TVAddons Down, Not Working – Latest News

The TVAddons website and forums are currently offline and not working. Check out the latest news and information on TVAddons down below.

While  we see TVAddons down, join our forums today and join in the discussion with other Kodi users by clicking here.

UPDATE: The Fusion central repository link below is currently offline as well. Earlier the page was redirecting to a default registrar page, further confirming our claims below that the sky is not falling and TVA will be back online soon.

The idea of this post is to set the record straight on reports from Torrent Freak and Cordcutters News who have claimed that the TVAddons website being offline is related to any legal action. Currently, you’ll see TVAddons down if you try to access their website. A few sites have claimed that their domain may be seized or taken offline due to legal trouble, but this is not true. If you access their repository source at, you’ll see that it is still online and available. This proves that the entire domain has not been seized.

From the information on their forums before it went down, TVAddons is in the process of refreshing their repository, addon selection, security, and server. Part of this may be due to the legal news involving Dish Network from last week, however TVAddons has been planning better efficiency and security for a long time now and this was the perfect opportunity for them.

Also, if you visit you’ll notice a message posted yesterday morning saying “Big updates coming in next few days. Stay tuned for the best.”

Worth noting, the TVA Facebook group is also offline right now. Pure speculation, but we know that TVAddons is a private company who values security highly. They may have decided that Facebook did not suit their needs and vision moving forward.

So, don’t believe TVAddons down is the result of anything malicious at this point. Hopefully we will know more information in the next few days at the Kodi landscape continues to evolve and change.

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169 thoughts on “TVAddons Down, Not Working – Latest News”

  1. Exodus is alive and well in another depository. I am using it now! Still great! Try DELIVERANCE as another goodie. As someone else advised, just do your internet homework for info and guides.

  2. Was announced on TV earlier that The Premiership have won a legal batter today to stop All illegal streaming, forcing ISP to block sites… I am sure this is been funded by SKY..f##king corporate scum

  3. July 17th. Seems like ares wizard running alot better. One has to remember that some sources for add on repos and where content taken from have gone dark. Pre loaded builds work fine. But not without glitches. One needs to take time to look into which add ons and repos work. TVA has had nail driven into it. APKs on some devices work orthers not. I found that a one all fix is not here yet. And with what is happening across the pond a simple fix may be a while off.

  4. July 13th ares feed above has alot of broken feeds. Even when following guide of NOT adding Unkown sources feed as directed. Many repos are dwad and or not able to update.I wonder? Maybe this was something part of the Net Neutality day stuff? Will try again but I hope this is not the Nail in the coffin thing. Real Debrid and Vpn”s are popping up all over.Seems no USA builds?. All of these have a UK/IRL encyription ? I wonder?

  5. Irish Government ordered ISP s to block illegal streaming, I cant get to download any repos without Dependencies error coming up

  6. I don’t know what’s wrong with this everytime I try to put the link in for it gets to install from zip then it’s blank no begin here or nothing won’t go any further I’m in NJ

  7. Ares project tutorial at The link above is what you put into Source in Kodi. (Sorry about the duplicate comment). Clicked twice on it by error.

  8. Just wondering where to get maintenance tools for kodi now? Indigo isn’t working any more. Tried Xunity but couldn’t connect to source, repos not loading

  9. Yes: fusion and tvaddons is down just except it for the moment. Spend some time reading previous posts and then un-install the ad-dons that you normally use. (Exodus) seems to be the one that most people want. Down load Install from zip file. Install from repository sc. There are many examples on how to do this. Install from exodus from repository sc. This is working in the UK for Android and Linux for the moment as of 29th June 17. Good Luck.

  10. has Exodus 3.1.22, Salts 2.0.196 and a few others.
    They are all working at this time.

  11. I’m trying to install Exodus after installing Kodi17.3 but when I try to install fusion from the zip file nothing comes up. Please help

  12. Having same problem with my new raspberry pi 3’s. I installed OSMC but cant install fusion. Also, my existing boxes are still working but don’t seem to be updating and my Tract.Tv account wont sync with my devices when I add new items to my lists.

  13. So i unistalled kodi, re installed it… went 2 add fusion back and its saying i have a network error, i am connected 2 the internet and the spelling is correct… can someone help me out???

  14. I just got back a new fire stick my thing is I know how to jail break it but when I got tones explorer looking for the android (arm) I can’t find it without that I can download Jodi. Any suggestions?

