Jen Kodi Addon: Create Your Own Playlist Addon

The Jen Kodi addon is a framework that Kodi users can use in order to create their own Kodi playlist addons. Some of the most popular addons today are created using Jen. Find out more information and download today.

The Jen Kodi framework is one of the most popular methods for creating your own Kodi addon today. They automate a lot of the backend Python code and remove the need for a writing a bunch of code in order to create a Kodi addon.

Some of the most popular Kodi addons available today are created using the Jen template, including:

With Jen, all addons come installed with Universal Scrapers which is a multi-source framework for returning links off the public internet. Addons simply lay out their categories as they wish and whenever a title is queried, Universal Scrapers does the rest.


Jen Kodi Latest Updates

The latest version of the Jen Kodi framework is v1.6. The following changes have been made to the code:

  • Settings.xml updated for service settings
  • New – Updated to be self updating via settings.xml – NO Need To Change This File Anymore. Takes into account if end-user API keys are stored in settings, and doesn’t update it if they are.
  • Updated Readme.html
  • Updated version of Tools plugin
  • Added YT API Plugin

Users who have created their addons with Jen will have to incorporate the new code base into their addons in order to use the improvements above.


Jen Kodi Dependencies

A note to Kodi developers: Dependencies for the Jen addon has their own repository. There is no need to install any other repositories in order to use Jen. Just install the Jen repo and then your Jen addon and you will be good to go.

Click here to download the Jen dependencies repo.


Jen Kodi Download 

Click here to download the latest version of Jen.


How to Use the Jen Kodi Template to Create Your Own Addon

  1. Meet the Jen Template
  2. Configure Your XML (COMING SOON)


Important: The Jen Kodi template is just a shell that can be used to create a Kodi addon. it stores no media, retrieves no files, and does not break or infringe on any copyright rules.

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