VidTime Kodi Add-on; Movies, TV, Live Sports

The VidTime Kodi add-on is one of the most well-rounded in Kodi: live sports, movies, TV, music specialty playlists, and more. Click here to find out more information!

December 15th Update: Unfortunately, VidTime is dead and Vinman has decided to shut down the add-on. Thanks to the VidTime team for their hard work and we hope to see them back again one day.


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224 thoughts on “VidTime Kodi Add-on; Movies, TV, Live Sports”

  1. Great site when it is working. I saved some links in my Superfavorite file. But will delete this site from my build. Too much drama. He should pass to someone who whats to do it.

  2. I was able to get vid time working again after not having internet for over 3 months, and now vid time is gone. Totally disappointed.

  3. Great… Vidtime was saying that it was done… And using Phoenix doesn’t work either. I’d really hate to actually have to purchase NHL Gamecenter where they even black out local games….

  4. Looking forward to getting NHL anywhere. Seems it is no longer working on Phoenix either. When I select it in Phoenix nothing happens, the menu says where it is and there is no error. Does Phoenix still require java64 on Pi3 for NHL to work?


  5. Same no NHL on VIDTIME, Win7 with 16.1, Made in Canada works great on my android box but not on laptop :(, pretty slim pickings for NHL on laptop. I cut my cable all thanks to vidtime with great NHL feeds last spring.

  6. The main dev for VidTime, VinManJV, did a survey on Twitter asking folks what they wanted most on VidTime. NHL Hockey was top pick. He is working on getting NHL BACK ON VidTime, hang tight….

  7. No content since updating to 1.3.6, 1.3.7, and 1.3.8.
    The NHL Live links were the best and was using them as a sports widget in Kodi.

  8. Looks like Woody has pulled the retirement pin & closed/pulled all of his stuff from VidTime. Suggest that you used an alternative add-on until the dust settles.

  9. Anonymouse, if you want to contact the VidTime dev, get on Twitter & msg @woody_AT_PUB. V1. 3.7 WORKS fine for me with kodi 16.1 and Android 6.0.1 or Windows 10. Make sure that you are using Kodi 16.1 on your Rpi. Some VidTime links are annotated as needing kodi 17.0 Krypton

  10. I have tried all Vidtime versions from 1.3.3 to 1.3.7 – they all have this new link format (how?). Since you changed to the double-spaced link page a few days ago, none of the links open in any of the versions. 1.3.7 works on my original ipad (iOS v 5.1.1, kodi 15.2) but not the Rpi.

    Please put it back to the way it was.

  11. Looks like AHL links are missing as well. Will this be changed back, or are those links going to be taken off for the long term?

  12. The latest upgrade (1.3.6) has broken VidTime.
    The new ‘Enter NHL Live’ links do not open in Kodi (15.2) on Raspberry Pi (linux). The message from kodi.log is:
    ERROR: Open – error probing input format, https:(dropbox_link for m3u8 playlist)

    Please go back to the previous method.

  13. Gary, insure that you are using Kodi 16.1 & latest Exodus version. Provide details in regards to what section or show offers you programming to 1995 only. Make sure that the show serie did not end in 1995.

  14. Sean, on your PC with Windows 10,Google for “”. Go to their website, look @ bottom left & download Acestream file to PC.

    RUN downloaded file as Administrator….

  15. @justin when ever i install plexus it does not configure, i cant get any acestream links working on windows 10 kodi 17 or 16.1 otherwise all the other links on this addon work. any ideas justin i tried following you earlier instructions but it did not work for me

  16. Followed steps and works sounds for about 30 secs then turns over to another channel – any ideas anyone? cannot watch anything

  17. The new Jr hockey section on MIC is administered by two folks that transferred over from Vid Time to MIC (Rockcrusher & DreamWeaver0101). They Jr Hockey section on MIC should work great

  18. First, I highly doubt the Devs will ever read the comments posted here, you would have better luck reaching them on Twitter or their FB pages.

    Second, I noticed today that Made In Canada (MIC) has a (new) special ‘hockey’ section with what appears to be all minor hockey… I didn’t try it so I can’t say whether Chad has it all set up and running yet but usually he doesn’t add something into the general area unless it’s working, give it a shot, at least until VT gets their hockey stuff back up and running? and even then… it never hurts to have two options 🙂

  19. First I would like to say thank you so much for what you do…you ahve no idea what it really means to a lot of us. On that note, please…please…please…bring back minor league hockey…one last time…please!