  15. Anyone know where or how I can get the insanity workout as it was on any other sources would be helpful

  16. I have 16.1 and I’m trying to add Exodus. When I type in I get the couldn’t retrieve directory information error message. I check to make sure that I don’t have any extra spaces and then I am entering the URL correctly and it is still not working. Any suggestions?

  17. There are no many providers on exodus now. Why is there no many providers? Can something be done???

  18. You’ll wanna update that exodus to 3.0.19 or whatever it is. There is a guide here that is fucking simple if you can’t figure it out you should just hang it up. content://

  19. Tvaddons was shutdown because they were sued by dish network for some reason and it won’t stay down for long

  20. I just recently upgraded my kodi 16.1 to 17.3 on my firestick. I deleted me addons. Now i can not get exodus back on. It keeps saying in not connected to the internet.or check internet settings. This has been going on for 2 weeks now. Someone please help me

  21. But, Tv addons still working on windows. All the addons are running smoothly. I didn’t found any problem on windows platform. Now, my question is Why Windows not Android devices ??

  22. The repository source link is down for me. Is it for everyone? I use century link. Could it be my ISP?

  23. @chris Do you actually know how to add source install from zip ? because when i check cazwall and super repo both work fine so stop leaving incorrect information thanks

  24. I see lots of people here wanting to get Exodus installed/working. If that’s all your after you can install from the Cazwall repository. It is still working as of the time of this post.
    From there open the “.Repository (Click Here)” folder and download the file. Then you can manually install it.

    This is reposted from Jebiveter above. Thanks Jeb!

  25. DAVEY9FINGERS before running your mouth why dont you do your research, Cazwall has quit and is not doing shit with kodi anymore.,

  26. Lot’s of people moaning about no exodus there is more than one repo to get popular addons from try cazwall repo or super repo. both should be suffice with popular working addons. Is everyone just lazy nowadays wanting everything in one. The probability is is gone for ever it might come back in another format or name. The kodi world is forever changing and you’re going to have to do some maintenance to your setup on a regular basis. If you prefer something to work permanently out of the box try a satellite or cable box or even blu-ray other than that stop bitching and do a bit research before commenting on forums etc. The internet is awash with useful information so utilise it.

  27. We have pinky had our firestick for a little is not working. I have the reasons. Do I need to get a new firestick or just wait for them to come back up

  28. Any alternative to it’s saying network connection error. Is there another way to get exodus..????

  29. Why do people come in here and post they can’t open Fusion, what do I do? Well no shit! Why dont you take 5 minutes & read through this thread & you will find other options!

  30. Yup, Super Repo “” is the current alternative. It has most if not all of the addons from Fusion, you just have to put them in manually.

  31. yup Luis same thing i was getting. i was more worried i turned something on or off or a firewall something…so yup we are in the same boat

  32. I just install kodi 17.3 on my Fire Tv 4k and addsource to install bud it keep coming up saying couldn’t retrieve directory information. this could be to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway? NOOOO

  33. yup need an alternative to this..please some one post a solution…my daughter need my little ponys and im in trouble in an hour if its not up 😉

  34. I started using Specto yesterday and it works fine. Not many link s yet but i guess it will get better within the next days.

  35. Having issues with indigo saying loggin error. I can’t access my episodes list but I haven’t noticed anything else wrong. I need that list, I use it the most.

  36. I have been trying for a week to get my addons to work using and it will not work, it want let me add this source. At one time it would and it would tell me that big updates were coming in the next few days and now nothing at all. I don’t know what else to do. This was the simplest and easiest way to get a clean cut version of the addons. Someone please give me an alternative method so I can get my movies back.

  37. I reset my fire stick and re-downloaded Kodi because I was having issueswhen I updated it it gave me the krypton 17.3 version and I cannot get an ad on every time I follow all the steps when it’s time to add from repository it will not let me what do I do?

  38. Yo Black Van, you’re an idiot. If it weren’t for people posting, you wouldn’t have “figured your shit out”. The information has to come from somewhere…. But you got what you need so screw everyone else right? What an asshole.

  39. issues are still buggered up here, Did a factory reset and nothing works.. so frustrated. Tried and what comes back is no connection,,

  40. Exodus search works but you need to edit your config as the blocked the addons api.

    search exodus and and you will find your answers

  41. @Marie – use the Exodus People search, you just need to search for an actors name and it will list all related shows/movies. Elysium is a good substitute for Exodus as it is fork/clone of Exodus.

  42. If anyone finds any news out about Exodus search engine, please let me know. We can no longer search for TV Shows or Movies.

