Made in Canada Kodi Live IPTV Add-on

The Made in Canada Kodi addon brings live Canadian IPTV channels, including English and French, Entertainment, News, and Sports, to Kodi Read on for more info.

March 10th: Unfortunately, the Made in Canada team has announced on Twitter that they are shutting down the addon. The Krazy One said the following:

Well Folks… an end of an era has arrived.. Its come time to shut MiC down for good.. We have decided that its just not worth the trouble and legal worries to continue on the path we are on.. We thank all of our loyal users for their patronage over the last few year.. Goodbye all!

We would like the congratulate Made in Canada on a successful 2+ year life in the Kodi community and wish both developers the best in the future.


Original Guide:

The Made in Canada Kodi add-on is a release from The Krazy0ne and PLAztec4Life. It has a ton of great Canadian IPTV channels and is split up between three sections: English Channels, French Channels, and Special Events.

Sometimes you need to launch the add-on link twice before it comes up, but otherwise everything looked fantastic.

In addition to all of the great live channels, Made in Canada also promotes special events, PPVs, specific sports, and other goodies. It is the original source for HD junior hockey games during the season and has a great baseball section to check out as well.

The Made in Canada Kodi addon can be found in its own repository.

NOTE: Made in Canada stores and hosts no content at all. It simply searches the public internet for information as necessary and the developers have no control over the content.

Check out the installation guide for the Made in Canada Kodi addon underneath a special Kodi promotion for our viewers.


How to Install Made in Canada Kodi Add-on – Standard Method

  1. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > None
  2. Type the following EXACTLY and select Done
  3. Highlight the box underneath and enter a name for this media Source like MIC and then click OK
  4. Go back to your home screen.
    • ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
    • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  5. Select Install from Zip File > MIC > and wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  6. Select Install from Repository > MiC repository > Video Add-ons > Made in Canada > Install
  7. Wait for Add-on enabled notification


NOTE: This add-on requires F4MTester in order to work with some of the channels. F4MTester can be found within the repo as well. Click here to learn more about F4MTester.

Kodi F4MTester Add-on Install Guide

  • From your Home Screen Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons > Install from repository > MIC repo > Video Add-Ons > F4MTester > Install
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification


Made in Canada Kodi Alternatives

The Made in Canada Kodi addon is a playlist Kodi addon. This means that one or more content curators have created specific playlists of metadata. The addon pulls streams from the public internet that match this data. MiC contains mostly sports streams. If you want to check out other similar Kodi addons, check out the following:

  1. Nemesis
  2. The Loop
  3. NetStreams AIO
  4. Invictus


Made in Canada Kodi Installation Failed

If you have issues downloading and installing the Made in Canada Kodi addon, it most like means that the repository is broke or down for maintenance. When you go to install a Kodi addon, it retrieves an addon zip from an internet address. If the repository is down, the “installation failed” Kodi error is a common message.

One solution for this problem is to make sure that you can access the repository address on the internet. Take the http address of the addon and try to access it from your phone or computer. If it is unaccessible, there is nothing you can do until it is back only.

As well, make sure that you are only installing Kodi addons from their original repository.


Made in Canada Kodi Web Request Failed

The Web request failed Kodi error sometimes appears when you are trying to access live streams. This error means that Kodi has failed to read the script or video content format of the stream.

The solution to this error is very simple. You just have to enable RTMP in Kodi. To fix these errors, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Add-ons menu.
  • Open My Add-ons> Open VideoPlayer InputStream.
  • Click on RTMP Input> click on Enable.


Made in Canada Kodi Error Check Log

Sometimes you may get a message telling you to check your Kodi error log. If you see this error while streaming video, it can mean that your cache is full. If this appears while trying to navigate menus in the MiC Kodi addon, it means that the link you are trying to access does not exist anymore. If you are trying to start a stream from the addon, select another stream.

Always make sure you are running the latest version of the addon to minimize this message from appearing as well.



We have no control over and do not host or upload any video, films, media file, or live streams. KodiTips is not responsible for the accuracy, compliance, copyright, legality, decency, or any other aspect of the content of streamed from your device. If you have any legal issues please contact the appropriate media file owners or host sites.


Have any questions? Comments? Support? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!



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  1. This is an interesting and informative post about the Made in Canada Kodi Live IPTV add-on, which provides information on how to install and use it for streaming live TV content. It’s great that there are options available for those who want to watch live TV without having to pay for cable or satellite services.

  2. And here we will see the process of getting the UK Turk Playlists Kodi addon. Addons are the additional feature used on Kodi system, which is equally important for the working of the Kodi system. These add-ons like UK Turk Playlist Kodi provide all the different contents mentioned in the previous paragraph. We saw a short brief on the Kodi and their add-ons, and as stated before quality add-ons are necessary for making your Kodi system useful. This UK Turk Playlist Kodi addon offers a lot of content which includes movies, TV shows, sports, Live television and much more. The addon is provided by the Metal Kettles Repo folder, and this addon is regularly by the developer of this UK Turk Playlist Kodi addon.

  3. Alternative source for NHL and other pro sports: install the RDSports apk. Google search for Reviewdork RDSports apk. It pulls in crystal-clear feeds from the SportsAreFree website. No Kodi is required.

  4. CBC News Network screwed up yet again. Stalls, stutters, freezes before it dies completely. Works for seconds, or at most, a few minutes.

  5. The Canadian channels updated and lost a couple channels that came in good chch Hamilton and global in bc did they crack down on their use?

  6. “CBC News Live link hasn’t been working for at least a couple of weeks – goes to a weird cartoon. Anyone know of any addon with a link to this that works?”

    I’m watching CBC News Network right now via the CBC NEWS CHANNEL – LIVE under CBC NEWS LIVE LINKS.

    And there is no other source on the Internet.

    By the way, the MiC links for the World Junior hockey gold game kept crapping out, so I ended up watching it via the rock solid (though a little fuzzy) TSN1 feed on the UKTVNow Android app.

  7. CBC News Live link hasn’t been working for at least a couple of weeks – goes to a weird cartoon. Anyone know of any addon with a link to this that works?

