iVue TV Guide Install Guide: Kodi EPG Program Guide

iVue TV Guide is a top Kodi EPG program guide choice for users who want a live TV guide to pair with live channels in Kodi.

iVue TV guide has been a very popular Kodi EPG program guide. It’s latest version is v4.1.4, which comes with a ton of new features to check out and share.


iVue TV Guide v4.1.4 Change Log

  • Play channel by number. Press left while playing a channel to view this new feature.
  • Channel recall feature improved


iVue TV Guide v4.0 New Features

  • Linked Addon Indicator – iVue now shows which addon is linked to each channel slot making it easier to see which addon is linked to a particular channel.
  • OSD Info Bar – All iVue skins have been updated to include the new OSD Info Bar feature, the OSD will be displayed on selection/loading of a channel and shows whats on next along with programme info. Users can also scroll through the OSD info and play channels from the OSD too. (OSD can be accessed while a stream is playing by pressing info, up, down, or mouse scroll).
  • Program Search – Program search has been moved to the main “back button” menu for easy access. Reminders will also be shown and marked. Reminders can also be played or removed in the program search view.
  • My Planner – new feature added to the “back button” menu, allows easy access and listing of all reminders set within the guide. Reminders can also be played or or set in the planner view.
  • Live Sports – new feature added to the “back button” menu, allows for easy searching and viewing of different categories of sports listings. Reminders can also be played or set in the live sports view.
  • Reminder Prompt – The reminder prompt now offers the option to “Watch” taking you straight to the channel the reminder is set for.
  • Codec options have been added to the Tools menu within the “back button” menu to make it simpler for android users to adjust or turn on/off codecs.
  • Subscription provider integration now available in iVue settings for easy one click integration.
  • Reminders are now set for selected program and not all instances of that program.
  • iVue now focuses on selected channel so when returning to the guide from full screen the correct channel will be highlighted instead of the first channel on the page.
  • Categories have been updated to include the newer sports channel names.
  • Master addons ini has been stripped of old/dead links.
  • Vue now remembers channel reordering, changing xml will not reset channel organisation any more.
  • New clean up options now available in the TOOLS AND SETTINGS menu.
  • Menu shortcuts have been updated.
  • Many other tweaks and fixes to improve overall performance and stability including new play method to help with buffering.

If you want to install the iVue TV Guide, follow the instructions below:


How to Install iVue TV Guide Kodi Add-on (Jarvis, Krypton, Leia)

ON Kodi 17 Krypton & 18 Leia Only: From the main menu, navigate to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons > Turn On Unknown Sources > Click Yes.

  1. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > None
  2. Type the following EXACTLY http://ivuetvguide.com/install and select Done
  3. Highlight the box underneath and enter a name for this media Source like “ivue”. and then click OK
  4. Go back to your home screen.
    • ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
    • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  5. Select Install from Zip File > “ivue” > repo.ivueguide.x.x.x.zip and wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  6. Select Install from Repository > iVue 2 TV Guide repository > Program Add-ons > iVue TV Guide > Install
  7. Wait for Add-on enabled notification


When you find a great working live channel you’d like to integrate into iVue, simply press menu while hovering over that channel and Add to Favourites,. Back in iVue, if you click on a channel, select Choose Stream and choose the live channel in your Favourites.


How does iVue TV Guide work for you? Let us know if you have any questions on Facebook and Twitter!


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79 thoughts on “iVue TV Guide Install Guide: Kodi EPG Program Guide”

  1. Hi when I click on download ivue skins it looks as though it’s downloadin then at the end just comes up with the message download failed please download again

  2. I have installed the ivue tv and creator im waiting for my username and password. On my build it already has password the guide works but I dont have a create option to add other addons for other channels how do I do this please?

  3. Yes they will stay like that, if you want to send it to another device i would just send your userdata and addon file and it will stay the same yes

  4. I am using iVue on a rca android tablet. The channels load and I have sound but no video. However if I load a video through say genesis the sound and video work fine. I used the exact same method on my laptop and everything works flawlessly. (Admin if you respond, I forgot to check the box to be notified of responses on the previous comment so please respond to this one.)

  5. I am using iVue on a rca android tablet. The channels load and I have sound but no video. However if I load a video through say genesis the sound and video work fine. I used the exact same method on my laptop and everything works flawlessly.

  6. And can I back up and save these changes or better still, export this final channel list to another Kodi system.

    Seems like a lot of work so I wanna save my work.

  7. The best way to add your own channels to the guide is to save them to favourites then right click on the channel in the guide and go to add stream/remove stream then go to the top and add it from your favourite list

  8. I am using The Beast build and and trying to use iVue within it, I am getting all channels except Sky sports & BT sports, is there anyway to get these working??

