Kodi Covenant Tips Guide; Trakt, Debrid, Skin, Download

Kodi Covenant Tips – Looking for the best Kodi Covenant tips and settings? We’ve compiled a list of tips to make your Covenant add-on for Kodi even better! Read on for more information.

Though the Covenant add-on is brand new, it’s built off of an excellent base in Exodus. We have some Kodi Covenant tips to share with everyone!

Click here to read about Covenant, the next generation of the Exodus addon

Kodi Covenant Tips #1 – Sync Trankt & Trakt Features

Having a Trakt account makes your Kodi experience so much better. Though library integration is easier (just highlight a show or movie, press menu, and click Add to Library), Trakt allows for a ton of other features: watch history, watched status, ratings, customized playlists, and more.


How to Sync Trakt to Covenant

  • Hover over Covenant in your video add-ons > press menu > add-on settings > acounts
  • Under the Trakt heading, click authorization
  • You will be prompted to go to the Trakt website listed. Once there, you will sign in with your account and validate the Kodi Covenant add-on and in return, it will give you a code.
  • Return to Kodi, click Enter Pin, and enter in the code you received.


Kodi Covenant Trakt Features

When Trakt is approved, your Trakt details can be found under the My Lists category in the add-on. From there, you will see a list of options:

  • Collection/TV Collection – This is exactly like the Kodi library integration, except it syncs with your Trakt account and works across multiple add-ons! You can add a show to your collection in Velocity and it will appear in Covenant and vice-versa.
  • Watchlist/TV Watchlist – Your watchlist lets you add and keep track of shows you aren’t watching yet but have an interest in.
  • Featured/TV Featured – These sections automatically pull the featured movies and TV shows from the Trakt website, giving you an idea of things you might be interested in watching.
  • Movie/TV/Episode Lists – From within the add-on, you can add shows to lists and name them. For example, add movies to a Horror playlist or classic TV shows to a classics playlist and view them here.

Hovering on nearly any movie, show, episode or heading in Covenant, press the menu button, and click on Trakt Manager to add different things to your collection, watchlist, or a list!

Kodi Covenant Tips #2 – Real-Debrid

Covenant contains full Real-Debrid support, which will greatly improve the number of HD links that Covenant receives. If you aren’t sure what Real-Debrid is yet, click here to read more!

Sync Real-Debrid to Covenant

  • Hover over Covenant in your video add-ons > press menu > add-on settings > Providers
  • Under Real-Debrid, click the link that opens up URLResolver.
  • Under Universal Resolvers, scroll down to Real-Debrid and click the Authorization link.
  • You will be prompted to go to the Real-Debrid website listed. Once there, you will sign in with your account and validate the Kodi Covenant add-on and in return, it will give you a code.
  • Return to Kodi and enter in the code you received!

Now, when you go into any movie or episode, your Real-Debrid links will be at the very top!


Kodi Covenant Tips #3 – Latest Movies

The latest movies option on the Kodi Covenant main menu can be customized to show different listings, taken from the IMDB website! Here’s a rundown of what you can choose and how:

  • Hover over Covenent in your video add-ons > press menu > add-on settings > General

For Latest Movies, here is what we’ve found based on what your choices are:

  • Featured – Your latest movies will largely contain those recently released on DVD, which is good for Covenant because you will be choosing movies with full HD links.
  • People Watching – Your list will show the most popular movies, a mix of newly released on DVD and in theatres. Some of the theatre movies only have low quality CAM versions, so be careful of those mixed in.
  • Most Popular – Again, a mix of new DVD releases and theatre movies with no good version.
  • In Theatres – A collection of those recently released in theatres, plenty of CAM versions and unwatchable links.
  • Disabled – Removed the option from the main menu.

In our opinion, the best option is Featured if you prefer only HD movies with no hassle or Most Popular if you are more familiar with how streams work and can differentiate between DVD links and low quality CAM versions.

In the same section as Latest Movies, you can also enable or disable Latest Episodes, the TV Calendar, and My Lists features from being shown.


Kodi Covenant Tips #4 – Downloads

Download functionality is included in the Covenant! To enable:

  • Hover over  Covenant in your video add-ons > press menu > add-on settings > Downloads
  • Enable Downloads and then setup BOTH the movie and TV show download folders.

