Live Mix Kodi Add-on; Live TV Streams

The brand new Live Mix Kodi add-on from Metalkettle is a brand new live TV streaming add-on for Kodi. What does it contain? Read on for more information!

January 9th Update: Live Mix has been updated to v2.0.4, so check out the new version and let us know how it works on Twitter or Facebook.

Metalkettle has released a brand new Live Mix Kodi add-on featuring a ton of great live TV streams! The amount of content in here is truly staggering!

The Live Mix Kodi add-on is broken down into the following categories: Entertainment, Movies, Music, News, Sports, Documentaries, Kids, Food, USA, and Religion. Between all of the categories, there are hundreds and hundreds of live TV streams!

The Live Mix Kodi add-on comes with a custom interface as well, making everything flow smooth. We aren’t sure where the source of these live TV streams are from yet, but this is definitely an add-on to take note of!


How to Install Live Mix Kodi Addon

This addon is a third-party Kodi addon not supported by the Kodi Foundation. Though Kodi add-ons don’t story any files or host any content, streams from this addon are scraped from websites that fall in a grey legal area.

Because it is not legal to stream this content in every country and location, we are not posting a how-to guide on this website. We believe that this is the safest move for because we know that there are parties looking to crack down on websites promoting piracy and we are not one of those. has plenty of add-on installation guides for things that are completely legal and we encourage you to check out our home page for more information.


Have luck with the Live Mix Kodi add-on? Give us a shout on Twitter and Facebook today!


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112 thoughts on “Live Mix Kodi Add-on; Live TV Streams”

  1. You that desperate for site hits you leave this shit up instead of pulling it off? The addon is fucking dead. Has been for months. You piss me off because you fucking waste peoples time installing broken shit. Fuck you pull the directions off!

  2. Live Mix Kodi Add-on Is No Longer Available December 13, 2016
    Live mix had many live television channels including premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax and more. It also gave viewers access to many other cable channels across the globe and is at this time no longer available.

  3. Come on KodiTips…check to see if the addons you promote on your website function properly if at all. This addon is broken and only delivers an installation error.

  4. How can I download Kodi music or music videos? Or where do you get German films? Everything is only in English! Thanks for tips

  5. I have installed kodi livemix PC and firestick. abut monthe ago working good but now doen’t work both of units.
    I think live Mix server down or out of service. is any one know.

  6. Did the install iaw your info but still get the same problem; ‘Live Mix Error – Check the log for more info’ same error when I install Live Mix Addon from Kodi Video Add-ons direct via Programs. Seems there is something still wrong. NB was working ok about 4 weeks ago then went down.

  7. Voiced that this was completely down here in a comment dated December 11 (but I believe it was December 10), and before the end of the day, Live Mix was working and without any problems with shutting down after a few minutes. It continued this way though most of December 12, then once again, the program will error out and not even give me its menu.

  8. Other comment.
    If the VPN speed is slow —–> same things happens (impossible to load, re-launch Gui, buffering….). I’ve tried The open internet VPN (free app).

  9. 12 dec. 2016
    Right now, i’m listening to a French Channel (AB1).
    No issues after 20 minutes and no-buffering also.
    It’s probably depends of the Channel you’re listening to. Maybe it needs a VPN for some channels to work without interruptions. Listenning to Canadian Channels seems to be more difficult it’s often stops – So, you have to Re-launch Gui 😩 Again and again….!
    I’m living in Canada – Android TV Box- quad core – internet download speed :40 Mb.

  10. 12 dec. 2016
    Right now, i’m listening toi à French Channel (AB1).
    No issues after 20 minutes and no-buffering also.
    It’s probably dépends of the Channel you’re listening to. Maybe it needs a VPN for some charnels to work without interruptions.
    I’m living in Canada – Android TV Box- quad core – internet download speed :40 Mb.

  11. Looks like Live Mix is completely shut down now. Will not even give me a menu now. Prior to Dec. 8, I could at least get the 3 to five or 7 minutes of excellent video and audio, but now even that is completely unaccessable.

  12. Live mix shuts off after some minutes of playing, goes to first menu ,even on FIBRE fast 100mb Internet speed , tried on tv box , Mac, pc ,phone and tablet , all are the same approx 20 mins and shut down to guI No buffering message , no stutter , just stops and returns to guide, Any help please , read other comments , but no solution . Sanky

  13. I had the same issues to start with, so I pulled the plug on the router to reset it, worked great for 2 days, no buffering or dropping out and I have low internet access due to my location, however the last few days had the same ok for an hour then drops out every 5 mins

  14. Im having the same issues as people above,plays any channel fine for a few minutes then cuts off back to GUI menu,works fine if you re-load the channel but will cut off after the same amount of time…SHAME 🙁

  15. Most channels are working just fine. The only problem I’m having is that it disconnects after a few minute. Internet connection is just fine.This is happening on Linux, Android and Windows platform respectively.