  43. The whole problem was people pre-loading boxes and posting websites and videos showing how to do stuff. Figure your own shit out and stop posting. And get yourself a VPN.

  44. So ive been having the same problems and without exodus kodi is not the same i found a fix from another repo Exodus still does not work here however Specto does and its nearly as good as exodus. It will do until this is all sorted. I’m using V17.3 apparently Specto was the old favorite that stop being updated but recently has been

  45. Don’t believe all the BS you read on the internet. TVaddons is NOT gone for good, just absent for the time being.

  46. Today, I cannot search by Title either for Movie or TV Shows with Exodus. Searching by People name still works. Also, Zen addon from noobsandnerds repository seems to do as good of a job as Exodus. My limited experience…anybody else have an opinion?

  47. Well you’re full of shit because TVaddons is done. All your links are dead thus proving everything you’ve said is wrong.

    Anyone interested in some replacements then look for Elysium & Maverick TV. They’re no Exodus or Pheonix but there’s not really anything else out there reliable.

  48. Anonymous on June 17, 2017 at 12:41 am…How about a link for Exodus instructions through catwall? Thanks a bunch!!

  49. Hey 007 Fusion is not working for you. Next time check before you post. Fusion is done. They are not returning. Sorry folks untill something better pops.

  50. 007 — incorrect — should be — you forget the “s”

    Anonymous @ 6:35 — if you used the wrong domain name, it is not registered, but the correct domain name is still registered…of course, this does not help the fact that the domain is down.

  51. Trying to add but when I go to add from zip there is nothing inside. Trying to add easy advanced settings to stop buffering, is there anything else I can do till this is all sorted.

    This isn’t a complaint incase it’s took the wrong way, you guys do great work.

  52. I,m currently using salts and seems to be fine exodus not to good very slow here in Oz using vpn

  53. Im getting no stream available on kodi exodus. Was fine till yesterday now that’s all I keep getting so annoying. Anyone having same problem

  54. Fusion is down. I tried all the link a posted and got nothing. Safari says they don’t exist. Fml.

  55. I installed spinztvaddons, which defaults to Kodi factory setting. I also installed Terranium thru Apitode and actually easier and cleaner to use then Kodi.

  56. Have been trying for 2 days to download fusion and it won’t Exodus gone and can’t get it back. All because I upgraded to Kodi 17.3. Wished I hadnt.

  57. I run real debrid with Exodus and it’s fine……..everyone thinks the sky is falling (like Democrats haha).

  58. The latest Exodus is in the SimplyCaz Repo for those that are struggling to install or update it.

  59. Any idea when the site will be back up. I really prefer using Exodus and now I can’t download it.

  60. So glad i don’t use kodi anymore for streaming movies or tv shows. Nowadays i use terrariumtv, the best streaming app ever! All movies and tv shows just click and play, easy as a pie.

  61. if you have an existing kodi install with the addons you want (on any device, doesn’t matter which OS), you can just copy them from one to another, or zip the addons you want and then install from zip in kodi. you can even use a backup tool to restore a whole build onto another box without manually downloading it each time.

  62. The site isn’t completely down. I was searching for something and in the results there was a link to an article on their site. I was able to open it. If I tried to go to the homepage, I couldn’t get in.

  63. I am up and working fine. The only thing affected are new installs because the Fusion repo cannot be found. I have confidence that it will be back soon. You also have to remember Fusion is not the only one. There are many repos out there. Fusion has a config wizard and has become popular. Use ARES. They have great builds like Apollo. The idea of Kodi is to be flexible and understanding. All these haters for something that is a free open source program. If you hate so much go back to your $200 a month scam tv.

  64. MANY ADDONS LIKE EXODUS, CCloudTV, SPORTSDEVIL, AND PHOENIX ARE STILL WORKING IN THE US. I run 15.2 on Windows laptops. Exodus still great. CCloudTV – some channels work. I watch Discovery there. SportsDevil – live sports – LSHunter, LiveTV.RU, and (RivoTV for MLB) and live TV – USStreammix (great) and some live TV on Shadownet and a few others. Phoenix – only TV shows – incredible TV seems to work but that’s been that way for a while.

    Don’t panic and mess up what you have. For those needing installs you can get zip files from github for sportdevil and exodus. Don’t know if they will install without an error message without fusion. Superrepo has some addons, too. If you have a working setup, you can do a backup and clone that to another machine.

    Again, I use 15.2 on Windows ThinkPads from 2004-2006. YMMV. I’ve done 1000+ setups since the XBMC days but only on laptops and a few phones. Some sites may have complete builds too if you are desperate but never tried those.

