Neptune Rising Kodi Addon: Multi-Source Content

The Neptune Rising Kodi addon is a new fork of a popular Kodi addon, bringing a nice multi-source solution for Kodi.

IMPORTANT: The Blamo repo has gone offline and you cannot install this addon right now.

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June 28th: The Neptune Rising Kodi addon has been updated to v1.4.3. Some of the recent changes to the addon include:

  • Download fixed – success window should now pop up.
  • Fixed download from multiple links.
  • Library playback has been fixed


The Neptune Rising Kodi addon is a multi-source addon providing movies + TV content to check out on your system. The addon is a fork of the Poseidon addon, which is in turn a fork of the old Exodus addon. If that statement means nothing to you, just look at it as a good sign that the addon has a solid base of code to work with.

It is Blamo’s second multi-source addon project, the other being Placenta.

Changes to the code include new and unique playlists to check out inside of the addon

After you install the Neptune Rising Kodi addon, you’ll see the following options to select from the main menu:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Top Movies
  • Playlists
  • IMDB User Lists
  • Critters Corner
  • What the Fork?
  • My Movies
  • My TV Shows
  • Tools
  • Search


The Neptune Rising Kodi addon can be found in the Blamo Repository. Support for this addon can be found on Twitter.

How to Install Neptune Rising Kodi Add-on – Standard Method

  1. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > None
  2. Type the following EXACTLY and select Done
  3. Highlight the box underneath and enter a name for this media Source like blamo and then click OK
  4. Go back to your home screen.
    • ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
    • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  5. Select Install from Zip File > blamo > and wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  6. Select Install from Repository > Blamo repository > Video Add-ons > Placenta > Install
  7. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook what you think!


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48 thoughts on “Neptune Rising Kodi Addon: Multi-Source Content”

  1. Don’t like this finicky addon. It was super slow when it did work and now it’s just dead and I’ve recently tested this addon. Another sucky one, nothing good in it anyway.

    Exodus still works better than this and more reliable.

    I still use Exoduc, Flixnet, Placenta, Re:Born, Genesis Reborn, Ares (some items), Trident (can be slow), Covenant (updated one), GoodFellas 2, Poseidon, and a few other solid performers.

    I made a nice build with all of these and more loaded and it’s still fast and they all work.
    I have fitness, porn, movies, tv, sports, kids, leaning, misc sections. (I try to avoid, Live TV addons as they don’t work well and for long but do have a few sports ones)

  2. I’m getting a good list of streams sometimes, and sometimes not. Using debrid and pairing, and not. Using vpn and not. The same issue with this addon whatever way I set it up is that the episodes are scrambled. You click on the first 3 links on the list and you get 3 completely different random episodes. Eventually you’ll touch for the right one, but if you’re watching a show for the first time you’ve no idea if the episode you’re watching is the right one or not. Didn’t happen with Exodus or Covenant. Very Very frustrating

  3. Anyone figures out how to stream again? Been googling for days and simply cant find an answer? Assistance will really be appreciated

  4. I have the latest version of Cody installed on the latest version of Neptune rising. I also run IP vanish. Every single thing I try to watch brings up a list of sources, but none of them work, leaving me with “no streams available”. I have been googling for a solution, with no luck. Anybody have any ideas?

  5. I think but can’t prove that all the listed addons are from the same original source addon. Also, I’ve said this before in the colossus thread that perhaps a paid
    stooge from the industry that’s good with python, xml programing ability’s is screwing things up. At the time I meant as a joke but pperhaps its not.

    For example when colossus repository was up and running strong they added a library so that Bennu and covenant and others I’m sure could use a common library
    for the URLResolver, once installed in my system none of my other addons worked.
    A couple weeks weeks later the colossus repository was gone leaving my system broken and unworkable. I reinstalled Kodi in my raspberry and started all over and adding the newer addons everything worked fine at first but as soon as new addon was updated something went wrong- not always but many did.

    Way to may coincidences for me, So right now I stopped all updates on anything that is still functioning correctly.