  16. Found out problem to kodo live mix crashing on its own. Go to video settings and disable teletext. Problem fixed! Your welcome.

  17. the bt sport 2 (which has PPV MMA) is in 1080 but shuts off after 5 min or so. glad i have paid subscription as free Live Tv are hit and miss.

  18. I have exactly the same problem with Barry, Live mix is good only problem it shuts off after 5 mins and goes to first menu. I would like to know how to solve it

  19. Live mix is good only problem it shuts off after 5 mins , goes to first menu , 1 on fastest Internet speed , tried on tv box , Mac, pc ,phone and tablet , all are the same approx 5 mins and shut down to guI No buffering message , no stutter , just stops and returns to guide, Any help please , read other comments , but no solution . Love the way it’s set up only problem is this, happens on hd channels and sd ,thanks Barry

  20. Installed. I get the main menu, choose something to watch such as AFN Spectrum, and then see “reload GUI”

    Doesn’t matter what I choose. Same reload GUI message appears.

  21. Forget kodi and live mix pal, open browser on android device type htt:// Download app. Then go to android settings downloads hit file at top of list then follow on screen instructions. All syk ch loaded. Find in app on android device. Hope this helps.

  22. Everything, every single last channel, buffers and sputters too bad to watch. And no, it isn’t my connection.

  23. It wont work as, live mix uses the same links as uktv now which is down, when uktv is back up so will live mix

  24. Hi, my Live Mix has completely stopped working. When clicking on a channel, the ‘loading’ circle flashes for a split second, then nothing. Any help please?

  25. So is anyone from Kodi going to respond to this issue? Is this being worked on or is it just a dead issue???

  26. Added Live Mix to my fire stick a cpl days ago and now all of a sudden it’s not available anymore. Can someone tell me whts going on? I was really enjoying all the channels it offered. I tried to reload using instructions above but it didn’t work also instructions say it’s version 1.0.5 but my version says 1.0.6 on my tv. Pls help! Thank you!

  27. Don’t really understand how when you have a good download speed and you’re watching Sky Sports with no problem it’ll just drop out, then will not re-connect no matter what you do??? The I’ll try it another day and it will work fine. Why is this???

  28. Uktv now is down again, but if you are using an android tv box, open Web browser type in download uktv now and click on 1St link and download version 6.2 for fire stick/android. Now you can watch uktv now on your Android device, same as show box, uktv now should be back and running in a few weeks on kodi

  29. Same here – Live Mix has been blocked at source and no longer works. Will there be a fix?

  30. Press the context menu on your rc if your using a android box, it’s the key with 3 horizontal lines on,press this when you have live mix highlighted then you will see an option to update

  31. Thanks for your answer, but when I click on Metal kettle I only get an option to install Live Mix, there is no update option.

  32. If you go into metal kettle repository click on it goto update.then select video adding update live mix and all should work well

  33. I am not getting any streams when I select any UK channels like BBC or Sky. All I get is the dots that take you back to the previous screen.
    I am not in the UK would this be the problem?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  34. From the couple of times the stream has frozen or stopped ive found that unplugging my android box from the mains then putting it back usually sorts the problem out.if anyone has these problems give it a try and let me know if im just getting lucky or if its a (temporary) fix.

  35. I used the add on yesterday and it stopped working. Was watching ESPN. Do I uninstall and reinstall?

  36. wow!!! this addon is great!!!! lots of working prime channels like showtime, AMC, etc
    if he could only fix the sport section (every channel jumps out of the addon) then it would be perfect.

    can we support the people maintaining it?

  37. Some channels arent working now.syfi ans sky sports 1 are a couple that have stopped one appears as an audio screen.please can anyone help me out.they worked fine yesterday.

  38. Thanks so much for this awesome addon.ive been using mobdro and its been bad to moderate when it works.just flicked through the channels on this and i love it.hopefully it wont buffer or lose connection.thanks again.

  39. I take back my last comment. It is up again!! Very nice!

    **It is apparent to me these links are coming from UK TV NOW. I’m not complaining, as it is a great addon!!

  40. I downloaded this one last night and it worked GREAT!! I then tried to load it up on another device this morning and the addon is no longer available. Man, I’m hoping MettleKettle gets this going again!!

  41. Mines now fully working, just left it and returned 2hrs later and tried again. Must take a while to fully down load all the links after the add on enabled. Great add on, good work by MK

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