“Web Request Failed” Kodi Error Fix

Are you seeing a “Web Request Failed” Kodi error and aren’t sure what to do? Read on below for information on how to fix your issues!

Are you trying to access live streams in Kodi but are seeing a “Web Request Failed” Kodi error message? If you are running Kodi 17, there is an easy fix to this: enable RTMP in Kodi.

RTMP is a protocol that works in the backend of Kodi to translate web video content into a format that Kodi can read and playback. By default, Kodi 17 disables RTMP by default, so you’ll get this “Web Request Failed” Kodi error when you try to watch live streams from addons such as Sportie, SportsDevil, and others.

To fix this error, simply enable RTMP using our guide below. For more information on RTMP, refer to our guide here.


How to Enable RTMP in Kodi (“Web Request Failed” Kodi Error Fix)

  1. From the Kodi main menu, click on Addons. If you are using a skin or build, this is probably found by going to Settings > Add-ons.
  2. Click on My Add-ons and then go into the VideoPlayer InputStream section.
  3. Click on the RTMP Input option and click on Enable. 
  4. As well if it isn’t already, click on InputStream Adaptive and click Enable.
  5. That’s it! Try to enable RTMP in Kodi and see if this fixes your Kodi streaming issues.


And that’s it! Hopefully you can now stream live video from your favorite Kodi addons.

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34 thoughts on ““Web Request Failed” Kodi Error Fix”

  1. Neither of these steps worked in fixing my problem along with the tips on comments. Still having “web request failed” every time I try click anything

  2. I tried all the comments above… none worked. But then I tried Doug’s advice and WAM-BAM-THANK YOU MAAM! Thanks Doug!

  3. I just got Sportsdevil installed tonight and had many problems finding any links to work, and finally stumbled on something under “Live Sports” heading with subtitle “live9.co”. Found easy list of major sports Monday Night Football, every NBA game, NHL etc. and almost every link worked great! try it, you’ll like it!

  4. Ok folk do the first 2 steps described on here then go to add ons and update the app. It will work after. You might get another error when you choose the fight link but try another one youll find one that

  5. I had the same issue, but I went to system, settings, add-ons, My add-ons, Video add-ons, and then clicked on SportsDevil and clicked on update and it worked fine after that. I had auto-update clicked on but I guess it wasn’t updating, but it looks like manually updating SportsDevil worked for me. Hope this helps. Cheers.

  6. Try downloading/installing sportsdevil launcher. When u run the app, it’ll ask u if u wanna clear the cache, select yes. That’s it!

  7. No joy here; RTMP Input and InputStream Adaptive were already enabled. I disabled them and re-enabled. I wonder if I disable them if that would work?

    The frustrating thing is that on a whim I tried a church channel. THAT one works! Nothing else done, but the useless Church channel works! Talk about adding insult to injury!

  8. LibreElec 8.0.3 Kodi 17.3 Enabled RTMP Input and InputStream Adaptive still get “Web Request Failed”. OpenVPN add-on installed trying new places with failures.

  9. I have Kodi 17.2 installed and am trying to fix the web request failed issue in Sports Devil. However within VideoPlayer input stream there is no InputStream Adaptive. Upon checking on a different device that has Kodi 17.1 it is there. It seems the Kodi update has caused a problem
    Does anyone have an answer?

  10. U have to be on krypton 17 or 17.1 or spmc 16.6.5 that if it an old kodi box 4.4 kitkat or 4.2 I don’t it last night and it works brilliant to update you old box go to areswizard it next to where you get build from I downloaded 17 on kodi and it works and the live hrtm or something for live tv is there at second from bottom my addon have a go plz it definitely work i got 4 players on kodi box

  11. Tá tendo problemas nas traducoes de filmes por favor me me ajude.
    Existe algum programa de tradução direto para filmes existe muito filmes com vídeo e áudio e não tem legenda.tem como o kodi ciar esse programa vai ser maravilhoso

    Eu quero muito a manter o principal addon que o Exodus ,zen,specto e outros.
    Mande resposta por favor.

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