Seeing Exodus no HD streams? Click here to find out how Exodus grabs its streams and why you receive no HD or all standard definition Exodus streams.

July 22nd Update: Exodus is no longer supported, so the reason you aren’t seeing HD streams is because Exodus is not updating and supporting its scrapers and providers. Covenant is the new replacement for Exodus. Click here to install the Covenant Kodi addon today.


We’ve seen an increase in complaints about Exodus no HD streams being available and we wanted to set the record straight. What does Exodus classify as an “HD stream” compared to standard definition, how can you get more “HD” streams, and who do you complain to about it?


Exodus Overview

If you don’t know yet, Exodus is simply a search engine that manually scans through websites on the internet that contain movie and TV show streams (called scrapers). Exodus hosts no streams of its own and it has no control over how many high definition and standard definition streams it pulls in.


What does Exodus classify as an HD stream?

Contrary to belief, Exodus does not classify an HD stream by the quality of video. Exodus only labels a stream as HD if it is 720p quality AND if it is hosted by a source that can handle high bandwidth usage. Exodus is so popular that any video marked HD will be used by thousands of visitors at all times. Most websites don’t have the bandwidth to see this traffic so Exodus does not even list these sources as HD.

The only Exodus HD streams are GVIDEO and VK (possibly one or two more) because these servers can handle tons of users. Therefore, if you see that Exodus no HD streams are available, it only means that there are no GVIDEO or VK links returned when Exodus searches the internet for links.


Are SD streams in Exodus low quality?

NO! In fact, the majority of links in Exodus are 720p, even if they are listed as SD. SD links are loaded in a random order in Exodus so that one link doesn’t get hammered by all of the traffic. Simply pick a link and check the quality. If you are unsatisfied, try a different link. Most SD links in Exodus will be 720p. There is a bit more trial and error to this than picking a known HD stream, but HD streams are there.


But I had more HD Exodus streams just a few days ago?

Streams are fickle. They constantly go down due to DMCA complaints from movie and TV companies, who can remove links with a simple email to a file hosting site. The number of streams you received yesterday has no effect on the number of streams you will find today. Like we told you at the top, Exodus is just a search engine and only brings back what is given to it.

Also, streaming websites (websites that host links to streams) constantly change and break the scrapers that Exodus uses to scan websites for links. When these break, an update to Exodus is required to fix the scraper. If there is no Exodus update, these scrapers will all eventually die over time. The more working scrapers that Exodus has to work with, the more chance it will scrape in streaming links.


If you want to guarantee HD streams, there are a few options to consider. A Real-Debrid account increases the chance of finding an HD stream from public scrapers. An Easynews account gives you access to private servers containing HD links for almost anything in the world without any concern for that link going down.

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