  8. The hockey has been fixed. That said, the feeds on the Kodi Sportsdevil add-on are often much better quality; those from (when available and in English) are excellent. And the UKTVNow and Mobdro TSN and SportsNet full-time network feeds are usually pretty good, although video quality is not the best.

    Meanwhile, CBC News Network is still screwed up.

  9. ECHL Hockey was on Made In Canada last year. Anyone know what happened to it or where it can be found now?

  10. Audio on CBC News Network is screwed up: 5 second delay and the frequency out of phase so everyone sounds like they’re on slow speed.

    And none of the NHL games have been working; it’s been like this for weeks.

    But they did add useless Christmas music!

  11. I always watched hockey on my firestick with the MIC app. But lately its been having bad buffering issues. Is anyone else having these issues?

  12. Anyone have a fix for CBC news live on this version? @KrAzYkRaZ, awesome job on the add on, too bad people complain even when it’s free

  13. CBC News Channel is down again. Typical.

    I agree that the Mobdro app beats this hands down, along with UKTVNow and LiveNetTV, but CBC News is not carried there.

  14. Works in California, but use this address for the source:


    NOTE: ” . ORG ” now


  15. smash repo was down for a few days and has a new home, it is now http;// Install from zip and update from repository and it should work.

  16. That’s to bad to hear, i was hoping he was just doing an upgrade to the addon. Maybe another developer will pick up where they left off as they did a few years ago. Crossing my fingers that we will get to watch Junior Hockey again this year!!

  17. I talked to the creator of Made in Canada he was a complete arsehole on Twitter when myself and other people were asking if he was doing Junior Hockey anymore he said no and if you want to remove his app don’t let the door hit ya on the way out thought that was pretty immature . Seems he is more into IPTV but most channels don’t even work so not sure how long his app will last.

  18. Too bad the Junior Hockey games are missing. It was so nice to watch the games when our favorite teams are playing away. I still attend the home games so maybe the Big Brother types can accede to letting these games be streamed. Just keep on inserting the great adds for pizza and oil changes to make money and it should be OK.

  19. this is the worst. i have installed then uninstalled when the rumour was “he” didnt like the feed back so he shut down. Now back and I still cant get anything except “playback fail”. ALL I WANT IS TO WATCH CORRIE!

  20. Just curious of the devs are reading these posts and could give us some insight of the future for the upcoming junior hockey season which started tonight.

  21. I am also sending a vote to bring back coverage of junior hockey please! Our family really appreciated all the work you did to allow us to watch those games last year. My nephew plays and this is the only way we can watch him from over 1000 kms away. Fingers crossed for the return of junior hockey coverage.

  22. Can someone tell us if the QMJHL stream coverage will be back? Games start tomorrow, only reason I purchased an android box. Anyone know of another place to stream it on the android box?

  23. I really hope they continue with the minor league and junior coverage. I noticed there wasnt a section for them anymore only NHL.The minor league section is one of the reasons it makes this app my favorite of all sports apps. Keep up the great work!!

  24. I noticed today (Tuesday 9/19) that under MIC- Face-off – all
    that appears is NHL teams; and not selections
    of Junior A – Minor League – NHL folders.

  25. When I select CBC Estrie, CBC Western Canada plays instead. It would be nice to spread the right channel. So I have no access to CBC Estrie for a month, I’m disappointed!

  26. What’s up with the app? My house loves it …. won’t work a lot lately and now so many channels are gone off the list please get discovery back

  27. French channel are always buffering. The feed play 3-4 seconds and after is buffering and sometime Kodi crash. Any suggestions ?

  28. are you guys considering doing Junior A and USHL stuff for hockey?

    hockeytv offers a package that includes those as well as a bunch of other leagues.

  29. Unfortunately I am experiencing the same problem. MSNBC in place of cbc newsworld. Hopefully there will be a fix. I kinda rely on this channel!


  30. The last time I checked, MSNBC was not being carried by Canadian cable companies in the place of CBC News Channel.

    So, why is that now being done on this add-on as of today?

    This add-on was 99% useless except for CBC News before this. Now it is 100%. Either fix it or pull the plug.

  31. Some sport channel always buffering (like french RDS). The feed play 3-4 seconds and after is buffering and sometime Kodi crash,

  32. Thanks alot for this!!! Whoa!

    I have a little question: how can whe change the resolution/bitrate of a feed, because my internet connexion is not soo fast and I haver some problem with some feed, so I prefer to lower the resolution to be able to listen the feed.

    Thanks alot!

  33. Channels come and go DAILY. We update as we have time. If a certain channel isn’t working, come back tomorrow and it will likely be working again.

    Sports & special events are our focus. We will get to dead links when we have time.

  34. First, a HUGE thank you to the devs!

    In almost a year of searching add-ones, this is the only one that provided at no fee, a 720p stream for Home & Garden TV – this worked flawlessly until yesterday (Aug 27th). Just wondering why and if it will return later!!

    Thx again!

  35. Anyone figure this out yet ? As soon as I click on the link for global it streams right away but only lasts 10 seconds then freezes . Any solutions yet ?

  36. I followed your instructions, got MiC to work and managed to watch the news for 21 minutes before it froze. Now, I can’t open any channel. What’s going on? I’m new to this, so I could be doing something wrong, but it seems straight forward — plus, other channels aren’t working for me either. Help!

  37. Where did the NHL Network stream go.. it’s been missing since the update… If that’s not there I’m not interested

  38. Made in Canada worked for the first day. Now nothing works. I double click on ” abc ” …it says working then nothing, ( no video.Any ideas

  39. Please only install Made in Canada from the Colossus repo or you’re asking for headaches. Follow KodiTips tutorial above and you’ll be all set. DM me on Twitter if you have any questions, @Montezuma_MiC

  40. I have done the Rtmp on Krypton, I get some good connections but some last only seconds. Using an IP deflector has not helped but I can reveal that when the connection fails my runtime is always 12 to 13 seconds ahead of the time stated in the bar, don’t know if this helps resolve this?

