Are you having issues with Kodi wrong episode playing when trying to watch a TV show in add-ons such as Exodus? Click here for  information and help on how to fix this problem!

Lately, we’ve have an increase in users reporting Kodi wrong episode playing when trying to watch TV shows. We’ve investigated the issue and we have some information on how to help you out!

First off, If you are reading this because you cannot see all of the episodes from a TV show, this post is not for that issue. In order to make sure you receive all episodes from each show, make sure your Android date and time is set properly.

This issue of Kodi wrong episode playing is not the fault of Exodus or any other Kodi add-ons. These add-ons simply scrape streaming websites for links and it resolves them to present you with a nice list to pick and play from. If you get the wrong episode, this means that the episode is labelled or is being returned incorrectly by the resolver.

How to Fix the Kodi Wrong Episode Playing Error

  1. Try a different stream host – Pay attention to which stream host (e.g. YMovies or Primewire) and make sure you choose a completely different option.
    • Per Twitter, do not pick Torba, YMovies, or  MoviesHD files. These sites appear to contain most of the incorrect episodes being returned.
  2. Clear Providers & Cache – From the Exodus main menu, navigate to the Tools menu, then click on both Clear Providers and Clear Cache. This will ensure that Exodus is pulling fresh links when you search and not loading a file stored in your add-on’s cache.
  3. Try an add-on with direct links – Add-ons like Exodus and SALTs are simply search engines that scrape the internet for streams. Different add-ons provide direct links to TV Shows and don’t need to search and resolve links. These add-ons are guaranteed to show the right episodes. We’ve included links to some install guides to help you out below:

If you have any more tips or tricks to fix the Kodi wrong episode playing issue, let us know on Twitter or Facebook so that we can help other users out!

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