  20. Vidman, I just want to say “Great Job” VT-TV is working great….. Thanks for the update. We appreciate all your hard work you put into your ADDONS

  21. Find addons with Skysports 1-5 (if VidTime doesn’t), they are usually in HD and have NFL games (who cares if they have UK commercials), also addons like Made in Canada have HD TSN feeds that have the odd NFL game as well as USTVNow has HD feeds of the Fox and ABC/CBS games.

  22. Day by day, the NHL HD feeds are becoming fewer until there are only SD feeds left. Is there any way to fix the links so that we can get HD ?

  23. Great add-on, really appreciate all the hard work! Global Toronto stopped working a few weeks ago, any chance we can get that fixed?

    Many thanks in advance.

  24. My fox network channel in vidtime all of sudden doesn’t work in kodi anymore. I was able to get fox live streams and now when I click on it,it asks if I wantto resume or start from the beginning. It’s actually asking that from a movie I watched in the exodus add on. How can I fix this issue?

  25. No ustvnow section for me either. In my config menu, I have the option to upload my ustvnow account info, however, nothing happens after doing so.

  26. Actually, the Sept. 5 update caused the addon to be much less functional. Very few categories, no movies or TV shows.

  27. Vidtime is buffering and stuttering a lot, also Disney Junior and Ncik Jr not working. Any ideas how to fix these issues? Especially the constant buffering. All my other programs are ok.

  28. VidTime never survived for a week or two continuously. Best solution is do like me, deleted it or uninstalled it from your Kodi.

  29. 1.31 update – Sadly, the VT TV USA section is gone! For me this was the best part of the add-on because this is the only add-on in which I found working stream to REAL USA CNN and not the International CNN. The stream was awesome…. loaded in a second and was HD quality. I really miss it. I hope that they put the USA TV section back. The steam in the VT TV section is not USA CNN … it is International CNN.

  30. To uninstall Kodi from Android, go to Application Manager and uninstall Kodi. Install Kodi from playstore, you will always get the latest version

  31. First download Jarvis 16.1 from

    Then do a “fresh start” using the fresh start add on from Fusion. Or uninstall it from your Android boxes settings function.

    Install the new Kodi you got from Kodi . tv

    After that reinstall the Fusion repository and use the TVAddon “Hubwizard”

    You’ll probably want to uninstall the odd add ons that aren’t working anymore or that you don’t like (I uninstall the kiddie stuff) and add new ones, not sure if they have added VidTime yet to their wizard (I haven’t needed to install Kodi in a while) so you may need to install that on it’s own as well.

    If they don’t already have it you should also add VidTime, UKTV Again, Live Mix, and IPTV Cowboys for live channels, as well as add ons such as Exodus and Salts for recorded shows and movies, if you didn’t know already that is 🙂

    You can also try Kodi 17 but I couldn’t stand it when I did and had to uninstall 17 and reinstall 16.1 again.

  32. Do a fresh install of Kodi on your Android Tablet and/or Windows PC, and install it again.

  33. When I install this add-on and click on Video Add-ons using my Android tablet or TV box (M8S), the repo is empty. When I do the same on my Windows PC, Vidtime shows up in the repo and I can install it! What can be happening? This add-on is awesome and I would like to have it installed on all my devices.

  34. If you’re having trouble with Vidtime (and Jean Guys instructions still aren’t getting it done?) then check out UKTV Again, pretty impressive line up of channels from the UK, US and Canada (like Sportsnet/TSN).

  35. Timberland,

    1- Go to your repo listing and insure that there is no Anonymous Adult repo.

    2- Look at your repo and add-on listing and insure that there is no-add-ons or repos with the word “Anonymous” in its name. Uninstall Vid Time

    3- Go to System – settings – Add-ons – Install from repo (locate the Vinman repo)

    4- Highlight it and bring up the menu, then select “Check for updates” & let it run.

    5- Re-install VidTime & Try it again

  36. The addon is updated to version 1.3.1, it is a ‘matricom q2’ android box, still getting the warning, ‘You have a stolen or old time version..’

  37. My wifes android box had the same issue, I just ‘updated’ the addon and it disappeared. Works great now. I think they were adding chans or something and just shut it down for a few hours… at least that’s what it seems like to me anyways 🙂

  38. @Timberland I had the same problem on my Samsung tablet so I just ‘updated’ the addon and now I have no warning and it seems to be working fine. Hope that works for you as well.