When you have the Select Stream dialog box open which is showing your list of links to stream, press menu and Download item to download to your computer!


Kodi Covenant Tips #5 – Subtitles

By enabling subtitles, Covenant will use one of the universal subtitle add-ons that Kodi supports to pull subtitles up for your stream.

  • Hover over Covenant in your video add-ons > press menu > add-on settings > Subtitles
  • Enable subtitles

You can toggle subtitles on and off in a stream by pressing “t” on your keyboard, by pressing the subtitles shortcut key in the Kodi remote Android/Apple app, or by opening the playback controls and clicking the subtitles button.

Some streams may not have any subtitles available, so you will have to see how it goes!


Do you have more Kodi Covenant tips you are curios about? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook and we’d love to feature more!

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  1. Tried fo watch the shape Of water and it’s completely different movie tried to see movie in the different areas eg providers And it still the same movie so how do you report this?

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Have you set the following: Tools/General/default action:directory?

    Load exodus then on he next window select “tools”; the next window select “general”; the next window make sure “directory” is selected.

    I hope this works.

  3. Using exodus and no matter what folders i chose to store files the download feature still is not enabled. I have tried everything. Does it matter what folder you chose?

  4. How can you check download progress without having to wait every 10% for a progress box to quickly flash up then leave again?

  5. Hi. I’m so new to this. I was able to install kodi 17.4 on my own. It been working great for shows. But I’ve never been able to watch movies. Now yesterday all of a sudden every episode I try and watch of Chicago code, it keeps playing the same episode regardless of what episode I click on. So I went to season 4. Watched the first episode, same problem. So I went to another AND and tried watching a new episode and keep playing episode 1. Can anyone help me?

  6. I was using Exodus and am now using Covenant. Is there a way to move my favorites or do I have to go back through and add them one at a time?

  7. So after Kodi 17.5 update My TV Shows in Covenant won’t work. The Kodi wheel goes round a couple of times and then…..nothing. I’ve uninstalled, installed everything and reauthorised Trakt but still the same problem. Is it Kodi, Covenant or Trakt?

  8. Is there a checkpoint restart in covenant, like in bittorent? If I lose Internet connection I need to redownload the item completely in covenant

  9. Ok so I need help.. when I try to watch a certain tv show…all the episodes say no stream available… also seasons 1-3 (work fine) are highlighted in white while season4 is highlighted all in red (problem season)??? What does that mean

  10. A couple of things: you need to have folders selected for the downloads and the settings/playback/default action is set to ‘directory’.

  11. On windows 10 covenant is giving a pop-up of the stream providers, but I’m not able to right click and get the download option. Downloads have been enabled.

  12. Every couple of weeks Covenant unchecks all my watched tv shows (Trakt synced) so I don’t know which ones have new episodes to watch. So I have to re-authorise it with Trakt. I know this is all free but it’s driving me up the wall !!!!

  13. The TV episodes (maybe movies too) in RED text are listed on IMDb but have not yet been released. As an example, I’ve just looked up Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Episode 1 that is on Covenant in red text and IMDb has it down for release in October.

  14. First off, thank you for the
    Covenant its great. But I am curous why Im suddenly getting few or mostly no HD real debrid links using Covenant. I have latest Kodi on Android, up to date with Colossus. I have to try a few links until getting one with decent quality. Thanks again

  15. Looks like Covenant well with Real Debrid anymore? It’s barely showing any RD links for TV Shows. Was fine a week ago. Checked al my settings, reset etc. SALTS, Elysium are both fine. The old Exodus addon has the same issue so I am guessing something amiss in the shared codebase?

  16. Hi once I’ve downloaded the TV show that I want. Where do I find the file?
    I set the path to
    Root/sd card/download
    I am using a fire stick and exodus.
    Thank you

  17. Hi Rick, I use windows 10 so hopefully this will help. When I have the Select Stream dialog box open I right click my mouse and then there’s a menu item for ‘download’. If you don’t have that item, then you probably have to go back to Tools/settings/downloads and make sure the ‘enable downloads’ button is selected.

  18. When trying to download a movie in covenant I can get to “When you have the Select Stream dialog box open which is showing your list of links to stream, press menu and Download item to download to your computer!”. There is no menu option and I cannot download. I am using Kodi on a Windows 10 machine and as far as I know all software is up to date. Please help.

