Quasar Kodi Add-on Install; Kodi Torrent Streaming

The Quasar Kodi add-on brings reliable torrent streaming to Kodi, allowing you to view content from the internet. Get all of the details and instructions here!


The Quasar Kodi add-on is the number one method for streaming torrent movies and TV shows onto Kodi. Check out some of the new features provided by Quasar:

  • Kodi library integration! Add shows and movies to your library
  • Multi-torrent support
  • Enabled support for android
  • Easier provider install and configuration with Quasar Burst

The actual Quasar Kodi add-on is just a shell which grabs moves and TV show information from IMDB and TVDB and presents it along with a search feature. The real magic happens from the different Kodi Quasar providers, which connect to different torrent websites and are used to grab all of the streams back into the Quasar Kodi add-on. The biggest torrent sites in the world are supported, meaning you can pick your favourite torrent site and find a working stream from there, just like you would if you were to download a torrent.

Note: Because this add-on uses torrents, you share your stream with other users as you watch a show. If you are not comfortable with this, consider getting a VPN to protect your connection while you use the Pulsar add-on.

Interested in trying out the Quasar Kodi add-on? Check out our installation guide and tips and tricks below:

How to Install Quasar Kodi Add-on Install Guide

ON Kodi 17 Krypton Only: From the main menu, navigate to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons > Turn On Unknown Sources > Click Yes.

  1. Visit the official Quasar website and download the version of Quasar that corresponds to your Kodi install. Unlike most add-ons, Quasar is specially customized to match your chosen OS.
  2. From the Kodi home screen:
    1. ON Kodi 17 Krypton: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
    2. ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  3. Select Install from Zip File and install the Quasar zip file you downloaded above.
  4. After a few seconds, a Settings dialog will pop up. Click on Download Path and give Quasar a folder on your Kodi box where it can store temporary and downloaded files.
  5. Scroll down to Choose streams automatically and enable or disable it accordingly depending on if you want to pick your torrent stream or allow Quasar to automatically start the first working file. We recommend disabling this option to give you more flexibility.
  6. Go back to your home screen and navigate to System > Service Settings > Control > and ENABLE “Allow remote control from applications on other systems”. Quasar works with a daemon module that pulls results from torrent websites and this option need to be enabled to allow Quasar to work.
  7. Restart Kodi. This will allow Quasar to install it’s built-in repository.


Next, you have to install Quasar Burst in order to access torrent providers that can give you streams. Because this is a grey area, we cannot show you how to do this for legal reasons.


Kodi Quasar Tips

  • If you get no results navigating through TV Shows and Movies, try to search for the show. Sometimes I find that the IMDB and TVDB information for a show does not match the torrent file and you will get no results. For example, “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” returns no results for a lot of episodes, but if you search for “Jimmy Fallong SxxExx” you get lots of results.
  • Use “SxxExx” to your advantage when searching. If you are looking for season 3, episode 12 of a show, include “S03E12” in your search, which is a universal naming convention and will help you find results.
  • If you are particular about which link you watch, hover over a show and press menu > Choose Stream and it will give you a list of streams that your Quasar providers have returned. Look at the file name and ensure you have the DVDRip you want.
  • Learn what S and L mean. At the start of each file, the Quasar Kodi add-on will show you how many seeders and leachers a show has. Seeders are users who have the show 100% downloaded and if a file has lots of them, it will be more reliable for you.
  • Getting no results and not sure if the Quasar add-on is to blame? On your computer/tablet, go to the torrent website you are using and search for the episode/movie yourself. If it has no results, then a stream simply does not exist for your show. If the website has results but Kodi doesn’t, try manually searching in different ways to get your result to show up.


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76 thoughts on “Quasar Kodi Add-on Install; Kodi Torrent Streaming”

  1. How about a .bat file that does a full Uninstalle that would be real help. 1 click and it gone and just reinstall from the zip and make few setting and it up and running till it breaks after a few down loads. That would help out big time

  2. I have been trying to use this program for months as it breaks every time I use. It. It really need a update bad. I install it on my kodi 17.6 build it works 1 or 2 times just fine then it get a error of 1 type or another an UninstallING it don’t help most times it won’t bring up this movies or tv shows to download. And I have to completely remove kodi and reinstall only to have it break again after 1 or 2 down loads. It been likE that for months and not a single update in almost a year, why don’t anyone fix the dam thing it useless as it is now. I even try to just use it as a torrent client for bubbles and it st breaks just kill the program or fix it it don’t work!,,!. It would help I’d someone would post how to manully remove it so I would not lose my build every time it breaks this program as it stands is dung heap

  3. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    keeping in mind that unless you have licensed the content through a provider this is piracy

    I myself pay netflix but NEVER use it directly because they ALWAYS FAIL to deliver the HD bitrate they sold me, so I fetch episodes from usenet, or from mobile devices with bittorrent via Kodi Qusar


  4. Is there a way to stream 4k movies that is say 10 gb of size when my internal memory on my android box is only 8 gb? I tried using an external hard drive, but I keep getting errors…

  5. Rent ?
    Sportsnet ?
    Do you have the lastest krypton version of Kodi ? If so you need to use burst. If older its quasar burst. If older its the quasar magnetic.

