Something so simple but lots of confusion, how do you set time in Kodi so that you have the correct time and date? Follow our guide below if you need help.


The confusion on how to properly set time in Kodi comes from the fact that your Android box will have an Android date and time, as well as a Kodi date and time. And depending what device and operating system you run, one is more important than the other. The easiest answer is to make sure both are set correctly.

If you’ve ever noticed that add-ons such as Exodus don’t show any movies or shows released after a certain date, you have the wrong date set. If your Kodi clock is wrong, you have the wrong time set.


How to set time in Kodi

  1. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to Settings > Interface > Regional
  2. Make sure your settings level is set to Expert and if it isn’t, click on it until you are.
  3. Scroll down to your time zone and make sure it is correct.


What if your timezone is greyed out or not selectable? That’s a sign that Kodi is getting your date and time from your operating system such as Mac, Windows, Linux, or Android TV. If you are on a computer, make sure the date and time in the corner of your window is correct and Kodi should adjust appropriately. For Android TV:


How to Change Android TV Date and Time

  1. Exit Kodi and go back out to your Android TV home menu.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Preferences > Date and Time
  3. Verify and change your time, timezone, date, and 12/24 hour clock as necessary


Now, you should have a set time in Kodi that matches what you want.

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