  19. Thank you Anonymous and Anonymous 2 as previously mentioned, I too would not have thought of “Default Action” being the cause for me not being able to download. Just seems like a really random and weird trick to get it downloading as it never had this issue with Exodus, but glad it has solved the problem, Thanks again, most appreciated.

  20. Have updated to Covenant but all the new episodes come up in red & won’t load have I done something wrong hoping you can help thanks

  21. Help! There is no download option. In fact, no options come up when I hold on the link. (Nothing happens)

  22. Please help! What key do I need to hit to start downloads. On Exodus “C” used to bring up the menu to start the download. I have tried everything…

  23. My covenant was working great then a couple days ago it wouldn’t allow me to look at the people watching tab or action movies in the genres. Now when I go to check my apps outside of kodi it takes a few seconds for them to show up. Is the lag causing the problems I am having.

  24. hello

    I need help I
    set download path on Covenant to my root android box
    i can start the download, can see progress and msgbox that the download is complete.
    apparently everything worked great, but I can’t find the files anywhere.

    what can it be?

  25. Anyone know how to download on mobile? I did all the steps but when i push and hold on a link of a movie nothing happens. No option to download appears.

  26. Trying to download on mobile, no option is coming up. I have tried looking at the page with the episodes, the page with the streams and no dice.

  27. Downloaded covenant and managed to watch a couple of new movies in the first few days but now, each time I try selecting a movie it only finds two providers and both are unable to stream. Strangely enough, we have a better succsess rate after 10pm at night. Any advice?

  28. I have the opposite problem. Has anyone else had Covenant erase search capability for watched videos? Everytime we watch a movie it disappears from all lists and we can no longer search for it. Suggestions? We fell asleep with a movie playing and now cannot go back to finish it.

  29. When using covenant and trying to download a movie of tv show upon getting the links up and hitting menu nothing happens. When using exodus I click on an episode and a new page loads with links i hit menu and can download any working link. Any idea as to why doing the same thing does not provide the same result with covenant?

  30. I wish the was a way of selecting more than one movie as watched, its a slow process having to mark each movie as watched.

  31. @Billb
    Thank you for your comment. That does help with understanding the reason now. Specto works but does not have as many HD or any 1080P links.

  32. Apparently some of the sources can sense and do not want downloading but allow streaming. This does not happen in every attempt. I have several kodi addons and when one doesn’t work, I try another and have good results. I use covenant, zen, elysium and exodus. elysium is great because it has it’s own watchlist without having to use tract. If I want to download a movie but it doesn’t work in elysium, I go to covenant and ‘search’ for it and download it there. Hope this helps.
    Have download enabled and paths set. Can select a show or movies source to play and it will play so I know the source is good but if I select download, rather than play, on that same source I get “Download Failed – No response from server.” To test I’ve tried a number of different current videos and gone through at least 15 sources for each video and so far have not been able to download a single item. What is the difference in streaming and downloading? Thanks much!

  33. Have download enabled and paths set. Can select a show or movies source to play and it will play so I know the source is good but if I select download, rather than play, on that same source I get “Download Failed – No response from server.” To test I’ve tried a number of different current videos and gone through at least 15 sources for each video and so far have not been able to download a single item. What is the difference in streaming and downloading? Thanks much!

  34. Hi. I have just installed covenant now. The problem is that I have lots of movies in Favourites and when i try to play them they are searching from Exodus. How can i fix it? Thanks

  35. When using KODI 17.3 with Covenant; how do you download movies and tv shows to your phone? I looked at the steps above, and I don’t see a menu option on the select stream dialog box.

  36. Hi everyone. So I stored several tv shows streamed from exodus in my favorites spot. With installing the edition making exodus unusable. How do I change my tv show sources without having to delete and start over.

  37. To enable Downloads
    after you have setup the download folders
    then go to tool>Settings:Playback
    and change the default action to Directory
    and you will be able to hit the menu and select download

  38. When clicking on some TV series – it does nothing (instead of showing a list of episodes). PLEASE HELP

  39. Anyone know how to easily find/access the “my library” section? Using nolimits skin on firestick, added a bunch from covenant (exodus) to my library, but I don’t see an icon or any easy way to get to it besides through settings. Thanks for the help!