  65. Timing sure sucks. I just bought 4 x 2Ghz Octacore boxes and wanted to set up my Exodus/Kodi, and hit a wall. Was able to update my Windows Kodi, but none of my Boxes would connect.

    Oh well, will try to get by on the old boxes…

  66. Eleazar from Tvaddons :

    “In the New Year, we hope to boost the more legitimate type of addons, from both the development perspective and end user point of view. We’re also in the process of streamlining the entire Kodi addon experience, making it easier for everyone, with our new website design coming very, very soon,” he adds.

    In addition to all the excitement over Kodi and its addons in 2016, there have been considerable amounts of bad news for people who have tried to monetize the experience. Hundreds of sellers of pre-configured Android devices have popped up on eBay, Amazon, and other marketplaces, promising free media for all. Some have been arrested, particularly in the UK where there have been quite a few raids. Eleazar hopes there will be less of this in 2017.

    “We really hope that people stop selling cheap pre-programmed Android TV devices. The main reason for our concern is the recent media attention these people have been getting. They are bundling Kodi addons with paid IPTV (something we are strongly against) and then getting busted for it and bringing negative attention to everyone,” he says.

    “Secondly, in most cases, the kind of people who sell these devices aren’t the type of people who care about their reputations and thus end up making ridiculous promises to their customers, promises they will never be able to keep. People are maintaining addons for free, and profiteers are ruining it for everyone.”

    The article is on Torrentfreak entitled Leading Kodi Addon Repository TV Addons Reveals Plans for 2017.

    KodiTips step your reporting up and stop bashing sites like Torrentfreak .

  67. Still not working. From all the evidence I am seeing, I would guess that has been decommissioned. I really hope I am wrong. Just set up my new Kodi box last weekend… ugh

  68. Not Great News 🙁

    Registrar:Uniregistrar Corp
    Registration Date:2014-08-05
    Expiration Date:2018-08-05
    Updated Date:2017-06-13
    Status:inactive <——————-

  69. I have tried to set up my kodi box i have set up tvaddons but there is no file in install from zip any reason why

  70. The websites you say are working as evidence are down.

    “If you access their repository source at, you’ll see that it is still online and available” – well, not anymore at least. The server DNS address cannot be found.

  71. Is Exodus part of tvaddons? Because mine works fine. I recently upgraded to 17.3 and a different build. I use VPN also. My entire Kodi was freezing though and I deleted the add-ons.27 file in ES File explorer and now Kodi works beautifully after it re built the add-ons data base . Hope this helps!

  72. Kodi has been part of recent hysterical headlines in UK newspapers which have been pushing the ‘good times are over’ message, effectively giving pause to those who are considering using the software. Perhaps we should assist this notion of loss of major addons and unreliable streams until headlines return to something else, say, the Mad Hatter in the White House. In the meantime users and devs can quietly go about their biz, perhaps inside a PW protected e-mail stream similar to those who share archived audio recordings.

  73. Not good

    Registrar:Uniregistrar Corp
    Registration Date:2014-08-05
    Expiration Date:2018-08-05
    Updated Date:2017-06-13

  74. It is Shame robbers thief’s after freedom of free education through entertainment,tvaddons are best way to reach culture, million people were taking full benefits of future,
    Kodi open many door for bright future for every one Android most in patnership,doing so is open field not any body business if rocket build on Kodi plat form it is free from forgiveness.

  75. Mobdro, search the web and go to their site, all is there and assuming you are on android.

    Exodus seems to be a big mess since the original developer gave it up.

  76. If you bought a firestick YOU’RE responsible for this fucking mess, because you are too fucking stupid to figure out how to install Kodi…

  77. To get your Exodus working again go into the Tools area, clear the providers and then clear the cache. This will take less than a minute and Exodus will be working again.
    TVAddons is down (at least to US IP addy’s) so just Google “Kodi Exodus” and if you see anything dates more than 2 days old it’s probably useless.

