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The SPMC Android app is a fork of Kodi that is specialized for the Android operating system. Get the info and details on how to download SPMC by reading on.

June 21st: For those of you running Android 4.4 and have seen a decline in links in multi-source add-ons such as Exodus, the latest version of SPMC (version 16.6.81) has the updated version of python needed to view streams from SSL websites, which don’t appear if you don’t have the updated python.


SPMC is an Android fork of Kodi that is developed and maintained by koying, the former Android programmer for the Kodi foundation. The SPMC Android program optimizes and fixes bugs that have popped up with Kodi in some Android operating systems such as the nVidia Shield, FireTV and amlogic devices.

SPMC maintains a separate app ID from Kodi, so it can be installed side-by-side on your Android device so that you can see for yourself if its right for you.

In general, Android users should first try the official version of Kodi and then attempt the SPMC Android software if they run into playback issues or bugs.

One other nice feature of SPMC is that it supports Android voice commands support.


SPMC Install Guide

  1. If you prefer to sideload SPMC from your computer, Download SPMC Android from the Google Play store by clicking here 
  2. If you prefer to install from your Android Box, simply launch the Google Play store from your main menu and search for “SPMC”. When you find it, click on the icon and then click on install. SPMC will appear on your Android main menu.

Click here to go to the official SPMC website.

For those of you who have had Android issues, here are some of the common fixes that SPMC has:

  • ADD: HQ scalers (Shield only, afaik)
  • ADD: GUI selection of H/W decoders
  • FIX: Save skin settings immediately 
  • FIX: UTF8 formatted labels
  • Add voice recognition to soft keyboard (cf. faq )
  • (re-)Add reboot & shutdown on rooted devices
  • Expand recommendations and voice search to tv shows and music albums
  • Fix execution on Android < 4.4
  • Fix voice search (+ enable Web server by default)
  • Fix low sample rates audio
  • Fix DTS issue
  • HD Audio passthrough (Shield + some aml, Minix U1 & Wetek Core at least)

If you are looking for help with the SPMC Android program, let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out! We are not experts, but we may be able to point you in the right direction.


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  1. Hola queria saver porque no puedo activar exodus en mi codi cada q intento me sale un letrero y no me deja …entro al folder donde aparece el nombre pero le hago click y nonme deja seguir…porfavor necesito ayuda muchas gracias

  2. I’ve been using spmc for a while now and I am very happy with it. I installed ipvanish following the European ruling only to find that spmc froze. No buttons would work. I tried opening kodi which I had left on my system and that worked fine. I am awaiting a response from ipvanish but if previous responses are anything to go by I won’t be holding my breath. Any suggestions please?

  3. am i doing something dumb because the only version i can find is the 16.6.0 that has been out a while, been trying to compile the source code myself but its a little beyond me

  4. Just read that it only works on a 5 I own a 4.4 too afraid to muck up what I already have. But thank you

  5. SPMC is all I use on my android box… I have tried Kodi but for me SPMC works better… I use it on a 1GB Nexsmart 4k box.. Give it a try!!!

  6. Hi ….Thanks for going All out and making this way better then kodi,Question when I install this on my Nvidia shield which one should I be Installing,arm 32 or 64..?and any other tips or tricks you care to share…..Thanks so much….I Salute SPMC

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