  9. I have an android box with ivue guide on it and I have read all your comments and nothing works tried vdubt25 and it doesnt cum on the list to view it. Is there any other way that I can view sky channels on my box

  10. When I access the iVue tv guide add-on settings I cannot access the guide fixes tab on the far right. Any ideas. Thanks

  11. @ admin
    why did you take vdub25 off the ivue guide i know you can add station to favorites ect , but that zues that you have on it now is usless half the stations dont work , or are the wrong channel ect or no sound , spend half the time , adding stations to favorates manualy . can you just not add all the previous addons back to the guide would save a lot of messing around

  12. Seriously, you need someone else to add a favourite for you in a build? That’s pretty bloody lazy. Just right click on the link you want and select add to favourites, then link it up yourself in the iVue guide.

    It really is that simple and as a Kodi user, you should certainly be trying to work things out for yourself, or when advised how to do it, just bloody do it!

  13. Vdubt25 STILL does not work for me; it never shows up in the list of supported add-ons. If I use it directly, it works just fine. I’ve already tried resetting EVERYTHING within iVue, it still doesn’t work.

    I’ve even tried uninstalling the iVue addon and reinstalling it, it doesn’t help at all.

  14. Right so when attempting to try select other add ons only f filmmontv is there and using the guidefixes and rebooting kodi. No other add on appears.
    Please can someone tell me where I’m going wrong?

  15. Does anyone know of any problems with Zeus? Tried to start it up and it keeps unistalling itself, I then install it again and it updates and says check log for error!!
    Any help please?

  16. You should be able to add hdhomerun channels to your favorites and then in ivue when you choose stream you can pick from your favorites

  17. I made a mistake when I asked my last question. I would like to know if there is a way to add HDhomerun to ivue. It is an addon already in Kodi. I could then load local channels. Thank you

  18. @James how did you add ukturks? “Delete Addons.ini file” in ivue settings didn’t add it to ivue. I don’t know which custom ini file to add on video.plugin.ukturk to ivue settings.

  19. @anon right click one of the channels… then choose channels on the list that opens up , you can rearange the order of stations and hide stations from showing

    hope that helps you out

  20. finding ccloud, Zeus links a lot of them have no sound and will turn off after 10/30 min , why was vdoubt taken off ? thats where i go when ccloud, Zeus dont run properly

    am i the only one this is happening to ?

  21. Working well for me. Have my channels set up to look at ccloud, Zeus, filmon and Turks. Did have to add Turks and ccloud to my favourites as they don’t show up automatically in addons but this was easy enough.

  22. As of Aug 31 iVue is only useful for checking the TV schedule because:
    • Zeus – only works in “preview stream”
    • Sports Devil – only works in “preview stream”
    • Free Streams – no streams work
    • FilmOn – works with limited non-sports list and a lot of buffering
    • USTVNow – only works in “preview stream”
    • Sports Donkey – addon not tested
    • Israel Live – addon not tested
    • Playlist Loader – addon not tested
    • Gorilla Streams – only works in “preview stream”
    • vdubt25 – no currently showing in iVue
    • cCloud – no streams work
    Reinstalls and cache clearing don’t fix anything.
    I end up using Zeus and vdubt25 addon directly.

  23. Is there any way to limit the number of channels showed in the ivue guide to simply match the channels that ZEUS offers?

  24. If you have AAAStreams installed Zeus link to show up as black screen
    Im using FilmOn.TV, IsreaLive, Sports Devil and Zeus 90% of channels are working.

  25. works when I try to preview the channel in ivue guide settings, but I get black screen and back to the guide channel list when clicking the specific channel after saving it.

  26. First of all, hats off to the developers. What a piece of kit this addon is!

    Moving Multiple Channels

    Can you enable the selection and movement of multiple channels at once? Currently I’m having to move every channel individually, many of which are sports channels that are 3/4 down the guide. If I could select multiple to move (and possibly categorise them?) that would save me a load of time.

  27. Had the same problem of addons not showing up
    What I found out was you need to choose any of the other skin views,like ivue red in the Ivue settings
    Then reopen ivue ,they will now be loaded when you choose stream and choose addons
    After that you can change the skin view back to what you like

  28. It doesn’t automatically integrate. Select a channel, press the context button, choose stream, then pick the channel in cCloud

  29. No idea what I am doing wrong, but have installed ivue on three installations – amazon fire tv, nvidia shield tv, and a windows 10 pc – on every install, the video addons do not integrate – can’t work out how to make them appear to add streams to channels. I have deleted the .ini, reset databases, reinstalled, deleted, reboted, reinstalled, rebooted, reset database, rebooted. nothing seems to work. any ideas?