  6. As hard as I try everything keeps coming up to rent not found. Installed quasar and everything else I could find. Watched a hundred youtube videos. Help. Just looking to watch sportsnet

  7. It would be nice if Kodi would allow a person to go to websites without having to close out of Kodi.

  8. ***>>> i fixed the crashes on Kodi 17 by uninstalling pulsar. It froze and I had to pull the plug to my android box!!! Started it, and all working fine, well most of the movies at least. Quasar Provided by burst.
    I also installed it on spmc and it works fine.

  9. Quasar and other addons can be hard to figure out. Quadar works on my box,but not my daughters. More reliable is Exodus and I use Real debrid. If you dont mind paying $3 a month, it works great,best quality too.

  10. Yesterday I updated the quasar addon and the burst program.
    It worked fine and streamed 3 movies, really high quality surprisingly with Logan!
    Then I stop and quasar crashes all the time or shows errors with cache, warm up, etc.
    I uninstall the burst and then quasar to reinstall them again from the zip file (offered on the quasar webpage). It works again.
    I stop it and reopen the add on to show more errors, ”warm up”, cache… I reboot kodi and quasar crashes all the time.
    Reinstalling it is not solving the issue anymore.
    What a pain but this is one of the best movie providers.

  11. I’m having issues as well… not my socks5 proxy isn’t working after the update. If I disable to proxy, it works fine… Once I enable it again, it fails. They’ve added more proxy types to the list, but it appears something was broken in the process.

  12. I’m getting errors and crashes since 0.9.49 on OSMC (Raspberry Pi 3). Everything work on previous versions, but after update quasar do not even start. Any ideas what may cause this?

  13. Some articles you need magnetic,4 days ago update its not mentioned?
    I downloaded magnetic, but didnt have the zip to do it correctly. I have no torrent providers. Quasar was great for me the first 2 months too

  14. The github link is no good but quasar does work with magnetic which can be installed from the repository. Once magnetic is installed you can then add magnetic providers. You’ll also need the magnetic quasar connector which I couldn’t find in the repo but was able to download and install from https://svn.riouxsvn.com/magnetic/ it’s the script.quasar.magnetic zip

  15. Been about 25 comments or 8 months between the word pulsar. Whats your problem ? U know so much than address the problems posted in the last 7 months

  16. I wish you would get your act together on installing Quasar. There is NO Pulsar repo and the Quasar rep has no providers!!!!!!! Someone check before pulishing.

  17. VPN live in Boston,those same people see me living in Miami. Dont use quasar without a VPN.

    My problem with Quasar used to be the download path. I finally figured that out after months and it worked for a couple months.but now it doesn’t work at all just doesn’t download anything or give me choices. Quasar again is disappointing to me. I wish somebody else had the same problem and could point me in the right direction.I have two boxes neither one works with quasar.

  18. So, how is including Trakt a good idea? People *want* to let everyone in the world know what they’re doing? Really?

  19. FINALLY Found out how to fix download path (notFAT32 )
    I had the urge to look Round the net and watched some of this videp http://www.xbmcouya.com/2016/03/14/quasar-stream-torrents-on-kodi-xbmc-pulse-fork-2016/

    Around 10:15 he shows you how. Though he is using a computer it worked on my android.
    What i did was quasar,settings, click on download path. I clicked on external storage and than download. It went blank but han next to download path was /storage/emulated/0/download/
    From the sounds of the video it can say whatever.

    Make sure under general uncheck choose stream automatically or you will get SD.
    Under providers i made resolution first over seeds.
    Remember the higher the seeds and peers the easy it is to download. Make sure 1080 is first 720 second.
    Other good tips in that video

  20. Has anyone ever figured out the download path issue ?
    I wish quasar people would
    Go to watch something it says download path not set. Also on all 3 boxes i have

  21. Hi there, I worked with pulsar and started with a quasar and everything worked just fine, till a month ago, quasar started to get stucked at the downloading stage. it finds the files and after the choose no matter what source or file, it opens the dl window and then get stucked at P:0/S:-1, any help?