  78. seems like exodus and some add-ons have been down for a while, i have the same problem. i used caz repo as an alternate add on manager and was able to access exodus so ill use that for now even if its temporary till things get back up and running. So google Caz repo and u can get the install instructions

  79. It is heartning to know that in this time if crisis for Kodi and kodi users alike,Youtube seems to be filling the gap admirably.Many international channels are available live online in kodi thru Youtube and all one has to do is type the name of the channel eg.XYZ live TV and access the content.Some amount of buffering as is the Kodi norm is there is some channels.So good luck and dont lye back and mourn

  80. Dee you are absolutely right. Even something as simple as Family guy. They have how many episodes available to watch, but yet Shaw or Bell play the same 20 episodes every other week. It’s absolutely terrible programming right across the board. Love my Kodi, but I have lost sources in Exodus. Only Primewire, Watchfree, Onseries are coming up as sources with (Openload, movshare, streamplay, vidzi, etc. No HD. No Torba, No Putlocker. No Onemovies. Those were the best and fastest sources. Hope they come up with something 🙁

  81. Yeah hope this comes back online soon.. tv sucks in Canada and Apple TV sucks waste of money.. Canada has nothing for decent tv even when you pay big bucks it’s mostly repeats

  82. Got a bit of a concern. My wife received a copyright infringement email this morning from our isp. Would/could that in anyway, shape, or form be related to the fire stick and kodi add on developers issue going on now? In addition my son has a gaming computer and he recently (over the weekend) copied his OS (he paid for) and gave it to a friend to use on his computer, i’m thinking it may have to do with that but not 100%.

  83. I have been having issues since yesterday. Kodi wouldn’t open at all. Today I unistalled and reinstalled and everything was going great until half way through reinstalling addons, kodi shut down and unable to open ot again. I am using a vpn also

  84. I got updates from Tvaddons on Monday morning & today I can’t use indigo & the repository anymore addons still work & the tvaddons repository still works but the rest is down so how do I install Salts & other addons from the fusion reopo

  85. How about you a-holes make it affordable for me and my friends to go out and see a movie and i won’t have to pirate it while all you half brained actors make a billion!! We will figure out another way. And it will be better next time. Oppression breeds creativity.

  86. I just got a new amazon stick and it wouldn’t load Fusion. I kept getting error couldn’t connect. I found a video on Youtube that was different than my usual install and I don’t remember the posters name.
    Follow this for Exodus
    File manager-add source- type all in small letters the following:
    name it. .sc
    Go to install from zip file scroll to ….repository click here
    Go back to install from repository
    and click on it …after it installs…
    Go to home screen and on right side click on All repositories , Video look for Exodus and install.

    My instructions age not for beginners. I did read that tv arron’s will be down for another week. The site will be back and more secure.

  87. Going through local isp dns no worky worky last night. Switch to Google dns and was able to add fusion repo and install Exodus

  88. Down in STL Area (Charter Spectrum)
    fusion repo site….
    DNS no workie.
    Wonder if the ISPs that have an interest in entertainment delivery banded together to block the domain. This would enrage the Internet freedom fighters.

  89. And I’ve updated and everything. So this isn’t a result of not updating. I’m Kodi 17.3 and updated Exodus less than a week ago.

    If someone knows how to fix this, please share.

  90. Barely any HD links on Exodus. And episodes disappear once you’ve watched them.

    That happens on the regular WATCHLIST, but never on you own lists – well it does now.

    Better Call Saul disappeared and is no longer searchable.

    Gets worse every day.

    Someone save us!

  91. Let Google be your friend and install the Caz Wallace repo. Exodus and few others are all available to install there. Exodus has updated and the update is here as well.

  92. I had problems after I downloaded fusion the zip file whould NOT unzip I have put kodinolimits on and Everything is working fine TV,FILMS , EXODUS

  93. Im not having any problems in fact i haven’t Had any problems since the story broke out of addons not working

  94. Mine was not working and I used a Singapore VPN server and was able to resolve the address.. strange.

  95. I turned on my fire stick and everything was deleted I had to re-enter everything and re download kodi17.3 etc I don’t understand that new Kodi was anyone else’s deleted? How do I download the set tv on to Kodi?

  96. I cannot get my Android TV box to addon to zip file to get Exodus when will you guys be back up and running

  97. Download the latest of kodi 17.3 and install the exudos, stream hub, I stream, and elysium they are all works fine mine on mxq pro box good luck guys.

  98. Turks is fine now, was down for a couple of days, I reinstalled and everything’s ok, Sports, cartoons etc., Need cartoons with greatgrandchildren. Jacob nearly 2 walks in points at telly “paw paw” gives me the remote. Paw patrol is back everything’s fine. lol

  99. Maybe this set top box holligans will realize that it’s their greed that has caused this whole mess in the first place.

  100. I can’t get to either. DNS is not resolving. Offshoregit is offline as well.

    While tvaddons is getting its shit together, does Kodi Tips want to give us a list of alternates to replace the most popular TVAddons add-ons?

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