  30. Great thanks for the update! We need our media!! 🙂

    Thank you for the fantastic site, awesome work putting all this info together.

  31. Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve just tried deleting the addons.ini but still the addons such as FilmOn and SportsDevil aren’t showing in my iVue addons list. Do have any idea what might be causing this?

    Many thanks, Mark

  32. Looks like the iVue addon was down for five hours. I re tweeted a few tweets from the developer on Twitter @koditips that explain things

  33. I’m having the same problem. ivue was working for me the other day allowing me to choose addons such as FilmOn, SportsDevil, etc. I had to reinstall Kodi but now my iVue is only allowing me to select IPTV and FS addons. I’ve tried deleting the addons.ini file but no joy.

    Do you know a way to fix this so that the other addons show?

    Many thanks

  34. Agree sports devil isn’t showing a lot of the channels mentioned above. (even using the latest version from a couple of days ago).
    Gorrila isn’t working at all for me.
    And “TV Player” keeps giving an error check log for details.

  35. I was able to work around the issue by adding ccloud and other plugins to my favorites, then going to add stream and selecting them via the favorite tab. They did not show up under plugins

  36. I am also having an issue. I cannot get any new addons to show to play the stream. I’ve even totally uninstalled Kodi (Settings Wipe as well) and it still does not work.
    These are the steps I took.
    1. Installed Kodi
    2. Installed CCloud, opened Discovery Channel from within the Addon
    3. Installed Gorilla, opened a random stream
    4. Installed Ivue, deleted Addon.ini file
    5. Shutdown and restarted Kodi
    6. Opened Ivue, went to discovery channel, Neither Addon is listed to open stream.
    These are the options I have..

    BBC Iplayer
    ITV Player
    My Recordings
    Super Favorites
    Choose Stream
    and Exit Guide

  37. I followed the instructions, when I select channel, the. Choose stream, then go to addons I don’t see anything there. Can you create a step by step guide of how to do a complete install of Ivue now that IPTV stalker is no longer used? I’m completely stumped

  38. I followed your guide and have three add-ons installed VDub, gorilla, sports devil, but only gorilla shows up in the add-ons. Any idea why? Have cleared everything, and restarted the program and even restarted X BMC but still only gorilla shows up. Thanks for any ideas?

  39. Couple of Q’s- I cant get any addon on Ivue to play sky 1, sky sports or sky movies. VDUBT25 has disappeared, Gorilla streams does not work either.

    Also any idea if there is an addon for the Irish TV channels?

  40. have to say thanks and well done to the developers of this , it works great . love the way you can arrange stations to your liking and hide them from appearing aswell

    working perfect

  41. I’m on the UK/US list, the likes of nbcsn, cth stadium, bein, fox sports, none of them will work. I have all the addon’s mentioned above but cannot get any of these channels. Any ideas please? Thank you

  42. I’m not sure what you mean by “same list”. after you do the guide fix, open the guide, click a channel, click select stream, and then choose an addon like Israel live that has the channel available and click that channel to link it to the ivue guide

  43. I tried another 5 more times and still the same list. No luck. Doing exactly based on the instruction here

  44. @Anonymous “Guide Fixes” tab again then reset kodi it should be there after that

    but vdub25 wont play on the player yet

  45. I followed the instructions but I don’t see Vdubt25 in the list of guides. I have the addon installed as well

  46. HI , i already delete the file at Guide Fixes, but when restart up back it still the same. No update channel in ivue. Please help me. Thanks

  47. any1 else have the issue of the guides taking forever to load data/programs? sometimes its 10+ minutes for me, or it just hangs up?

  48. If you go into your settings and guide fixes tab, there is an option to remove your linked channels. This will remove stalker from each channel

  49. I made the change in IVUE addon settings but when I try and load any channel, it still tries to load them from iptvstalker. I thought this linked the channels to a different addon?

  50. Yes you need the addons installed for ivue to be able to link to them. Each tecbox guide has a different subset of channels. Some are tailored to different countries or categories like sports. Give them all a try and see. I personally use the USA one

  51. Do I need to install the other Kodi Add-ons for them to link to the ivuetv guide? When I go into the context menu, which Tec Box should I select? Thanks so much for your help

  52. Sports donkey is a paid subscription addon. I don’t have any other details because I don’t use them but that’s why it asks for a login

  53. Great fix. However, it is asking me to login to sports donkey. Can you please provide some insight. Do you support them?


  54. I love iVue, it works awesome!! Now, it would be nice if I could just choose an USA only list, but, I know that is not very high on the list from the entities that do these awesome apps!!

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