  6. Clair I am thinking the same, However everything is acting the exact same, Neptune, Dead Streams and Placenta all are acting the exact same, No next page buttons on any list and nothing will play and if it does it is buffering every second. I reset all to default, removed all programs in opposite of order they were put on, even factory reset my box and reinstalled all. This has not fixed the issue and once again everything is up to date. So how and why did this happen, and where do we go now?

  7. I also wanted to point out that several people had mentioned Placenta to not have this issue currently so i downloaded it and it to has the same exact issue at the moment, No next page buttons, just the initial list in each Genre. So sine neptune and placenta are not working, Then theres nothing left worth using? Anyone who has solutions or answers please contact me via e-mail [email protected]. Without these Viewing add ons I am miserable to say the least, It is pretty much all I can do.

  8. I do not know why this is saying the problem has been resolved with the list not working in neptune when it clearly has not, Ive been all over the web looking for an answer today and can’t find anything worth value anywhere . I am so aggravated I shouldn’t have to find a new Add on every couple days , I was just really starting to enjoy this one but two weeks later, same thing that happened to covenant. Half the links are not working to tv shows and in genre each is only showing first page without a next button, what the hell is going on and can someone get it together or what?

  9. Any idea why for example I click on movies and then year. It only shows 50 movies and no “next page” button? There has to be more than 50 movies. This also happens in the in theaters section no “next page” button.

  10. I’ve fixed my problem. I got an IPTV box with a private server. All for $130.00/year. It’s not that Kodi is free that I wanted, it’s the selection I wanted. I’d even pay for it, if it was good. If they offered a legal system I would pay happily, but they don’t. Just because you claim it’s free, doesn’t mean they aren’t making money from it. Office, staff, servers all cost money. One can’t pay rent, buy food and work on Kodi for free. I just doesn’t make sense really. Now I got a paid legal system that has 90% less issues of Kodi. For the stuff I really want, I’ll just continue ripping them to my hard drive.

  11. Downloaded Neptune, but it keeps stalling with a zero in the middle of screen. Also, having trouble with settings Visio speed. How do I fix?

  12. This is Garbage. Nothing works. 1080 HD content is complete false. Nothing but disappointing with Kodi/Roku installs. By the way my Fibre Optic Service Provider connection is 500MBps up AND Down. Tried running from Laptop and Samsung S7.

  13. Works Great for me behind a VPN, only thing I can’t seem to do is work out how to clear items from its Library ?

  14. I’m using Neptune, and yes there are shows that won’t come up, that’s why I use others, but I have had luck with HD Movies so far and some shows, it’s ok but not so bad that I’m going to un-install it, hey FREE is FREE so stop bitching!

  15. Did you just… include an installation guide with ZERO information in it? What the fuck is wrong with you? Glad I have an adblock so shit companies like this don’t get a cent of ad revenue for clickbait shit like this.

  16. New kodi user here so forgive me if this is a stupid question…
    Just installed kodi on my fire stick, out a few add ons, Neptune and covenant looks like the ones I’ll use more often but how do you watch a movie? I go into the add on, like Neptune and select a movie and sometimes a box pops up and it’s getting sources but then nothing. I have to keep selecting the box multiple times and then sometimes a new list pops up and I select something there but it doesn’t work. Is this normal? Did I not install something correctly? Thanks!

  17. neptune rising kodi-kodi neptune-new exodus kodi addon-new exodus for kodi 17.6-new exodus repo-new exodus install-url-link-kodi new exodus replacement-new exodus kodi 17.6-neptune rising.
    New Exodus!!Install Neptune Rising Addon For Kodi 17.6 – 17 Krypton||Firestick-2017 (blamo repo)
    For more details visit our page
    This tutorial is about new exodus installation method/instructions + video

  18. running Kodi/neptune rising on Samsung S8 tablet with 120gb SD card installed. Neptune Rising is set up to download movies to the SD card. It accepts the instruction and goes through the download process to a “download complete” message. The problem is there is no trace of the movie on the tablet or SD card. Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong

  19. I installed Neptune, my question is does it do auto updates on build? I don’t see anywhere in the build to do a manual update, I think I have 1.2.2 not sure