  41. I keep getting an error. made in Canada IPTV error. Check the log for more information. Do you have any suggestions?

  42. Have been trying for days to get Global bc to play and fail after fail. Only plays for 15 seconds and boots out. Yes I have installed appropriate addon’s as per web info but still can’t get it to work. Have gone so far as to try 3 other Krypton builds…same thing.

  43. the alpha repo doesnt come up as an option to install from repo on my kodi?

    also does anyone ever get a message box saying:

    “unable to connect

    couldnt retrieve directory information. this could be due to the network not being connected. would you like to add anyway?”

    this keeps coming up when trying to add alhpa source or fusion etc on my firestick (kodi 17.3 krypton)

    any help?

  44. Thank you for your constant dedication! FYI yesterday I was able to watch Fox News for several hours, today all I got was some continuously running Dish Network ad. Strange, strange, strange. I have a VPN….would love to know why.

  45. Dimitri:

    Location should not matter unless your ISP has geo-locked you. Google how to access the Kodi log files and post a copy here or in the KodiTips Forums. Need more details in order to help you get going.

  46. Hi, I get a constant error, saying to check the logs.
    What can be wrong ? Trying to access from Hong Kong , not sure if it matters .

  47. My Dear Dear Montezuma: You are the man! I just can’t wait to see what Donnie did today. It’s mesmerizing. I do watch FOX news just to get the “alternate facts”, so thank you, thank you, for making my day, each and every morning. 😍

  48. CNN viewers rejoyce! Added a couple of new links for you – get ’em while they last.

    How come no one ever complains about Fox News not working??? 🙂

  49. Hi Montezuma: just checking to see if CNN USA link was working yet, sadly not yet. Hope you find time to have a look at this one soon. Thanks for all your work, really appreciated!

  50. I’m having trouble typing on kodi on Mt android device .seams to choose other links I don’t want to click .and every tsn link stops working everytime cfl football games are airing

  51. I love reading your posts!

    –If you have Kodi v17+ enable RTMP or else He Man will play for you. Or links simply won’t play.

    –Channels come and go DAILY. We update as we have time. Sports & special events are our focus. We will get to dead links when we have time.

    –If a link for a channel has disappeared, check the left pop-out menu and see if “Hide watched” is selected.

    –Saying “Nothing works” is not helpful. My Twitter DM is open if you want help.

  52. Always been working great for us, but about a week ago ‘Breakfast Television Toronto’ disappeared from the list. BT Calgary and Vancouver are still there.

    Anyone know a fix? I have tried removing the addon and repo and reinstalling, still the same.

  53. Just wondering why CBC News Network works in Kodi Jarvis 16.1 and NOT in Krypton (any version). As a previous post noted a He man type of cartoon is looping.

  54. I’ve made a few comments in the kodi tips forum in the MIC thread but have got a response yet

  55. There used to be duplicate feeds for CNN USA; one worked the other didn’t. You took away the wrong one. The good feed is gone and the crappy one is still there.

  56. Hello

    I follow all the instructions but when i’m in the colossus repository i can’t find the Made In Canada.

  57. After following the instructions and installed everything for made in Canada when I try going into global bc I am getting an error message for sportsdevil that web request failed. This was happening before I reinstalled made in

  58. I love MIC and thanks so much for all you do to make it possible. It hasn’t been easy keeping up with all the changes lately but have been muddling through thanks to step by step instructions. I am a senior and if I can do it, anyone can (of course with loads of help from you all).

  59. I updated my kodi from the old 15.2 to 17.3 but the new kodi sucks for MIC so I switched to kodi 16.2
    Got MIC to work but the clarity of the streams are not as good as before. Its more pixalated. I guess i never should have changed kodi. The newer server for MIC is not as good IMO. I hope they can update it soon for better performance

  60. Tsn on mic hardly ever works, cuts out or no sound etc. Hope the Sportsnet channels work for curling this fall or back to cable .

  61. Nothing working. I personally have this addon and love it but trying to give it to others and none of the repos work anymore frustrating

  62. Dear Made In Canada IPTV Dev’s, Thank you for sharing this with us!!! Love Love LOve what you are doing for the Candian masses…

    One request and I’m sure you get this a lot… Could you please bring back CP24 HD


  63. Folks, please only install MiC via the recommended method or you’ll just give yourself nothing but headaches. Download the latest .zip file for the Colossus Repo here,

    Currently the file for the latest version is:

    Simply download the file to your device (or to your computer and move it to your device with a USB drive) and install in Kodi like any other source via “Install from zip file”. Navigate to where you saved the repo and Colossus should install.

    My Twitter DM is open if you have any issues @Montezuma_MiC

  64. After weeks of trying to reinstall MIC through various formats, finally installed through Ares wizard only to get an Iptv error on start up? Shall continue to hope it may resolve itself. I suspect kodi 15.2 may be the culprit although convenient is working fine along with many other new addons.

  65. After I select colussus fro. I stall from winzip, there is nothing on the next screen. Can you help?

  66. Watching he’d cfl game Edm Ottawa and it was perfect from my phone still trying to get it to load on my tablet. It is a great addon just getting it loaded is the only problem.

  67. great addon, but if you want more reliable iptv you need to pay. team expat i find is the best for the money! $10 USD per month and MUCH better quality and reliability than a free addon. made in canada is basically stolen streams from paid providers… that is why u will get cutoffs and buffering.

    check it out or find team expat on facebook.

    so happy with their service!

  68. Dick
    Finaly got it to load on my S7. Works ok everything doesnt work but there is enough to keep me happy, seems to be buffer problems though might be a problem with phone. Trying to load on my tablet but won’t load to zip after many tries even loaded fresh kodi. My Internet speed runs 3 mbit but have reloaded a few other repository with success so can’t be problem. In any event good repo watched cgy wpg game on the phone worked great except for some buffer

  69. I have this working and had high hopes for it. But, frankly, hardly any Canadian links work. Except for some dumb cartoon where CBC News Network is supposed to be (which is what I was really wanting). Kodi and the major live streaming APKs are a wasteland essentially devoid of anything Canadian…

  70. Hi Montezuma – thank you for everything so far and letting us know about this. So we should still keep the original repo (koditips) as it will come back right? The alpha repo is only temporary for now as backup if I understand

  71. Sorry about that Al & Dick. At this point don’t update anything until things settle down in the Kodi world. Be patient and try once a day to install from the Alpha repo. Hopefully the Simple Downloader host will come back online and it will install. That is a common dependency used by lots of add-ons and should be back soon. Thanks for your patience!

