Kodi Live Streaming Tips Guide (No Buffer)

Looking for Kodi live streaming tips and information on how to watch live content with no buffer? Read our tips below.

Get streaming tips and watch Kodi live streams without buffer or stuttering today with our guide below. Live streams on Kodi can be finicky and there is not a perfect method, but follow our tips below to setup yourself up for better success with Kodi live streaming.


Kodi Live Streaming Tips

  1. Hard-wire Kodi to your ethernet. The latency over wi-fi is generally 10x that of wired and wi-fi cannot handle live streams. This is the number one of the streaming tips we can suggest
  2.  Make sure your internet speed is equal to or greater than 10mbps. This is a guideline, but 10mbps seems to be the minimum recommended speed for live streaming. If your speed test shows lower than this, live streams will not work reliably.
  3. Try acestream links. Regular streaming links overload a server when more users access them. Acestream shares your connection with other users as you stream, which distributes the load over a large number of viewers.
  4. Make sure you are running the latest version of Kodi. Dependencies and back-end drivers are updated with each new version of Kodi and live streams use hese new dependencies.
  5. Make sure your Kodi box has a minimum of 2GB of RAM. 1GB of RAM is not enough to process and handle live streaming.
  6. Try a VPN. Some internet service providers detect when you are live streaming and they throttle your connection. A VPN keeps your connection safe and allows you to stream freely. Click here to sign up today with an instant 25% off.


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6 thoughts on “Kodi Live Streaming Tips Guide (No Buffer)”

  1. Guys nobody can guarantee the elimination of buffering…. you can tweak it with advanced settings…. you can tweak it by not running ALL the accelerators running (resulting in a negative effect for some reason)…. you can go on though the endless diagnostics but at the end of the day…. it’s a beam being sent to hundreds & thousands on people worldwide…. there’s way too many variables that would jam the signal…. streaming 4k shortly…. now it’s the cheating H.265 cleverly disguised compressed video. (not fooling us) lol.
    So you want to minimise as much as you can…. stay off Sky Sports when there’s a big game on. The amount of hair I pulled out…. & sync Kodi to a P.C. my Macbook Pro is wireless & it does an amazing job of keeping good picture. 3rd Hardwire….. follow these simple rules & ye shall have a buff free zone 😉

  2. So a fire tv box is not good for live streaming, 1.5gb of ram, they seem to suit on demand player’s with no HD.

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