  40. @jrb you need to go to covernant setting > playback tab> default action change to ” directory” . When you get to movie link right click mouse if using computer or touch and hold if using touch device for download menu pop up.

  41. I can not download, only steam. I have googled and gone through steps enabling download, setting up folders but can not download????

  42. @Tt Go exodus setting in playback tab change “default action ” to directory then confirm “OK”.

  43. My real debrid links aren’t showing… Set it up the proper way and also reauthorized it. Also cleared cache and providers…

  44. TRAKT authorization is definitely not working in Covenant. Same problem Exodus had before they fixed it with an update. The ‘trakt.py’ hack got it working again in Covenant. Hopefully future updates will fix the issue soon.

  45. Thanks anonymous2 . Works fine- kind of obscure thing to have to do to get it working- wouldn’t have stumbled on this in my own

  46. I’ve got it installed and working but I don’t seem to get any available stream. Even for most popular movies. Any ideas?

  47. to answer own question 9.37 on 14th july 2017
    change playback mode to directory (playback menu under tools) and that activates download menu with right click

  48. I have set up downloads too but menu on mouse not working so i cannot download Anyone found fix?

  49. “When you have the Select Stream dialog box open which is showing your list of links to stream, press menu and Download item to download to your computer!”

    How do you press menu on a computer keyboard? Right click on the mouse doesn’t work.

  50. I don’t know specifics but found something about trakt not working with exodus anymore I’m not sure if it can be fixed

  51. What happened to the progress option? When I pull up “My Shows”, I have to go through and look for new episodes or which episode I last watched.

  52. I don’t think so, I have a trakt account and it was always linked until recently and now it just won’t work

  53. Is something missing from the procedure? Like, do you need to get an account with Trackt first? I’m using Kodi/Exodus on a PC, and yes, under the Exodus->Settings->Accounts, I do see the TRACT authorization link. But clicking it does nothing more than blank the screen for a moment, followed by returning to the same screen.

  54. I am a little leery of trakt myself. I use Zen which keeps tract of movies and TV shows with a built-in Watchlist like Genesis used to have. You can still have Exodus and use it AND keep track of your movies and tv shows just using the watchlist feature of Zen.

  55. I just installed Kodi Krypton and installed one of the Spinz TV builds. I enabled Trakt, but when I try to authorize Trakt in Exodus, nothing happens. It does not give me an activation code, nor does it direct me to the Trakt website. Can you help fix this problem?

  56. My Collection wouldn’t open up on my Fire TV so I signed out of Trakt, and was going to sign back in to see if it would reset it. Now when I go to Authorization under Accounts, nothing happens, won’t give me an authorization code. Any ideas?

  57. I have a huge “Favourites” list (using Exodus) and want to delete the ones I don’t want – how do I delete from the Favourites list in Exodus?

  58. I have a option to save movies to my favorites list. But where do I find them once they’re added??? Please help

  59. Select Exodus/tools/downloads. Select where you want the download to be saved. Go to a movie you want to download. left click it to show servers list. Choose the one you want to download by right clicking the mouse and then left clicking ‘Download’. It will be downloaded to the location you selected in tools/downloads.

  60. I had to start typing here because all the above comment

    can’t read because of the icons on each message or response. Thanks for all your help on the setup settings in Kodi I would have never had known about. Thanks, again Teresa

  61. I was able to get season 8 but not any further back. I have noticed that sometimes if I re-click a program or movie that had “no stream available” I get more listings than the previous click and a watchable or downloadable file that wasn’t listed before. Also I think perhaps that under “exodus/settings” if you increase the setting, “provider’s timeout” it will allow more providers files to be listed and therefore more usable links. Good luck.

  62. I cant seem to find last comic standing tv show anywhere on exodus. The last season yes, but seasonshe 1 through 8 comes up with no stream available…
    Any ideas???

  63. About 1 month ago I watched1970s film “McKenna’s Gold” via Kodi machine and TV, to enable me to do this I had to “pair” with a website to watch this– can’t remember which website I paired with

    Since that time the TV Kodi will only show pre 1970s films and I haven’t been able to update this

    The computer Kodi connection is ok and only reflects how far behind the TV machine is

    Any ideas G.