  72. Thanks for the response Montezuma in regard to using the AlphaRepository to install mic.
    Frustrating as the version 16.1 I have downstairs has it installed from some time ago and now I am also worried about updating, will I lose it?

    Using kodi 17.3 and keep getting the message…failed to install a dependency(simple downloader for xbmc plugins)

    Anything else I can try will be greatly appreciated

    Thanks, Al

  73. I am a Canadian living in Central Asia got into kodi late and found out about mic to late I guess. I have exodus and some tv series loaded and for the most part it all still works but have tried three different ways to load mic and no luck. It would be nice to watch a CFL game eh. Will things get beter in the future or should I just give up

  74. Trying to watch TSN or Sportsnet and non of the links will work for me. Get made in Canada IPTV error. Have f4m tester and ipvanish installed. Please help.

  75. Finally got the link to work. However, I’m using Kodi 15.2, since 17.3 isn’t supported by Android 4.4.2 When I open Kodi to Install from Repository Kodi just shuts down. Is it only compatible with Kodi 17.3?

  76. al, if you are unable to install from Alpha repo please post an error log or give me more info regarding hardware, Kodi version, etc. I’ve tested with a virgin copy of Kodi 17.3 on PC with zero issues.

  77. Should also mention in the AlphaRepository, the mic is still shown by the crazyone, is it supposed to be?

  78. The above link doesn’t seem to work. 🙁

    Website just says “Dev’s Unite. …Access Denied”


  79. Fantastic…I installed the AlphaRepo and now I am back in business. Thank you for all your hard work in providing the great addon!

  80. Ivan Diablo, I’m still waiting for your payment. Since you expect 100% reliability I figure you’re paying for the service. Get a cable subscription and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  81. Anyone having trouble installing Made in Canada, please use Alpha’s repo to install from until we get all the bugs worked out with ours. Alpha was generous enough to host a backup for us.

    From Kodi File Manager, Add Source and name it AlphaRepo or whatever you choose and select OK. Go back and “Install from zip file” and select source AlphaRepo.

    Once repo is installed, select “Install from Repository” and select The Alpha Repository. Locate MiC and install. PLEASE WAIT – It will take a good amount of time to download all the dependencies and finish installing. Wait until you see Made in Canada successfully installed message. Enjoy MiC!

  82. bluejay baseball unwatchable as sportsnet stn stations are very poor – they just stop – argo game is unwatchale too as u get lots of repeated scenes, stn drop out – very bad service – i recognize author tries but trying and miserably failing is worse than not trying at all ! BAD SERVICE

  83. Guys if you have a problem my DM on Twitter is open, just message me @plaztec4life and I can help.

  84. Same problems here… I got the repo (v1.0.2) to install but in video add-ons the MiC IPTV (v2.1) won’t install. I click in install and nothing happens. Someone please help.

  85. has anybody gotten acestream (stream to work)

    i have plex installed everything is installed correctly but no channels work
    just curious if they are working for other people (in which case i will know that i did something wrong)

    or if they are actually down and not my fault

  86. Pl Aztec, typed new repo as instructed, version 1.0.2 is enabled, got to video addons and the file is empty? Could it be that I’m still running 15.2? Should have never uninstalled my original MIC addon, truly one of my favourites. It’s good to be patient.

  87. I’ve installed the Koditips repo but when i click install on “Made in Canada IPTV” nothing happens. I’m running Kodi 17.3

  88. When I attempt to install from repository, it says “could not connect to the repository”.

    Tried a fresh install of Kodi 7.3, still the same error.


  89. I love this app, I am able to stream every MLB game including my home team. I am not able to watch on any other app

  90. WFN not working. Been trying for a week. Pursuit, Wilderness etc. do work. Anh way to fix this?

  91. There will be problems installing MiC until the server where all Kodi dependency add-ons is back running. If you can’t navigate to then you won’t be able to install just about any add-on. Hope it’s back up soon.

  92. All of the Toronto news channels are now gone(City TV, Breakfast Television,cp24). Please try to bring them back. I appreciate the hard work you guys do to run this App!

  93. Completely useless add on. Nothing works as per usual. You get lucky here and there. With a random channel but for the most part never works.

  94. I’ve gone to all the repo sources but MIC is no where to be found. Was my favourite source for Canadian sports.

  95. I’ve been trying to use the “Made In Canada” addon for 5 or 6 months. On a good day, I might get 2 or three of the channels working. It’s terrible. The only channels that work consistently are CHCH and NTV. The whole addon is pretty much useless.

  96. Shirley – CTV Toronto is working in the Canadian English IPTV section. We’ve lost source for CP24 and looking for a new one.

    Bobes – Sports stations working again. As we’ve said before they come and go, be patient if they stop working for a bit.

    Sal – MiC is still available in the KodiTips repo, see instructions above.

    Annonymous – LMAO

  97. It’s not my add on, I’m just a regular person like everyone else running my own kodi setup. Only providing an alternative to made in canada due to the reliability issues.

  98. I’m new to this and wondering how I can watch CP24, City and CTV Toronto channels on Made In Canada?, or are these channels not available?

  99. Nice angle Annonymous, why don’t you just pay KodiTips for ad space for your add-on? Wouldn’t that be easier than trashing/lying about another add-on? A free add-on with no plans to start charging like Players Klub.

  100. Nothing wrong with helping people out who are looking for live streams where they are no longer working on there current setup.

  101. Not being negative but made in canada is clearly using the players klub links for alot.of there Canadian streams as when opening a stream the players klub plays indicating to join there page for user and login etc. I use both but players klub is definitely more reliable as of now.

  102. We lost source for music videos and haven’t found a new one. We’ll update Canadian English channels that are broken as our free time permits.

