Kodi Release Hub; The Perfect Match For Real-Debrid

Do you have a Real-Debrid account? The Kodi Release Hub add-on is the perfect compliment to Debrid and gives Kodi users access to scene releases of movies and TV shows in a reliable manner.

November 13th: Users who still enjoy the Kodi Release Hub addon may have noticed that a few of the last working sources in the addon have dropped off lately and are unusable.

Thankfully, a kind person on Reddit has made the addon usable again!

As of right now, Release Hub does not have an active developer and it is not available from any repository in a working format. The guide below is the only semi-working copy of the addon today. It would be great if a Kodi developer could spend some time to revamp Release Hub and bring it back to life. It fills a unique niche that cannot be filled by the Jen Kodi addon template.

Changes to the Release Hub Stripped version include:

  • Removed Sports Section (no longer working)
  • Removed Mega Search (no longer working)
  • Removed all dead providers from completely within the addon
  • Added new providers/links (ones that could be found)
  • Fixed some of the searches

Per the developer: “I pretty much no nothing on code or python so just a simple kinda mash delete/edit. The only thing that has stopped working as I was about to post this is rlsbb search. If anyone know of a fix please let me know as id love to be able to get it to work.


Original Post

Kodi Tips has been very vocal about the benefits of Real-Debrid. For a few dollars per month, a real-debrid account can be synced into your Kodi setup to provide more reliable TV and movie links inside of add-ons.

The Kodi Release Hub add-on allows you to play a wide selection of movies and TV shows from scene websites, which update content as it comes available.

The Kodi Release Hub add-on scrapes all of the websites above and matches your real-debrid account to the hosting links to provide quality sources for streaming movies and TV. None of the content is stored inside of Kodi or inside of the Kodi addon.

Once the Kodi Release Hub add-on is installed and you have correctly setup Real-Debrid in your URLResolver as outlined in our Real-Debrid guide here, you will be able to open up any TV and movie link in the add-on.

The only updated and working version of Release Hub is found through the download links below. An actively developed version is not apart of any repository right now.


How to Install Kodi Release Hub Addon – Standard Method

    1. Click here or here to download the Release Hub Stripped version.. Save it somewhere you can access within Kodi.
    2. From your Kodi home screen.
      • ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
      • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
    3. Select Install from Zip File and choose the plugin.video.theyidrh-6.1.2.zip file you downloaded in step one. Wait for the Add-on enabled notification



Release Hub Kodi Alternatives

The Release Hub Kodi addon is a multi-source Kodi addon that automatically pulls data from multiple websites on the internet. It is specialized for people with premium Real-Debrid accounts. If it is not working to your liking, there are other similar Kodi addons you may want to check out such as:

  1. Death Streams RD
  2. Real-Debrid


Kodi Release Hub Error Check Log

Sometimes you may get a message telling you to check your Kodi error log. If you see this error while streaming video, it can mean that your cache is full. If this appears while trying to navigate menus in the Release Hub Kodi addon, it means that the link you are trying to access does not exist anymore. If you are trying to start a stream from the addon, select another stream.


Kodi Release Hub Not Working / Down

If the addon is not working and your issue is not covered in our guide above, make sure that you have the latest version of the addon installed. Use the top of our guide to verify the latest version.

Also, make sure that you are running the latest version of Kodi. Version of Kodi 16 and earlier are not compatible with addons anymore due to changes in scrapers and code.

Remember, Kodi addons simply query the public internet and do not host any host any streams. Streams, especially live content, is volatile and can go up and down. There is nothing you or the developer can do about streams not working in a lot of cases.



We have no control over and do not host or upload any video, films, media file, or live streams. KodiTips is not responsible for the accuracy, compliance, copyright, legality, decency, or any other aspect of the content of streamed from your device. If you have any legal issues please contact the appropriate media file owners or host sites.



Let us know what you think about the Release Hub add-on on our Twitter and Facebook pages!


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16 thoughts on “Kodi Release Hub; The Perfect Match For Real-Debrid”

  1. Seems to work OK but once a show has started you cannot turn it off. Click it off and it starts to replay. Had to close Kodi to get out of it. Also no download ability. And it does not keep my Premiumize ID and password or Real Debrid.

  2. My Real debrid settings won’t save … after filling in the code online, the menu of Release Hub is shown for about 3 seconds – then disappears again – leaving me with a blank screen again. All the other addons with the Reald debrid setting work just fine. What am I doing wrong?

  3. i installed release hub twice per kodi tips. all says good but addon will not startup, blank screen. try to configure for real debrid (i have premium acct), settings will not save.

    pls help

  4. Apparently unless you write glowing reviews of people who pay money to KodiTips to advertise their stuff your comments are removed. Sad really. Since I can’t give my honest, unbiased opinion on here make sure to do your homework before you pay money for something that you can easily obtain without spending a dime. Albeit usually of similar quality and a lot more reliable then a “paid service”.

    P.S. Props to whoever runs this cute and nicely organized site but really has little info that is of any use that others can’t find elsewhere. Majority of the time the articles are out dated, useless, recycled how to’s of add ons that don’t even work any more.

  5. Looks really awesome, saw listings of shows I hadn’t seen before.
    Some of the sites, like Scene-rls, are already scrapped by addons such as Salts but this is definitely going to become one of my fav addons in a hurry!
    Thanks for the update KT

  6. The resolverror in release hub is the resolver in the system part of kodi and it has no effect to release hub it doesn’t display debrid links. If you have it working explain how to do it I’ve tried always and it won’t work

  7. Dont use the addon settings (right click menu) that doesnt save your settings, there is a resolver option inside release hub. that is where you configure your debrid account

  8. Yes, Relase hub doesnt save any settings, and even the settings menu doesnt display properly. shoddy work tbh!

  9. I have a real debrid account, i set it up in kodi, but i never get any real debrid streams I regular hub, all my other addons it works

  10. Here os some fair news regarding movies. First im dissapointed in the quasar people for not being able to fix issues including my download path issue. Heck quasar worked for me for a couple weeks and pulsar always worked

    Release hub . Tv shows its easier with salts or exodus unless you want latest episode you can tey the links at release hub.

    Here is what i found for movies. The links are good but they repeat movies and you have to sift. Not all search indexes work though that could change.
    At the bottom i used mega release search and it works great for finding a movie to watch in 1080p and some are blue ray.

    It takes maybe 30 seconds to pull up links and you may get a message saying search isnt available, but wait because it pops up.
    Than i click a link to watch or save to your kodi favorites which is the star bottom left corner

  11. I think this is the best addon to use for Real debrid,links don’t show in the traditional form on kodi like most other addons and you will find some that don’t work but this addon pulls a lot of Real debrid links,it takes time to figure out which ones work well right off the bat.The video quality is great on some of the Real debrid links,some of the 480p links look better then 720p links on most other addons.

  12. Works great for me with real debrid- do a mega search for the show you’re looking for and lots of 1080 and 720 links working. It took me a while to figure which sources work but once you do it’s great. I agree there are a lot of garbage links to sort through but well worth the time.

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