  64. Unable to download via Exodus. When I select download, it puts a 35Mb file in the correct folder then stops. Any ideas?

  65. I had same trouble accessing/setting up the download options (windows 10, surface pro), and found that confluence skin did not let me click/select the arrow to show the download section.
    Changing the skin allowed access to download tab. I wasn’t able to set up the paths, but hope this helps those who were not able to see it at all.

  66. On the previous post. By difference between streaming and downloading it is meant programmatically not the literal difference. Thanks

  67. Have download enabled and paths set. Can select a show or movies source to play and it will play so I know the source is good but if I select download, rather than play, on that same source I get “Download Failed – No response from server.” To test I’ve tried a number of different current videos and gone through at least 15 sources for each video and so far have not been able to download a single item. What is the difference in streaming and downloading? Thanks much!

  68. When you download from exodus, is the file shared in any way with other users like a torrent? or is it just a direct download?

  69. I reinstalled exodus on kodi and since then some of the menu items aren’t bringing up the next menu such as returning favourites. I was curious whether there was a fix for that?

  70. I had that same thing happen and finally found it and now finally re-found it! Start playing a show or movie. There’s an audio icon on the bottom right of the screen. Click it and a window appears with two audio slider bars. Probably the top one with the “-” sign is off. Email me if you can’t find it. Billy [email protected]

  71. I have a volume icon in red with slash going through it. Don’t know what button I accidently touched, therefore no sound. Please help.

  72. For those of us using Kodi via HDMI, how can a right click to download the stream be selected? The internal Kodi panel is minimal. Has anyone figured out how to do this for remote use?

  73. I am having an issue with the “Mute” icon in Exodus. I may have muted Exodus inadvertently with my keyboard via keystroke, but I can’t find any info on how to mute or remove the mute at all.

    I have not problem with the streaming or audio until yesterday. Nothing else is affected…I just can’t hear the show.

    Everything else on the Kodi box works fine…the problem is isolated to Exodus.

    Please help. It’s a simple thing, I’m sure. They’re the most confounding.

  74. Well, my Kodi v2.0 jailbroken has many issues. At the registration screen I am able to use my Wi-Fi password go to the registration screen which normally allows me to bypass the register and create an account screen and go straight to Kodi blue screen…now it will not happen it stays on the registration screen forever……HELP ME PLEASE.

  75. #4 download is not as described. Under menu I see updates, add on information and configure. Either addon info or configure take me to a screen where (in Genesis) I could select where to download. Here (in exodus) I only see “setup your download folders to enable them”… Can you advise where + how to do this??

    Otherwise all your other instructions were amazing!

  76. I am having the same issue as others. My Exodus updated to the newer version,2.0.3, but all of my networks are showing the same icons for shows that don’t even broadcast on those stations. Is there anything that can be done about this?

  77. Is it posible to have a % indicator behind de movies/tv shows during download.so you can see how far the download is.

  78. My Samsung tablet 10.1 and my Sony smart TV updated to Exodus 2.03 from 2.02 with Kodi 16.1 and also my firestick now all my networks CBS, TNT, CW, Fox, ect. all have the same icons for shows .
    Everything was working before update to 2.03 any other complaints ?

  79. while I was in the EXODUS app, I entered TOOLS and emptied cache, now EXODUS wont load anything, movies tv, etc.. what did I do wrong and how do I remedy this?

    ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. if any can help with suggestions it will be much appreciated

  80. Ok..I have installed trakt and even got confirmation that it is enabled..when I try to add something to my list and press the menu button..there is no option to add to favourites or for trakt manager..it says that is is disabled by default in my settings and to enable it in the settings..but when you go to settings you can’t find anything about trakt..help please!

  81. I feel that the whole “no library integration” decision is a bad one. More people use this then us trakt. I use trakt to keep track of my collection online but that is it. All of my media has always been stored on my computer. I have tried over and over again to no avail to add TV shows to my collection, and to a new list in Exodus and no matter what it will not show up in my kodi library. I have the trakt add on and this is also set up for syncing.

    How do I add a show to my collection via Exodus and trakt and have it appear in my kodi tv collection? Or is this not possible now with no library integration? Please add library integration like genesis had, this was so much easier and better.