  103. Good Morning everyone just curious is CP 24 coming back at all
    Haven’t been able to get it for some time mind you with all the bad news going around the world makes me wonder why I want to watch it heheh
    thanks for the great job you guys do heck of hobby you got yourselves into

  104. So I’m assuming I don’t have to look at Annomymous’ negative comments any longer since he/she is now using PlayersKlub. Thanks for your “support”.

  105. I have a kodi 16 box and a kodi 17.3 box. Cbc news live plays fine on kodi 16 but on kodi 17.3 it is a he-man music video!
    Any ideas folks? Thanks

  106. The players klub Beta add on also has live Canadian channels and works flawless. Download there repo and join there Facebook page to gain username and password to add on and enjoy free Canadian iptv. Cp24 etc working great. NO CP24 ON MADE in canada. Opens the players klub streams indicating to join there Facebook etc.

  107. Memorial Cup replay has been fixed. Sorry about that. Thanks for letting us know.

  108. Disregard my comment. Got it fixed up and working flawlessly!!! Thanks for the great addition to MIC!

  109. how can I get the acestream section to stream? I have it installed but will not stream. when I click upgrade on my ace stream engine it displays in a different language and nothing happens or comes up.

  110. Guys, channels come and go DAILY, this is not unusual. This is not a perfect science. Stuff disappears for a reason. Enjoy what we provide. If it disappers, come back later and it might be back. We are two guys with families and jobs. We have a limited time for our hobby. Feel free to DM me on Twitter if you have any questions @plaztec4life

  111. English IPTV is back but Bell channels like CP24 and BNN have been removed. Maybe the developer has been contacted by BELL. Who knows

  112. How do I donate! How about everybody donate $5 I’m sure that will give krazy the motivation to bring it back!!!

  113. They have dropped Canadian tv so I would recommend dropping the add-on. Only thing that was special was the Canadian content now it’s just another run of the mill sports add on

  114. agree with above, seems like a lot of demands from people and saw as such on the facebook page I love having these channels and miss them dearly. however, I don’t blame the person who was likely working they’re butt just to give us all these said channels for taking a break or stopping

    thanks to the person or people who gave us as much as they did!

  115. Developer is currently taking a break or has stopped working on it. Hopefully someone else takes up the mantle, he had many great contributions but many people had far too many demands. I wish him the best and hope someone can pick up where he left off.

  116. Hi there!!
    Thanks for this.
    I am using 17.1 Kodi.
    Have the Shani F4M Tester and Made In Canada installed and updated. However no CP24, CHCH, CTV, CITY and Global channels. Just CBC News plus UK and US network stuff. Any idea on how to get the CHCH, CTV Global and CITY stuff? I had them before (2 months ago) and all was ok. Now all gone. Everything updated.
    Thanks in advance.

  117. The best part of the addon stopped working. The Canadian english IPTV channels. Is therte a way to get it back? Thanks

  118. I get all the TSN channels and Sportsnet World but the other regular Sportsnet channels have not been working for me for over a week. Not sure if it is me or it is not coming thru.

  119. I may get cp24 and sometimes not. Some channels has HE Man singing. Sport channels has playback error pop up. Most channels do not work. very frustrating.

  120. none of my mobdro channels work anymore. Anyone else with the same issues or know of a fix?

  121. a lot of the channels (CBC, RDI…) are not working right now, am i the only one? It seems to be an issue with the F4M addon?

  122. As of 5/5, the “24 hour stream music video” section is not working. Was working great, now no videos will play. I tweeted the krazyones regarding this issue. Just wondering if your aware too. Thanks.

  123. Acestream on MIC seems to have disappeared this week, too bad it was terrific for sports, US networks and CDN cnt…. will check the developers FaceBook page and get back to this post if there are any relevant developments…

  124. Someone help i really want to watch sky box office tonight but its not working on the made in canada of fusion HELP!

  125. First off i would like to thank you for taking the time to build the app, i know it is not easy.

    A few thinks i have noticed since updating to the new android 6.0 with kodi 17.1 i am having a few issues.

    I have installed Plexus to try use some of the links and i get torrent not available or invalid. Plexus can not connect.

    When i try to get CBC or Global links it says MIC IPTV error check the log. I have not find the log to check.

    I have the updated sports devil and well as the updated fmtester. There is no longer any Saskatchewan news.

    Once again thank you for your time. I hope that the App starts working better as it is the only thing really working is the BBCan live feeds.

  126. BTW. I live in Alberta Canada so I would like to be able to watch some local news but stream change or go down often.

  127. I have been trying to use MIC for a while now.
    Seems that thecrazyone changes what channels and streams are available quite often.
    Also I have searched extensively for a way to fix my buffering and time out problems. I have made changes but the problem still existes. Could it be that my ISP is blockeing? Would a VPN help this?

  128. Getting a silly cartoon instead of Newsworld. a family member in another location does get it. What can I do?

  129. love MIC…best addon ever…not fussy about He Man singing where CBC News world is spose to be tho….my sis lives 2 miles down the road but she doesn’t have that problem…I’ve loaded and reloaded…i give up…keep up the great work tho..still love MIC

  130. The AddOn was really great!!!
    But CP24 News stopped working now! (16th April 2017: Morning)
    Any help available! Or is it temporary?
    Many Thanks

  131. This is awesome. NICE to to able to watch the national live. Pretty much everything else can be found in many places on kodi. keeping one of my boxes on Jarvis 16.1 for now as i am not sure it will work with kyrpton. I really am happy to have some Canadian content to clear my head once in awhile.

  132. hello I can’t seem to get CP24 it goes directly to the movie trailer is it something that I have done or is simply down,?


  133. Update on my issue with new Acestream on MIC – found the dev’s video on their facebook support page, configured Acestream and Plexus now get most major US/CDN live network channels in HD, along with a terrific selection of sports channels from Canada, US and abroad – really well done – wow!

  134. So is everyone saying that if you buy a new box that runs Android 5.5 and Kodi v17,
    the TSN and Sportsnet will work on MIC?

