Exodus No HD Streams Help and Information

Seeing Exodus no HD streams? Click here to find out how Exodus grabs its streams and why you receive no HD or all standard definition Exodus streams.

July 22nd Update: Exodus is no longer supported, so the reason you aren’t seeing HD streams is because Exodus is not updating and supporting its scrapers and providers. Covenant is the new replacement for Exodus. Click here to install the Covenant Kodi addon today.


We’ve seen an increase in complaints about Exodus no HD streams being available and we wanted to set the record straight. What does Exodus classify as an “HD stream” compared to standard definition, how can you get more “HD” streams, and who do you complain to about it?


Exodus Overview

If you don’t know yet, Exodus is simply a search engine that manually scans through websites on the internet that contain movie and TV show streams (called scrapers). Exodus hosts no streams of its own and it has no control over how many high definition and standard definition streams it pulls in.


What does Exodus classify as an HD stream?

Contrary to belief, Exodus does not classify an HD stream by the quality of video. Exodus only labels a stream as HD if it is 720p quality AND if it is hosted by a source that can handle high bandwidth usage. Exodus is so popular that any video marked HD will be used by thousands of visitors at all times. Most websites don’t have the bandwidth to see this traffic so Exodus does not even list these sources as HD.

The only Exodus HD streams are GVIDEO and VK (possibly one or two more) because these servers can handle tons of users. Therefore, if you see that Exodus no HD streams are available, it only means that there are no GVIDEO or VK links returned when Exodus searches the internet for links.


Are SD streams in Exodus low quality?

NO! In fact, the majority of links in Exodus are 720p, even if they are listed as SD. SD links are loaded in a random order in Exodus so that one link doesn’t get hammered by all of the traffic. Simply pick a link and check the quality. If you are unsatisfied, try a different link. Most SD links in Exodus will be 720p. There is a bit more trial and error to this than picking a known HD stream, but HD streams are there.


But I had more HD Exodus streams just a few days ago?

Streams are fickle. They constantly go down due to DMCA complaints from movie and TV companies, who can remove links with a simple email to a file hosting site. The number of streams you received yesterday has no effect on the number of streams you will find today. Like we told you at the top, Exodus is just a search engine and only brings back what is given to it.

Also, streaming websites (websites that host links to streams) constantly change and break the scrapers that Exodus uses to scan websites for links. When these break, an update to Exodus is required to fix the scraper. If there is no Exodus update, these scrapers will all eventually die over time. The more working scrapers that Exodus has to work with, the more chance it will scrape in streaming links.


If you want to guarantee HD streams, there are a few options to consider. A Real-Debrid account increases the chance of finding an HD stream from public scrapers. An Easynews account gives you access to private servers containing HD links for almost anything in the world without any concern for that link going down.

Any more questions about Exodus no HD streams? Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook so that we can update this post and help other users out.

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52 thoughts on “Exodus No HD Streams Help and Information”

  1. Tyson, you appear to be referring to a post I made on the 22 May 2016. Pathway depicted was for Kodi 16.1. With kodi 17.3 simply highlight the Exodus add-on & then press the context menu key (C key) or right click the highlighted icon to bring up a new option menu, select settings. In the new settings window for Exodus add-on select “playback” tab on left column. Have a great weekend…!

  2. Jackie,

    See this link for an explanation of OpenLoad host Service pairing and how to use it. Other Host servers have adopted a similar pairing requirement but it basically works the same. Most pairing is time limited to a 3 hours period.


    You could also subscribe to a Debrid service to alleviate much of the pairing requirements.

  3. Hi i cant seem to get on ant tv programs,i get a message saying the stream needs to be paired? If that makes any sence?can anybody help

  4. Just have patience, go back in day or two, if not there now, will be soon, I watch movies on theaters , any movie I want, any show I want, it’s all not perfect quality but it’s better than being strangled and robbed by cable company, I am amazed it works at all, patience

  5. I agree 100% with your comments. Before any of the lawsuits and issues that are surfacing with TVaddons etc the HD providers were consistently available for movies and TV series. Never a problem for past year. The last 2 months has had consistent HD providers disappearing.

  6. I don’t buy this for a second. Yes, nobody should be complaining or trying to put this issue on KODI themselves but to those simply looking for information, this is bs.

    1: I highly doubt it’s just a coincidence that right after tvaddons and popular plugins appear to be shutting down, the HD titled streams magically vanish across the board.

    2: There are NOT a large number of 720p streams simply not titled “HD”. I’ve only run into a handful of “non-HD” 720p streams since I’ve used Exodus for the better part of a year. I’ve searched through countless provider links time and time again and they just aren’t there.

    3: There are at least 8 “HD” providers I can think of that I used to see on a regular basis. Sure, some have come and gone with time but to say there’s only ~2 regular providers just isn’t true.

    I’m not trying to cause problems, just find real answers to what is happening. This is basically telling us there isn’t a problem or that nothing has really changed, which I don’t believe for a second.