  82. Typo, bloody phone’s auto correct, the word is “scrobble”. It is actually a word used by TraktTV app

  83. For those using Exodus, install it the correct way, by opening the Exodus Repo in the Fusion Zip file. Also open the ULR resolver script Repo in Fusion Zip file. Then both Exodus and very important, your URL resolver should auto update. If a update is taking it’s time to reach your device, you can force, push it at the Repo, and not at the addon settings. Also if you have a TraktTV account, install the TrakTV app, and go into settings to “scribble” and synch what you watch. Then, no need for favourites. It is also extremely easy to remove any TV shows or Movies from Watchlist or Collection, whoever couldn’t do that, I’m uncertain as to why.

  84. My lists is not working on Exodus. Nothing happens when you click it/select with remote.

    Using 2.0.2 and Kodi 16.0

  85. So, about the trailer thing…I found out that a separate add-on handles this, called The Movie Database. I updated the version I had for The Movie Database, but still no trailer options. My guess is that either Exodus or The Movie Database will be updated soon to restore compatibility. I hope. This was a great feature!

  86. Same as above. When I select “lists” in Exodus there’s no response, like a dead link…. but on the trakt website everything is fine. Authorization in Exodus is also fine (re-registered).

  87. Why does the my lists not work anymore?? My trakt.tv Playlist doesn’t come up after the new update.

  88. When looking at movies, I used to be able to get show info and a detailed descriptions of the movie before watching it by pressing and holding the center button on my fire tv stick remote.
    As of a week or two ago, the show/ movie description is no longer there on the menu.

    Is there another way to get detailed show or movie info in Exodus before I watch the movie?

    Thank you.

  89. Hey I used to be able to watch trailers for any movie in exodus, today it updated and the option is gone. Does anyone have any info?

  90. Hello
    I want to setup a music selection. Like …native American music. Can someone tell me how to get this done.
    In layman terms.

  91. Help please trying to update exodus and it tells me dependencies not met what can I do? Thanks for any help.

  92. I find it very frustrating that Exodus has so many movies and TV shows but I cannot do something as easy as create a playlist. Kodi is on my laptop and I would like to be able to create a list of TV series episodes to watch on my TV through the laptops HDMI cable. I have signed up for Trakt and using the menu Trakt Manager, I added episodes to a list but when I want to play the list it is no where to be found. If I go to Trakt and open the list it does not show 12 episodes but only the title of the list. It is a shame that I am unable to go to a TV show, right click on a folder, for example, Season 6, select something like “Add all shows to playlist,” and then be able to watch that list later. I tried SuperFavourites, Simple Playlist and others but nothing actually creates a list I can go to in Videos>Playlists. Right now all I can do is select an episode, watch it, back out when it ends, select the next episode, rinse and repeat.

  93. With the library feature, I used Recently Added Episodes to know when I had new episodes to watch. Can I do a similar thing with Trakt?

  94. I’m not sure how to use my Android TV box MX34K I’m not sure what I did but I used to be able to pick my own streams from a list of different stream providers for my movies/shows/video’s and now it automatically chooses it for me and won’t even let me pick a different one if it is a poor streaming source any ideas what might work to fix this though my settings ? Please help me.

  95. Is IMDB integration broken? I’ve added my ur######## number, list is set to public with comments and when I access it in Exodus under IMDB:Watchlist or IMDB:TV Watchlist, the working animation plays for a few seconds and then nothing happens.

  96. when a I select a stream for a movie using the Exodus addon I prompt comes up with a website to watch the movies on with a choice of Settings or cancel, then it selects another lower stream then the same prompt comes up and another stream is chosen for me instead of the 1080p stream I original..do you know why this is happening..I have Kodi Java 16.1

  97. I would like to know why I can not remove or add tv shows to my tv collections??? It says it is successful but none show up and none get removed. Very frustrating

  98. I believe I accidentally delete Exodus from Kodi because I don’t see it anymore at the TVAddons screen. I see Phoenix and others but not Exodus. How do I get it back?

  99. Is there a quick and easy way to change the view option from “thumbnail” to “media info 2” without having to go into every submenu?

