Stream All The Sources (SALTs) beta 2.0.165 has been released and contains a bunch of TV and movie scraper fixes and additions to help fans have a seamless experience!

March 19th Update: Tknorris has updated SALTs to v2.0.165. Check out the changes for the latest version of SALTs

  • Fix 20 or so scrapers
  • Migrate all scrapers to new dom_parser (4x faster)
  • Remove streamallthis
  • Remove yaban
  • Fix occasional MySQL + Directory mode bug


Stream All The Sources works best with the Trakt add-on, which allows you to track your favorite shows and movies and what you’ve watched. Sync your Trakt account with your Trakt add-on in Kodi and to the Trakt settings in SALTs to take advantage of all features.

Before I show you how to install Stream All The Sources, you should know that the developer, tknorris, runs two concurrent versions of SALTs: the official release version and the beta version. The beta version has regular updates, usually once or more per week, with endless tweaking and adding of sources and features. The official version is much more conservative.

Kodi Tips recommends installing the BETA version of Stream All The Sources. I find that sources and resolvers go in and out of service so often that the official release doesn’t keep up to date fast enough. Occasionally a new feature may be introduced that doesn’t work fully as intended, but tknorris is great at providing the next beta update. I believe that the SALTs beta version is the best alternative to Genesis and even better in some ways.

For support for SALTs, you can always check out the official forums!

To install Stream All The Sources, follow these instructions

  • Download the latest tknorris beta repository 1.0.5 here and save it somewhere safe
  • From your Kodi main screen, navigate to SYSTEM > Add-on’s > Install From Zip
  • Select the tknorris beta repo you download and click on it and then wait for the add-on enabled notification.
  • Back in the Add-on’s menu, choose “Install From Repository” and choose the “tknorris beta repository” and then “video add-ons” and then “Stream All The Sources” and then “install”.
  • After the add-on installed notification, you are done! SALTs can be found under your video add-ons.

Note: Some internet service providers have blocked some of the sources in SALTs and Genesis. To get around this, you can buy a VPN account to hide your internet traffic and make it look like you are from a different country. IPVanish is one of the best VPN clients because it is tier 1 (no speed slowdown) and log-free so that you are protected. The cost is about the same as a Starbucks coffee per month. Sign up with this link or click here to read more information about IPVanish.

That’s it! How is SALTs working for you? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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