    I understand it could be a scraper update problem but it hasn’t been that long since the developer said he would no longer be updating Exodus. Something strange has happened, I’d Just like to know what.

  7. Exodus back up and running, took me 2 days. I side loaded the v3.0 file and the repo refused to play until this morning, 1080 format as well on some films tested, be patient folks..

  8. Steve Martens, My Name is Ben , not no Anonymous, I totally agree with you about that person, he’s the one that should take a hike!!!, I’m new to all this and just cut my cable because of it getting higher by the month, have a nice roof antenna but being where I live I only get ABC & CBS and 3 public stations, but also have Fire TV with the android box. I today have had many problems with everything on the box, I really don’t know what to do to solve the problems, it’s a hit and miss with me here, I have learned a little to get by but today was really bad to a point I just shut it down, oh the date is 6/19/17 so you all know. Can someone tell me is this happening to everyone or is there things I just don’t know that matters? So everyone knows I don’t claim to be some kind of a guru or something I’m not, just a 60 year old man trying to save money and learn something new and what I have been able to do and watch the last couple months I think cutting the cable is a good Ideal. I have high speed internet like 65MBs + speed so like a lot of movies we watch have mostly been 1080, and just barely a few 720, but here something that’s gets me is that mostly all of the TV shows we watch aren’t but SD??? is there something I might not be doing right? Well anyway I’m going to take a chance and put my email up here, it’s [email protected], if you decide to reply put something like Kodi in the subject line and I want delete it, I’m just looking for some easy help, I do have the Marshmallow 6.0 os and I believe 16.1 Jarvis running, haven’t up-graded to 17 yet because I read people are having problems with it and so I don’t know if I should or not. Any help is appreciated.

  9. Could someone find out why the Movie, The Mummy 2017 is an old version and not the new release?

  10. You get what you pay for. If you don’t like it f off and get cable so atleast there will be less heat on add-on devs.

  11. Hi I have kodi on my amazon fire stick and for most of the tv shows and movies don’t have any HD links at all and take forever to play? Can anyone tell me why please?

  12. Steve that’s cause GVideo (the main source for HD) has been down since late/early this morning EST until it comes back up there will be very limited HD.

  13. Why should ANYONE reporting “NO HD CONTENT” take a hike?
    Why is the ANONYMOUS person telling us to “TAKE A HIKE”. If no one “COMPLAINS” or simply reports problems or changes in the content delivery then no one will know something has changed. The predominance of ignorant, petty people like “ANONYMOUS” is truly annoying and completely counter productive. Here is a really small but accurate saying my parents taught ME a LONG time ago.
    “If you don’t have anything nice(constructive) to say, just don’t say anything”!!!!!
    I am not getting any HD content at all. Not thru Indigo, SALTS, Exodus, Bubbles. NOTHING.

  14. This actually helped, as I was debugging an add-on I made. Somehow the system max quality settings were for 480p and not 1080p. Thus giving me this problem.

  15. New to Kodi and Exodus and found it easy to setup. As for HD, I found some of the HD is poor quality in my short time of using it but my biggest complaint is that it is only in Stereo streams. Not worth the effort when sound is a big part of an action adventure in HD.

  16. @ ” John on May 20, 2016 at 11:22 am

    Anyone that complains about this should take a hike”

    I love to take hikes, you say it like it’s a bad thing… I also complain sometimes too, like about schmucks like you 🙊

  17. Richard,
    On your fire stick, download “Sports Devil”. Once you have it, go into it and search through “live sports”. Many of the stream options will even list the entire current sporting event live streams, by their times. Every sport under the sun is on that app 👍👍👍

  18. People saying to not complain can go suck it. How does anything get better and how does anyone learn if they don’t bring shit up?


  19. @Susan-check your date and time settings in your device’s settings menu. I would bet that the date is set to 2014.

  20. Why is my exodus only showing movies up to 2014 when before it went all the way up to 2017 including box office movies

  21. I should tell you this though. I only experienced this after uninstalling 16.1 and doing fresh install of 17.1.
    Downloads no longer works for HD. I have 2 kodi machines. 16.1 same setup as machine just updated to 17.1. 16.1 does get more 1080 on same movie and can download from any source or quality. 17.1 download fails no response from server unless I pick sources that do not have any HD.
    This one I have not been able to resolve.

  22. Just as an FYI to anyone having problems seeing HD. If you follow Jean Guy instructions it will add some HD and 1080. If you are still having problem then back in settings in General Tab find providers Timeout and increase the time by like 5 seconds. Sometimes things are busy and a little slower, sometimes you are being throttled by a provider or you may have slower internet.
    I did this when I noticed I was getting less HD and 1080 listed somedays and I have GB Unlimited Internet… 0 1080 and 5 720. After change had 10 1080 and 20+ HD.