  39. I uninstalled Vid Time repo, Vid Time Addon, Anonymous Adult repo, restart Kodi, installed Vid Time repo, Vid Time addon through addon installer, but still getting the ‘You have a stolen or old time version..’. What can I do?

  40. Any chance to have something like VT TV – USA but for channels from the neighbours that is north of USA. Sort of what was available at the beginning with all the selections, CP24, WFN and etc.

  41. vidtime needs f4mtester proxy to be able to watch most all of the channels under VT TV. The New VT TV USA works without f4mtester. f4mtester works but issue with buffering issue. Question, is there another solution like external VPN or proxy service that will allow better video performance with little buffering issue?

  42. VideoMaker, scroll back to top of this page & look for installation guide for VidTime.

    Everyone else check out VidTime – Movies and TV Shows section. VinMan has added all the live major US channels & they all work. He has also updated the movies & TV Shows. Awesome job

  43. For frank & those amongst you getting the “have a stolen or old addon”. Try this:

    1) Open Kodi.

    2) Uninstall the Vidtime add-on.

    3) Uninstall the VinmanJSV Repository.

    4) Also uninstall the Anonyous Adult Repository. VERY IMPORTANT STEP!!!!!!

    5) Close Kodi.

    6) Restart Kodi and re-install Vid-Time following installation steps from # 4 onwards listed in above article

  44. Thanks for extra info Frank, keep Kodi 16.1 on Board, it’s needed for latest VidTime and newer add-ons.

    For Frank and those amongst you getting the “have a stolen or old addon”. Try this

    1) Open Kodi.

    2) Uninstall the Vidtime add-on.

    3) Uninstall the VinmanJSV Repository.

    4) Also uninstall the Anonymous Adult Repository. VERY VERY IMPORTANT STEP!!!!!!

    5) Close Kodi.

    6) Restart Kodi and re-install Vid-Time following installation steps from # 4 onwards listed in above article.

  45. Great ADDON but what happened to the World Fishing Channel? Worked for a few weeks but now it has disappeared.. I was so exited when I saw this channel but now it’s gone 🙁 I hope it will be back on this addon again really soon..PLEASE
    thanks for your hard work DEV’S !

  46. Yes everything worrk ,except for vidtime.Does this work for kodi jarvis 16.1 ii i try reinstall all version of kodi up to 15.2 isengauard .it still show batman logo on the left corner saying it may be stolen repo or old repo ..i install from fusion and it version 1.3 ..please help thank you

  47. Frank,

    VidTime V 1.3.0 is working fine for me. please provide details regarding your exact VidTime Failure mode(s).

    Try uninstalling & then re-installing? Did version 1.2.9 work for you?

    Do your other video add-ons work OK?

  48. look like it’s a proxy issue. (about Kodi not exiting)
    see post 15 and 16 at the URL above. In case the URL are taken away when I submit this I will paste the comments said there below…

    quote 1:
    I have had similar problems while shutting down Kodi. It was kept in memory forever. I had to kill the process!
    But i’ve found the culprit: it was the new service “image proxy” of Mediabrowser addon. It was activated by default i think!
    Deactivated it and some other services i’ve never used, now Kodi shutts down really fast.

    quote 2:
    I thought I’d add that I was also having problems shutting down Kodi. I saw Punktchen’s post and disabled the image proxy service and that seems to have solved the problem for me, too.

    What is that service supposed to be doing? Is it essential to the Fast Processing or any other new feature?

  49. update…
    if I go to anything but VidTime Kodi will shut down normally. If I use VT TV then try to shut down Kodi, it hangs forever. Will not complete the shut down.

    Never mind about links working and not working depending on the OS… they both work the same, it must of been a timing thing I guess.

  50. here is my experience with the VT TV section. I have Kodi installed on 2 different system in my house. I did everything Jean Guy said on both systems. More precisely I installed Kodi 16.1, F4M Tester, Plexus, and I can only find Acestream Client (can’t find Acestream ENGINE)Don’t know if it’s the same. I run them both as either Administrator or Root depending on the OS I’m on. A lot of stuff started to work that didn’t before, so that’s good. I find that a few (maybe I should say more than a few) are choppy and slow. Don’t know if that’s a local issue, or remote.

    What’s funny is some links that work on Linux (ubuntu) don’t work on windows (7 Ultimate). Like Animal Planet and Sportsnet One. (of course it had to be my 2 favorites!! lol…

    Another thing though, right after I installed these new addons, Kodi will not shut down. It goes as far as showing the Exit menu and I can click on “exit” but it just hangs there. It never shuts down. This happens on both OSs Windows and Linux. Anybody else experience the “Exit” hanging issue?