  135. along with the recent changes noted above I now have new Icon ACESTREAM with great line up of stations but none load or stream – has anyone else seen this? Android 5.5 boxes Kodi 6.1 and SCMP 16.6

  136. Kyle Shively (and any others wondering) — I noticed this yesterday, too, and was freaking out over it. I found links to the games I was looking for other places, but it was SO much more convenient having them all in one place. I just now had some time to do some clicking around, and discovered that the Hockey section has simply been moved…

    It (as well as baseball, basketball and lacrosse) is now located inside:

    MIC – Sports Central / LIVE SPORTS FEEDS – Multi League.

  137. Fails to install Beautiful Soup and then fails to install IPTV dependency. Can’t find any solution, but seems like there is a python issue.

  138. Sportsnet and all ten still not working. Seams like Canada is the only free country that can’t watch its national sport

  139. I’m finding that most of the sports channels are not working. All SN and all TSN I can’t get to work. Click on it and I get the “working” in the bottom corner, then it stops and nothing comes on..
    Under live sports feeds, I still have MiC hockey there and am able to watch OHL replay.
    Maybe cause I’m running Kodi 15.4 ????
    Can’t figure out how to get Kodi 17.1 on my MyGica atv1800E

  140. Hockey section inside Made in Canada is gone there’s a bunch of sections missing anybody else have this problem?

  141. Works great thanks it is better then ustv now. Had to upgrade to the kryton 17 in order to work the best. Had to make some setting adjustments. I just need to find out how to get the description to work on the left side.

  142. Upgraded to KODI 17 and now CBC NewsWorld won’t work. This is the whole reason I have the system in the first place.

  143. You are awesome, made my day, you are very accurate and precise! God give you a long life
    to help the need like me!!

  144. So I’m the point where im supposed to go to add ons, but once I get there I am not given the option to install zip file. Help

  145. made in canada will install on kodi 17 ok.
    but won’t install on kodi 16.1 as of March 25.
    be nice if it would work on both again!
    please get the global tv working again!

  146. The easiest way to get support for Made in Canada is just ask myself or TheKrazy0ne via Twitter. You can reach us @PLAztec4Life and @MiCTheKrazy0ne.

    IPTV channels come and go as the sources constantly change. If a channel is not working, simply send us a DM on Twitter and we’ll take a look. We replace bad links as fast as we can so be patient and check back often.


  147. CBC NEWS – KODI 16 is also gone now.
    Bhell strikes again??
    Probably the dev is off on a much deserved vacation, or working too hard at his day job or, hopefully not, off sick.

  148. Am unable to even download from koditips – made in Canada isn’t even in the video add ons to download/install anymore.

  149. The Mar. 20,2017 SportsDevil addon exceptions out upon installation and hangs Kodi 17.1 on exit. When it’s uninstalled Kodi can exit fine. Also prevents MIC IPTV from working on many of the channels.

  150. Unable to access TSN 1 to 5. Any other’s experiencing this? Shows working and then Looking for proxy setting, and then nothing. Poe to have access before the the Men’s World curling begins. Thank you

  151. My system is lagging big time. Not just MIC app but all apps. Anyone know how to deal with this problem?

  152. I am having same problem as Anonymous…..under video addons in the koditips repo the is no “Made in Canada” to download….only “Find a Stream”. I installed this app only a week ago and love it… there another repo that it can be downloaded from or does anyone have a zip of the addon? Thanks for all the hard work Dev

  153. Finally, saw some changes to app last night. Now can get espn2 for ncaa womens march madness, no buffering … many other new additions on dropdown menu, as well, hopefully will end the choppiness. If they maintain the smooth feeds for both men’s and women’s bball throughout march madness then will be a happy man. Now, if the tsn stuff can return to earlier status, super …

  154. Global TV now working…awesome! Thanks so much.
    Big Brother Canada has just started and we like it better than the American version. Many more twists and crazy comps.

  155. help please! I tried to follow the steps, but on step 6: Install from Repository (on Isengard or higher) > repository > Video Add-ons > I only find find a stream, no Made in Canada How can I do?

  156. Hello, any good addons that have a reliable Fox Sports 1 support?
    No Canadian sports station carries NHRA drag racing so a Kodi addon that stays on would be great!

  157. Had this working before but wiped my ad dons and cleaned up, now when I load the koditips repo mic is not there? Anyone else experiencing this?

  158. I have recently installed on about 15 MXQ Pro’s and the local TV stations for Global (Kodi 17 Required) do not work. Any suggestions?

  159. great add-on so far! thx MiC
    any chance of getting CTV Kitchener as well as the other “CTV’s”?

  160. TSN/Sportsnet work for a short time then freeze….has anybody found SD streams of TSN and Sportsnet…..these HD are so hit and miss that I have to give up on the idea.
    I would gladly accept SD options…..anybody?

  161. Is there anywhere to read the change log/follow updates? Anxiously awaiting compatibilty with Kodi 17 on the CBC news portion of this addon.

  162. Looking for global tv, but not working in Made in Canada. Some mention that it’s in phoenix, but I have yet to find it. What sub menu is it in?


  163. Anyone having problems with CNN -kodi 16?. It was working and now i’m getting no stream available message. The other CNN below does not work at all. And for some reason opens up MSNBC instead.

  164. CBC NEWS – KODI 16 ONLY is in very low resolution. Only 512×288.
    Any possibility that the developer can improve on the resolution down the road? As it is now, on screen text is unreadable.
    Other MiC streams have excellent resolution.

  165. I came here to let everyone know that MIC is the best Kodi add on not named exodus. You will get every live channel in the US plus every sports channel. Ie: tsn 1-4, every sports net, eSPN, ESPN 2 and every sky sports. And for you wrestling fans USA Network is here as well. I’m thoroughly impressed! Thanks MIC!

  166. I am trying to view CBC News on Made in Canada IPTV with Kodi 17. Every time I try to view it I get clips from the old animation of He Man that are dubbed with someone singing. CBC News is working on another device running Kodi 16. Any hints?

