Install IPVanish on Fire Stick / Fire TV From Amazon App Store

Install a VPN & get IPVanish on Fire Stick or Fire TV today by installing their official IPVanish VPN Amazon app, located on the Amazon App Store.

IPVanish has just set themselves apart from other VPN providers by releasing a legitimate, made-for Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV app. Unlike other services which require you to sideload an unofficial APK, the IPVanish app is developed with the Fire Stick in mind.

In addition to a native interface and app for the Fire Stick, subscribers to IPVanish on Fire Stick will enjoy increased connection speeds and reliability as well.

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Interested in installing the IPVanish app for the Amazon Fire Stick? Follow our directions below.


How to Install VPN IPVanish on Fire Stick / Fire TV via Amazon App Store

  1. From your Fire Stick main menu, click the Search icon in the top left corner.
  2. Enter in “ipvanish” and click the middle button on your remote to search for the App.
  3. Hover over the IPVanish VPN app and press the center button TWICE to download and install the app.
  4. After the IPVanish app is done installing, you can click on Open to open the app right here or you can find it later in your app tray.
  5. When you open the IPVanish Fire Stick app, enter in your user name and password. Next press Login.
  6. You’ll next see an easy interface made for the Fire Stick. Press the Connect button to automatically connect to the fastest available VPN server.


And that’s it! Use IPVanish on Fire Stick today via the official native app and enjoy a safe and secure VPN connection.


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22 thoughts on “Install IPVanish on Fire Stick / Fire TV From Amazon App Store”

  1. IPVanish works perfectly. I signed up for an account ($7 a month), downloaded the software for Firestick and PC, installed the programs and logged in. Worked immediately and has never let me down. Completely hides my location and browsing details (there are ways to check this).

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  3. I just paid for your service and I only have 1 email when I put my email on your web site it says email already exists. I did put it in and I had to start over on your site. Now what do I do about it. Pay pal says they paid you.

  4. i live in the us and have the firestick. Do i really need to install this ? i have cable thru tmewarner .

  5. i have vypr vpn and it work fine the app is available on your fire stick by searching yo do have to pay for it different prices for how many devices you want to connect i pay $99 for 3 devices /year and thats at one time if you close one you can start a forth or fifth or more just not more than 3 at a time

  6. Yooooo i just paid, connected, and installed it and now I my fire stick won’t load anything! What Happened??????

  7. Yooooo i just paid, connected, and installed it and now I my fire stick won’t load anything! What Happened??????

  8. Yooooo i just paid, connected, and installed it and now I my fire stick won’t load anything! What Happened??????

  9. I have been using Ip Vanish since last year and I have installed it on every tv in my home on my phones and computers. I even put it on my loved ones and it has worked on all and is not a scam. And you need it so you cannot be traced, especially now with new laws passing everyday.

  10. Your site IPVanish won’t allow me to login keeps saying my username & pswd. R wrong and they r not is this fake?

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