  51. John C,

    VidTime is a great addon but like any other one, from time to time, some specific section or links may not work. Please post specifics of what is not working for you so that assistance may be provided to you. Otherwise you’ll be missing out on one of the best add-on available at present.

    To use VidTime make sure that these other add-ons are installed and enabled: F4M Tester and Plexus (including the Acestream engine. You should also be using Kodi 16.1.

  52. TSN 3 IS EXCELLENT FOR ME. Bein Sorts and ESPN 2 also good. TV’s English Acestream feed is also Very Good. Best was TSN 3

  53. Anyone else having issues with speed ?? Trying to watch euro on tsn or other channels and its constantly pausing.

  54. vidtime vt tv most channels only work with f4m now. Only the PAC12, Bloomberg and CCTV will work without f4m. Question, anyone try vpn service and will it work instead of f4m since f4m is a bit flakey with speed drop.

  55. Jean Guy,
    Thank you very much for the quick reply and your help, got it :)! Thanks to all for your hard work!

  56. Have Amazon Fire TV and cannot find the F4M tester to download. When I click on a link for live TV says I need it and I click yes I would like to download it but nothing happens. I have looked everywhere for it, but can’t locate it. Any help would be appreciated. This is a fantastic add on. Thank you.

  57. Here is Lefty’s answer to my latest query about getting CDN channels back:

    @jetpilehot not sure this very second! Sources are extremely hard to find! Will see what i find when I’m off work these next few days!

  58. Most Canadian channels (i.e. CP24, Teletoon) is now missing from the list. Is this intentional?

  59. Bonnie & John,

    Your not doing anything wrong the links you refer to are giving me the same results. The URL pointer for these stations need to be fine tuned again to match their new Network readjustments. It’s a constant cat and mouse game for add-on developers to keep these links updated. The VidTime developers are sports fanatics. They do prioritize the maintenance of sports channels.

    Their main IPTV upkeeper is working 12 hours day shifts right now. Hang in there he’ll get them links working again ASAP. Just remember them folks do the very best they can but there’s no warranty…

  60. VT TV will not work. It give Dialog Box that says

    Loading Local Proxy
    Loading Local Proxy

    Then just does nothing. What am I missing?

    This is after I have selected a channel like say ABC or Animal Planet any Channel….

  61. VT TV will not work. It give Dialog Box that says

    Loading Local Proxy
    Loading Local Proxy

    Then just does nothing. What am I missing?

  62. Louis, VidTime version 1.2.9 is the latest version. It works fine on my PC running Windows 7 Ultimate. make sure that you are running the latest version of Kodi ver. 16.1. Insure that you have installed the kodi add-on “FM4 Tester” as well as the “Acestream engine”. Do the Acestream install with Kodi running as Administrator. Also insure you have no add-on or repository on your kodi with the word “Anonymous” in it.

  63. Justin, VT SE has only hockey & NBA basketball for now. Lots of game however available through live TV STREAMS on VidTime. Look AT their IPTV, Channels. You’ll find BT Sports, ESPN, Fox sports, and the likes. I also use the Castaway & the Pro Sports add-ons to provide wider choice

    In regards to Acestream, what device are you using? What OS & Kodi version? What exact links giving error? Also remember that a stream has to be active, game is actually running, for link to be effective.

  64. Hey jean.. Actually acestream via vidtime is now saying error check log for more info

  65. Wow thay seemed to do the trick. Im still having a little issues in the sports section… Cant really find any baseball or other sports … If there’s anymore advice you can throw my way i would appreciate it. Although you have already made my day with the help ive already recieved

  66. Justin, Confirm that you have installed the F4M Tester addon on your device. Also did you install the Acestream engine during your VidTime installation. Some OS required that Acestream install be done with Kodi started as Administrator or Root. If you are using an Android device the Acestream engine installed by Kodi will not work with Android OS. You need to go to the Play Store and download “Ace Stream Media (beta)” Apk. Once it is installed simply start it before using any Acestream links in Kodi. (no need to login just start the apk and Acestream engine will be running. You can hence start kodi and run any Acestream link you like. Be patient as it will take 30 to 45 seconds for the Acestream engine to connect and pre-load.