  167. Now you can watch CP24 LIVE on the go!

    If you’re a customer of Bell, Rogers, or Cogeco, you can now log into any CP24 digital platform using the credentials supplied by the company you subscribe to. Please contact your television provider and ask for your GO Credentials.

    Once you have your username and password, you can download the CP24 GO app from the APP STORE or ANDROID STORE and sign in to watch the channel live. You can also watch CP24 on the web by clicking on the “Live Now” text on the top-right of the web page.

    If you have a television subscription and would like to find your username and password, select your supplier below
    • Bell
    • Rogers
    • Cogeco

  168. I’m watching all morning in HD tsn sportneteast only issue stops after 12 plus minutes I really click and no problems for 12plusmin hd good sound

  169. Buffering problems are in kodi setting I’ve watched a lot of live hockey on numerous apps with VPN on and very good feeds

  170. ): Installed no prob. But the weather network isn’t working. Says to check the log.. I Love the weather network, but don’t have cable. Only time I get to watch it is when they go Live on their site. Is there a way to get it to work?

  171. So I use jarvis 16.1 and global is on krypton 17. Any advice on how to watch global as I refuse to update to krypton at this time?

  172. From the day that I discovered and installed MiC IPTV on Kodi Jarvis, some streams were working and some were not, including CBC News Network. To my delight, I discovered today that CBC News Network is now working. Hoorah! Although the resolution is low, can it be improved. Good news is that there is: no buffering.

  173. What happened that CBC 24 Hour News Coverage disappeared from MIC? Is this temporary or permanent? Is there someplace where status updates are posted when a programs stops working and/or disappears.

  174. I’ve been looking for a good Canadian channel app since Cypher2 started charging for it’s service this month, I thought this one might be good but it sucks. Anyone looking for American & UK cable channels with 0% buffering and they all work, and a ton of sports channels, ESPN & TSN 1-5 check out ‘mobdro’ at the best free streaming service PERIOD!!!!

  175. Most of the sports streams do not work. Some say F4M Tester addon is required, although I have it downloaded. The streams that do work are awful. What gives?

  176. MIC was once the top addon for live TV. Now it is utterly useless. About mid January all the good sources of 720p Sportsnet m38u steams that were working flawlessly for the previous 8 months turned into utter crap, no more perfect stream, just constant buffering. Completely useless now, even the 480p streams with reduced bandwidth are useless.

    One related comment, why bother with 720p streams? a well encoded 540p stream is almost indiscernible quality wise and would use significantly less bandwidth and hopefully help make this a working addon again… Just saying.

  177. I upgraded to Kodi 17 and it seems that every LIVE TV feed freezes. After awhile it kicks out of Kodi completely and sometime re-boots the box. So far I find that recorded video works but not the live tv feeds.

  178. Why is it that most US/UK streams rarely work well. It pretty much always gets skippy or has to buffer. I have a 100mbit connection so I know that’s not the problem. Using Jarvis.

  179. cp24 been down for 5 or 6 days been having some problems with the other streams
    is there an upgrade coming soon ?
    we really enjoy watching Made in Canada keep up the great work

  180. I found a place to update SOURCE…NOT Made in Canada add on.It worked. Now I am sorry that I do not remember WHERE I did that… But v2.1 is now working.

  181. I did uninstall and still the same thing 2.0 and on my Android device is 2.1 .. strange both of the two are in the same place …

  182. I have tried to do the update, but I still only have V2.0. I have tried exiting Kodi and still not getting the new version. Do I have to uninstall first?

  183. I’m sorry but MIC hasn’t been working any where near as good as it had previously (about 2 1/2 weeks now). The sportnet channels have changed and most of the live sports links are no longer working. Quite a shame, hope they can get it fixed soon. Was running spectacularly.

  184. Global BC? Has anyone been successful in viewing Global BC with “MiC 2”? I am running Kodi 17.0-RC3 with MiC 2, and have never had a positive result from any of the Global channels. fwiw, I am in the United States.

  185. Doesn’t seem to work. Tried to do an update but when I click on the addon, it shows that it’s outdated and needs to updated.

  186. Have never seen an addon that buffers as much as this one. Avoid, unless you have a pathologic fondness for frustration.

  187. Sportsnet does not work well anymore ,2 weeks ago the list to choose from looked different and the sportsnet channels were coming in beautifully.

  188. The sportsnet East has disappeared. Anyone knows what to to do to get it back?. All other sportsnet are listed ans working.

  189. Experiencing the same issue with cp24. In this case no sound for the last 2 days and it’s running about 20 minutes behind. Anyone have any idea what’s causing the issues?

  190. The MiC addon was working great for me. all the live Sport Net Channels worked perfect. A couple of days ago, when I went to play one of the SN channels, I got a message to install F4MTester. After install, I am getting nothing but constant buffering.

  191. It’s weird but CP24 hasn’t been working for days. I was home early today and it was working fine but now it won’t load again. Any idea what might cause this? Anywhere else to get CP24? Thanks, great addon otherwise. Used it to watch junior hockey.

  192. The new Science Channell(USA) is higher resolution but buffers like crazy.It is my favorite channel,can you Please put the old science channels back in the US list. They were lower resolution but they worked and were the only Science channels in any addon that didn’t buffer. Otherwise I love this addon.

  193. Love the work you guys have done with MiC. Thanks for your hard work to make us happy!I am local for OHL Oshawa Generals hockey but am having no sound on home games. Is this a “Rogers” thing?

  194. Hi

    I love your addon and your hard work and time is very much appreciated!

    Is there any chance of getting treehouse? Or maybe know how or where I could find stream?

    You seriously rock!

    Thank you very much!

  195. Having trouble installing the required kodi f4m tester because it says to choose xbmc-repos but that’s not available?

  196. Haven’t been able to get 2.0 working since update, I have uninstalled old version deleted userdata file for old version then cleared cache and purged packages then installed the new version via the steps above to no avail. Any suggestions on how to get made in canada 2.0 working? Android 6 and kodi 16.1. Thanks

  197. Upgraded to Kodi 17 and the add-on won’t start anymore, i’ve tried re-installing the add-on any suggestions? 00:47:18.207 T:10136 ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::GetDirectory – Error getting plugin://
    00:47:18.209 T:10136 ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(plugin:// failed

  198. I have the same problems as Tony.I have it on but cannot open it is empty but see the wrong address above?Any help from someone more experienced.