  100. I have the same issue as the above, I am not sure of how to delete downloaded movies on my tablet

  101. Sometimes when I play a video on Exodus, it won’t respond to any wireless keyboard or web remote commands – it’s as if it is playing in kiosk mode (I have kiosk mode disabled) – and it doesn’t happen everytime,

    Anybody got any thoughts on this one?

  102. I need help please, I have set up the downloads as advised -enabled downloads and set up the folders for to and movies etc… I have even downloaded and the item has completed (downloaded 100%) – however, when I go to watch this downloaded item – I can’t find where it is and there is no option on exodus to access it. It seems when I go to my usb drive to check the item is there – it’s not stored (even though it says the download was successful..)
    Can you advise on if I need to change any settings to ‘retain’ the download in its correct location and where I access the downloaded item to view it…

  103. I need help I set download path on exodus to ext sd card for movies and tv shows once download is complete I can’t find them anywhere?? I’m using kodi on a Samsung tablet with a 128gb sd card inserted.

  104. What is going on ? I to am only getting movies 1969 and before? What can I do to go back on Exodux as it was I do have a trakt account .

  105. If you move the files from the downloads folder they no longer show in the exodus downloads list. Follow above page instructions & create BOTH movie & tv folder to get right click download choice in the context menu. I cursed for ages the demise of Genesis after only creating the movie folder in Exodus & not getting right click download choice! Thanks for this page & also the tip about starting movie to see the download progress. Another tip from some Genesis user worth repeating is about editing the downloader.py file it works just as good with exodus. The exact filepath & name may vary from time to time but you can look for it. Thanks to whomever but the gist of what they said & it works is “there is a way to show download progress information more often; in order to change, edit file AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.exodus\resources\lib\modules\downloader.py in line “notify += ” (changing from 10 do 1 means, that after 1% you will get notification)” I used 3%

  106. Another problem with stopping streaming video piracy is that end users have no fear of repercussions. The MPAA’s own definition of Internet piracy­—”obtaining movies by either downloading them from the Internet without paying or acquiring hard copies of illegally downloaded movies”—doesn’t even cover streaming. And while the MPAA has filed lawsuits in waves against BitTorrent users, there’s no record of any lawsuit filed against anyone who has simply streamed a pirated film on their computer.

  107. I have tried to configure 3 addons with trakt.tv all three addons including Exodus loose the trakt.tv settings after reboot

  108. Terry.When you go into the “Add-On Settings” for Exodus, then you go to the tab on top where it says “Download” right underneath the option to enable the download option. Right below that is where you actually can set where exactly you want your downloads to go to. For instance myself i made a seperate folder in my “Videos” folder on my computer and named them “Exodus Tv Downloads” and “Exodus Movie Downloads” respectfully. That way after what i selected is done downloading all i have to do is go to that folder whenever i want and watch it whenever. I hope this helped. Let me know if it did or didnt and ill try to help in a different way.

    As for not being able to see the “Download option” when you open add-on settings for Exodus. Make sure you are scrolling over the tabs on top by clicking the Arrows. Once you do that you will see the Download tab. Then just click the option and it will be activated. Then choose tv and/or movies. From there you can follow the above statement i just wrote. Goodluck and hope this helped you as well. Please lemme know either way!!

  109. I have set up and successfully downloaded a couple of films but unlike Genesis I cannot find a download menu nor a my exodus menu entry where I would expect to find downloads

  110. Please add library integration. I too will not be using the trakt integration…why let a site track you pirate movies and shows?? Seems like a big risk to me.

  111. I do not see the download item. I attempted to click on exodus/add-on settings. there is no setting for it. Someone above mentioned you have to download something first. How do you do that if there is not an option when right clicking on the source link to download.

  112. The trakt option is a way to provide evidence so u can face trial for piracy. It seems the programmers sold out to the movie industry

  113. In Genesis I noticed in both movies and TV that there were different menus under years. ie. One ranged from 1967-2016, the other 1920(?)-1966. Does anyone know how to adjust to get the opposite setting?

  114. Wait wat? I have to use this trakt thing just to set my favorite shows I plan to follow? I want to trak my shows, I don’t want to be traked myself!!!


  115. Genesis has been great and I am excited about Exodus. After playing with it for awhile, I would like kodi integration. I use it to filter recently added episodes and other functions. Is there any way to do that?