    Matt, If a live TV show will not connect for you try closing the addon and then emptying the Kodi cache through your maintenance program. Afterwards go back and try the link again. it has help me on occasions.

  67. WOW! VidTime just shot up to #1 for me as far as add ons are concerned.

    The Channels are amazing quality and I have never seen so many Canadian channels before either. This morning even CP24 worked, now they have LeafsTV, CBC News, CBC, City, Global (not working but I’m sure they’ll fix it), CTV, OMNI, CHCH, Sportsnets, TSNs… on and on.

    Simply amazing what these guys are putting together.

    They are GODS!!! 🙂

  68. Hey there, nothing under acestreams will work. And also when i try the sports section there is nothing there for me tp choose from except for raptors vs cavs. Which didnt work last night neither. Also the movies/tv section only gives me options for movies thank you so so much for your response.

  69. Justin great majority of live TV streams working great for me. Give specific details regarding links not working for you. We can then try them and report back to you. Also explain not working, is the link not opening, is it opening and freezing or is it buffering excessively?

  70. Is anyone else not able to play anything live ? Im not sure what is going on. Any help would be appreciated. Love the work these guys do

  71. Like what they are trying to do with VT SE, some links didn’t work last night (ie: CP24, A&E,they seem like they have been removed today) and others (live tv anyways) still don’t but the addon has great potential and is already one of my favs to go to.
    Along with ProSport, DNA Pro and LiveMix it’s usually not hard to find live tv or sports.
    Just wish the Canadian content worked, maybe soon? 🙂 *fingers crossed*

  72. I’m glad I’m not the only one having issues getting the sports streams to load but damn. It’s funny how much crap you shit bags task when you put in zero effort developing these addons. The more you whine and bitch the less likely they will end up wanting to fix it you ungrateful bastards!

  73. Woo hoo 1.2.9 downloaded stolen or out of date 1.2.6 pops up how about fixing it.Whens 2.0 stolen or out of date coming? So we can waste more time.

  74. I (also) have a problem! I would use VidTime for sports.
    I can open the VT Sports folder, but when I click on a stream – nothing happens.
    I do get “Error” see log… with NSTV / Movies and TV Shows.
    VidToons works.
    Any ideas what Im doing wrong?
    (Kodi ver 16 / VidTime ver. 1.2.9)
    Cheers and thanks.

  75. At least yours works! Stolen or out of date copy. Still. I moved on. This plug in isn’t worth the drama.

  76. According to the Developers…..USTV RIGHT NOW is only down for maintenance.
    This was mentioned in another forum.

  77. For those amongst you getting the “have a stolen or old addon”. Try this

    1) Open Kodi.

    2) Uninstall the Vidtime add-on.

    3) Uninstall the VinmanJSV Repository.

    4) Also uninstall the Anonyous Adult Repository. VERY IMPORTANT STEP!!!!!!

    5) Close Kodi.

    6) Restart Kodi and re-install Vid-Time following installation steps from # 4 onwards listed in above article

  78. Vidtime my favorite addon keeps stating that I have a stolen or old addon. I have removed everything and it still states the same thing. Windows computer, latest kodi. Everything works good except vidtime, it states version 1.2.7

  79. I followed all steps..installed..uninstalled..reinstalled..and it always show (installation failed) wen trying to install vid time addon( the vin man repo is ok though)
    I use android 14.0. And kodi 14.2 ( I can’t upgrade though)
    I used to have vid time working long ago but never after that
    Any help?

  80. So, what the skeptics are trying to say is anyone getting the 3 messages you have a stolen version, newest version is 1.2.6, and please report to javaman_sv via twitter are the idiots? Hum, so they’re going to the right place, downloading the right zip, and getting these messages and they’re the idiots? Boy better start looking in the mirror.It’s not working mcfly, and they’re not doing anything wrong!

  81. Unfortunately after I got the new vidtime update it now says I have a stolen version, I posted a pic to the dev on Twitter, not sure what is causing it.

  82. When I try to add Vidtime, it says “Add-on is incompatible or has been marked broken in the respository” I am trying to add Vidtime to my android phone. Can Vidtime not be added to Kodi when Kodi is installed on an Android phone?

  83. It’s it just me or do none of the nhl links offer a smooth non-choppy,noon buffering game anymore? Either that or everything stutters and plays with no sound.

  84. Just added vidtime kodi from tge fusion directory and it works except for the live sports feeds in woodeys perch and the vt sports sections.

