News: TVAddons Domains Transferred to Lawfirm

Multiple websites owned by TVAddons have been transferred to a lawfirm in Canada, leading to speculation about the reasoning and next steps of the TVA legal case

The XBMCHub, OffShoreGit, and TVAddons domains have been transferred in name to a Canadian law firm in the latest update on the third-party Kodi legal case. Previously, TVA domains were registered with Uniregistry, a private company who protects the names and identities of domain holders to protect them. Notice by TorrentFreak this morning, these domains now reside with Daniel Drapeau, a Canada-based lawyer from Quebec.

The address listed on TVAddons’ domains now – 600 de Maisonneuve West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada – is the address of DrapeauLex, a law firm run by Drapeau since 2012. A Linkedin description website says of Drapeau:

A passion for IP and a 20 year track record, servicing corporations and individuals alike in a wide variety of industries, including industrial equipment, consumer products, publishing, food & beverage, fashion, and arts.

His forte is the strategic use of IP rights and litigation to achieve his clients’ goals, whether they be protective, aggressive, or defensive. Specialties: Expeditive remedies, including injunctions and seizure orders.

In this case, Drapeau is a third part lawyer who has ownership of the domains until the appeal on TVAddons unlawful Anton Piller order case can be heard.

There is no new update on Dish Network’s court complaint since the judge granted subpoenas in order to try and identify the people behind Zem and TVA for court purposes.

We will pass on more information about the TVADDons domains as soon as it becomes available.


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12 thoughts on “News: TVAddons Domains Transferred to Lawfirm”

  1. TvAddons also have so many usefull addons……….. somethings legal and somethigs less exactly whit also all over REPO over the worlds………………..

    Back be online immediatelly……

  2. Terrarium Tv is the best. No kodi needed. Stands alone. need mx player also free.

  3. What is the best paid low cost TV app for ares or kodi where you can have up to 3 or 4 tv’s with one subscription. I have been searching YouTube for a week with no luck

  4. First it was 10 years for streaming and now been handed over to some jumped -up Legal Team with nothing,nothing will ever happen due to the amount of people that have now joined-in . In leymans terms they cannot do nothing as it will move to a different country and begin again as everything is all in place for mass-servers to provide us with enough free streaming for LIFE

  5. How the hell can Dish Network, the person who IS NOT the broadcaster, sue for broadcast infringement? And to come on, Canada court? They have no jurisdiction in New Zeland or Texas. So what legal decision are they going to hold up? What completely bull shit news is this place and torrent freak going to come up with next? Even the piss poor joke of a PDF you linked to is a joke. I still smell your bullshit.

  6. I think this Canadian attorney knows exactly what he is doing starting with the premise that a U.S. Federal judge doesn’t order anyone in Canada to do anything. Things just got tougher.

  7. Tvaddons the site has not come back but a bunch of the devs have come together to give us the Colussus repo and the Covenant addon.

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