  20. Library function not working with Neptune Rising at the moment. Filling the library works but playing a item from it will not work. Like mentioned below, playing items from within the addon works but thats no go for tv shows (unless you like navigation every time through the addon)

  21. Tango the trouble isn’t in watching them, it’s in finding a playable source. I can find any movie easy there, lots even show loads of sources, but when you click on one. It just goes down the list until it says no source found. It says that vastly more than not. it takes awhile to do that and then after 10 or so tries. It’s not just me either, it’s anyone whom uses it. I just give up and close it. Each try for a dead end is 5 minutes, after ten, well nearly an hour wasted. After doing that far more often than not, I’ve removed the endless let downs, the only thing it does reliably. The new edition of Kodi is it’s most unstable to date. It’s the first one that actually freezes. No other edition did that before. Really I’ve wasted to much time getting it to work and to much time here, with idiots just not reading or offering help, for this product you claim is so dam great. If it was you would of pointed out how to fix it. No instead you go on about “well mine works fine” just not on TOPIC! I wasn’t asking about a boast but help. Obviously there isn’t ANY HERE!!!! That’s because this program sucks!!!!!

  22. Neptune works fine for us. We watched two HD movies with no buffering at all, and we are on a very basic network speed of 10Mb.

  23. Obviously you have no solution, just telling me to drive this Ferrari at playground speed and enjoy it, is a joke. Like I said, no point to it really. I’m getting far more use out of Hola, my HHD and m4ufree than Kodi. DVD sales on the drop, going and buying them is not a good option. It was great while it lasted, but it’s over.

  24. Nobody needs Kodi to play movies they’ve ripped., flat out. I have around 3,500 movies and 900 TV shows on one portable HDD. They can be streamed and viewed on VLC a windows media player or any type of media playing device on my network. The ONLY reason to have Kodi is to watch what one doesn’t have. It’s main intended purpose is just that, hence their legal issues. I’ve been ripping and watching movies for 20 years now, with no issues. That’s because I don’t broadcast them publicly. Actually making digital copies is also illegal to. Laws have changed over the years. For company that doesn’t endorse this, they shouldn’t show us how to do it. That’s like selling machine guns and not admitting that they were designed to kill.

  25. @Ceri Thomas, just to be fair, Team KODI doesn’t endorse or support the use of any of these addons. I’ve been using KODI for a number of years, and have found that the more non official addons that I’ve added the more often it crashes… so it could very well be addons and not kodi causing the issues.

    If you use KODI for it’s intended purpose, watching movies that you legally own and have ripped, then I have rarely had any issues with it.

    Just saying, it’s not really fair to bash KODI, if you’re using it for a purpose that the developers have clearly stated is outside the scope of it’s intended purpose.

  26. Neptune no good. Shows very many shows but few with actual playing source. The few that do, freeze, pause or crash very often. Spending more time screwing around than watching what I wanted to. YouTube has vastly better selection with the most stable playback to date, with few fake video link claims, M4ufree has a much better working selection that’s free. Kodi has become a bad joke of monthly adding new addons as old ones die almost as soon as one installs it. After all the hundreds of hours fiddling with krappy kodi that I can only come to reason, that it’s vastly better to pay for stable reliable service that is free of the endless technical issues of a 1900 car. Kodi’s new release 17.6 crashes to often to be useful to anyone really. No it isn’t my machine, it’s a cad workstation. Since exodus left kodi has gone downhill at rather an alarming rate. Unless anyone knows how make it stable and addons display what is actually available to play, I’m removing it as has become just another annoying third rate program.

  27. Works well, but I can’t start episodes from the library. Episodes added with covenant start but those I added with neptune rising don’t start. However, I can start the episodes from the search results. Anyone a solution for this?

  28. Did you guys know nan scrapers is having problems so when they fix it Neptune will beast out calm down be patient it looks awesome

  29. Potentially good add-on worthy of Covenant although much slower for some reason and not powerful enough scrapper- for instance it couldn’t find single link for “kiss kiss bang bang from imdb Watchlist although covenant found over 50.

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