  22. Quasar is a big dissapointment. You would think they could read this and fix it. They expect us all to be code geniuses. Pulsar worked great. Even quasar for 2 weeks. They had to do something to cause the download issue.
    Best source for consistent 1080p too

  23. Welcome to the club path . They dont acknowledge that fix. Quasar worked great for two weeks than the path problem . Why cant they fix.. Pulsar always worked for me. Best source for 1080p

  24. 9 movies works well for 720hd and some 1080

    But QUASAR PEOPLE STINK. Im sorry but i wish pulsar stayed. WHY CAUSE IT WORKD.
    QUASAR WORKED FOR TWO WEEKS. quasar people did something and now on 4 different boxes and 2 locations it doesnt work
    Same DOWNLOAD PATH ISSUE. everytime they update i install again BUT FAILS EVERYTIME

    DONT THEY READ THESE ???. Cant you fix it

  25. Here os some fair news regarding movies. First im dissapointed in the quasar people for not being able to fix issues including my download path issue. Heck quasar worked for me for a couple weeks and pulsar always worked

    Release hub . Tv shows its easier with salts or exodus unless you want latest episode you can tey the links at release hub.

    Here is what i found for movies. The links are good but they repeat movies and you have to sift. Not all search indexes work though that could change.
    At the bottom i used mega release search and it works great for finding a movie to watch in 1080p and some are blue ray.

    It takes maybe 30 seconds to pull up links and you may get a message saying search isnt available, but wait because it pops up.
    Than i click a link to watch or save to your kodi favorites which is the star bottom left corner

  26. Here os some fair news regarding movies. First im dissapointed in the quasar people for not being able to fix issues including my download path issue. Heck quasar worked for me for a couple weeks and pulsar always worked

    Release hub . Tv shows its easier with salts or exodus unless you want latest episode you can tey the links at release hub.

    Here is what i found for movies. The links are good but they repeat movies and you have to sift. Not all search indexes work though that could change.
    At the bottom i used mega release search and it works great for finding a movie to watch in 1080p and some are blue ray.

    It takes maybe 30 seconds to pull up links and you may get a message saying search isnt available, but wait because it pops up.
    Than i click a link to watch or save to your kodi favorites which is the star bottom left corner

  27. Same question as above from another person will this trigger letters from my ISP? I’ve been running good on SALTS and other addons with no problems. A kodi skill I use for the amazon echo needs this plugin to make the skill work. Any advice?

  28. Amazed…. That quasar cannot fix or address the download path issue.
    5 different boxes and 2 different locations all with download path errors

    Had pulsar never failed. Had quasar worked 2 weeks HELLO someone from quasar please

  29. Ive given up. I was hoping quasar could eventually fix my download path issue on there end and havent. I dont think they will fix it as ,i dont think its a problem they see as one.

    Im not technical enough to do as some people have suffested.
    Pulsar worked freat for me and quasar did for a week

    I just got a new box and guess what? Same download path issue

  30. I hope the decelopers reqd this. Quasar took over my box. Jammed freezed and setting indow came up every 2 seconds as i tried frantically to uninstall everything.
    See i had it disabled but that wasnt good enough.
    I hope this gets fixed soon

  31. Everytime the version gets updated, it keeps trying to update unsuccessfully. What do I have to do to get it to work properly?

  32. Quasar worked fine until today on both my boxes,so I figure quasar people need to fix something.
    The settings window keeps poping up every 3 seconds and without openning quasar.
    So I had to disabe quasar and the torrents.
    Any one else with this issue ?

  33. I keep getting an error saying that the quasar binary cannot be found. I have a jailbroken firestick and only use it through my tv. I have tried downloading the zip file directly from the website. Any ideas on how to fix?

  34. I got it working on linux with this:

    Firstly, install:
    sudo apt-get install libstdc++6
    This should already be installed by default, but try it anyway. If it doesn’t solve it, just do the following:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    Tell me if it worked

    by i96751414

    Source: https://github.com/scakemyer/plugin.video.quasar/issues/45

  35. Ive had no issue getting quasar to work. But the latest update wont take.mit keeps saying update failed. Any ideas ?

  36. I get the message “Installation Failed” when I install “Quasar’s MC EZTV Provider”. What could be wrong? I just did a fresh OpenELEC installation.

  37. won’t work for me. Keeps telling me to reboot/restart Kodi. I have closed it out on AppleTV and even rebooted the AppleTV, keeps saying the same thing.

  38. Shocking you never restarted or unplugged your box. Nothing it just comes back to kodi.

    Quasar make sure both remotes are unchecked either in settings before you go into kodi
    Or under systems and systems in kodi

  39. Using kodi for more than a year now, but noob question: I’ve never rebooted kodi before (that I know of)…what exactly happens / what is undone that has to be re-done / re-setup after rebooting kodi? TIA…

  40. Is this actually just a normal torrent download? Meaning the ISP will issue DMCA letters to me if I download/view a movie?

  41. Make sure you see quaser download . Find through pulsar repo.
    I have found so far that most shows works but some wont open

  42. I installed quasar and restarted. It keeps telling me to restart.
    Now I just watched pulsar last night it’s gone.
    Soi have the remote unchecked for access like pulsar. So don’t understand why on this won’t totally install

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