  85. When I go to the VinManJSV repository, it’s not listed unless I have “Hide incompatible” unchecked. I see that the VidTime addon is marked incompatible. When I open up the addon from the repository it states, “ADDO-ON is incompatible or has been marked broken in repository. Dependencies not met. Please contact add-on author.” Happening in both Kodi 15.2 and 16.

    I’ve attempted to check updates for the repository but that didn’t seem to help. Deleting and re-adding didnt seem to help either.

  86. Just installed Vidtime. For a brand new user and thank god for google, I had no issue installing it. The content is great and the quality is very impressive.

    Thank you Kodi Tips for introducing this to me.

    I don’t know what is wrong with some of the previous comment holders but it sounds like maybe there is some haters out there. That’s life! I guess someone is jealous over something that is new new and maybe even better.

    There will always be some individuals trying to bad mouth something new. Good thing I listened to my sister when she told me to install this add-on. She was right. It is a great add-on with a tonne of content. Everything from Movies right down to why I installed it Sports.

    So a message to anyone trying to add Vidtime for the first time. Don’t listen to fools. If I did then I wouldn’t be enjoying this and many other add-ons out there.

    For the people leaving stupid comments, maybe you just need to learn how to install things properly. It’s not rocket science but you do need to be able to follow simple instructions. It’s not that hard. (I say that but I myself had to use google to figure out how to install it properly.

    So whoever these people are that made this repo if your a guy a gal or a group of individuals I personally thank you.

    I have been looking for any and every add-on for my Shield and to date this one out weighs many of them out there. It is now my best and favourite.

    Bill Hickson proud father and Kodi enthusiast.

  87. Video looks pretty basic to me! I’m not even computer literate and I had no problem! Not bad for being 72! Good Luck but if I can do it well anyone can.

  88. Downloaded VinmanJSV, Vidtime is not listed. What gives? Tried uninstalling, fresh install, nothing works. I’ve spent a few hours trying to get it to work and am beyond frustrated.

  89. Went to uninstall this and Oh look, another update. With the latest update when choosing TV Shows – Weekly Updates a list of current TV shows appears… However, when selecting Supernatural, you will be treated to StarWars Rebels. But wait! There’s good news! When selecting The Americans S04E03 E03 get to watch Supernatural! Oh btw, selecting StarWars Rebels gets you…you got it, The 100. Great job at lining up those database columns guys! Great job! So much attention to detail kids.

  90. So called developers are more concerned with changing the apps fanart than they are with producing a consistently working pluging. Each update has a shorter shelf life than it’s predecessors. Instead of adults working the plugin it appears these are just talented ‘kids’ at work who don’t understand that the contents of a product are more important than it’s packaging. Furthermore, you can’t get paid for what you fail to deliver. I’m done with this plugin and ‘developers’ associated with it.

  91. I added vidtime and I still cannot find the qmjhl games please help with step by step guide so frustrated.

  92. Only says sorry site down been trying for days worthless addon and streamlord site only spams your pc and virusses.

  93. found OHL on Vidtime..only 1 game to watch.posssibly in near future will have all OHL games,it’s start..Thanks

  94. Apparently now there’s a 1.2 update…of course it’s broken. You can manually search content but otherwise get a blank screen when you click on Movies or TV. Please when something works just leave well enough alone.

  95. Any other source ?
    As the still is not there. Did force refresh, de installed, installed new, nothing…

  96. Hey Darin, Since you like stupid questions here is one for you, since you are such a smart ass. Since these addons are (Termed) then why everytime I go to the addon during the (Time) the sporting event is going on the addon is (DOWN)?? Probably a dumb question but i’m sure a smart ass like you will come up with an answer??

  97. Awesome! love it all. Thank-you all whom have anything to do with writing/coding/building (however it’s termed) these addon’s and whatever it all takes to make this happen. Also, thanks to most of those asking ‘stupid’ questions. ‘Cause if you hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have seen the answers. I love this shit so much, I TELL NO ONE!

  98. Anyone know if Woody got the AHL, OHL, ECHL Back Up?? Can’t find it in VinMan?? I would even donate to the cause!!

  99. QMJHL, OHL, WHL etc.. haven’t been updated since Feb. 23rd and no longer work. Any Idea if someone is working on this ?

  100. Thankyou to all for adding in this post, new to kodi, and just love it. Wish I could add my knowledge but unfortunately I could only build the hwys you guys are on, in 70s and 80s we had no idea you guys were capable of where we are today. Big thanks to all, and keep er going…

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