if anyone dose figure out how to fix no stream please let me email is [email protected]

  4. Please help. When I try to launch Genesis, nothing happens. Can see the screen. Says working for a few seconds but nothing happens. This seems to happen on others as well. Loaded on a fire stick. It all looks like it should just ‘go’ but nothing there’s! Please help

  5. Hi all, please do a little bit of light reading, genesis is no longer under development due to box sellers abusing the add-on and stupid people moaning about links not working on an add-on that is free free free

  6. Hi. My genesis will suddenly not give me HD hosts for TV shows, only HQ. I changed the order of hosts, but it’s still not coming up with HD sources. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

  7. Hello,
    @admin do we know what is going on with the HD hosts for genesis? Every time i select on that host it states no stream available and usually only 1 option shows up. I also notice that some SD hosts put out 720p like when i watch jurassic world using PRIMEWIRE|Streamin|MQ just as an fyi for anyone who doesnt already know. Thank you for your time.

  8. I have the same problem. They told me there is aan problem in genesis They are working on. They told me i should use the MQ. But it is bad quality

  9. The best for me was Dizilab. HD and never buffered. Never shows up anymore. Im guessing the law is cracking down now.

  10. Same as others above i have been having trouble finding hd streams that work. I used to always have G-video, yifi, muchmovies… All work but those dont even show up anymore. Sometimes streaming SD is hard. Any reason? Any updates to fix this coming up?


  11. genesis updated on 12/18 and since then I have only been able to stream at LQ or sometimes MQ. I read a recommendation to purchase a real-debrid premium account (nominal fee) which has added a few sources that are a little more reliable. Still don’t know what happened to all those HD streaming sources…

  12. Can someone please help me with getting sources working? I have tried SALTS and Genesis for watching shows and 99% sources never work for me. It takes me forever to find a working link and when I do it never plays well with lots of stuttering and buffering. I have 150mbps Internet… What am I doing wrong?

  13. Hi
    I have Genesis in my laptop and in the Apple TV 2
    The problem in the laptop I’m getting more HD sources than Apple TV 2
    Can you help ??

  14. hi peeps was wondering if anybody can help i tried to put the beast on my lappy and after i force closed it as instructed it never worked but now when i try a new build on firestick laptop android tablet or phone using fusion config wizard it wont work was working before nps since tho no joy

  15. Is there a way to select whole seasons of tv shows to download at one time instead of having to download each one individually?

  16. I feel as this list of hosts needs to be updated, there have been many hosts added and removed in the past month and a half. I find that some of the hosts (both SD & HD) near the top of the lists don’t even work – at least in my location. Are there any other sites or forums out there that maintain a list like this one?

  17. Jayruther Hopkins – The sites do housekeeping ahead of the availability of the streams. The message “no stream available” means the stream has not yet been populated. This happens most often when you are trying to watch TV programs ahead of the actual air time.

    Other times, people attempt to upload files but the transfer fails. The link will have been created but the object (the stream you want) failed to populate.

    This is why the Genesis creators installed the “Autoplay” option. It will search the list of links until it finds an active one. I use this feature to locate the link to use for downloading. Sometimes it is 15 or more links deep. Much better than trying one after another.

  18. I am trying to watch this TV show which comes on the OWN channel. I can pull up the show but it tells me “No stream available”. Can you tell me why?

  19. OK, I’m having this really annoying problem with Genesis. It is putting all of my TV shows in the movies folder, and so I have 1500 TV shows there. The TV shows are not showing up in the TV folder. Every day it searches and scans my movie library, which is populated (mainly) by TV shows! The movies are OK, but not the TV shows.

  20. Hi, I have been having this problem for a while now. every time I search for a movie/tv show in genesis using the search option I get a “No results found. please if there is a fix for this please help. thank you.

  21. Set all the sources to recommended, thanks for the tip. i am finding Dizi-lab/mag/gold to be the best sources for everything on the box upstairs tho, the quality is fantastic

  22. New version Genesis Version 5.0 -5.0.8 being updated. Still movie in Genres displayed just the latest example of Western movies are 16 films Emotikona frown Version 4.8.5 ist OK, Genres TV show 5.0.8 ist OK. HD hosts Mega sourc This does not appear. .What’s wrong?

  23. I didn’t install the addons when it promted me to durning set up of my andriod box. How do i install all of the addons now? is there anyway to just go back and install all of them instead of individally?

  24. Hi could you run me through how to turn off the safe settings on bt home hub 3 as I can’t use kodi at the mo… many thanks

  25. I think it’s kept as a priority in case it comes back as new sites being added do have gvideo it just tends to not last long. For example, Megabox has gvideo included so now it’s good again but no telling how long it’ll last. I’ll update the wording to be more clear!

  26. I’m an idiot, can you please delete my last comment – I didn’t mean to put my email address in the name field – duh.

    You can keep this one instead:

    Hey, great site you have here – just recently started checking it every day and it’s awesome! Just a quick question about this one. At the top you’re mentioning that GVideo isn’t an option anymore, but I see in the HD hosts that it’s #3, and in SD it’s #10. Am I missing something, or should I disable that one? I did just try a GVideo link and it’s not working, but I’m not sure if it’s just that particular show or all of them.

  27. Hey, great site you have here – just recently started checking it every day and it’s awesome! Just a quick question about this one. At the top you’re mentioning that GVideo isn’t an option anymore, but I see in the HD hosts that it’s #3, and in SD it’s #10. Am I missing something, or should I disable that one? I did just try a GVideo link and it’s not working, but I’m not sure if it’s just that particular show or all of them.

  28. MegaBox appears in the Movie/TV tabs but not when I try to set it as Priority 1 in HD Hosts. Am I missing something? Thanks.

  29. Hi, I am having problems with the Keyboard that you see
    when u search for a movie or tv show. Has anyone else reported
    such an issue??

    I am a novice and I appreciate the info on this pg. however I
    do not understand alot of it. Does your co. have anyone I could
    e-mail questions to? I do not know how to use Facebook or Twitter, and
    XUUM support and techs do not want to help me anymore. They felt I
    had too many questions, but I will also be a novice if I can never
    e-mail any one.

    Thank You,
    [email protected]

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