  199. I install it with no issues on one box. On the second box i can install from ZIP, but when i go to install from repository i do not see “made in canada” empty folder as if nothing got install from ZIP. what do i have to do ? it may be because i had the old version on this box before?

  200. Working just fine for this kid. Followed the instructions to a “T” and no issues. Sure some streams don’t work, but the majority do – I am not having issues finding what I’m looking for. Sportsnet is working great and have really enjoyed the holiday channels as well.

    Thank you!

  201. working good thanks for this addon you make me crazy you are the best wait for this long time i just gave up after podgod went down keep up the good work and i will stay away from rober roger . thanks bro

  202. How does one know if you have newer version or not .olease let me know .as I miss this programs from this line up city tv .and a few other good ones .Canadian and USA channels .Thanks .ps Merry Christmas to all

  203. Buffering is just painful even with a 25MB connection. The sports section is really great, but when the feed starts buffering every 5 seconds, especially regarding HD content, you’re forced to give up. I hope it gets better with time though.

  204. I have 2 boxes. One is android 6.0 and the other 5.1. This will not work on my older version of android but will on the newer version.

  205. can you Add TeleToon West And East and CTV K-W And London ont CTV FOR THE 2.0 That Global News Toronto News is not on 2.0 as will

  206. Just installed it in time for the kids as they walked through the front door to watch Prep & Landing Christmas cartoon showing on CTV in Edmonton. Will try the other channels later when they allow me to mess with the android box…Dads always get the shaft when the kids walk into the room.

  207. The NHL feeds work great on my android box, but no longer work on my laptop, Win7 & 16.1. Any possible way to get the NHL working on laptop ?Otherwise simply awesome #1 !!!

  208. Thank you very much !!!! The problem I have is the US channels are not working…and says I need sportsdevil addon, I do have sportsdevil installed on my android tv box…what am I missing?
    Thank you Kindly

  209. Awesome work, love this addon. I was wondering if it was possible to have access to Super Ecran
    thanks in advance

  210. Can’t seem to get much working anymore on this app. Seems to be going the way of the CanTVLive app. Roku has a fee based app for $1.99 a month maybe about a dozen channels that work CTV west and Ontario, Some Global feeds, CHCH, City TV, and some French language. Very reliable… so far

  211. M.I.C. IPTV doesn’t work very well.

    Numerous failed stream launches, gives a multitude of error messages.

    Today I’m trying to watch the CFL eastern final on any of TSN 3 thru 5 and the streams play for 20-50 seconds and then crash. No error messages or anything, just simply goes back to the channel list on its own.

    Really just not worth bothering with. At all.

  212. I keep getting the error message “failed to install the add-on from zip file”… any feedback would be greatly appreciated 🙏

  213. T:1392415776 ERROR: CAaddonInstallJob[]: dependency check failed
    T:1392415776 DEBUG: CAaddonInstallJob[script.common.plugin.cache]: requires xbmc.python version 2.24.0 which is not available

    above is error message i got. please help.

  214. same here…wish we could just pay a monthly fee for such a great add on with lot’s of channels. At the end, it would still be cheaper than a cable provider. This is a lot of work for the people that keep the add ons maintained and flowing for us….

  215. Quebec TVA- abitibit-temiscamingue works in fullhd but when it comes to movies and some tv shows..the voice is cut and we can only haer the music..anyways to solve this?

    Teletoon, YTV,CBC NEWS,CTV,CNN and many more (Marked in RED-top of list) says as of today NOV,2nd 2016 ”You have been banned- contact us at [email protected]” then it cuts off after 30 secs

    Most channels in ”RED” works partially or stops working afrter 30 some secs

    Is there a fix coming up? Thanks!! 🙂

  216. Are you working on getting the western channels for this package ? BCTV,Global, etc. The eastern channels are not of much use to me, but thanks for the work on this.

  217. No Tanvir. its not only you. I don’t see BC1 news anymore as well. Slowly one by one each of them are turning on.

  218. Same issue as others watching sportsnet, it streams for about 23 seconds and then shuts down the channel. Any solution to resolve this issue? Thanks

  219. I love this app. I have the downloaded it and the nick jr app is in a different language the
    an english. Is there anything i can do to change the language on it?

  220. not working at all except few sports channnels as of 6.52 pm 29 sep. pls update here guys when channels are up again.

  221. I have the “Made In Canada IPTV” addon installed and every time I go into watch something it plays for a second then kicks me out… anyone know why??

  222. I have the same problem as Steve. CBC plays for 20 secs then closes. Hope there is a fix coming. This add on is amazing! Miss my CBC 😉

  223. Very happy with this addon so far! There is quite a bit of buffering but hopefully will work out with time! Awesome! and thanks again krazy0ne!

  224. I had no problems with the installation and it works quite nicely. Yes, a few channels aren’t quite there yet, but this is a fantastic effort and most thing work nicely. I’m watching TSN 1 right now and I have seen minor buffering only once in a while and it looks pretty close to HD to me. I was told an additiional plugin was required for the sports and it downloaded when I said OK. This is just great – from a recent cordcutter!

  225. Most interested in the Sportsnet channels for baseball. SN Ontario is the most stable but the resolution is very poor (can’t see the ball!) and it’s often quite ‘laggy’. SN Pacific has beautiful HD resolution but buffers virtually all the time making it unwatchable. Also can’t exit without freezing and crashing. Anything that can be done to improve the stability and video quality?

  226. sports net is constant buffering, and/or no video, tsn 2 has video, the other tsn chanels sound only, samr video settings, any suggestions?

  227. It works fine. That’s an interesting backup.

    @Jay Click directly on System, the settings menu will appear. Add-on can be found there. Click on Add-on and “Install from zip” will be there. Enjoy.

  228. There is no “install from zip” and under System there is no “Add-Ons” only Video or Program Add-Ons. Please help 😦

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