  23. Hi,,i am new to this Is there a way to watch PPV dirt track racing from flordia in feb 20-26 on kodi for free,

  24. I’ve taken a break from kodi and exodus. HD is not reliable and awful and ugly to look at. Also subscriptions after subscription gets just a little old. It was good for awhile but ALL HD sources are skipped right over and never get chosen. Cancelled my internet last night and going to catch up on book reading 🖕 to kodi and exodus.

  25. the first day i plugged n my new android box i was getting hd and sd streams. the second day i only get really low quality streams. popular shows like hells kitchen and discovery channel shows. im loving this exodus addon but would be way cooler to get at least sd streams. anybody know why this is happening to me.

  26. I’m getting streams in 720, but the audio is mono no stereo, is this normal? i’m watching the new season of The Man in The High Castle and all 720 streams founds are in mono.

  27. im finding when i click on a 1080p source from Exodus, I’m only viewing a 720p movie/show according to what my TV shows. When using other sources like phoenix and clicking on a 1080p source I’m actually seeing a 1080p movie/show.

  28. Thanks for reply Bob, please answer other questions in my original post?

    What device, OS & Kodi version are you using?

    Check your OEM’S FORUM or Support sites to see if other users have same problem.

  29. Bob, Downloaded 2 movies with Exodus with no problems. When you download a file through Kodi are you getting a conform download popup window followed by a progress notification every 10% in the bottom right corner of your screen. Once the download has completed are you getting a “Download Succeeded” popup window?

    Kodi does not have a download size limiting option that I know of. The exact 33 minutes size you refer to seems to indicate a download limiting size option with your device or its OS settings. Double check your device and OS settings to confirm if there is such a download size limiting option. How much free space is there on your disk or the partition where your download folder is located” When you play the seemingly undersized download, does it stop playing before the movie real ending? Is there any timer set up on your device that would paused, sleep or hibernate kodi and /or your device?

  30. Why is every movie I download on genesis or exodus only 33 minutes long when it says 90 on the download????? Why can I only download partial?

  31. I use Exodus with a Real Debrid subscription on 3 different devices running Kodi the following OS: Windows 7, Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Android 6.0.1. All three set up provide me for plenty of HD (720 and 5.1) links as well as 1080p (1080 and 5.1) links for most new TV shows. There are however a few shows that our only available in SD format (SD and 2.0) (examples: Downton Abbey or Dancing with the Stars).

    If you are not getting any HD links with the Exodus add-on or the Exodus add-on coupled with Real Debrid follow the following steps:

    1- Go to Video / add-ons / Exodus / add-ons settings / Playback tab
    2- Select Max Quality to 1080p (or whatever your TV or device can handle)
    3- Look down for “Auto-Play” and “Force SD playback”. Insure that they’re de-selected
    4- Click on OK to save your changes . (Very Important)
    5- Now go to the “Accounts” tab in Exodus settings and authorize Real-Debrid if you’re a subscriber, once this is done…
    6- Click on OK to save your changes . (Very Important)
    7- Now open up your browser and go here: “ https://www.tvadd-ons.ag/debrid-resolvers/
    8- Follow the steps therein to configure Real-Debrid or Premiumize for faster streaming in Kodi. This will also insure that your Debrid suggested listing show at the top of the suggested links listing.

    Step # 8 will also benefit other add-on that use Real Debrid such as SALT, The Royal We, Specto-…Fork. After doing above steps you may still get the odd TV shows from Exodus that is only in SD. Don’t get upset, just use other video addd-ons to confirm that there is no higher resolution available. Beware that the display quality resolution in the suggested links title may not be accurate. Always play the video and use your eyeballs, ears and the resolution and audio information in the bottom video menu options to confirm video and audio details. Most audio amplifier and newer TV will also have options to display the video resolution and or audio stream that is being feed to them.

  32. Its a first class add-on that is paid provider favoured. Lambada stated he was going that way. Piad providers can handle streaming HD. The comment about having debrid and not getting hd links. It’s your setup. I watch a funny amount of tvshows as it’s the only way I have to watch. 10 ep every day at least of different shows and av had hd on every search so far. Watching hd stream of wymonna Earp as I type. It looks like a couple of updates back lambada removed indexers that didn’t favour a piad service and added more that did. The same can be said for the providers. Look at the change log it’s in there. If you have paid provider then you’ll love the changes. If not and you ain’t happy bolt. We’re don’t want lambada to go the way he did with genesis which was due to the complainers. I’d you not paying it’s still free stop the FUCKING complaining.

  33. Tried with Real Debris and all HD come up. So it is about selling subs to get HD. Became another Genesis let down. Opinions are free to express.

  34. I have a realdebrid account, and a 50/50 fiber internet, and in the last two weeks I get no HD links to TV shows. All SD. Before a couple weeks ago I got many HD returns but it has changed. So it is not all about just getting a realderid account to resolve this issue.

  35. All it is now is pay for HD by getting a sub to Real Debris or one of the other ones. Almost all links in Exodus are below 720 now don’t believe this article.

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