  116. Thanks for the App- wonderful potential!

    Similar problems to others – i went back and did a fresh install of Kodi a day ago, then then reloaded Fusion and then the App Config wizard based on the clear and well written steps on the Kodi help page. So i have the latest versions. I am on a Mac running 10.8.5. Trakt works perfectly fine.

    I’ve tried with and without VPN.

    Working for me (all other links are unresponsive):
    Movies: people watching,box office, oscar winners – the reset are unresponsive
    TV Shows: year (but you get to a specify year and its unresponsive), same for Networks (the most important for me), people watching, TV Calendar, latest episodes – the reset are unresponsive
    Channels – OK
    My List: OK (Trakt)
    Latest Movies: – all unresponsive
    Latest Episodes: OK
    TV Calendar – OK

    Any suggestions?

  117. Cannot select smb sources for download locations. I guess I can select them, but cannot enter the location. In genesis, you either browse to the location or type the location. In Exodus, it selects smb but will go no further, the next screen is .. and then no entry can be made to the dl location. It works fine for extusb and extstorage, but I have been downloading everything to my network. Also cannot create new folders, where genesis works fine. Seems to be very similar so probably an easy fix.

  118. I would not mind Trakt if it did not track me. My privacy is just that – private. I do not want to share my “viewing habits” with anyone but me. Plus, I do not know where all the content is coming from. I have no way of telling if it is pirated. Why should I put myself at risk like this? Seems like there is a great chance for another app (or improvement to Kodi) that can add a show to the Kodi Library and keep track of possible sources like Exodus (very well done mind you…).

  119. i love trakt! it’s easier and quicker than the kodi integration, however, i can’t get it to work with tv tunes. i like hearing the theme song on my big tv setup.

  120. Download seems to work fine but nothing shows in Downloaded movies. Have it set to go to sd card but nothing in there when says downloaded finished…Unable to find anywhere..frustrating as everything else is great…

  121. The people watching search works, but featured films doesn’t, genres doesn’t, searching by year doesn’t. Any ideas why?

  122. Trying to link Exodus and Trakt but it says visit:

    Then nothing…no place to visit…signed in on trakt and I see nothing to get a pin.

  123. Madeir I am having the same issues on one of my FireTv Sticks. It doesn’t pull anything from the year on either tv or movies. On my other tv stick it will pull from movies but not from tvshows

  124. Decided against using trakt since I still can’t get it to verify. Going to pull them up by network. But alas, when you select a network, it says working the nothing! Hoping this is fixed soon. Other than that, I’ve enjoyed Exodus so far when I was able to use it!!

  125. In order to get your current new shows to show after logging into Trakt. Goto Tools,General and under Indicators change local to Trakt. Then you can go to My list and Trakt:Progress to see current show that have aired for your library. and under Trakt:TV Collection will be all your shows.

  126. Is anyone else having issues with accessing some parts of exodus? For example if i select most popular it does not work. Thanks.

  127. I like the fact that TRAKT is being used instead of a local Library DB as that is always been an issue … BUT with the TRAKT TV Collection Exodus does not show what episodes have been watch … I have verified that the TRAKT collection is up to date so somehow that info is not coming over.

    Hope this helps in resolving this issue for future updates …

  128. This works great for me. Trakt problems are simply that, Trakt problems. Hey it’s free, don’t be afraid to do a little work to find what you want. All I hear is moaning…….let’s give Lambda credit for another great effort. Cheers sir !

  129. Trakt is not working for any of my addons right now..I got exodus to authorize no problem, but its not filling in My Collection as watched.

  130. Trakt is very clear about the fact that it helps private parties to enforce and comply with the law, Of course people have to decide for themselves if they want to display their piracy habits to the rest of the world, but they shouldn’t complain if a movie studio comes knocking on their door.

  131. It’s rapid love it be even better when my trakt.tv works with it I’m guessing it’s ultra busy at the moment thanks to lambda for another epic addon 🙂

  132. I too may have to get into trakt, things just always worked well for me without out.
    This ap is fast and really good. The royal we is slowe but also a decent ap and they added favorites later with a recent update,so maybe we get favorites with future updates.
    I think this app dould be the best of all.

  133. Once added, I cannot get a movie to delete from the “collection: or “watchlist”. I don’t want to add movies and have a never-ending list!

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